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    Melissa Anne and Daniel Roberto Lopez are married at just 18
    1. We have our first child, a son named Levi Jasper
    2. We're featured on a reality show about parents under 20.
    3. My friend calls and asks me to take in her thirteen year old daughter Elliott Grace because she can't afford her anymore. We agree without hesitation.
    4. We decide to adopt a baby, a little girl named Charlotte Rose
    5. Levi is begging for a cat and even gets Elliott in on it. We decide to adop two catss who the kids names Peanut and Jelly
    6. Elliott comes crying to me one night and reveals that she is pregnant with the child of a boy from school who wants nothing to do with the baby. She has a son who she names Benjamin Robert
    7. We try for another child and end up with three girls. We name them Elizabeth Mercy, Evangeline Faith, and Esparanza Hope
    8. We get a call that Elliotts birth mother has died and she left her three year old son to us. We take in Tennessee Port
    9. We take a vacation to Hawaii
    10. We adopt twin five year old boys, Ethan Felix and Evangeline Frost
    11. Elliott has another baby, this time with her boyfriend of three years Jake who adores both her and Benjamin. They have a daughter who they name Robin Scout
    12. I decide to get a tattoo of all the kids names
    13. We have another set of triplets, this time two boys and a girl. We name them Asher Valentine, Brielle Gardenia, and Caleb True
    14. My 18 year old younger sister, Leah comes to live with us because we need help with the kids
    15. Elliott and Jake are getting married in Washington and we all take a vacation for the wedding
    16. We decide to adopt another boy, this time a ten year old named Andre Jason
    17. I unexpectedly fall pregnant with a son who we name Moses Loyal
    18. We all agree our house is too small so we move into a big mansion.
    19. We try for one more baby and have a daughter who we name Caroline Lily
    20. I come home early one day and find Leah and Daniel having sex. They reveal to me that they've been having an affair since she moved in six years ago, and me and Daniel separate which eventually leads to a divorce.

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