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    Wife: Grace Aurora Pelletier, age 24
    Husband: River Ash Pelletier, age 32
    Married: December 18th, 2016 in Savannah, Georgia. They moved there from New York City, New York after a two and a half week honeymoon in New Orleans, Louisiana

    2017: Grace and River decide they want to have a baby, and after three months of trying they have a healthy baby boy whom they name Gideon Bowie.

    2018: Boy/girl twins are born to the Pelletier family, and the slightly premature little ones are bestowed the names Everett Ash and Magdalene Ivy.

    2019: Grace and River decided to take a break from having children this year, and River’s younger sister Elena moves in to their house due to recent flooding in her area of town. She’s very helpful with the kids and loves entertaining them when the parents need a night to themselves. After three years she moves back out and things gradually return to normal.

    2020: Originally there were no plans for more children this year, but as an unexpected surprise Grace becomes pregnant with twin girls! They are born two days after their due date and given the names Lilly Tiana and Eloise Mae.

    2021: Around mid-July the Pelletier's receive a wedding invitation from Grace’s cousin Melinda. The wedding was set for August 12th, but there was a huge rainstorm and it had to be moved to the 18th. Everyone was having a great time except for Gideon, who constantly let his parents know how much he wanted to go home.

    2022: A set of boy/boy/girl triplets arrive in January, and they’re named Dante Sebastian, Quinn Gabriel and Isadora Belle.

    2023: The house is now very cramped with mom, dad, and the eight children, so the whole family packs up and moves to Sheffield, England.
    The new house looks like this:

    2024: Unfortunately, news is received that River’s close friend has died. On the up side, the extra bedroom is filled with his 3 year old son Reuben James.

    2025: Everyone agrees that it would be a good idea to finally adopt a dog. The local animal shelter has a Clumber Spaniel who we bring home and name Augustus.

    2026: Grace decided to move on from her college philosophy teaching career and dives head first into the restaurant business with her second cousin Jill. Surprisingly, their business thrives and becomes wildly popular. It becomes a main source of income for her large family.

    2027: Gideon becomes of the mind that Augustus needs a friend, but seeing as there’s now family friendly dogs that would fit in with their lifestyle, they adopt a beautiful orange Somali cat and name him Eames.

    2028: Another death in the family. This time it’s River’s uncle Hugo, with whom he’s always been very close. In his will, Hugo left River and his family $5,000,000! There is no quarrel or debate about what to do with the money and it’s immediately divided equally into all of their children’s school funds.

    2029: Another visitor shows up on the front step of the Pelletier’s house - it’s Grace’s niece Harper. It turns out her parents threw her out of the house for one reason or another, and she didn’t know where else to go. After five months it becomes evident that Harper has absolutely no intention of leaving. She never helps out with the chores, never looks after the kids properly, and pretty much just takes advantage of her aunt. River finally has enough and gives her two weeks to move out or else he’ll send her into foster care (he doesn’t really mean it, he just wanted her to get her act together). She finally gets herself together, applies for a good job, and rents an apartment around the block from her aunt.

    2030: Since the success of her and Jill’s restaurant, Grace has been in the news a couple of times, but this year she does her first real interview with one of the most popular evening news broadcasts in England. It goes awkwardly at first, but once she gets the hang of it everything’s fine.

    2031: Just when Grace and River were beginning to miss having a baby around the house, Grace unexpectedly becomes pregnant with a baby boy! He’s born right on his due date, and they name him Eoin Carlyle.

    2032: News is received that River’s older brother has had a little girl. He and Grace would love to go to the baby shower, but they’re so busy with Eoin and the other kids that they just can’t make it. The baby’s name is Amelia Clarice.

    2033: On Eoin’s third birthday, he finds two cats sleeping on the grass in their backyard. They have no collar or anything to identify them, and nobody had reported missing cats at the shelter, so the family adopts them. Eoin had been watching a lot of Phineas and Ferb at the time, so he named cat #1 Doofenshmirtz. For some reason all the children agree to name the second cat, the girl, Potatoes.

    2034: The house is getting crowded again, so the family pack up one more time and moves to a mansion in Arlington, Texas. The house looks like this:

    2035: Gideon finally decides to propose to his long-time girlfriend Evangeline. The whole family attends the wedding, which is a beautiful ceremony with lots of flowers, music, and food.

    2036: Sadly, Augustus has passed away. The whole family is in tears for nine days, before Gideon and Evey bring over a gorgeous Saluki dog they found half dead wandering their street this morning. She fits right in and is a healthy, happy part of the family in no time. She’s named Hermione.

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