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Thread: AAA, and Z?

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    I don't think it's too much of at problem for Zara to come from Zarouhi while Zarouhi is Amelie's middle name.

    However, I kind of take issue with Zara Rose because of the competing r-sounds. It just doesn't flow well to me at all. I think Zara Rosalie breaks it up a bit better, but I would advocate for something that doesn't start with an r but has a consonant beginning like Zara Juliet, Zara Brielle, Zara Maeve, Zara Camille... What about Zara Briar-Rose? That will still get Rose in their, but breaks up the r sounds. For some reason Briar-Rose does not bother me because the r-sounds flow together.. It's still a bit of r-overload, but what do you think?
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    I like Zara - prefer Zarah...the h is also even more reminiscent of your mom's name, too.

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    Never thought about the name Zara before, but wow! Pair it with Amelie, and its stunning!!
    I also like Zara Rosalie better than Zara Rose. But Zara Rose is nice too.

    Are you prn Zara like rhyming with Sarah but with Z? Or more like Czar-uh?
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    I love the name Zara, and agree that it is pretty with Amelie.

    My main thoughts based on your thoughts above would be:
    1- as someone else pointed out, if you plan to have more children and don't want to be limited by A names, now would be the time to change it up
    2 - if you want to continue the A name theme, have you considered using Azara or Azaria instead? Azaria still carries some taint in Australia due to the Azaria Chamberlain case, but Azara could be a fresh alternative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aidalbc View Post
    My mother's middle name was her father's name, it's a part of our culture to take the name of your father. Her father was Andranik, Andrew in English, which is my husband's name. What do you think?
    I LOVE the idea. Since Amelie has an Armenian middle name, maybe Zara would feel left out if she didn't get an Armenian middle name, too? As pretty as Zara Rose is, I would absolutely vote for Zara Andranik. How exactly do you pronounce it?

    A few other Armenian names, or ideas, starting with an "A:"

    Zara Aida (Your name, right? Why not? Love it.)
    Zara Armenia (Place name.)
    Zara Anais (Love.)
    Zara Armine
    Zara Armenouhi (Means "Armenian Lady.")

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