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    My name is Adelaide Evangeline Grace Owen 'Addie' and My DH's name is William Ryder Owen 'Will'.
    I am 16 and Will is 26, after being together for 3 years we get married in 2010 in Wales and honeymoon in Cyprus.
    When we return we move into a 2 bedroom apartment in South-East London, England.

    Year 2010.
    Williams sister Paris falls pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl who her and her partner call Olivia Grace.

    Year 2011.
    We go on holiday to Spain and decide to visit a home for orphaned children and babies and whilst were there we meet a set of girl/girl/boy triplets who we fall in love with! They're only a few weeks old and I refuse to go home without them. We speak to the owner/carer of the home and children and get permission to adopt them. We call them Liliana Jada 'Lily', Isabel Elena 'Belle' and Jaime Valentino. We try our best to give them spanish names to keep with their background and decide to be very honest with them as they grow up with where they've come from.

    Year 2012.
    When Lily, Belle and Jaime have just turned One we get interviewed in a magazine for our 'Amazing' work with Liliana, Isabel and Jaime and what our future plans are with them, how we want to bring them up, how it felt to go on holiday with no children and return with 3 and if we plan to adopt/foster/have anymore children.

    Year 2013.
    We get a phone call from the home where we adopted Liliana, Isabel and Jaime, I get a little worried by this but all becomes clear when we get told that one of the triplets relatives passed away leaving they're 9 bedroom mansion to the family in care of them.
    Its a beautiful home in Devon. It couldn't have come at a better time with them now being roudy two year old are 2 bedroom apartment was just to small!

    Year 2014.
    Williams sister Paris has another little girl who she called Meegan so she now has two daughters Olivia [4] and Meegan. [NB]

    Year 2015.
    Now that Liliana, Isabel and Jaime are now Four years old we decide that we want to start trying to get pregnant and soon after we start I fall pregnant with a baby girl. We are delighted as are the triplets. We call her Frances Hazel.

    Year 2016.
    Williams cousin Elizabeth sadly dies in a tragic car accident aged just 34, she was a single mum to three children, Matthew [9], Peter [6] and Rose [2].
    We struggle at first especially with not long since giving birth to our daughter Frances a year ago but we get through and soon become a family of 9!
    We now have Matthew [9], Peter [6], Liliana, Isabel and Jaime [5], Rose [2] and Frances [1].

    Year 2017.
    If our house isn't packed up enough with 7 children we decide to get two Ragdoll cats called Violet and Petal.

    Year 2018.
    Not long after getting the cats its Matthews 11th birthday and as his present he asks for a parrot, he doesn't think her will get one so we decide to surprise him and get him a rainbow parrot called Lola.

    Year 2019.
    My Grandma dies, I wasn't exactly close to her but I'm still very upset. She'd put me down in her will to recieve £5,000,000 pounds when she died.
    I couldn't believe it with the money we but a mini-bus so we can get around with all the kids and also move into an 11 bedroom former hotel.

    Year 2020.
    We decide to get another cat, this time we get a tabby cat and call him Tigger.

    Year 2021.
    With our youngest being Six years old I am missing having babies in the house so we decide to take Matthew, Peter, Liliana, Isabel, Jaime, Rose and Frances over on holiday to America so we can go look at a adoption centre over there. Whist were there we meet a set of all girl triplets who we fall in love with and decide to bring home with us. They're called, Esme Grace, Maya Adelaide and Amelia Evangeline.
    We now have 10 children to look after ageing between 14 and NB.

    Year 2022.
    Myself and William are interviewed on a morning tv show for being 'the best parents' with having 10 children and with 3 being fostered, 6 being adopted and only one being biological. At only 28 and 38 with so many children we get asked how we cope and how we feel about taking on more children and whether we plan to have any more biological children.

    Year 2023.
    Not long after Esme, Maya and Amelia's 2nd birthday we find out that I'm pregnant! Its a massive shock, especially as I've been on the pill.
    We find out we're expecting boy/girl twins! We are shocked but happy and excited too.
    We call them, George Daniel and Gabrielle Polly.
    We now have 12 children, Matthew [16], Peter [13], Liliana, Isabel and Jaime [12], Rose [9], Frances [8], Esme, Maya and Amelia [2] and George and Gabrielle [NB]!

    Year 2024.
    We are interviewed again on the same morning tv show for being on the list of Englands biggest familes with our family of 14.
    With all our kids on the set its a little cramped!

    Year 2025.
    With our eldest now being 18 and youngest 2 its a shock to find out i'm pregnant again with another set if twins, this time both boys!
    I get watched like a hawk with this pregnancy by Liliana, Isabel, Rose and Frances.
    We call them, Charlie Noah and Issac James.

    Year 2026.
    We get a new pet. A labrador puppy called Wafer. As if our home isnt full enough as it is with 14 kids!

    Year 2027.
    Me and my sister-in-law, Paris, decide to open up a nursery as we both have children so would be naturals at the job. Paris's daughters are Olivia [17] and Meegan [13]. Olivia is old enough and works in the nursery along side us, as do my daughters Liliana and Isabel [16].
    We call it Stepping stones.

    Year 2028.
    Our eldest daughter Liliana is 17 and has just found out she's pregnant with a baby girl! Its a massive shock but I can't really judge as I adopted her and her brother and sister at 17.
    She has a happy pregnancy and smooth labour and gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, she calls her, Brilee Daisy.

    Year 2029.
    With Our 14 children in the house, our one year old granddaughter and our 5 pets our house is cram packed so we must be crazy when we decide that it would be nice to get two more tabby cats. We call them, Tonny and Sonny.

    Year 2030.
    Myself and Williams close friend Matt passes away leaving his 3 year old son, Thomas, in our care.
    He fits in well and with 15 children our family is complete.

    The Owen Family.
    DW & DH:
    Adelaide and William aged 36 and 46.

    Fostered Children:
    Matthew aged 23.
    Peter aged 20.
    Rose aged 16.

    Adopted Children:
    Liliana aged 19.
    Isabel aged 19.
    Jaime aged 19.
    Esme aged 9.
    Maya aged 9.
    Amelia aged 9.

    Biological Children:
    Frances aged 15.
    George aged 7.
    Gabrielle aged 7.
    Charlie aged 5.
    Issac aged 5.

    Brilee aged 2.

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    Rosemary and Erik Robinsson eloped at age 22 and set up house in Chicago.
    Year 1 - Erik gets a great job doing Swedish interpretation at the embassy.
    Year 2 - Whoops, i'm pregnant! It's a boy, Casper Edwin Robinsson
    Year 3 - We get a black lab, Milo
    Year 4 - We relocate to Madison, WI, where I am in graduate school.
    Year 5 - Erik's uncle dies and leaves us his house in Sweden. We move across the Atlantic.
    Year 6 - We decide to try for another baby, and we have triplets! Beatrice Rose, Harriet Alice, and Archer Erland
    Year 7 - Erik and I start a foundation for bilingual education.
    Year 8 - I decide to start a bilingual Early Childhood center called Dagis.
    Year 9 - Our family stars on a reality tv show about families living abroad.
    Year 10 - W relocate to Cambridge, Mass, where I have been offered a teaching position at Harvard.
    Year 11 - We decide to have one more child, but it's triplets again! Matilda Claire, Louisa Jane, and Josephine Eliza
    Year 12 - With all these kids, we need a new house, so we get an old farm house with plenty of space for everyone.
    Year 13 - The little kids beg for a pet, but they only get a fish, which they unimaginatively name Golda.
    Year 14 - I go on Maury for a show about fertile people. Two sets of natural triplets!
    Year 15 - since the kids have taken good care of Golda, and Milo is old, we get new puppy, Lucy.
    Year 16 - Our house burns down thanks to faulty wiring, and we move in with my parents. Uncomfortably close with seven kids.
    Year 17 - What the heck? I am amazed to find myself pregnant with another girl, Violet Ophelia.
    Year 18 - I guess they'd be called Irish triplets? Surprise twins, Edith Cecilia and Celestine Pearl.
    Year 19 - You'd think I'd have figured out my birth control by now, but you'd be wrong. Another surprise. Lionel Emil.
    Year 20 - The whole family moves to a block of apartments in Minneapolis. Casper better be moving out with all these babies around.

    After 20 years, Erik and Rosemary have 11 kids! Casper, 18, Betsy, Hattie and Archie, 14, Matilda, Josie, and Louisa, 9, Violet, 3, Edie and Lessie, 2, and Lio, 1.

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    H&Me: Laken Jonathan Pack and Phoebe Louise {Carlton} Pack.
    We married in 1993 when we were respectively 21 and 22 years old.
    Where we married was an old, beautiful, traditional English church in Cornwall, afterwards Lake took me on a surprise honeymoon orchestrated by him and my sister to Australia for two blissful weeks.
    Upon our return home we found his parents had paid the deposit on a cosy little three bed home in a lovely rural village.

    Year1: It has always been a shared dream of ours to adopt some of our children and one night we agree that it would be wonderful if we could start our family by adopting. We go through an agency which pairs us with a beautiful boy of two months old, the state had named him Harry but we choose to rename him Tobias Henry.

    Year2: My sister badgers me about going into business with her until I agree. We create a "Café Crèche" - the first in our area - where my sister organises the café end of the business and I am in charge of the crèche. We employ neighbours, friends and distant family members cheaply until we are on our feet properly. It works out really quite well and we get some great feedback from our customers. (We named the place Baby Beans.)

    Year3: With our business doing well, my sister offers some extra money for Laken, Tobias and I to move to another area closer to better schools. Our new house has four bedrooms, a play room and a large garden backing onto woodland.

    Year4: Settled into our new house, and with the business in full swing, Lake and I decide to have our first biological child. I get pregnant with a sister for Tobias. she is born weighing 7lb 9oz and we name her Rose Nicola.

    Year5: Tobias isn't taking all of this change too well. What with the house move and then the baby, his moods have become increasingly negative and one night Lake confides in me that he is worried about our young son. With heavy hearts we decide to move back to our old village, the house still has four bedrooms but is cosier. Tobias seems a lot happier after the move.

    Year6: After talking to our son about the prospect of another baby, Lake and I begin trying - we are knocked off our feet when we're told I'm carrying identical triplet boys! The babies are delivered at 36 weeks via C-section weighing 4lb 12oz, 5lb 2oz and 4lb 8oz, although small our boys are fighters and they only spend two weeks in SCBU before being released home. We name them: Sebastian Keith, Jeremy Andrew, Sullivan James.

    Year7: A burst pipe leads to a mass flood in our family home forcing all of us out! With young triplets as well as two older children, life is hectic trying to find roofs to go over our heads until the problem is fixed. We temporarily split the family up with me taking Seb, Jem and Sulli and invading on my sister, while Lake and our two older children go to stay with his parents. We take this disaster as an opportunity to purchase a new, larger family home. The new house is on the outskirts of the village, has five large bedrooms, a play room, a quiet room, a kitchen-dinner and a huge garden!

    Year8: The triplets are now two and although they are all walking and mostly talking they are no way independent! Because of this I think it would be wise to not have any more children for at least three years. However at the trips' routine check up I mention how run down I've felt and after a bloods test it's revealed I am pregnant! With fraternal twin girls!! The babies are born both 5lb 9oz and we name them Lillian Scout and Caroline Skye.

    Year9: My darling sister has her first baby and makes me an Auntie for the first time. I am delighted to welcome podgy (8lb 8oz!) Annalise Louise, "Annie Lou", into the world.

    Year10: Lake's youngest brother, Jerome, comes to stay with us for the entire six week summer. He is 18 years old and a bit of a tearaway, however once he gets into the ridged routine of our large family, he becomes more responsible and is a God send when it comes to emergency babysitting. At the end of the summer we are delighted when Jerome says he is to move into a flat nearby and even more god-smacked when he admits we've inspired him to study to work with children.

    Year11: Oops! Another unexpected pregnancy. I thought it was just fatigue making me six and weary, but it turns out I'm four months pregnant with fraternal twin boys! The lads are born smaller than the previous twins at 5lb 6oz and 5lb 3oz, we name them Phoenix Jacoby and Devon Elijah.

    Year12: After being together 7 years and fathering a child with her, my sister's boyfriend finally pops the question and just five months later they tie the knot at a lavish but tasteful affair in which I am Maid of Honour and my niece is flower girl.

    Year13: After a dreadful amount of snow, sleet and rain, the roof of our home finally gives up the ghost and collapses, forcing us all - again - to flee to varying relatives. With nine children aged between 12 and 2 years old it is much more difficult than when we had the flood. Once again I invade on my sister, taking only my youngest children. Lake takes the twin girls and goes to his parents while our other kids are scattered amongst their Aunties, Uncles and grandparents. These arrangements only last for two months - which is 7 weeks too long - before building work is finished, we put the house up for sale and move to a larger place with seven bedrooms.

    Year14: With our youngest starting nursery, Lake and I would really like to expand our family and are thrilled but shocked when an adoption agency contacts us regarding a set of triplets. After meeting the two girls and boy it doesn't take long for us to make the decision to welcome them into our family. At 12 months old the kids are a bit too old to have new names, so we keep their old ones; Brooke Alyssa, Kate Addison and Roman Alexander.

    Year15: We relocate further south to the southern coast of the Cornish/Devon border. Our house is of similar size as the other, but with slightly larger bedrooms to occupy our many children.

    Year16: I have a fantastic idea to open a bookstore!!! As an avid novelist and book-promoter, it only makes sense. I call it Silver Pages.

    Year17: Much against Lake's best judgement, the kids and I gang up on him to give us permission to adopt a pet kitten. When he finally caves we take a selection of our children down to the shelter to have a look, they pick an adorable, fluffy ginger and white boy, when we get him home there's a big argument about what to call him. Eventually Lake gets the final say, and FlapJack joins our family.

    Year18: After nine years and much insistence that Annie Lou will be an only child, my sister finds herself expectantly pregnant! She delivers a healthy son (7lb 4oz) whom is called Leighton Richard. I am delighted to have my first nephew.

    Year19: I am interviewed on the news! The kids play it up to be bigger than it actually is, but I am asked to talk about how hard it is coping with a large family as well a running two business, I talk about the rewards of adopting and of having so many children.

    Year20: Looks like my sister's on a baby run. Two years after Leighton she welcomes her second daughter, Scarlett Blaire, born 8lb 2oz.

    ~The Pack Family =
    Lake (40) and Phoebe (41) with: Tobias (19), Rose (16), Seb (14), Jem (14), Sulli (14), Lilly (12), Cally (12), Phoenix (9), Devon (9), Brooke (7), Kate (7), Roman (7); and FlapJack (3).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Brittany Annette & Michael Wilson
    Married 2013

    2014: A family member dies and leaves me & Michael $5,000,000 in his will. We use it to buy her first home in the country with 6 bedrooms. big living room. spacious enough for kids when we have some. a pool. basement & attic. barn out in the back yard. wrapped around fence.

    2015: We have twin girls! Mackenzie Annette & Madeline Michelle

    2016: My best friend finally has a baby! She & her husband name him: Mason Drew

    2017: We got a dog! Great Dane named Max.

    2018: Me & the sister-in-law open a daycare center. We call it Little Munchkins.

    2019: We have triplets 2 boys & 1 girl. Boy 1:Logan Daniel Boy 2:Landon James Girl: Kennedy Elizabeth

    2020: Got a tattoo on my back. It's a cross.

    2021: I bump into an old flame, sparks fly, and an affair begins. It went on for a month. Hubbie found out and packed his stuff and went to a hotel. No one besides the kids knew about it. The twins kept asking for daddy. They didn't really understand what was going on. The triplets kept walking to the door waiting on him to return. I agree to counseling & admit that I was wrong & nothing is going to happen again.

    2022: Surprise Surprise we have a baby boy! We name him Courtland Chase

    2023: My niece gets married at age 18!

    2024: Unexpected with a baby boy again! I guess that wedding turned on some baby magic! We name him Weston Lee

    2025: A close friend dies and leaves her 3-year-old son to us. His name is Gabriel Thomas.

    2026 I got interviewed on a talk show! Dr PHIL! It was on physical therapy. (got my doctorate & I was discovered when I wrote a book on the spinal cord.) Small town me. OH MY!

    2027: Hubbie almost dies in a work accident. Our world stopped. Mother in law moved in to help take care of the kids while I sat with him in the hospital. The doctors were sure he wouldn't make it. But he did!

    2028: I guess that near death experience brought him to enjoy life more because I became pregnant with triplets! ALL THREE BOYS!
    Boy 1: Carter Matthew Boy 2: Carson John Boy 3: Gannon Jensen

    2029: We got a dog! Yorkie her named is molly.

    2030: We got another Yorkie named him Ty

    2031: Mackenzie Annette, 16 now, has a baby boy named: Noah Andrew

    2032: Mackenzie died in a car accident while she & her boyfriend were arguing. Both died. Noah is now with us.

    2033: Madeline got married to her high school sweet heart! && She's pregnant with a baby girl & she decided to name her after her sister. Kenzie Ann

    Mackenzie Annette & Madeline Michelle (18)
    Kennedy Elizabet & Logan Daniel & Landon James (14)
    Courtland Chase(11)
    Weston Lee (9)
    Gabriel Thomas (11)
    Carter Michael & Carson John & Gannon Jensen (5)

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    DW: Stephanie Georgette Cullen
    DH: Romeo Northcliff Cullen
    Married 2000

    2001: We go on vacation to Hawaii and end up adopting a two year old girl! She does not yet have a name, so we name her Melia Gennifer.
    2002: I get a job transfer to Seraing, Belgium! We move there with absolutely nothing, ready to start over. Just us and our daughter.
    2003: I become pregnant (unexpectedly!) with twin boys. We name them Charles Phelix and Conner Prescott. We call Charles "Charlie" for short.
    2004: Romeo runs into his ex-girlfriend from high school in Belgium, and has an affair. It only goes on for two weeks, because he end up admitting it. I have to let him off the hook, because of the kids. It ends up not being a big deal.
    2005: We adopt a pit bull puppy and name her Alice.
    2006: I get another transfer, this time to Houston, Texas. We move.
    2007: We try for a baby, and I get pregnant! But at four months, I have a miscarriage. Later in the year, my nephew has a baby, and my husband and I are the godparents. It's a baby boy, and we get to pick the name, since I basically raised my nephew. We name him Niall Eric.
    2008: We adopt two more dogs. They are both male pit bull puppies. We name them Jasper and Jonah.
    2009: We move to Anchorage, Alaska, because Romeo finds a job there.
    2010: My sister Liliana almost dies in a car crash. She is paralyzed from her waist down, and will be for the rest of her life. She moves in with us.
    2011: We move into a bigger house in the same town to accommodate to the six people and three dogs we have.
    2012: We adopt newborn twin girls from Greece. We name them Dinah Mary and Dakota Meredith.
    2013: My best friend dies and leaves behind her two daughters. One is twelve, and her name is Robbin Eleanor. The other is ten, and her name is Lauren Olivia.
    2014: We take in Romeo's friend's son Blakely Tucker, because the parents are both were suspected of child abuse. He is 13.
    2015: Inspired by Blake, my husband and I form a charity foundation for kids who have abusive parents and/or relationships.
    2016: Robbin becomes pregnant with a girl. We adopt the baby and name her Victoria Jessamyn.
    2017: We pack everyone up and move to Germany!
    2018: I dye my hair blonde. I need something new at this point!
    2019: We buy a five story, ten bedroom mansion in Germany!
    2020: My mother moves to Germany and we start a kid's products business.
    A sixteen year old name addict.

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