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Thread: AAA, and Z?

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    Quote Originally Posted by karenp View Post
    Never thought about the name Zara before, but wow! Pair it with Amelie, and its stunning!!
    I also like Zara Rosalie better than Zara Rose. But Zara Rose is nice too.

    Are you prn Zara like rhyming with Sarah but with Z? Or more like Czar-uh?
    Thank you, I like Rosalie, too, but I think I'm going with an Armenian A middle name. So her name will be more like the Czar-uh pronunciation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinabina View Post
    I think Zara is a wonderful option! Plus, it has all A vowels so still fits in with the other A's. Zara Rose is a nice combo.
    Thank you!!

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    I love Zara Rose! And, I liked that suggestions about the Z completing the family - very cute, unless youre planning on having more What did you ending up deciding on? Are you going with an Armenian middle name?

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