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    How made up does it sound when you add Belle?

    I am just curious, how made up do names that end in Belle sound to you beyond the common ones Isabelle, Arabelle, Annabelle & Mirabelle?
    I mean names like Clarabelle, Adabelle, Idabelle, I'm am aware they were used as one name; but doesn't it sound like a smush?
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    catloverd Guest
    I like certain belle names over others. Like I like Isabelle, Arabelle, Annabelle, but I don't like any of the others, they just don't sound right?

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    flick Guest
    It depends upon the name - I generally like -belle, -anna and -beth names.

    I like Rosabelle, Amabel, Emmabelle, Kirabelle, Corabelle, Lilabelle....

    I don't see them as the same as other "madeup" names. These are two real names combined, not random sounds shoved together. I wouldn't use them, though, because they probably wouldn't age really well. Maybe for a middle or a good GP list, lol.

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    I love Adabelle! Adabeth, too.

    Name "smushes" can be iffy, but I generally don't think they sound made up, particularly when they have those typical compound name endings: -belle/-bel, -anne/-anna, -beth, -lee, -el/-elle, and so on. It's when you start getting into Reneesmee territory that the names start feeling made up and hopelessly awkward. There's a big difference, in my mind, between something like Christabel and something like Janisapril.

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    It depends. I can't stand most belle/bella names (totally overdone and just annoying to me now, sorry to those that like them). The only one I like is Annabel (spelled that way). I think names like Isabelle, Annabel, and similar are fine. Names like say, Gracibelle, Arabella, etc sound too cutesy and a little made up to me. Like, hey I like this name, let's throw "belle/bella" on the end of it so it's cute for my little baby princess!

    But like I said, it really depends on the name. Some sound fine (even if they're NMS at all), others sound like a smoosh name.
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