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    DW: Eleanor Anna Smith-McIntyre, 26
    DH: Anderson Christian McIntyre, 28

    Year 1: You and your Sister-in-Law, Samantha Clare McIntyre (28), start a bakery and catering company together which is very successful.
    Year 2: Samantha marries Leo Peter Nolan (29). You are a bridesmaid and DH is one of Leo’s groomsmen.
    Year 3: You have a baby girl: Annabel Charlotte McIntyre
    Year 4: DH’s Great Aunt Betsy dies and leaves you and DH $5,000,000 in her will. You put the money into a new house, a college fund for your children, and to improve the catering company.
    Year 5: You have twin boys: Henry Nathaniel McIntyre & Frederick Theo McIntyre
    Year 6: Samantha and Leo have a son named Michael Lucas Nolan
    Year 7: Your family adopts a dog, a pug named Pastry
    Year 8: You have a baby girl: Ella Susannah McIntyre
    Year 9: You have a baby girl: Delilah Jane McIntyre
    Year 10: Samantha and Leo have a baby girl named Clara Lydia Nolan
    Year 11: You and DH go on vacation to Greece.
    Year 12: A close friend, David Victor Patterson, dies and leaves his 3-year-old son, Noah James Patterson, to you and DH.
    Year 13: You and DH begin a charity foundation for cancer research.
    Year 14: Your daughter Annabel has a scene in a hit Family Comedy movie, playing the main character’s 11 year old daughter.
    Year 15: Samantha and Leo separate for a while and during that time Samantha, Michael, and Clara come to live with you and your family before Samantha and Leo reconcile.
    Year 16: You adopt a baby boy: Blake Xavier McIntyre
    Year 17: You adopt twin girls: Maeve Hannah McIntyre & Madison Paige McIntyre
    Year 18: Your family goes on vacation to Australia.
    Year 19: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy! Philip Andrew McIntyre
    Year 20: Your family goes on vacation to California.

    Eleanor and Anderson McIntyre with Annabel (17), Henry (15), Frederick (15), Ella (12), Delilah (11), Noah (11, adopted), Blake (4, adopted), Maeve (3, adopted), Madison (3, adopted), & Philip (1) and Pastry the Pug

    Samantha & Leo Nolan with Michael (14) & Clara (10)

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    Name: Catherine Elizabeth Williams
    DH Name: John Michael Collins
    We meet in college and get married when we are both 24 years old. Within the same year as our marriage, we welcome a beautiful daughter.
    Year 1 (2015): Soon after our honeymoon, we find out we're expecting a baby girl, and name her Adeline Rose Collins. We call our newborn Addie and the name could not be more perfect for her.
    Year 2 (2016): John convinces me that Addie needs a pet to grow up with just like he did, and some how, they come home with two golden retrievers, Ziggy and Tilly.
    Year 3 (2017): After Addie's second birthday, we decide to try again for another baby. WIthin the same year, we welcome triplets, William (Will) Michael, Eleanor (Elle) Catherine, and Lucy Elizabeth.
    Year 4 (2018): When the triplets turn one and Addie is now three, our family makes a big move from Boston to Texas for John's job. We're excited for the change of scenery and buy a large home with a lot of property for the kids to play out side and the dogs to run around.
    Year 5 (2019): Unexpectedly, I find out that I am pregnant, and am in even more shock when I welcome another set of triplets, Harlow Kate, Willa Marie, and Annalise Claire. With seven kids all four and under, and with three newborns in the house, I find myself a bit overwhelmed. My parents move down to Texas temporarily to help me with the kids, and I am so thankful for them.
    Year 6 (2020): We send Addie off to kindergarten, and the 3 year old triplets are all loving preschool. The girls all turn one and the kids are already training them on their words and walking!
    Year 7 (2021): After much consideration, we decide that Harlow, Willa, and Annalise be our last children of the family, and we are so content with all of our kids.
    Year 8 (2022): Addie is now 7, Will, Elle, and Lucy are all 5 and of to kindergarten, and our babies are 3. Part of me wants another baby, but my husband convinces me otherwise.
    Year 9 (2023): With my youngest now being 4 years old, I convince John to try once more for a baby. We try to get pregnant but come up unsuccessful, and we decide that if its in the fates it will happen.
    Year 10 (2024): We go on a family vacation to Hawaii in December to escape the cold weather, and we see how much our kids love the beach and the water. It's such a fun trip that the kids beg us to go back 'every single year'.
    Year 11 (2025): After coming home from the trip, I don't feel very well but excuse it as food poisoning. I find out that I am pregnant again, with triplet girls. Months later we welcome Avery Ann, Kylie Kristin, and Mia Grace.
    Year 12 (2026): Addie is now 11, Will, Elle, and Lucy are 9, Harlow, Willa, and Annalise are 7, and now Avery, Kylie, and Mia are a year old. John and I find it unbelievable how fast our kids grow up. Besides the kids starting with new classes, everything stays relatively the same this year.
    Year 13 (2027): 12 year old Addie now has her first 'boyfriend', giving her daddy a heart attack. The 10 year old triplets are all so different it makes me laugh. Will's favorite sport is lacrosse while Elle loves to play soccer. Lucy finds her passion in dance. the 8 year olds are still finding their way with the help of their big siblings, and Avery, Kylie, and Mia are 2 years old going on 10. I'm shocked by how fast these three are growing and how much they're learning from their big siblings.
    Year 14 (2028): We find ourselves back in Boston for a month over the summer to visit family. My baby brother Scott who's is 6 years my junior welcomes his first child with his new wife Laura, and they have a son named Owen Clyde Williams. The kids all love their new baby cousin.
    Year 15 (2029): After seeing my newborn nephew, it makes me want another baby. John and I give it a shot and come up successful, welcoming a son named Jack Thomas Collins.
    Year 16 (2030): I find that one new born is a lot easier, especially after having three sets of triplets. Addie is 15 years old and I cannot believe it. She's in her second year of high school and Will, Elle, and Lucy are all 13. It's weird having 4 teenagers in the house and I've definitely received a bit more attitude! Harlow, Willa, and Annalise are 11, and Avery, Kylie, and Mia are all in preschool and 1 year away from kindergarten. I'm left home with baby Jack who is the best little baby ever.
    Year 17 (2031): We realize that our house is unable to fit all of us the way it used to, and we move to a bigger house in the same area, not wanting to make the kids move cities during their high school years.
    Year 18 (2032): With Ziggy and Tilly gone for a few years now, and the kids growing older, we adopt a german shepherd puppy, and Will picks out the name Toby for him.
    Year 19 (2033): A surprising act by fate, I found out that I am pregnant again. We welcome twins, a boy and a girl named Conor Matthew and Keira Sadie.
    Year 20 (2034): Addie is now in college and I'm sad to see my baby go. Will, Elle, and Lucy are all 17 and getting ready to start thinking about college too. Harlow, Willa, and Annalise 15 and enjoying their second year of high school while their elder siblings enjoy their final. I can't believe Avery, Kylie, and Mia are all 9 and in 4th grade already. Jack's already 5 and in kindergarten and loves it. Our twins are a year old, and I love having my two final babies in the house with me.

    Addie (19), Will (17), Elle (17), Lucy (17), Harlow (15), Willa (15), Mia (15), Avery (9), Kylie (9), Mia (9), Jack (5), Conor (1), Keira (1)

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    Caroline Sophia Lark- 20
    Joshua William Lark -22
    Married May 2011 in CT
    Honeymooned in Scotland
    1. Family member dies leaving $5,000,000 Try to save some money but use most to pay for college.
    2. Move to Germany
    3. Baby girl: Summer Claire.
    interviewed on a talk show
    4. Home unexpectedly burns down we live with family for six months till we find a new one
    5.Open a bookstore
    6. Twin boys: Leo Blake, Miles Oliver
    Sister has a baby girl I name her Julie Sophia
    7. Relative passes away and leaves mansion to us
    8. Adopt a cat named Stella
    9. Triplets two girls one boy: Annabelle Ruby, Melody Kate, Seth Levi
    Family moves to England
    10. Unexpectedly pregnant with twin boys: Shane Christopher, Tristan Scott
    11. we move back to the states to be closer to family
    12. Move to Arizona
    13. Get another kitty named Luna
    14. Interviewed on talk show
    15. Unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls: Juliet Clara, Eve Madeline
    16. Again unexpected pregnant with twin girls: Violet Isabelle, Caroline Lily
    17. Move to Boston
    18. Get a pet beagle named Dawn
    19. unexpected baby boy: Oliver Joseph
    20. Family gets a Chameleon named Isaac

    Charlotte- 40 And Josh- 42
    1. Summer- 17
    2. Leo and Miles- 14
    3. Annabelle (Belle), Seth, Melody- 11
    4. Shane and Tristan- 10
    5. Juliet and Eve- 5
    6. Violet and Caroline- 4
    7. Oliver-1

    13 kids total wow
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    Jillian Elizabeth Benson (24) marries Jeremy Malcolm Danvers (26) on July 5th, 2017, in Boston, Massachusetts. After a two-week honeymoon in Scotland, they settle down into the brownstone that was once Jeremy's bachelor pad.

    2018: Jillian and Jeremy planned to wait two years before trying for a baby, but Jillian gives Jeremy a delightful, unexpected surprise on Easter Sunday 2018: a positive pregnancy test inside a large egg! On January 2nd, 2019, they have boy/girl twins named Holden Seth Danvers and Phoebe Rose Danvers.

    2019: For her birthday, Jillian's best friends take her to get a tattoo. She gets a tattoo of a purple and blue butterfly on her left shoulder with the words "hope" and "freedom" written on its wings.

    2020: Now that the twins are two, the Danvers decide to TTC for another baby. After only three months of trying, they get pregnant! On November 27th, 2020, Celia Juliet Danvers is born.

    2021: The brownstone in Boston the Danvers have lived in for six years suddenly feels cramped with three small children. But the Danvers love Boston and wish to continue to raise their children in such a great city. By the end of the summer, they have found a house in a popular family-friendly neighborhood in Boston that looks like this:

    2022: Because they wanted three or four kids, Jillian and Jeremy decide to try for one more baby, to make their family complete. This time, TTC takes a little longer, but on Thanksgiving, Jillian announces she is pregnant again. On August 1st, 2022, Jillian delivers her and Jeremy's third daughter and final child: Violet Evangeline Danvers.

    2023: For Celia's third birthday, her best friend from daycare gives her a female orange tabby kitten from a litter the friend's mother's cat had. Celia names her Blossom.

    2024: Jillian and Jeremy thought they were done having children. But a month after spending time with Jeremy for his birthday weekend, Jillian goes in for a regular check-up and learns she is already five weeks pregnant! She and her husband are surprised, but delighted nonetheless. Another boy, Quinton Gabriel Danvers, is born on February 6th, 2025.

    2025: At 32 years old, Jillian decides to do something daring: color her hair! Jeremy is surprised and 7-year-old Phoebe is giggling when Jillian comes home with dark red hair.

    2026: While Jillian is leaving a biweekly meeting with her publisher, she gets a phone call from Jeremy. After dropping four-year-old Violet off a preschool and two-year-old Quinton at daycare, Jeremy stopped by the house to pick up something for the art gallery he owns only to find 11-year-old Ethan Robert Myers, the son Peter, of one of Jeremy's closest friends, sitting on their front porch. Jillian heads back to the house. She and Jeremy sit down with Ethan, who explains that, since his father was killed in a motorcycle accident five years prior, his mother has been involved with a man who physically abuses her. Ethan couldn't take it anymore and ran to the Danvers--his father always promised him Jeremy would look out for him--for help. Jillian and Jeremy quickly inform Child Protective Services. Ethan's mother won't leave her boyfriend, but she must hand over her son to the Danvers, which she does without much of a second thought. Jillian and Jeremy become Ethan's legal guardians.

    2027: Three-year-old Quinton accidentally falls into a pool at his daycare and would have drowned if one of the mother's helpers had not pulled him out. He is rushed to the hospital for bruises and a head injury. Jillian and Jeremy quickly pull him out of that daycare center and decide it is best to leave him with his grandmother until it is time for him to go to school. Quinton broke his arm somehow in the fall and is afraid to go near water for a long time. Nine-year-old Phoebe even takes time out of school to help look after Quinton. The daycare he was sent to is closed after a string of lawsuits brought on by the city.

    2028: After the scary incident with Quinton, Jillian gets another tattoo. It is white angel wings on the small of her back, with her husband's and children's initials on it in black ink.

    2029: To provide a safer environment for other children that was not provided so well for her own children, Jillian and Jeremy's younger sister, Katrina, who is an elementary school teacher, open a respectable daycare center/preschool for young children in one of the safest suburban neighborhoods in the city of Boston.

    2030: Inspired by the success with the daycare center, Jillian opens her own bookstore in Boston. It is called The Boston Bookshelf. The store carries books not only written by Jillian herself, but for new, up-and-coming authors as well as popular writers and magazines.

    2031: Though they are doing better financially than they have in years, Jillian is 38 and Jeremy is 40, and they have their hands full with five biological children and a sixteen-year-old foster son. Jeremy gets a shocking call from Ethan one Wednesday afternoon in March. After Jillian fainted at work, Ethan brought her to the hospital and the doctors think she is three months pregnant...with twins. This was completely unexpected, but the Danvers have learned to take whatever life threw at them. On September 29th, 2031, twin boys Declan Reid Danvers and Camden Blake Danvers are born.

    2032: Jeremy's grandmother dies at the rip old age of 95 and leaves her house in Saratoga Spring, New York to Jillian and Jeremy's family. Their house in Boston has suddenly become cramped with eight children and Granny's house is twice the size, plus more land. While the family loves Boston, they also see the opportunities presented to them in New York. By the end of the summer, they have completely moved to Saratoga Springs. Their new home looks like this:

    2033: Because Blossom the orange tabby is coming along in age, the Danvers family take in two furry friends: a female German Shepard named Willow and a white male Persian cat named Prince Philip.

    2034: Jillian's close friend Coralyn, a widow of war, dies in a car accident and leaves her two daughters to the Danvers, who gladly take the girls in. Delia Kathleen Morgan is six and Hadley Rue Morgan is nine.

    2035: Jillian's latest book hits the bestseller list and a famous director signs off on movie rights to the book. 17-year-old twins Holden and Phoebe and 13-year-old Violet each get roles as extras in the movie.

    2036: Jillian opens the New York Bookshelf, a bookstore equivalent to her Boston Bookshelf, and the store becomes a success, opening chains across the state, as well as some Boston Bookshelf.

    2037: 22-year-old Ethan is involved in a drunk driving accident while coming home from a friend's birthday party. His car is run off the road and he is nearly killed. He lives in a chemically induced coma for three days. Jillian and Jeremy arrive in Manhattan--where Ethan was attending Hudson University--to see their foster son covered in bandages and suffering from broken bones, a concussion, and internal bleeding. Ethan is in the hospital for six weeks before he is brought back to his parents' home in Saratoga Springs. He returns to school in the spring semester and has to take summer classes to catch up.

    2038: Jillian and her eldest daughter, Phoebe, open another daycare in Saratoga Springs called Early Spring Daycare and Preschool.

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    Write down your name and DH's name, and the year you were married, and how old you were. Also, describe your wedding, honeymoon, and first home in the city you decide to move to once you're married.

    Name: Eliza Marie Johnson
    Husband's name: Michael Vincent Johnson

    Year 1: I was 23 when I married Michael, and he was 24. Our wedding was in a small garden with just family and very close friends. We honeymooned in Hawaii for 3 weeks and went back to our new home in Arizona. We felt we missed something in our family, so we decided to adopt triplets.
    we adopted triplets, two girls and a boy.
    Lilliana Grace Johnson, Addison Elizabeth Johnson, and Vincent Michael Johnson

    Year 2: My sister in-law and I decided to open a day-care center together. We named it "Little Darlings" and we are booked every day of the week! Juggling three 1 year olds and running a business is sure taking it's toll....

    Year 3: "Little Darlings" Has become so busy we are opening a chain in Massachusetts were we decide to re-locate. My entire family lives in a suburb of Boston so that's where we are opening the chain. My Sister in-law is doing a lot of the work lately because I have been so busy with three 2-year olds!

    Year 4: My life has been so hectic lately with three 3 year olds and working almost full time again at "little darlings". I was feeling sick, so I assumed it was just the flu. A week later I went to the doctor and they told me i was expecting twin boys. I couldn't believe this. So 9 months later I welcomed Ryan Andrew & Henry Donald to the world. I decided to take a break from "little darlings" for a long while!

    Year 5: This year my sister-in-law and co-worker delivered a healthy baby girl! Her name is Ella Victoria and she is the calmest baby I have ever seen. My triplets are now 4 years old and the twins are now 1. My husband has decided to quit his job to be a stay at home dad and I have returned full time to "Little Darlings". I don't want the kids to grow up with babysitters, nannys, and employees of mine. Not that I don't trust them!

    Year 6: I had that same sick feeling and I was pregnant again. With twin girls! I was going to be a mother of 7!! My triplets are now 5 and the twins are only 2. Thank goodness Michael stays home with the kids! 8 months later I delivered Bailey Nicole and Olivia Mae the the world!

    Year 7: The triplets are finally in full-time Kindergarten! The boys are now 3 and the girls are now 1. Life is still hectic, and business at "Little Darlings" is still booming! I decide i want to open another business. This time, a bookstore. It is conveniently located right next to "Little Darlings" and It is a children's bookstore named "Small Pages".

    Year 8: This year my sister-in-law and co-founder of "Little Darlings" welcomed another baby girl! Her name is Trixie Anne! Is sure must be nice to have 2 kids! The triplets are now 7 and are in the first grade! The boys are now 4 and the girls are 2! Life is starting to fall perfectly in place. "Little Darlings" Opened a third franchise in Downtown Boston where my sister-in-law has moved. "Small Pages" is also doing wonderful and is getting quite a bit of business!

    Year 9: This year my husband's 21 year old dead-beat brother has come to live with us for 6 months. He is a terrible influence on the kids, and our health! He is a heavy drinker and he often comes home in the middle of the night, waking up all of the children. I can't wait until he goes back home! The triplets are now in the second grade and are 8 years old. The boys are 5 and are in kindergarten and the girls are 3. "Little Darlings" is still doing great and has opened another franchise in Vermont! "Small Pages" is still doing well, too.

    Year 10: This year we decided to have one more child. Surprise! It's twins...AGAIN! This time we had fraternal twins! Their names are Matthew Henry & Caroline Janet. The triplets are now 9 and are in 3rd grade! Seems like just yesterday we came home as a newlywed couple adopting triplets! The boys are now 6 and are in the 1st grade, the girls are 4, and the fraternal twins are 1 week old! "Small Pages" has picked up business and a friend of mine has opened a franchise of it in Downtown Boston. "Little Darlings" Is still as busy as ever. I decided to take another break and Michael has decided to go back to work.

    Year 11: This year we had another surprise in store. We had triplet boys! We were not expecting them, but they are wonderful! The oldest triplets are 10... Double digits!! They are now in the 4th grade! The boys are 7 and are now in 2nd grade, the girls are 5 and are now in full time kindergarten, and the fraternal twins are 1! I have offically retired from "Little Darlings". My sister in law has agreed to continue the business. I still own "Small Pages" but I rarely have time for it anymore with 12 children. We are becoming the duggars...

    Year 12: This year had a big change in store.. NO, not more kids! But we were cramped in our 6 bedroom house in Massachusetts so we built a huge home in Austin, Texas. The kids miss their friends but quickly made more! We all love it here! The oldest triplets are now 11 and are in 5th grade! The boys are 8 and now in 3rd grade, the girls are 6 and are in 1st grade, the fraternal twins are 2, and the youngest triplets are 1. I gave my "Small pages" franchise to my sister in law because with 12 kids I can't afford to be anywhere else but with them. My husband works partly from home now to help me with our kids.

    Year 13: This year I had another surprise set of twin boys! We named them Zachary Austin & Nick Ryan. The oldest triplets are 12 and are in the 6th grade! The boys are 9 and are now in 4th grade, the girls are 7 and are now in 2nd grade, the fraternal twins are 3, and the youngest triplets are 2. I am finding less and less time with my husband after our newest edition to the family

    year 14: Unfortunately, we grew out of our home and had to move to another house in Austin, Texas. This home is basically a mansion! The oldest are now 13... teenagers. Wow i'm old! The boys are 10 and are now in 5th grade, the girls are 8 and are now in 3rd grade, the fraternal twins are 4, the younger triplets are 3, and the 2nd set of twin boys are now 1. I swear i'm a couple kids off from a reality show!

    Year 15: The oldest are 14, the boys are 11, the girls are 9, the fraternal twins are 5, the younger triplets are 4, and the 2nd set of twin boys are 2. Sadly, I discovered my husband was cheating on me. He ran into his high school sweet-heart who now lives in texas. This affair has been going of behind my back for 3 years now. We are currently living in separate houses. He lives in the old house and I stay in the new one with the kids. We are not divorced. Yet

    Year 16: The oldest are 15, the boys are 12, the girls are 10, the fraternal twins are 6, the youngest triplets are 5, the other twins are now 3. My deadbeat brother in law had a baby girl with his girlfriend. They named her Tabitha Rose. With my marriage still on the rocks, I have decided to go back to working part-time. I hired a nanny and my husband and I have the kids and nanny every other week. I opened a "Small Pages" franchise here in Austin.

    Year 17: The oldest are 16, the boys are 13, the girls are 11, the fraternal twins are 7, the young triplets are 6, and the other twins are now 4. My mother moved to Austin to help me out with the kids and she wanted to start a business with me. We launched a kid's clothing store but it failed. On the bright side, my marriage is improving. We live in the same house but are still in different rooms

    year 18: The oldest are 17, the boys are 14, the girls are 12, the fraternal twins are 8, the triplets are 7, and the twins are 5. My husband and I got back together and could not be happier! As a result, at the age of 41 I had twin girls named Annabelle Rose & Adrianna Mell

    year 19: The oldest are 18, the boys are 15, the girls are 12, the other twins are 9, the trips. are 8, and the twins are 6. The youngest twins are now 1. Unfortunately, my husband's college friend passed away and we took in their three year old son Devyn Richard.

    Year 20: The oldest are 19 and moved out, the boys are 16, the girls are 13, the other twins are 10, the trips. are 9, the twins are 7, Devyn is 4, and the youngest editions are now 2, and we adopt a pet dog named Carrie. Now we have 17 kids and a dog. We lived happily ever after!

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