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    Wow! You're right, this is epic! =)

    I'm Caroline Maria Snow, and I'm 21. My husband is called James Michael Henry, and he's 27.
    We married traditionally, in a church and with a priest, on April 9th, 2020. The color theme was a turquoise.
    We honeymooned in Budapest, Hungary, and came back home to Charleston, West Virginia, to start our lives together.

    Year 1: Barely two months after we returned from Budapest, I fell unexpectedly pregnant! On February 20th, 2021, we had twin girls, whom we called Joanna Hayden Henry and Kira Jane Henry.

    Year 2: Quite oddly, a month after Joanna and Kira were born, I fell unexpectedly pregnant, again, with twin girls! On December 8th, 2022, twin girls were again welcomed into our family, this time called Rachael Violet-Rose Henry & Michaela Genevieve Henry.

    Year 3: My favorite cousin Mary Kay Marceau and I start a small cupcake shop, called Baker Street Bakery, on Baker Street. It turns out to be a huge hit!

    Year 4: Something terrible happens. Our home in Charleston was destroyed by a bad thunderstorm. Our family moved in with Mary Kay's. Her husband Louis and their two little sons Mason and Michael were very accommodating while our house was rebuilt from the foundation up. We lived with them for a year.

    Year 5: When our house was finished being built, we sold it to get more money. The bakery was going exceedingly well, and Mary Kay and I sold that, as well. With the new money, our family moved to a great town in Flagstaff, Arizona.

    Year 6: Once in Flagstaff, our family takes in two-year-old triplets from Nairobi - Akilah Grace Henry, Kinaya Faith Henry, & Ila Damon Henry.

    Year 7: My stiffy aunt Edith passes away and leaves me an estate in New England, New Hampshire, to be exact. Our family picks up and moves to the fifty acres up there. The house is absolutely gorgeous, with blue shutters and a white wraparound porch.

    Year 8: Aunt Edith's house was too stiffy for our young family. We move to a big house in the suburbs of Massachusetts. The house is plain brick, but is sweet and feels like home.

    Year 9: Mary Kay and I are interviewed on a talk show as the creators of Baker Street Bakery, as the bakery is getting its own reality TV show!

    Year 10: James and I adopt boy/girl twins from Vietnam. The little boy is called Hian Michael Henry and the little girl is called Lê Michelle Henry.

    Year 11: James and I have our own baby, John Nicholas Henry.

    Year 12: James and I become unexpectedly pregnant - with twin girls, for the third time! This time, they're called Rosetta Clare Henry & Louisa Mae Henry.

    Year 13: James's little brother Dante comes to stay with us. He can't find a job. Overall, his effect on our family is negative and is kicked out after five months.

    Year 14: James and I have twin boys! David Watson Henry & Tyler Alden Henry.

    Year 15: My favorite aunt Ella leaves us a house in Amsterdam. We move to it right away.

    Year 16: James's good childhood friend, Luca, dies and leaves his two daughters in our custody. They're called Alessandra Maria and Bianca Sofia Franco, aged five and three.

    Year 17: For the fourth time, we have twin girls! This time expectedly. We call them Ramona Beatrice Henry & Madlen Noelle Henry.

    Year 18: We have more twins, this time a little boy and a little girl. We call them Luke Bryant Henry & Gavin Kylar Henry.

    Year 19: Our family moves to Denver, Colorado.

    Year 20: More twins! This time boys, called Dominic Alexander Henry & Matthew Ronald Henry.

    Joanna Henry & Kira Henry - 20
    Rachael Henry & Michael Henry - 19
    Akilah Henry, Kinaya Henry, & Ila Henry - 15
    Hian Henry & Lê Henry - 11
    John Henry & Alessandra Franco - 10
    Rosetta Henry & Louisa Henry - 9
    Bianca Franco - 8
    David Henry & Tyler Henry - 7
    Ramona Henry & Madlen Henry - 4
    Luke Henry & Gavin Henry - 2
    Dominic Henry & Matthew Henry - 2 mo.
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    -- Lottie --

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    I'm Hollis Madison, Holly to my friends, and get married at 30 to Euan Spencer, who is 34. We're married in a beach wedding in Santa Cruz, CA on June 24, 2020 and honeymoon in Mikonos, Greece.

    2021-Since we're both already in our thirties, we decide to start a family right away. We adopt three year old twin girls named Freya Elinor and Afton Ivy.

    2022-We decide to let the girls get settled before we have more kids, but life has different ideas. I give birth to twin boys-Toby Jameson and Mac Anderson.

    2023-My best friend has a baby and asks for help choosing a name-Clementine Quinn.

    2024-My 25 year old sister Maeve Xiomara, who lives nearby loses her job so we invite her to live with us until she finds a new one. The kids love having "Auntie Maeve" around and Euan and I appreciate having another set of hands. It's eight months before she finds another job and moves out.

    2025-We adopt 2 month old twins, named Ophelia Emerson & Callen Blake.

    2026-I give birth to a baby boy-Montgomery Frost (Monty).

    2027-Euan's job transfers him to London. The family packs up and starts a new adventure in a different country.

    2028-I fly to New York for an interview to discuss my first novel-The Fairytale Chronicles.

    2029-We decide it's time to add to our family, but the news is unexpected-triplets! Gideon Carter, Rafferty Garrett (called Raffie), and Arthur Noam are born small but healthy.

    2030-I publish another novel and am once agained interviewed-Dragon Sky.

    2031-While the kids love London, Euan and I are getting homesick, so Euan accepts a job in his hometown of Dallas, TX and the family moves.

    2032-Euan's sister, Dawn Addison gets divorced at 37. She and her eight year old daughter Jane Mackenzie move in with us for three months. The house is crowded, but the family's used to that by now.

    2033-We decide to add to our family, but since I'm now 43 we decide to adopt. We fall in love with 5 year old triplets-Calliope Autumn (Callie), Ramona Kennedy (Mona), and Gwendolyn Paige (Gwen).

    2034-Another book, another interview. This one ends up being my best-selling novel yet-Raining Fire.

    2035-Freya elopes with her boyfriend, Caspian Josiah. Euan and I aren't thrilled, since she's only eighteen, but we both like Caspian.

    2036-After Freya's wedding, we realize our kids are growing up and decide to try for one more. At 46, I give birth to another set of twins-Horatio Oliver and Nova Caitlin.

    2037-6 months after the twins are born, I start feeling sick. Assuming it's the onset of menopause, I go to the doctor and receive surprising news-I'm pregnant. Phoenix Logan and Nell Marisol are born six weeks early, but relatively healthy.

    2038-Two days after the twins' first birthday, Freya gives birth to our first grandchild-Skye Catherine.

    2039-I publish another novel-Ashes to Ashes. In the resulting interview, I anounce it will be my last book.

    2040-I get a job teaching writing at UC Santa Cruz, and Euan and I move the family back to where it all began.

    Euan(54) and Holly(50)-Freya & Afton (23), Toby & Mac (19), Ophelia & Callen (16), Monty (15), Gideon, Raffie, & Arthur (12), Callie, Mona, & Gwen (13), Horatio & Nova (5), Phoenix & Nell (4)-17 kids!

    Freya (23) and Caspian (23)-Skye (3)
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    Wife: Rosalie Juniper Morgan 25
    Husband: Damien Alexander Ramsey 32
    Rose and Damien met when they were at University together at Oxford. They were married on June 1st 2016 on the Greek Island of Kefalonia and after spending the summer travelling through Europe they settled down in London.

    2017: Damien is offered a job at Harvard University in Boston working in the English Department. Rose and Damien decide to rent out their home in London so they still have somewhere to stay when they come to see their friends and family. They buy a house in a nice neighbourhood and quickly adjust to life in the States.

    2018: Rose is worried when she gets a call in the middle of the night to say that her Mum Julia has been taken ill. Rose gets the next flight back to England to take care of a Mum. When Rose arrives at the hospital she is relieved to find her mum is doing well after falling down the stairs and breaking her leg in two places. Rose decides to stay in London until her mum can manage on her own with the stairs. Rose remains in England for 5 months with Damien coming to visit once a month. It's difficult for them to be apart but they make it work. One Julia is well again Rose returns to Boston.

    2019: Rose and Damien decide that they are ready to start a family and after only 2 months of trying they are delighted to find they are expecting. On September 4th 2019 Ezekiel David Ramsey is welcomed to the family.

    2020: Rose and Damien love Zeke and decide they would like him to have a little brother or sister close in age. Rose is stunned when the doctors inform her she is pregnant with not 1 but 3 babies. Rose is slightly anxious about how she will cope at first but Damien reassures her that everything will be okay and on December 1st 2020 Mabel Julia, Iris Lucia and Tobias Stephen are welcomed to the family.

    2021: Rose and Damien decide to take a break from having children and decide to adopt a pet. They adopt a Red Setter puppy called Scarlett.

    2022: Rose is offered the opportunity to work for The New Yorker as a Photographer after they saw her freelance work for the Boston Globe. Damien decides to take a break from teaching to write the novel he has always wanted to but never found the time to start and also stay at home with the kids. The family pack up and move to New York City. They find a townhouse in need of some work and make a new home for themselves.

    2023: For his fourth birthday Zeke asks for a cat and is ecstatic when his mum and dad present him with a Tabby Cat called Rio.

    2024: Rose and Damien are pleased to hear that their adoption application has been approved. They welcome 3 month old twin girls Cordelia Genevieve and Clementine Ophelia to the family.

    2025: Rose and Damien relocate to Berlin after Damien is offered the chance to be head of the English Department at Berlin University. Rose struggles to adjust but begins to make friends when she becomes more involved in the children's school.

    2026: Rose and Damien begin to drift apart. Rose becomes really unhappy in Germany not being able to speak the language and being away from their life that they had made in New York. Seeing how unhappy Rose in Damien suggests that she take the children back to America whilst he stays to finish the academic year in Germany. Rose agrees deciding that a break might do them some good. Rose and the kids return to New York in January 2026 and the kids are delighted to be home and to see their friends after admitting to their mum they didn't like Germany very much. Rose and Damien talk everyday and Damien tries to come to New York at least once a month. On their tenth wedding Anniversary Damien shows up unannounced with a a huge bunch of lilies and asks Rose to come with him. He arranges for the children to stay with his mum and dad who have come across from England for a visit and takes Rose away to Jamaica. Whilst they are away they manage to work through their problems with Rose admitting she and the children have been learning German and will be moving back to Berlin with him in September. Damien then tells Rose that he has applied for a position at Columbia University and is now the new Head of English. Damien and Rose return to New York together and enjoy spending their summer with the children and Damien's parents.

    2027: With their marriage back on track, Zeke 8, Mabel, Iris and Toby 7 and Cora and Cleo 3 Rose and Damien decide to add to their family and welcome baby boy Dexter Kingston on June 17th 2027.

    2028: Rose is interview by the New York Times after her photography collection is shown at the MET. She is hailed as the new up and coming photographer of the moment and offered some amazing work for the Times and other publications as a result.

    2029: Rose and Damien decide to spend the summer in England visiting relatives and showing the kids where you both met and grew up. Damien, Zeke, Toby and Rex are involved in a car accident after coming home from an England football game. Their car is hit by a lorry and thrown against a tree. Toby and Rex are admitted to the hospital with minor injuries; Toby a sprained wrist and Rex a couple of bumps and bruises. Zeke and Damien however, are not so lucky. Zeke suffers concussion and a broken arm and leg. He is in a medically induced coma for 3 days, when he wakes the doctors say their will be no lasting damage but his arm and leg will
    take a while to heal. Damien suffer's internal bleeding and is told that he needs a kidney transplant as a result of the crash. All the family are tested with his brother Michael being a match. Michael immediately offers his kidney and the transplant is a success. Damien's recovery is slow since he broke both legs in the crash, the family decide to remain in England for the foreseeable future to make sure everyone is okay.

    2030: Rose is saddened to learn that her grandmother Daisy has passed away leaving Rose her house in Surrey.
    Rose and Damien talk about it at length and agree to make a fresh start in England after the trauma's of last years accident. All the children have made great friends and love being so close to their grandparent's and cousins.

    2031: Rose and Damien decide to adopt a baby girl Matilda Rose joins the family on Rose and Damien's 15th wedding anniversary.

    2032: Rose and Damien decide they want Tilly to have a sibling close in age so they adopt Josephine Esme just before Easter.

    2033: Damien surprise the family one afternoon with not one but two puppies a Beagle called Ruby and Dalmatian called Max.

    2034: Rose begins to feel ill and puts it down to tiredness. Her bug persists and Damien persuades her to see the doctor. Damien and Rose are told they are expecting boy/girl twins. At the age of 44 this was the last thing Rose was expecting but the family are thrilled none the less. Zeke watches over his mother like a hawk and the triplets help their mum in any way they can. Born on 12th March 2034 two months early Frederick Parker and Florence Persephone are welcomed to the family.

    2035: Rose and her sister Violet decide to open a photography studio together. Violet takes care of the business and management side and Rose obviously looks after the photography part. The business is a great success with the girls building a great reputation and client basis in the local area.

    2036: Rose decides to add to the families animals by adopting a Birman cat called Saffron.

    2037: Rose and Damien decide to expand their family one last time and adopt Boy/Girl Twins Christopher Jude and Sylvia Margaret.

    The Ramsey Family.

    Rosalie Juniper Ramsey 45 and Damien Alexander Ramsey 52
    Ezekiel David Ramsey 17
    Mabel Julia Ramsey, Iris Lucia Ramsey and Tobias Stephen Ramsey 16
    Cordelia Genevieve Ramsey and Clementine Ophelia Ramsey 13
    Dexter Kingston Ramsey 10
    Matilda Rose Ramsey 6
    Josephine Esme Ramsey 5
    Frederick Parker Ramsey and Florence Persephone Ramsey 3
    Christopher Jude Ramsey and Sylvia Margaret Ramsey NB

    Rose, Damien, Zeke, Mabel, Iris, Toby, Cora, Cleo, Rex, Tilly, Posy, Freddie, Wren, Kit and Sylvie
    Girls: June Rosalie, Clio Genevieve, Mabel Juliet, Greer Vivienne, Iris Lucia, Margot Laura, Sylvie Maeve, Ingrid Scarlett, Florence Pearl, Lara Josephine

    Boys: Christopher David 'Kit', Maxwell Jude 'Max', Edward Stephen 'Teddy', Rex Kingston, Frederick Oscar 'Freddie', Gilbert Leo 'Gil', Gideon Felix, Hugo James, Tristan Josiah, Ivan George.

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    In 2025 Colette Jasmin 22 married Maynard James 24 on a beach in a Spanish resort
    They live in Britain, Manchester
    2026: Twin Boys- Connor Maynard and Calvin Alexander
    2027: Got interviewed by a newspaper because Connor and Calvin where the first twins born on 2026 in Britain.
    2028: Triplets Girl,Girl,Boy- Harriet Faith, Millie Rose and Liam Christopher
    2029: Me and my Cousin decide to open a cupcake store with my cooking skills and her buissness skill it is very successful.
    2030: I have an affair with an old flame for 2 weeks I told my husband and after concilling we stay together.
    2031: I open a kids bookstore called Catapillers
    2032: Baby girl- Payton Louise
    2033: Me and my husband star on 6 children and we a program which last for 2 season then is on a break inches we have anymore children
    2034: Unexpected Twins Boy and Girl- Patrick Ellis and Evie Polly
    2035: My husband younger sister Jessica Paige who is 16 got kicked out by his parents because she is pregnant you say she can stay for as long a she needs she does and has a baby girl called Jasmin Paige to Honor you.
    2036: My great-aunt Glenda has always said I have been her favourite relative as I reminded her of a younger her, she was very wealthy and had a 13 bedroom home which she left in her will for me along with 2 million pounds!
    2037: Me, Maynard and the kids go to Paris for a week which is lovely
    2038: Another family member dies but thus time it my uncle John who was very success full and left every Niece/Nephew 5million pounds each I put mines in a trust fund for the kids
    2039: Triplets Boy,Girl,Boy- Malachi Richard, Aubrey Colette and Zachary William
    2040: Unexpected Twin girls - Lourdes Kate and Pippa Camilla
    2041: My husband becomes a football couch where he couches Patrick and Liam and there friends
    2042: Unexpected Twin boy and girl - Joey Thomas and Samantha Letitia
    2043: We move to London
    2044: We adopt a dog called Remi
    2045: Me and Maynard star in 6 and we but now called 15 and we which is a huge huge sucess and goes on for 10 seasons and is now getting called 15 and we: Now with grandkid as Calvin and his girlfriend had a baby boy called Aiden Koby.
    2046: We have another grandchild via Millie and her boyfriend Johnathan they have twins two girls Sophie Anabella and Ava Belle

    Connor Maynard (20)
    Calvin Alexander (20)
    Harriet Faith (18)
    Millie Rose (18)
    Liam Christopher (18)
    Payton Louise (15)
    Patrick Ellis (13)
    Evie Polly (13)
    Malachi Richard (7)
    Aubrey Colette (7)
    Zachary William (7)
    Lourdes Kate (6)
    Pippa Camilla (6)
    Joey Thomas (4)
    Samantha Letitia (4)

    Other family members
    Jessica Paige (28)- Sister-in-law
    Jasmin Paige (12)- Jessica's daughter our niece
    Aiden Koby (1)- Grandson son of Calvin
    Sophie Anabella (nb)- Granddaughter daughter of Millie
    Ava Belle (nb)- Granddaughter daughter of Millie

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    Jena Elise McCormick (24) and David Sean McCormick (26)
    Married April 30, 2010, in a simple wedding set on the beach of North Carolina.
    Honeymooned in Italy.
    We decide to move just inside the Georgia border, where he can open his own veterinary practice.

    2011: After a very brief stay in newlywed life, we quickly move into new parenthood when I find I'm expecting triplet boys. On June 14th, I give birth to Benjamin Foster, Wesley Lucas and Jacob Hudson.

    2012: Once we are able to get a comfortable routine with the triplets, a student from my American history 204 class begins acting differently. Her grades begin slipping, and when I confront her, she breaks down and tells me she's pregnant. After some discussion, Dave and I agree to adopt the baby. We were surprised to find she was pregnant with triplets. Born August 5th, we name them Harper Olivia, Alexis Hope and Isaac Cooper.

    2013: The next autumn, we hear of a baby dropped off at the hospital that was in need of a family. After a tiny bit of begging, Dave and I are excited to welcome a new baby girl in the family. We name her Norah Reese, born September 18th.

    2014: As an anniversary present, his parents come to babysit the kids, and give us a weekend away. We end up winning big in a casino, and after some celebrating that night, I discover I'm pregnant again. On New Year's Eve, minutes before midnight, I give birth to Caleb Landon.

    2015: We were a little to eager the first time Caleb slept through the entire night, and I get pregnant again. On Dave's birthday, I give birth to Aaron David.

    2016: Dave and I are surprised to find that I'm pregnant once again. I'm hoping for a little girl that will look like me, but am pleased to have a chubby little boy on March 20, Dylan Thomas.

    2017: Now that both sets of triplets are in school, the house is a little quieter during the day, but that won't last long. I find I'm pregnant once again, giving birth on July 6th to Jackson Beck and Ella Rose.

    2018: Dave and I don't even pretend to be shocked anymore when I get a positive on a pregnancy test. On April 2, I give birth to another set of twins, Cassidy Rae and Samantha Quinn.

    2019: After having a near heart attack at the first sonogram, when we find out it's triplets again, we are jokingly accused of taking fertility meds by our friends and family. On November 5th, we welcome Logan Brady, Andrew Lawson and Carson Riley.

    2020: A few weeks after Dave and I go out on a date night, I find I'm pregnant again. We are shocked to find it's triplets again. On July 14th, I give birth to Silas Hunter, Jude Robert and Lorelei Erin.

    2021: A frantic phone call at 2 in the morning from his mother, we find out his sister and her husband were killed in a car crash. We take in her twin 1 year old boys, Kade Alexander and Knox Samuel Jensen.

    2022: I guess we become somewhat famous around our town, hopefully for being good parents, even with the seemingly ever-growing number of kids. Late one Sunday night, just after Dave and I have gotten all the kids to bed, the doorbell rings. There on our doorstep is a sleeping newborn in a hand-me-down car seat, with a note attached: "I know you can take care of her better than I ever could. Her name is Hannah." We try for a 3 months to find the mother, but to no luck, so we give her a middle name, and include her in the brood, so we welcome Hannah Faith.

    2023: Lucky number 13. On our 13th anniversary, I give birth to twin girls Scarlett Piper and Audrey Paige.

    2024: While preparing for the birth of our next child, my father passes away suddenly. Two days after the funeral, on January 22nd, I give birth to boy/girl twins, and we decide to honor my dad in the boy's middle name. We name them Emma Caroline and Jonah Paul.

    2025: Much to Dave's dismay, I go into labor just as the Super Bowl starts. On February 3rd, I give birth to a baby boy we name Myles Devin.

    2026: Dave decides to take the older boys fishing and camping for a weekend, while I treat the older girls to mani/pedis and lunch, leaving the younger kids in the care of my mom. Lexi seems a tad preoccupied throughout the day, and in the car, finally confides in me that the captain of her cheerleading team is pregnant, and can't keep the baby. After Dave gets back, we decide to take the baby in, agreeing to let her name it. On August 16th, we adopt Stella Beth.

    2027: When I find out I'm pregnant again, I can't help but hope for a little girl. But Dave gets his way when, on June 21st, I give birth to Chase Daniel.

    2028: We are asked by one of Dave's secretaries to take in triplet girls, whose mother is unable to provide for them. We agree to adopt the 6 month olds, Leah Isabelle, Sadie Charlotte and Kate Alexandra.

    2029: On February 14th, I give birth to a baby girl, Grace Kelly.

    2030: When I once again discover I'm pregnant, Dave agrees to a vasectomy. On Mother's Day 2030 (May 12th), I give birth to the very last McCormick baby, a little girl we name Natalie Corinne.

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