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    DW: Lily Frances Bellamy Brail
    DH: Rupert David Brail
    Married: May 11, 2012
    Ages at marriage: 22

    Lily Frances and Rupert met in high school, but did not become friends until after graduating. Their first date was at the local zoo (in Asheboro, NC). One year later, the couple return to the zoo for their anniversary and Rupert proposes. Within months the couple have an intimate beach wedding with family. They honeymoon at the North Carolina beach where they were married. They move into a small, quiet community and a white, colonial house.

    2012: It does not take Lily Frances and Rupert long to settle after their marriage. Lily Frances takes a job as a librarian and Rupert takes a job as a state park ranger, and the couple makes enough money to discuss having children within the first year. Lily Frances decides she does not yet want to take time away from work, so they agree to foster a young girl, a 6 year old named Margot Winter Evans. Margot moves in with the couple and their family life begins.

    2013: The next year starts happy, with Margot enjoying her life with her new foster parents. By February, things take a turn when Dexter Elias Brail, Rupert's single-father cousin passes away after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He leaves his three children to Rupert and Lily Frances. Nigel Jack Brail (4), and twins Hugo Ezra Brail (2), and Charles Oscar Brail (2).

    2014: This year, Lily Frances writes her first book, a biography entitled "Mother of 4 before 24", where she discusses the excitement, hardships, and rewards of taking in four children. Her book is successful and she is invited to speak on the Ellen Degeneres show. This experience sparks Lily Frances' career as a novelist.

    2015: Margot and Nigel have done well in school and the twins are adjusting to spending their afternoons in daycare. Lily Frances and Rupert continue with their careers, until one day Lily Frances feels strange. She sees the doctor and discovers she is unexpectedly pregnant. This will be her and Rupert's first child. While it is a surprise, the couple could not be happier. By the end of the year they have a new little girl in the family: Evelyn Reid Brail.

    2016: Lily Frances and Rupert need more space. Their starter home is becoming increasingly full. Luck is on their side when Rupert's job transfers him to Santa Fe and the family is given a bonus to buy a home. At this time, Rupert's income is supplemented by Lily Frances' writing. To help with finances even more, the family invests in enough land to start a small ranch and begin their work on becoming self-sufficient. Since the family moved from North Carolina to New Mexico, their options were to either return Margot to custody of the state, or attempt to adopt her themselves. Lily Frances and Rupert are granted the adoption of Margot.

    2017: The family is happy with their new life in New Mexico. By early 2017, things have calmed enough that Lily Frances and Rupert can relax into their lives. This relaxation leads to a very pleasant surprise when 9 months later they are greeted by their second daughter, Ciara Niamh Brail.

    2018: Life on the ranch is so scheduled and expected (even with surprise pregnancies) that Lily Frances and Rupert start to feel bored. Rupert decides to take the family on a summer long trip to South Korea. While visiting, Lily Frances learns of an adoption group that welcomes Western travelers. She and Rupert decide to visit the group one day. They leave with a two-year-old girl, Hae-Won Alice Brail.

    2019: Lily Frances and Rupert spend a great deal of time discussing their family and how wonderfully it has grown. They even consider having their first planned pregnancy, but their busy life of work, writing, ranching, and children seem to prevent any true efforts. They decide it just isn't meant to be, and that perhaps their family is complete. That is until Lily Frances becomes unexpectedly pregnant for the third time. By December 2019, Lily Frances and Rupert have their first biological son, Felix Roland Brail.

    2020: A letter comes in the mail one day addressed to Rupert. He is busy with work, so Lily Frances opens it. She calls him immediately to tell him that his joke isn't funny. He asks her to start over and explain from the beginning. She tells him about the letter, and that's when Rupert discovers that his paternal great-uncle passed away, and having no children or grandchildren of his own, has left his inheritance to be split between his surviving family members. The estate is significant, and Lily Frances and Rupert receive $5,000,000. This money is immediately put into savings to help with the children's futures.

    2021: With their new fortune, Lily Frances and Rupert feel secure enough in their finances to try for their first planned pregnancy. They do not have any trouble getting pregnant and are soon blessed with another daughter, Looper Amelia Brail.

    2022: The house now has 9 children and still plenty of room to grow. Margot is nearly 16 years old and has requested a pet. The family has a ranch, so their are plenty of animals to take care of a play with, but none of the children have ever had pets of their own. Rupert takes Margot to the shelter and the two return home with a female German Shepherd mix named Bethesda.

    2023: The family still has nine children. With such a large number (and with Lily Frances turning 33 this year), the couple decides to try for their last pregnancy, hoping to make the children an even 10. It does not take long for Lily Frances to notice that this pregnancy seems different from previous ones. She is gaining weight faster than she remembers doing for her past children. When she goes in for her ultrasound, she discovers it is not a single pregnancy. In fact, the Brails are having triplets. After 7 months of pregnancy, Rupert and Lily Frances welcome daughters Beatrice Helene Brail, Fiona Agnes Brail, and Henry Finn Brail.

    2024: Lily Frances and Rupert are afraid some of the children will be upset with the addition of three. The children love having so many siblings, and the family is as close as ever. Nigel, who is now 15, approaches Lily Frances one day with a request. Since Margot has her own pet, he would like one of his own. Lily Frances tells Rupert who agrees that since he is the same age Margot was when she received her first pet, he could have one of his own. He picks out a small Manx kitten, whom he names Gus.

    2025: Margot goes to college. She decides to attend the University of Southern California and is majoring in Zoology. The house seems a lot emptier with her gone, but Lily Frances and Rupert are proud of her for getting accepted into her top pick. She comes home for all major holidays.

    2026: The triplets are now almost three. Everyone is happy and healthy, but Lily Frances notices that Henry is not learning at the same pace as his sisters and the older children. She takes him to a doctor, who confirms he has a form of Autism. His case is comparatively mild, but Lily Frances conducts a lot of research on the topic. She and Rupert decide to start a charity organization designed to raise money for Autism research. She hopes to help determine all possible causes, methods to help with development, and to raise school funds for children with Autism. Her charity is a branch of Autism Speaks.

    2027: The family has perfected the management of responsibilities. The older children help with the smaller children, and everyone helps with the ranch work. When Lily Frances' sister (Ramona Violet Bellamy) decides to move in the Brails after she separates from her husband, things become easier. Ramona is a wonderful aunt and does a lot to help around the house, including most of the cooking.

    2028: Lily Frances is approaching 38. The Triplets are almost 5, and Rupert misses having babies in the house. He approaches Lily Frances with a request. He wants to try for one last pregnancy. Hugo and Charles will be leaving for college this fall, and the house number would be down to 8. Lily Frances could not be happier, and the couple try to conceive. Unfortunately they are unsuccessful, and rather than turn to fertility, the two decide to adopt a baby. They take in a baby boy whom they name Liam Shepard Brail.

    2029: Margot is now finished with her Bachelor's degree. She visits the Brail home one day with her boyfriend, Phineas Arthur Potts. The two announce that they plan to be married before the end of the year. Lily Frances and Rupert are completely happy for their daughter.

    2030: The truly unexpected happens this year. Lily Frances and Rupert become pregnant. After their last try, they thought for sure they were finished, but Lily Frances has twins. Thatcher Lincoln Brail and Edgar Calvin Brail are born on their mother's 40th birthday.

    2031: Margot announces she's pregnant! Lily Frances and Rupert become grandparents for the first time a year after they became parents for the last time. Margot and Phineas have a little girl whom they name Noah Lark Potts.

    The Brail Family:
    Lily Frances Brail (41)
    Rupert David Brail (41)
    with Margot Winter Potts nee Evans [formerly Brail/adopted] (25), married to Phineas Arthur Potts (26), with Noah Lark Potts (nb)
    Nigel Jack Brail (22) [inherited]
    Hugo Ezra Brail (20) [inherited, twins with Charles]
    Charles Oscar Brail (20) [inherited, twins with Hugo]
    Evelyn Reid Brial (16)
    Hae-Won Alice Brail (15) [adopted]
    Ciara Niamh Brail (14)
    Felix Roland Brail (12)
    Looper Amelia Brail (10)
    Beatrice Helene Brail (8) [triplets with Fiona and Henry]
    Fiona Agnes Brail (8) [triplets with Beatrice and Henry]
    Henry Finn Brail (8) [triplets with Beatrice and Fiona]
    Liam Shepard Brail (3) [adopted]
    Thatcher Lincoln Brail (1) [twins with Edgar]
    Edgar Calvin Brail (1) [twins with Thatcher]
    Bethesda the German Shepherd Mix
    Gus the Manx Cat

    9 biological children
    6 adopted children
    1 grandchild

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    Wyatt & Kristina Parker
    Married at age 23.
    Country themed wedding. Honeymoon in Dubai. Moved to Nashville.

    Year 1: Your family moves into a mansion (or a really big house)! What does it look like?

    Year 2: A friend or family member has a baby girl. What do they name her?
    Bree Nicole

    Year 3: Your family goes on vacation. Where do you go to?

    Year 4: You adopt boy/girl twins.
    Wesley Matthew & Payton Sophia

    Year 5: Your family moves to a city in Texas. Where do you move to?
    Ft. Worth

    Year 6: A close friend dies and leaves his/her 3-year-old son to you and DH. What is the boy's name?
    Keyton Thomas

    Year 7: Nephew gets married.
    Hayden marries Avery.

    Year 8: 8, then a 7: You and a family member or friend go into business together. What kind of business do you go into? How does it turn out?
    Childrens clothing boutique with sister.

    Year 9: You have triplets, two boys and a girl.
    Levi Cooper, Ryan Dean, & Harper Elise

    Year 10: You or one of your family members has a scene in a movie or TV show! What movie/show and what is your roll? Wesley has a role in a family show.

    Year 11: A friend or family member has a baby girl. What do they name her?
    Layla Hope

    Year 12: Your family adopts a dog and a cat. What breeds are they and what are their names?
    Basset Hound & Calico: Rupert & Jilly

    Year 13: Your family moves to a city in Texas. Where do you move to?

    Year 14: A friend or family member has a baby boy. What do they name him?
    Andrew Mason

    Year 15: Cousin gets married.
    Addison marries Connor

    Year 16: You have a single baby. Gender is your choice.
    Ella Cole

    Year 17: Something happens to your home and your family is forced to move in with relatives. How does that work out? How long are you there for? What does your new home look like (if you manage to get one)?
    We have a house fire. The space is limited but DH's sister loves having us there. We are there for a few months until we could buy another home.

    Year 18: Your or DH's younger sibling comes to stay with your family. Why are they there and for how long? What significant changes are in your family?
    Husbands little brother Lucas and his 5 year old twin girls Signy & Halsey come to stay for 3 months while they search for a home.

    Year 19: You are interviewed on a talk show! What show is it? What did you do to be interviewed?
    My clothing store has become famous.

    Year 20: Your family gets a cat. What kind of cat and what do you name it?
    Siamese: Misha

    Family: (43)
    Wyatt & Kristina Parker
    Keyton Thomas Parker (17)
    Wesley Matthew Parker (16)
    Payton Sophia Parker (16)
    Levi Cooper Parker (11)
    Ryan Dean Parker (11)
    Harper Elise Parker (11)
    Ella Cole Parker (4)

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    Clairie Elizabeth & Jude Alexander Matthews
    Married in 2020, in a little church in France.
    Honeymooned for two weeks in South Africa.
    First home: a two-bedroom white chalet in Lugano, Switzerland.

    Year 1: Clairie and Jude decide to establish a charity foundation for children and families affected by childhood cancer. The foundation, called Knots of Love, sends woven bracelets and large checks to the children, their families, and research facilities.

    Year 2: When Jude, who is in the military, gets transferred, the relatively-newlyweds say good-bye to their Swiss town and move to Liverpool, England. Their new house is a three-bedroom, old, brown stone home surrounded by trimmed green bushes.

    Year 3: Clairie and Jude meet a boy called Samson Michael McCartney through Jude's job. He is eighteen, divorced, and living alone. Samson's new girlfriend, though, is pregnant, barely making any money, and has already made it clear that she wants nothing to do with the baby. Clairie and Jude adopt Samson's daughter when she is born, and they call her Skylar Elizabeth Matthews.

    Year 4: Clairie, who is a champion equestrian, wins a dressage show. With the winnings of 250,000 pounds, the family is able to fix up their house, donate a good sum to Knots of Love, and help Jude's eighteen-year-old half-sister Johanna Reece Langley out of debt.

    Year 5: Jude and Clairie decide to try and have their first biological baby, and when they do they wind up with triplets! Three healthy baby boys are born eight months later. Clairie and Jude call them Chase Michael, Jack Samuel, and Spencer Lucas.

    Year 6: The family of six relocates to a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, when Jude is again transferred. The new house is white with blue shutters and has a sprawling yard dotted with oak trees.

    Year 7: Clairie's good friend from high school, Breanna Caitlin Hightower, dies in a car crash. When the will was read, Breanna had left her three-year-old son to Clairie. Because nobody knew of the little boy's father or his family, Clairie and Jude fly out to Missouri and adopt Breanna's son. His name is Brayden Joseph Hightower.

    Year 8: Clairie unexpectedly gets pregnant. Nine months later, she has twin boys, called Eric James and Henry Peter.

    Year 9: Jude finishes serving his military time and the family doesn't have to move. So, they go on a vacation to the beach in Florida and spend days and nights at a resort. Everyone has a great time.

    Year 10: Clairie and her neighbor, Nathalie Pennington, start an arts shop in the town. Its name is Pennington's and it sells expensive pens, journals, paint brushes, paints, canvases, the like.

    Year 11: Jude's favorite cousin, Colin Hathaway, loses his wife. The family moves to Phoenix, Arizona, to be closer to their family. The new house is light brown sandstone with a red roof. The porch is covered with bright flowers in clay vases.

    Year 12: Clairie's friend from Knots of Love, Keira Wylie, dies of very fishy unknown causes. Her husband is nowhere to be found, and neither is her family, so the state of Louisiana lets Clairie and Jude adopt Keira's three-year-old son, Nathan Robert Wylie.

    Year 13: Colin Hathaway's daughter, Jessenia Hathaway, has just started preschool when she comes home telling of two kids who sat behind her school and asked the teacher for something to eat. This shocked both families, and the Matthews notified the police. The police found out that the kids, a boy and a girl, were twins being deprived of food by their mother for two weeks. The mother lost custody, and through lots of court cases and hearings Clairie and Jude are able to adopt the twins. The twins are five and named Mitchell Cameron and Allyson Marie.

    Year 14: Clairie unexpectedly has identical twin girls! The girls are named Cecilia Mary and Kayla Bridget.

    Year 15: The family gets interviewed on a talk show because one-year-old Cecilia took an IQ test and got 157.

    Year 16: Clairie and Jude hear, through a friend, about twin boys left on a highway and now in need of a good family. Clairie and Jude adopt the four-week-old boys and call them David Anthony and Cole Brandon.

    Year 17: The family is again interviewed on a talk show. This time for having so many kids.

    Year 18: Clairie unexpectedly has a son! His name is Noah George.

    Year 19: Clairie and Jude try for a daughter and are pregnant for two weeks, and very sadly lose the baby. On a better note, the Knots of Love staff is interviewed on a talk show.

    Year 20: Jude and Clairie decide to become foster parents. Their first foster child is a sad, sullen little girl called Lilly Kennedy who opens up into a budding, happy girl after a few weeks.

    Skylar Matthews - 18
    Brayden Hightower - 17
    Chase Matthews, Jack Matthews, and Spencer Matthews - 16
    Eric Matthews and Henry Matthews; Mitchell Matthews and Allyson Matthews - 13
    Nathan Wylie - 12
    Cecilia Matthews and Kayla Matthews; Lilly Kennedy - 6
    David Matthews and Cole Matthews - 4
    Noah Matthews - 2
    -- Lottie --

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    depends on the day and the book...
    DW's name is Savvy Elizabeth Mendler and DH's name is Elliot Isaac Mendler. They were married in 2012 at the age of 20.

    2013: Savvy and Elliot being a Charity for Autism Awareness.
    2014: Savvy and Elliot move to Berlin, Germany.
    2015: Savvy and Elliot move to Miami, Florida.
    2016: One of Savvy's close friends, Natalia Russo dies and leaves her 3-year-old son to Savvy and Elliot. His name is Cameron Heath Mendler.
    2017: Savvy and Elliot adopt a baby girl named Eloise (Loie) Violet Mendler.
    2018: The family adopts a 2-year-old Golden Retriever named Copper.
    2019: Savvy and Elliot have boy/girl twins named Flynn Isaac and Klariza Ivy Mendler.
    2020: The family adopts a 4-year-old Teacup Labradoodle named Lola.
    2021: Savvy and Elliot adopt triplets, two girls and a boy. Their names are Stella Elizabeth, Aria Felicity and Channing River Mendler.
    2022: Elliot's great grandmother Pearl passes away and leaves them her home. It is large, beautiful and located outside of Atlanta, GA.
    2023: Savvy and Elliot adopt a baby girl named Mollie Pearl (In memory of great grandmother Pearl)
    2024: Savvy gets a tattoo on her lower back with a picture of a tiny angel in memory of Natalia.
    2025: Savvy and Elliot have twin girls named Katia (Kat) Winslet and Kyrie Natalia Mendler.
    2026: Savvy is interviewed on a talk show. It is the Ellen Show and she is interviewed for the charity that she and Elliot founded.
    2027: They adopt a baby boy named Cooper Rhys Mendler.
    2028: The whole family relocates to Denver, Colorado. They put up great grandmother Pearl's house for sale.
    2029: Savvy and Elliot have twin boys named Hudson Finley and Holden Atticus Mendler.
    2030: Savvy and Elliot have twin girls named Teddy Harper and Leighton Phoebe Mendler.
    2031: Savvy and Elliot have twins, one boy and one girl. They name them Brady Quentin and Bridget Skye Mendler.
    2032: They adopt boy/girl twins. They are named Leland Kai and Lucy Fiona Mendler.

    After 20 years, the whole family:
    DW: Savvy Elizabeth Mendler, 40

    DH: Elliot Isaac Mendler, 40

    DS#1: Cameron Heath Mendler, 19, adopted

    DD#1: Eloise (Loie) Violet Mendler, 16, adopted

    DS#2 & DD#2: Flynn Isaac and Klariza Ivy Mendler, 14

    DD#3, DD#4 & DS#3: Stella Elizabeth, Aria Felicity and Channing River Mendler, 12, adopted

    DD#5: Mollie Pearl Mendler, 10, adopted

    DD#6 & DD#7: Katia (Kat) Winslet and Kyrie Natalia Mendler, 8

    DS#4: Cooper Rhys Mendler, 6, adopted

    DS#5 & DS#6: Hudson Finley and Holden Atticus Mendler, 4

    DD#8 & DD#9: Teddy Harper and Leighton Phoebe Mendler, 3

    DS#7 & DD#10: Brady Quentin and Bridget Skye Mendler, 2

    DS#8 & DD#11: Leland Kai and Lucy Fiona Mendler, 8 months, adopted
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. Eulalia. Florence. Mae. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Gideon. Tobias. Quincey.

    {crushing on Zephyrine "Zephie" & Leon}

    mommy to feline furbaby Beatrice Evangeline Rose and her babies Claudia & Cordelia =^.^=

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