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    DH: Andrew Bryan Pell
    DW: Kayla Irene Pell
    Married when Andrew is 30 and Kayla is 24. They honeymoon on the French Riviera and settle down in Washington, DC.

    Year 1: Kayla gets a new job as an art buyer for a major corporation.

    Year 2: Kayla and Andrew decide to start their family through adoption and decide to adopt a 14 month old girl with spina bifida. She is already named Grace Marie.

    Year 3: Kayla's job changes the location of their headquarters, so the family moves to New Mexico.

    Year 4: After trying for six months, Andrew and Kayla find out they're expecting twin girls! They are born 5 weeks early, but healthy, and are named Vera Lucy and Leona Vesper.

    Year 5: Kayla quits her job to start an art consulting business with her best friend, Rosalie.

    Year 6: Andrew wants a boy, so they try for another baby, and get pregnant with baby girl #4! They name her Florence Andrea.

    Year 7: The family moves from rural New Mexico to Southern California to expand the art-consulting business.

    Year 8: After trying for a baby for over a year, Andrew and Kayla decide it's time for a break. In the meantime, Andrew (a jeweler), opens his own custom jewelry store with his brother.

    Year 9: Unexpectedly, Kayla finds out she's pregnant! It's twins again, a girl and a boy. The girl is named Marian Rose and the boy is named August Matthew.

    Year 10: 9 year old Grace wants to be an actress, and lands the role of a supporting character's younger cousin in the newest Disney Channel movie! She only gets a few scenes, but the whole family is very proud of her.

    Year 11: Wanting a playmate for August but a little wary of ending up with daughter number 6, Andrew and Kayla decide to adopt again. They adopt a three month old boy with a cleft lip and palate from Guatemala, and name him Barnaby Luis. His cleft lip and palate is surgically corrected shortly after adoption.

    Year 12: Andrew and Kayla get matching tattoos.

    Year 13: Grace is now 12, and she lands a recurring role as a student at the main character, Rose Lillie's school on Disney Channel's "Coming Up Roses". She gets to use some of her adaptive devices on screen and is proud to represent differently-abled students for kids her age.

    Year 14: Kayla gets unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy and names him Henry Donald.

    Year 15: Andrew and Kayla buy a new house. There are 5 bedrooms, and they convert the finished basement into 2 more bedrooms and a playroom. Andrew and Kayla share the master suite. Grace, Flora, Marian, and August each have their own rooms. Vera and Leo share a room, and Barnaby and Henry share the last bedroom.

    Year 16: Completely unexpectedly, Kayla gets pregnant with twin girls! They are named Alice Matilda and Vivian Mae. The downstairs playroom is converted into a spare nursery once they are a little older.

    Year 17: Kayla's best friend and business partner, Rosalie, has a baby girl and names her Aurora Kay.

    Year 18: Andrew's youngest sister, Elizabeth, is 19 and moves to California to pursue modeling. After a few months she is broke, so they take her in in exchange for help around the house and babysitting. Soon she gets her big break and signs a multi-million dollar contract with Victoria's Secret, and moves out again.

    Year 19: Kayla is interviewed on the news after her company gets an article in Time magazine.

    Year 20: The family's home is severely damaged in an earthquake, so they move in with Elizabeth and her fiance, and stay in the guest house for six months until the insurance money clears and they can buy a new home that is large enough for Andrew, Kayla, and all ten children.

    After 20 years:
    Andrew is 50
    Kayla is 44
    Grace Marie is 18
    Vera Lucy and Leona Vesper are 16
    Florence Andrea is 14
    Marian Rose and August Matthew are 11
    Barnaby Luis is 9
    Henry Donald is 6
    Alice Matilda and Vivian Mae are 4
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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