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    Where the river split in three
    Me: Anna Beatrice Richard (23) I have dark green eyes and short ginger hair.
    DH: Isaac Roman Wilson (24) He has blueish-gray eyes and curly blond hair. His face is cover of freckle.
    House: Our house was a small green one with white window and a white door. The roof was blue.
    Honeymoon: Our honeymoon was a sweet and simple honeymoon on a island in the Caribean. We got married in 2019.
    City: Chicago, IL

    2020: 6,8: One year after our wedding, we have a baby girl call Josette Eleanor Wilson. She has little golden curl hair and dark green eyes.
    2021: 3,2: We adopt two little Irish girl and call them Kelly Melissa and Ashlynn Golda. They both have light straight brown hair, Ashlynn has hazel eyes and Kelly sky blue eyes.
    2022: 2,2: We have a baby boy and his twin sister. We call them Andrei Adam and Agata Belle. Andrei eyes are light grey and his hair are blond and Agata has blond hair too, the face full of freckle like her father and emerald green eyes.
    2023: 1,2: We have a boy! His names is Michael Jayden and he a mini copy of his daddy.
    2024: 6,4: Triplet! Two girl and a boy. Their names are Mathilda Maude, Anushka Alice and Jeremy John. Anu and Jeremy has curly ginger hair and blue eyes while Mathi has curly brown hair and gray eyes with lot of freckle.
    2025: 3,5: Triplet again...Two girl and a boy again also. Their names are Sydney Adonis, Paris Athena and London Artemis. They all have short brown hair with gray eyes.
    2026: 5,4: Boy and girl. Britanny Willow and Oliver Micah. Both have curly hair, Oli has them red and Britanny blond and they both have grayish-blue eyes.
    2027: 6, 5: My 19 years old cousin Margaret Clover Jones get married. I am the bridesmaid and my daughter are flower girl.
    2028: 3,4: I'm interview in a magazine for young parent. They ask question about my weddind and how did I survive with all those pregnancy and children.
    2029: 8,2: Our family moves into a mansion. It's a huge house. It as enough room for all our child. It's made of red bricks and the roof is brown. There is huge decoration of marble all around it.
    2030: 2,3: We got a parrot of the specie of cacatoes. Well call him Jackie the Fabulous Parrot. It has long pinky wing all fluffy.
    2031: 6,3: We have a little accident. But an happy one. It's a boy call Roberto Felix. He has golden curl, freckle and light green eyes.
    2032: 7,4: We again have the surprise of a boy...and a girl. Their names are Ursula Melody and Erich Treyton. Ursula has grey eyes and brown hair while Erich has ginger hair and blue eyes.
    2033: 1,7: One our best friend Briana Cassies die of a breast cancer. She leave behind her, her son Julius Melchior who's only three years old. He has wavy black hair, dark brown eyes and a an olive skin.
    2034: 4,3: Again we have triplet who are two girls and a boy. Their names are Adele Ruby, Heidi Jade and Thomas Narcisse. All little blond, Adeles is the only one with curly hair and all blue eyes except Narcisse who has brown eyes, also he's the only one with freckle.
    2035: 2,4: Josette has been choose to pass on an episode of a famous familial drama. She play the role of a girl who recently lose her parent and the main character try to help her.
    2036: 8,3: Me and Isaac go on vacation in Australia for the whole month of July.
    2037: 5,6: I decide to make myself look a little younger and dye the end of my hair blond. My kids love it.
    2038: 3,5: We moves to Orlando, FL.
    2039: 8,1: Ashlynn and some of her friend go to a party. Sadly a car accident cause her to broke her legs and some of her ribs. The accident happen in early January and only get out the hospital in the end of April.
    2040: 1,1: We have a little boy to complete our big family. His names is Brandon Klaus and look just like me...except he have his father freckles.

    Anna Beatrice (44)
    Isaac Roman (45)
    Josette Eleanor (20)
    Kelly Melissa (19)-adopted
    Ashlynn Golda (19)-adopted
    Andrei Adam (18)
    Agata Belle (18)
    Michael Jordan (17)
    Mathilda Maude (16)
    Anushka Alice (16)
    Jeremy John (16)
    Sydney Adonis (15)
    Paris Athena (15)
    London Artemis (15)
    Britanny Willow (14)
    Oliver Micah (14)
    Julius Melchior (10)-adopted
    Roberto Felix (9)
    Ursula Melody (8)
    Erich Treyton (8)
    Adele ruby (6)
    Heidi Jade (6)
    Thomas Narcisse (6)
    Brandon Klaus (NB)
    Just a Quebecer teen obsess with name since her childhood. Aspiring at becoming a writer and my character are my children. Naming them is as important as giving a name to a baby.
    My favorite change all the time
    Current for boy: Reid
    Current for girl: Angelika

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    Rider Loyal and Paisley Chandler Gonzalez were married in their home town of Chatanooga Tennesee at their families church and then settled down in Tampa Florida where they had met and attended University of South Florida together.

    1. Before we have kids we decide to see how well we can raise a pet together and we buy a pit bull puppy who we name Hunter.
    2. I start getting aick and get really worried because I've never had these symptoms before and the internet says it could be anything from a cold to cancer. When I go to the doctor I'm relieved and surprised to find out I'm pregnant. Eight months later we're blessed with identical twin girls Acacia Genesis and Glory Amarillo
    3. I love our little Hunter but I want some feline love in the house too so I go out and adopt two tabby kittens who the girls name Fluffy and Red.
    4. Our family feels so blessed on our little girls second birthday so I go and get a tattoo that says Psalm 103:17
    5. I start getting sick on New Year's Day and at first attribute it to holiday stress but when it last for a few more weeks and the signs start mimicking my first pregnancy I know what's up. Eight months later we have a beautiful baby boy, Levi Jasper.
    6. With our newest little addition our two bedroom apartment feels cramped. We decide to go out and buy a big four bedroom twobthroom house which will be helpful whether or not we're blessed with more babies.
    7. On Christmas day my little sister, Cheyanne and her husband Darryl are blessed with a baby boy of their own. They name him Christopher Noel in honor of his birthday.
    8. The girls love their cats and also Hunter but they want a new young pet. We oblige and adopt a basset hound whl we name Lafayette.
    9. We find out that Dr. Oz is having an episode about twins. We decide to email the show to be on and the whole family (except the furry members) are featured for a segment.
    10. I start getting really sick and don't even think before calling my OBGYN. Sure enough I'm pregnant with twins again. This time
    two little boys who we name Hezekiah Earnest and Ezekial True.
    11. Rider gets an offer to be a pastor at a big church in Massachusetts. We agree to take the job and move into a big six bedroom in Boston.
    12. Most of our pets are getting older so we decide to get another little kitten. A white little girl we name Marie.
    13. I start getting pregnancy symptoms and automatically go to the doctor. It's boy/boy twins again. Moses Everest and Elias Moore.
    14. Levi decides he wants a bird so we buy him a Macaw who he names Connor.
    15. Moses and Elias are getting older so we decide to buy them their own pets. A schnoodle who gets the name Pawpy and the tiniest chihuahua the kids name Dumbo because of his big ears.
    16. I get a terrible call that my friend Ramona has died and left her three-year-old son Daniel Andrew to us. We don't even hesitate tobing him in.
    17. I get a serious case of deja vu with anotger phone call. A good friend from church, Lacey has succumbed to her cancer and left us with her three year old boy Malachi Jude.
    18. One day when me and my two girls are out on one of our 'girls only nights' we get into a horrible car accident. I break my leg, Glory is scuffed up badly and breaks an arm, and Acacia barely makes it out alive. And is in a coma for a month. We rejoice when she wakes up and recovers and praise the Lord for not taking our daughter befofe we were ready to let her go.
    19. I miss my period and atteibute it to early menopause, sonething my grabdmother had. But when I start throwing up I go to the doctor just in case. Sure enough I'm pregnant again. We're blessed with two more little girls, Patience Meadow and Mercy Petal on Acacia and Glory's eighteenth birthday.
    20. One night we leve Levi home to warch the ypunger kids and they end up setting the hose on fire. We're forced to stay with relatives for sixmotnhs but are blessed with the biggest house we've ever had, an eight bedroom four bathroomm mansion on our twentieth wedding anniversarry.

    Acacia and Glory, 18
    Levi, 15
    Hezekiah and Ezekial, 10
    Moses and Elias, 7
    Daniel, 7
    Malachi, 6
    Patience and Mercy, 2

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    West Midlands, UK
    Me: Evelina Samantha {Parcel} Shea
    Hubby: Kieran James Shea
    Year we were married: 2013
    What was it like? The wedding was a small affair in our local church with both sides of our family and close friends attending. My sister helped me to plan it and we decided on a white and deep purple colour scheme which was reflected in the dresses, flowers and decorations. My sister and best friend were my maid's of honour while I had my best friend's little girl as my flower girl, Kieran's brother was his best man and his nephew was ring bearer.
    Honeymoon? We honeymooned for two weeks in Australia - Kieran and my sister organised it - I had no idea!
    First home? We moved to the outskirts of Plymouth, England in our first home which had three bedrooms and a small garden.

    Yr1: I have always wanted to adopt children so our first baby is adopted from a local agency. He is just four weeks old and we name him Tobias Henry.

    Yr2: We adopt two dogs from a local home who are sisters and had to be rehomed together. They are Siberian Malamute / German Shepherd crosses; we re-name the two year olds Bella and Mimi.

    Yr3: We never wanted big gaps between our children and are happy to discover I am pregnant with another son. This one we name Sebastian Keith.

    Yr4: Our family move further to the South West, into Cornwall near to St Austell.

    Yr5: Adopting Tobias was such a success that we look into adoption once again and although we planned to look for girls, we are so taken by a pair of young twin boys that we put forward our names right away. We are matched perfectly with the twins and bring them home, naming them: Jeremy James and Arthur Andrew.

    Yr6: With two babies to look after Kieran and I weren't planning on conceiving another baby, but we get a surprise when I find out I am pregnant with our fifth son. When he is born we name him Phoenix Jacoby.

    Yr7: Jemmy is a slow talker so Kieran comes up with a cunning plan and buys a young male Budgerigar for our son to communicate with. We let him and Arthur name the pet Bud.

    Yr8: Despite being happy in England, Kieran's work moves us all the way to America, where we have to rebuild our lives outside Arlington, Texas.

    Yr9: Kieran and I are thrilled to find out I am pregnant with boy/girl twins. We name our new babies Finn Elijah and Rose Nicola.

    Yr10: The children hate American. Tobias and Seb can't get to grips with school and haven't made any solid friends, for the sake of our family we move back to Cornwall, England.

    Yr11: Kieran's sister, Neve, and I open a nursery called Rainbow Tots.

    Yr12: We are blessed once again with twins, fraternal girls whom we name Matilda Mary and Erika Ellie.

    Yr13: Kieran's father becomes critically ill and he volunteers to move temporarily to Ireland to take care of him. This leaves me caring for the children, my sister and sister-in-law move in with me to help but it puts massive strain on the whole family and my marriage.

    Yr14: I am devastated when my close friend Bethan dies suddenly leaving her orphaned 3year old son in mine and Kieran's care. We take him in and make Mark Jonathon as welcome as possible.

    Yr15: Although we've only just adopted Mark, Kieran and I have a sneak peak at an adoption sight and find one year old boy/boy/girl triplets that we fall in love with. The children are already named; Devon Atticus, Weston Theodore and Addison Scout. Soon we are bringing them home.

    Yr16: I am thrilled when my sister blesses us with my first niece, she names her Annalise Odette.

    Yr17: With the kids a bit older and Kieran's bosses begging for him to relocate to America, we give the US a second try; this time moving to Barnstable, Massachusetts.

    Yr18: The new year brings with it a promotion and pay rise for Kieran allowing us to splash out on a grand family holiday to Disney, Orlando.

    Yr19: Much to my displeasure, Kieran brings home news that we are moving to Germany. The children - much to my surprise - are excited at the prospect. It takes less than a year to settle into Freiburg.

    Yr20: Kieran's young half brother who is just 16 comes to stay with us, he's a bit of a tearaway which puts me under stress but after a while he gets himself under control and is a welcome addition to the family.

    ~The Shea Family =
    "Evie (43) and Kieran (45) with: Tobias (19), Seb (17), Jem (15), Arthur (15), Phoenix (14), Finn (11), Rosie (11), Mattie (8), Erika (8), Mark (9), Devon (6), West (6), Addi (6)."
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    I am Kay Bethanie and my husband is Franklin James. We married in 2013 after three years of dating. The wedding was of a medium size with all of our family members and lots of friends from both sides. We honeymooned for two weeks in Australia and came home to a surprise home that had been bought in our names by Franky's parents; the house was in Ohio and had three small bedrooms but was cosy and perfect for us.

    Year1: Franky confides that he would love to adopt, I am thrilled since this is a dream I have also always had; we make our dream a reality by adopting our first child, a newborn son whom we name Tobias Henry.

    Year2: I am interviewed on a talk show about my latest YA novel "Chasing Embers" and about getting into the business at such a young age.

    Year3: Agreeing that we do not want large age gaps between babies, Franky and I attempt to conceive and are delighted when we find I am pregnant with our first daughter. We name her Rose Addison Mary.

    Year4: Tobias isn't much of a speaker so to encourage his development Franky adopts a young Budgerigar and lets our son name him Todd.

    Year5: We are approached by the adoption agency regarding Tobias's half-siblings, triplets that Franky and I had no idea existed. The children are one year old and we agree immediately to take them in. Because of their age we decide to keep their names: Phoenix Beckett, Kacey Winter and Amber Leigh.

    Year6: Franky and I agree to adopt a Tortoise-Shell kitten which the whole family names Cammy.

    Year7: The three year old triplets keep me on my toes so Franky and I weren't looking to conceive any time soon but nature had other ideas as I wind up pregnant with twin boys! We name our sons Sebastian Keith and Jeremy Devon.

    Year8: My childhood friend, Louisa, and I go into business with each other. Setting up a Child Café I take care of the childcare while she lures parents in with coffee and cakes. It works out really well despite the long hours in the beginning.

    Year9: Franky's older sister has her fifth child, a second daughter that she names Isis Juriane.

    Year10: After the birth of Isis I am filled with baby fever, I get pregnant and am delighted Franky and I are devastated when I miscarry at 14 weeks. To cheer me up and take my mind of the miscarriage, Franky sells our house and relocates us nearer to the beach.

    Year11: On a business trip to Texas, Franky decides it would be the ideal place to bring up our children and so we move house to Bay City.

    Year12: Still not fully over the miscarriage but wanting more children, Franky and I look into adoption and are paired with eight week old twin boys, we name them Arthur Tennyson and Albert Theodore, and bring them home.

    Year13: Another relocation. This time to the Southwest - Chandler, Arizona to be precise.

    Year14: I hadn't planned to get pregnant with the twins still young, but I did anyway, with more identical twin boys! Franky and I named this set Elijah George and Jacoby Dane.

    Year15: My sister has her second child, and names her Blaire Nicole.

    Year16: A new friend/neighbour of ours and me go into business together, setting up a children's wear and toys line with some money that she recently came into. It's not a massive success but we have many local customers.

    Year17: Telling the children that they will not have any more siblings, Franky and I adopt a Great Dane dog called Butch.

    Year18: This contraception thing isn't working. I'm pregnant with another set of twin boys! Their names: Vincent Tennyson and Sidney Harrison.

    Year19: With business picking up my friend and I expand our children's clothing range to harbour more toys and also books and nursery furniture.

    Year20: Tobias shocks us all one day by announcing that his girlfriend of eight months is expecting a baby. It takes me seven months to get used to the idea but I am still a little shaken when my son hands over baby Sullivan Henry and calls me Nanna.

    ~~"Kay (41) and Franklin (40) with: Tobias (18), Rose (16), Phoenix (15), Kacey (15), Amber (15), Seb (12), Jem (12), Arthur (7), Albert (7), Elijah (5), Jacoby (5), Vince (2), Sidney (2); and Butch (3). // Tobias (18) and Clare (18) with: Sully (nb).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Husband: Johnathon Kenneth Dennis, 23
    Wife: Helen Antonia Dennis (Nee Simmons), 22
    Born, raised and married in Atlanta, Georgia.
    Honeymooned in London, England.
    Live in a large house, five bedrooms, in Atlanta, with the dream of a large family.

    Year One: Helen becomes pregnant with twin girls! Leah Shannon and Cerys Rae Dennis.

    Year Two: Still adjusting to the twins, Helen unexpectedly becomes pregnant with a girl! She's born two weeks after the twins birthdays. Sasha Lynn Dennis.

    Year Three: Helen's Sister, Claire, has a baby boy! Lionel Alan Simmons.

    Year Four: Helen finds out she's pregnant with triplets! Rachel Marie (Ma-ree), Raleigh Morie (More-ree) and Ryker Mapel Dennis.

    Year Five: Helen and Jonny take in a fosterchild, Christine!

    Year Six: Suddenly, a family friend passes away, leaving her two daughters to the couple. Mary and Nancy.

    Year Seven: Helen's pregnant with twins! Ryder Axl and Rosalie Eva Dennis.

    Year Eight: The family adopt a Siberian Husky, and name him Woody.

    Year Nine: Helen's pregnant again! Aiden Luca Dennis.

    Year Ten: As the family gets larger, with 12 kids and a dog, they decided to move house, staying in the same location. They move into a house with eleven bedrooms.

    Year Eleven: Helen's pregnant with another girl, Kimi Jane Dennis.

    Year Twelve: With Helen's love of books, she decides to open up her own bookstore! She names it Bookworm.

    Year Thirteen: With trouble getting pregnant, the couple adopt twins! Xavier Jawaad and Ysabel Jaccleen Dennis.

    Year Fourteen: Finally, Helen falls pregnant, Kaia Grace Dennis.

    Year Fifteen: A family member dies and leaves Helen and Jonny $5,000,000 in his will. They decide to invest in a new development. They get a small house with five rooms built in the back yard, where Leah, Cerys and Sasha sleep.

    Year Sixteen: Helen gives birth to Jace Daniel Dennis.

    Year Seventeen: Cerys ends up pregnant at seventeen! Helen and Jonny are disappointed at first, but they still support her. She gives birth to baby Pacey Eleanor Dennis.

    Year Eighteen: Helen has triplets! Amy Renee, Bethany Louise and Cassia Molly Dennis.

    Year Nineteen: The family adopt two dogs, both Corgis, which they name Max and Ruby.

    Year Twenty: As the twins, Leah and Cerys turn twenty, Helen and Jonny try for one more baby. They end up giving birth to Aaliyah Justine Dennis.

    Helen and Jonny:
    Leah and Cerys, 20
    Sasha, 19
    Rachel, Raleigh and Ryker, 16
    Christine, 15
    Mary and Nancy, 14
    Ryder and Rosa, 13
    Aiden, 11
    Kimi, 9
    Xavi and Bel, 7
    Kaia, 6
    Jace, 4
    Amy, Beth and Cassia, 2
    Aaliyah, NB

    Pacey, 3
    Kyla Marie, Harry Edward

    Destinee Sierra, Alana Rose, Arabella Grace, Emillie Melissa, Tallulah Monroe
    Logan Mckay, Alfie Carter, Jaxon Oliver, Caspar James, Toby Alexander

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