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    Where the river split in three
    Me: Anna Beatrice Richard (23) I have dark green eyes and short ginger hair.
    DH: Isaac Roman Wilson (24) He has blueish-gray eyes and curly blond hair. His face is cover of freckle.
    House: Our house was a small green one with white window and a white door. The roof was blue.
    Honeymoon: Our honeymoon was a sweet and simple honeymoon on a island in the Caribean. We got married in 2019.
    City: Chicago, IL

    2020: 6,8: One year after our wedding, we have a baby girl call Josette Eleanor Wilson. She has little golden curl hair and dark green eyes.
    2021: 3,2: We adopt two little Irish girl and call them Kelly Melissa and Ashlynn Golda. They both have light straight brown hair, Ashlynn has hazel eyes and Kelly sky blue eyes.
    2022: 2,2: We have a baby boy and his twin sister. We call them Andrei Adam and Agata Belle. Andrei eyes are light grey and his hair are blond and Agata has blond hair too, the face full of freckle like her father and emerald green eyes.
    2023: 1,2: We have a boy! His names is Michael Jayden and he a mini copy of his daddy.
    2024: 6,4: Triplet! Two girl and a boy. Their names are Mathilda Maude, Anushka Alice and Jeremy John. Anu and Jeremy has curly ginger hair and blue eyes while Mathi has curly brown hair and gray eyes with lot of freckle.
    2025: 3,5: Triplet again...Two girl and a boy again also. Their names are Sydney Adonis, Paris Athena and London Artemis. They all have short brown hair with gray eyes.
    2026: 5,4: Boy and girl. Britanny Willow and Oliver Micah. Both have curly hair, Oli has them red and Britanny blond and they both have grayish-blue eyes.
    2027: 6, 5: My 19 years old cousin Margaret Clover Jones get married. I am the bridesmaid and my daughter are flower girl.
    2028: 3,4: I'm interview in a magazine for young parent. They ask question about my weddind and how did I survive with all those pregnancy and children.
    2029: 8,2: Our family moves into a mansion. It's a huge house. It as enough room for all our child. It's made of red bricks and the roof is brown. There is huge decoration of marble all around it.
    2030: 2,3: We got a parrot of the specie of cacatoes. Well call him Jackie the Fabulous Parrot. It has long pinky wing all fluffy.
    2031: 6,3: We have a little accident. But an happy one. It's a boy call Roberto Felix. He has golden curl, freckle and light green eyes.
    2032: 7,4: We again have the surprise of a boy...and a girl. Their names are Ursula Melody and Erich Treyton. Ursula has grey eyes and brown hair while Erich has ginger hair and blue eyes.
    2033: 1,7: One our best friend Briana Cassies die of a breast cancer. She leave behind her, her son Julius Melchior who's only three years old. He has wavy black hair, dark brown eyes and a an olive skin.
    2034: 4,3: Again we have triplet who are two girls and a boy. Their names are Adele Ruby, Heidi Jade and Thomas Narcisse. All little blond, Adeles is the only one with curly hair and all blue eyes except Narcisse who has brown eyes, also he's the only one with freckle.
    2035: 2,4: Josette has been choose to pass on an episode of a famous familial drama. She play the role of a girl who recently lose her parent and the main character try to help her.
    2036: 8,3: Me and Isaac go on vacation in Australia for the whole month of July.
    2037: 5,6: I decide to make myself look a little younger and dye the end of my hair blond. My kids love it.
    2038: 3,5: We moves to Orlando, FL.
    2039: 8,1: Ashlynn and some of her friend go to a party. Sadly a car accident cause her to broke her legs and some of her ribs. The accident happen in early January and only get out the hospital in the end of April.
    2040: 1,1: We have a little boy to complete our big family. His names is Brandon Klaus and look just like me...except he have his father freckles.

    Anna Beatrice (44)
    Isaac Roman (45)
    Josette Eleanor (20)
    Kelly Melissa (19)-adopted
    Ashlynn Golda (19)-adopted
    Andrei Adam (18)
    Agata Belle (18)
    Michael Jordan (17)
    Mathilda Maude (16)
    Anushka Alice (16)
    Jeremy John (16)
    Sydney Adonis (15)
    Paris Athena (15)
    London Artemis (15)
    Britanny Willow (14)
    Oliver Micah (14)
    Julius Melchior (10)-adopted
    Roberto Felix (9)
    Ursula Melody (8)
    Erich Treyton (8)
    Adele ruby (6)
    Heidi Jade (6)
    Thomas Narcisse (6)
    Brandon Klaus (NB)
    Just a Quebecer teen obsess with name since her childhood. Aspiring at becoming a writer and my character are my children. Naming them is as important as giving a name to a baby.
    My favorite change all the time
    Current for boy: Reid
    Current for girl: Angelika

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