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Thread: AAA, and Z?

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    I agree with everyone else -- Zara Rose is a stunning name and sounds great with your last name, and most people will only think of the siblings names together, not the parents also, so no worries there. My only question is will Zara feel like she doesn't have her own name if Zarouhi is already Amelie's middle name? I hope this doesn't throw a wrench into the works because I do love the name Zara Rose -- just trying to help you think of everything.

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    She'll be fine and probably won't notice that everyone has an "A" name until someone else points it out. Plus, she will know you and your DH as Mom and Dad, anyways. I'm the only one in my family with an A name and I am happy for being different. If you want you could make her name Zara A--- .

    Zara is pretty! Best of luck!

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    Zara is a gorgeous name, especially Zara Rose! I love how perfectly Amelie and Zara go together!
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    I think it is lovely, and I love Zara Rose. If you are concerned about her name being shorter than Amelie's, you can always make is Zara Rosalie, Zara Rosalind, or Zara Rosamund.

    I also like PP's idea of making her middle name start with an A.

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    Zara Rose is gorgeous and unique. I also like that this name starts with a different letter--why do they all have to be the same?

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