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    Larissa Claire (22) and Avery Maxon Jones (24)
    Married on the beach in Mexico in 2011.
    Honeymooned in Greece and moved into my parent's second home, a six-bedroom three-bathroom lake house in Arkansas.

    Year One: My younger sister Elsie and I go start a business together. We open our own boutique called Sparkle in a local strip mall.

    Year Two: We adopt twins, a boy and a girl, from Greece, the same place where we honeymooned. They're both three and their names are Athena Persephone and Jensen Zeus.

    Year Three: We have triplets! Two boys and a girl. Their names are Cora Mason, Alexander Simon, and Gideon Cole.

    Year Four: My sister-in-law and I open a daycare center together! It's called Happy Beginnings. I'm now the owner of two successful businesses!

    Year Five: Avery and I begin a charity foundation to raise awareness about ovarian cancer due to one of my high school teachers dying from ovarian cancer.

    Year Six: I give birth to a baby girl named Aurora Sam!

    Year Seven: My best friend Carrie and I go into business together. She wants to open a cafe on our city's busy Main Street and she asks for my help since I have two successful businesses. I end up becoming co-owners and the cafe is successful enough to keep it open, but not so successful to give us a great inflow of cash to our wallets.

    Year Eight: My and Avery's niece Charlotte (23) gets married to an older man, Theodore Vance Sullivan (40) due to her being pregnant. They get married at the courthouse and she wears a sundress and he wears a polo and khakis.

    Year Nine: We adopt another set of boy/girl twins since Athena and Jensen (age 12) are amazing. We adopt locally, 10-year-olds Crystal Marie and Lucas Jack.

    Year Ten: We adopt a third set of boy/girl twins. Local foster kids, 15-year-olds Marnie Blair and Axl Brady. They're older, but they're still our babies.

    Year Eleven: My little sister Elsie (29), the co-owner of our boutique Sparkle, marries the man of her dreams Ellington Quint Whiteley (34), wealthy heir to his father's successful England-based company.

    Year Twelve: Our house has to be fumigated, which means all twelve of us temporarily move in with Elsie and Ellington in their large mansion estate.

    Year Thirteen: Our family relocates to Rhode Island from Arkansas into a large mansion estate that's able to fit all 12 of us and then some.

    Year Fourteen: We adopt twin boys, age 17, a few days before they would be too old for the foster care system. They're extremely cautious of us but by the end of the year Liland Rowe and Caius Hampton are just another part of the family. We're homeschooling them so they can be caught back up with the rest of the local juniors education-wise.

    Year Fifteen: After living in Rhode Island for two years, our family relocates to Southern California since we have inherited one of the largest estates we have ever seen.

    Year Sixteen: I give birth to a girl, Loretta Carly

    Year Seventeen: Our son Liland (20) marries the homeless girl he begged us to provide shelter for, Marisol Esperanza(19), my new daughter-in-law, after dating for only 5 months.

    Year Eighteen: I give birth to triplet boys. We're only a few bedrooms away from filling our entire estate with our children! We name them Augustus Brin, Parker Seth, and Kobe Jay.

    Year Nineteen: We adopt our first pet! A huge Leonberger dog who is bigger than I am! We name him Dalton.

    Year Twenty: We adopt triplet girls, age 13. Lori Beth, Dawn Aurelia, and Mila Luanne finish our family and make us complete.

    Larissa (42) and Avery (44) Jones
    w/ Athena (22), Jensen (22), Cora (17), Alexander (17), Gideon (17), Aurora (14), Crystal (20), Lucas (20), Marnie (25), Axl (25), Liland (23)-married to Marisol (22), Caius (23), Loretta (4), Augustus (2), Parker (2), Kobe (2), Lori (13), Dawn (13), and Mila (13)

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    Sienna Megan Lees aged 20 and Craig Antony Lees aged 28.
    Married at Harewood house, North Yorkshire in 2017.
    We honeymoon in France and move into a 3 bedroom house in Leeds, England.
    Craig is a musician and I am an actress working in musical theatre.
    Us on our wedding day:
    Our house:

    Year One:
    Craig bumps into his ex girlfriend at a gig and they end up sleeping together.
    He tells me the next day and I am broken, I move in with my mum for 2 weeks before sorting things out again with Craig.
    This hasn't put a big strain on our new marriage as I've lost all trust with him.

    Year Two:
    We decide to try for a baby and we're very excited when I fall pregnant!!
    Its a really smooth pregnancy and our beautiful baby girl is born, Emily Megan Lees weighing 6plbs 5oz at 37 + 5 weeks.
    Here she is:

    Year Three:
    We decide to get ourselves a dog. We get a Labrador puppy called Zeze.

    Year Four:
    Emily is only 2 years old when we have a little bit of a surprise to find Craig and I are expecting twins!!
    Emily doesn't fully understand but the thought of a baby is exciting for her.
    Our twin girls, Clara Sienna Lees and Rose Antonia Lees are born at 35 + 3 weeks weighing 4plbs each.
    Emily adores them both.
    Clara and Rose:

    Year Five:
    We are interviewed as a family on Good Morning Britain about Craigs upcoming album and how a lot of his new songs are about myself and the girls. We talk about how it feels for me to have a well known husband and they speak to Emily about how much she likes her Daddys music and she starts to sing one of his songs, which is really sweet! They also tease Craig about how I won't have to bedtime lullabys for Clara and Rose and how its his job, which was very funny.

    Year Six:
    My brother Micheal and his wife Kate have a baby girl, they call her Amber Megan Moore. My mum now has 4 granddaughters and would love a grandson one day.

    Year Seven:
    Emily is now 5 and has just started school and Clara and Rose are 3 and in nursery two days a week. We decide that now are girls are growing up that we would like to try for another baby.
    We are very, very scared when we find out I'm carrying triplets!! We're so excited and the girls can't wait!
    At 32 weeks by c-section our tiny, tiny babies are born, Joseph Craig Lees weighs 2plbs 5oz, William Antony Lees weighs 2plbs 1oz and Alice Mary Lees weighs 1plb 8oz. They all spend 8 weeks in hospital and are allowed home on their due date.
    Emily, Clara and Rose adore them.
    L-R Joseph, Alice & William:

    Year Eight:
    Adjusting to life with triplets is hard enough but when our house is burnt down after the neighbors house fire our world is turned upside down!
    We have to move into Craigs parents 3 bedroom house with 6 young children until we can buy our new home, it is the worst time of our lives!
    Eventually, after living with them for 3 months we find our own place and move in.
    Our new home:

    Year Nine:
    My younger cousin, Laura gets married to her long term boyfriend Gerard in Paphos, Cyprus so we go on holiday there with the kids to the wedding.

    Year Ten:
    Craig and I together decide that we want more children even though we have six already, Emily, 9, Clara & Rose, 6, and Joseph, William & Alice, 3. We are overjoyed to find out we're expecting another set of twin girls!!
    Isabel Alexandra Lees joins the family at 38 weeks weighing 5plbs along with Charlotte Olivia Lees weighing 4plbs 9 1/2 oz.
    Isabel & Charlotte:

    Year Eleven:
    When Isabel and Charlotte are only one, we have the surprise of our lives to find out I'm pregnant again with another set of twins!!!
    At 35 + 2 weeks Beatrice Lily Lees arrives weighing 3lbs 2oz and Eleanor Lilac Lees arrives weighing 3plbs exact.
    Bea and Ellie are our 9th and 10th babies!
    Beatrice and Eleanor:

    Year Twelve:
    Craigs music is doing amazingly well even with the help of his new songwriter Emily, 11 who now sings with her Dad.
    Because of this we make a big move over to America from our home in England. We move to California, SW America.
    This is our new house:
    Emilys room, 11:
    Clara & Roses room, 8:
    Joseph & Williams room, 5:
    Alices room, 5:
    Isabel & Charlottes room, 2:
    Beatrice & Eleanors room, 1:
    Master bedroom:

    Year Thirteen:
    My Niece, Isla (18) gets married to get boyfriend Jamie (24) after finding out she's 6 months pregnant.

    Year Fourteen:
    We're not done having children just yet so we start trying again, We are so happy to find out we're having triplets again. Its not much of a surprise as multiples run in both mine and Craigs family and with our 4 sets of multiples already what can we expect!
    Two little boys and a little girl are born by emergency c-section at 30 weeks, weighing 1plb 6oz, 1plb 4oz and 1plb 1oz they're all very poorly at birth and spend 9 weeks in NICU, but soon enough Christopher Louis Lees, Henry Jacob Lees and Adelaide Liliana Lees come home to meet their brothers and sisters.
    Christopher, Henry & Adelaide:

    Year Fifteen:
    My sister, Holly has a baby girl called Jasmine Louise Grayson.

    Year Sixteen:
    We had planned on waiting another year before having anymore children but time had other plans and I fall pregnant with twins again!
    At 37 weeks I give birth to two little boys, Alfie James Lees and Charlie Ray Lees weighing 4plb 2oz each.
    Alfie and Charlie:

    Year Seventeen:
    After much begging from the kids we decide to get another dog after Zeze passing a few years ago. We get another Labrador called Betty.

    Year Eighteen:
    Once again we planned on waiting a little before having anymore children but I fell pregnant again with twin girls!!
    Eliana Joy Lees and Polly Grace Lees are born at 34 weeks weighing 3plbs 2oz and 2plb 12oz.
    Eliana and Polly:

    Year Nineteen:
    Emily is 18 and with her boyfriend Luke has a baby girl who they name Mercy Sienna Middleton.
    Myself and Craigs first Granddaughter, she's beautiful!

    Year Twenty:
    So after 20 years of creating a family it is so lovely to watch our eldest daughter, Emily, 19 get married to get boyfriend Luke, 21 and create a family of their own with their 1 year old daughter Mercy.

    Lees Family:

    Sienna, 39 and Craig, 47 (Mum & Dad):
    Emily, 19 and Luke, 21 (DD1 and SIL):
    Mercy, 1 (GD):
    Clara & Rose, 16 (DD2 & DD3):
    Joseph & William, 13 (DS4 & DS5):
    Alice, 13 (DD6):
    Isabel & Charlotte, 10 (DD7 & DD8):
    Beatrice & Eleanor, 9 (DD9 & DD10):
    Christopher & Henry, 6 (DS11 & DS12:
    Adelaide, 6 (DD13):
    Alfie & Charlie, 4, (DS14 & DS15):
    Eliana & Polly, 2 (DD16 & DD17):

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    WIFE: Elizabeth Jane Smith 23 'Beth'
    HUSBAND: Kian Walter Smith 23

    YEAR ONE: Beth and Kian move from Florida to California to a five bedroom house in LA.
    YEAR TWO: Beth gets a tattoo saying "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"
    YEAR THREE: Beth and Kian have triplets! Heidi Louise, Blair Grace and Carson Jacob. Born on October 9th.
    YEAR FOUR: The family gets a parrot called Dill.
    YEAR FIVE: A new baby makes an unexpected arrival to the family! On March 27th Carter Grayson is born!
    YEAR SIX: The family get a dog German Spitz called Smirk.
    YEAR SEVEN: Kians sister has a daughter called Alexis Tamzin.
    YEAR EIGHT: Beth and Kian unexpectedly have twin boys! Charles Reid and Thomas Lucas are born on May 7th!
    YEAR NINE: Kians sister has another daughter called Aaliyah Mai.
    YEAR TEN: Beth and Kian have a baby girl! Imogen Faye was born on December 5th!
    YEAR ELEVEN: The family gets two persian cats called Jig and Tig.
    YEAR TWELVE: Beth and Kian try to get pregnant but are unsuccessful.
    YEAR THIRTEEN: Beth and Kian try to get pregnant but are unsuccessful again.
    YEAR FOURTEEN: Beth and Kian welcome twin girls! Alia Rose and Grier Eliza were born on June 25th.
    YEAR FIFTEEN: Beth and Kian go on holiday to Fiji without the children.
    YEAR SIXTEEN: Beth and Kian welcome twin boy/girl! Joel Andrew and Ashleigh Jean were born on February 15th.
    YEAR SEVENTEEN: Beth and Kian unexpectedly have twin boys! Elijah Cole and Calvin James were born on Novemeber 13th.
    YEAR EIGHTEEN: The family move to a bigger house, right across the road, from their old house. This house is a 7
    bedroom house with an attic for a possible bedroom.
    YEAR NINETEEN: Carson was riding a motorbike which was forbidden by his parents, he falls off going 30mph and suffers from broken ribs, arm and leg.
    YEAR TWENTY: Then family are on a reality show. After Carson was in the hospital the press find out how big our family is they want to do a reality show.

    *Smith Family*

    Elizabeth Jane (43)
    Kian Walker (43)

    Heidi Louise (17)
    Blair Grace (17)
    Carson Jacob (17)
    Carter Grayson (15)
    Charles Reid (12) 'Charlie'
    Thomas Lucas (12) 'Tom'
    Imogen Faye (10) 'Gen'
    Alia Rose (6)
    Grier Eliza (6)
    Joel Andrew (4)
    Ashleigh Jean (4) 'Ash'
    Elijah Cole (3) 'Eli'
    Calvin James (3) 'Cal'

    Dill- 16
    Smirk- 14 R.I.P
    Jig- 9
    Tig- 9

    Bedroom one- Kian and Beth
    Bedroom two- Heidi and Blair
    Bedroom two- Carson
    Bedroom three- Carter
    Bedroom four- Tom and Charlie
    Bedroom five- Gen
    Bedroom six: Alia, Grier and Ash
    Bedroom seven: Joel, Eli and Cal

    |Arlo Benjamin |Caleb August |Ezra Scott |Jacob Harrison |Jude Apollo |Lincoln River |Myles Hunter |Seth Gideon |Watson Christopher
    |Audrey Pearl |Calla Louise |Celeste Adora |Delilah Posey |Lydia Katherine |Mila Selene |Saskia Willow |Selah Elise |Stella Elizabeth |

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    Daphne Philomena Davies (22) & Joseph Ryan Davies (27)
    Married and honeymooned in Venice, Italy. Year 2010.

    Year 1: After initially deciding to wait some years before having children, Daphne's 17-year old cousin confesses she's pregnant. She cryingly begs Daphne and Joseph to adopt her unborn sons and they agree. They become proud parents of Lucas Emmanuel, Jacob Zachariah & Rocco Alexander Davies.

    Year 2: One rainy afternoon on his way home from work, Joseph finds a kitten hiding outside the house. It's small and mistreated, and they decide to take him in, much to the joy of the triplets who name him Oliver.

    Year 3. Daphne's cousin and birth mother of the triplets gets married! Sally Anne Cohen marries her fiancee Tobias Montgomery Martin in a beautiful garden wedding.

    Year 4: The triplets are now three years old and begging for a younger brother/sister. Joseph and Daphne decide to try, thinking it will take some time getting pregnant. Wrong! Exactly nine months later Elliott Dawson Davies is born!

    Year 5: Daphne is now only 27 years old, but already has four children. She wants to feel young, reckless and a bit wild and decides to pierce her nose, much to the dismay of her husband.

    Year 6: The triplets are now five years old and Eli is two. Joseph and Daphne decides to adopt another baby, but are shocked when they find out it's nine-month-old triplets! Shaken, scared yet excited they travel to Colombia to pick them up. It's two boys and a little girl, and they decide to keep their original names as middle names. Dylan Eduardo, Isaac Antonio & Zoe Catalina Davies.

    Year 7: Daphne is feeling sick one day when she suddenly recalls the last time she was feeling like that. Shakingly she takes a pregnancy test, and sure enough, she's pregnant! Six-and-a-half months later baby Cassia Penelope Davies is born.

    Year 8: The Davies' now have eight children and have run out of space. They decide to move closer to Joseph's family so that they can receive more family assistance with the kids. Their new home is situated in Bellville, Texas.

    Year 9: After eight kids, Joseph and Daphne feel that one more child won't make a difference. They have a huge villa, a lush garden and receive plenty of help from family and a nanny. Daphne becomes pregnant, but admittedly sheds some unhappy tears when they find out it's twins. However, she warms up to the idea and they happily welcome Adeline Faith & Amity Elizabeth Davies at the end of the year.

    Year 10: It's a dark winter's day when the Davies' receive a horrible message. Joseph's childhood friend and the twins' godfather, Jeremy Austin Wilson has passed away in a car crash along with his wife Rebecca Jane Wilson. Their two daughters are now orphans and have no close family. They are taken in by Joseph and Daphne. Their names are Seraphina Mae (8) & Rosalie Laura Wilson (6).

    Year 11: Oliver the cat tragically dies of old age. To comfort the kids, Daphne and Joseph get a Golden Retriever puppy and call him Rufus.

    Year 12: Joseph and Daphne leaves the children with their paternal grandparents and take a trip to Hawaii. They come back with permanent souvenirs; triplet boys that are born eight months later. They name them Alfred Joseph, River Michael & Felix Vaughn.

    Year 13: Joseph's sister, Jana Marie Winters (Davies) brings up a business proposal to Daphne, who entusiastically agrees. They open their daycare center, "Little Learners" some months later.

    Year 14: The whole Davies clan travel to Thailand on vacation. While visiting an orphanage they fall in love with a little girl and decide to adopt her. Her name becomes Lawan Tasanee Davies.

    Year 15: The family get a cat. The girls are ecstatic and name her Molly.

    Year 16: Daphne gets a rose tattoo on her foot.

    Year 17: Molly the Cat has kittens! The family decides to keep one of them, an orange-colored angel named Ginger.

    Year 18: Joseph is interviewed by the local newspaper, who wants to write a case on how he balances work with raising 16 children.

    Year 19: One night Daphne wakes up with intense stomach cramps. She barely makes it to the bathroom, where the water breaks. She quickly realizes that she is in labor and that the baby is coming fast. She calls for Joseph, who enters just in time to catch the baby. Awed and shell-shocked, they decide to name her Willa Evangeline Davies.

    Year 20: Joseph receives a fine offer about work in England. The family move shortly after and settle down in Brighton.

    Joseph Ryan Davies (47) & Daphne Philomena Davies (42)

    Lucas Emmanuel, Jacob Zachariah & Rocco Alexander (19)
    Elliott Dawson (16)
    Dylan Eduardo, Isaac Antonio & Zoe Catalina (14)
    Cassia Penelope (13)
    Adeline Faith & Amity Elizabeth (11)
    Seraphina Mae (18)
    Rosalie Laura (16)
    Alfred Joseph, River Michael & Felix Vaughn (8)
    Lawan Tasanee (8)
    Willa Evangeline (1)
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    Me, Elsa Ellery Homer, met a cute, wild boy in university; his name is Rafferty Asher Harris and we were both 18 years old. We dated our way through University - though it wasn't easy - I thought it'd be hard to get Raffa to settle down but it was he who proposed to me on our graduation night. We married less than a year later - 01/06/2018 - in a beautiful countryside hotel:
    The wedding dress I wore -
    My maid of honour (aka, my best friend and little sis, Ellie) wore -
    What Raffa wore on his top half -

    Anyway... Onto our married life...

    Yr1: The house that we had been planning to move into from our post-Uni apartment is destroyed in an arson attack, luckily it was abandoned at the time but Raffa and I refuse to go through with the proceedings to buy it. However our lease is up on the apartment leaving us pretty much homeless, and so we move back to my mum's house, it's nice to be with my little sister again but it's not the start to married life we really wanted, especially since my mum insists that Raffa sleep in the spare room! Eventually we find another property not too far away which we quickly snap up and move into.

    Yr2: Our first pregnancy results in fraternal twin girls who, when born two weeks early, are named Luna Vivienne and Margot Nicola Harris. Luna has dark brown hair like mine but blue eyes like her daddy, she is very tanned and takes most of her features from me, she weighed 5lbs 6oz upon birth. Margot on the other hand takes mostly after Raffa with light, curly brown hair and bright blue eyes, she doesn't have my dark European skin but she does have my mouth and smile, Margot weighed just two ounces heavier than her sister.

    Yr3: I'm interviewed on a talk show! Raffa and Ellie make a much bigger deal of it than it actually is. The show is just a morning news programme and they were doing a feature on new writing talent, and they contacted me and "my people" about talking to me after my first young adult novel reached #3 on the bestseller list.

    Yr4: Ellie moves in with us for a short period after finishing university while she looks for work and a place of her own, saying that she can't stand living with mother any longer, she's a godsend looking after the young twins though Raffa does feel a bit left out being the only boy about the house. She stays for seven months before moving into a flat with a friend from high school.

    Yr5: Raffa and I adopt a baby boy who is nine months old, his name is Isaac Devon, and he has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes matching his tanned skin.

    Yr6: Ellie gets married! She has known the guy for years and nobody thought there was anything romantic there, but turns out we were all wrong. It's a beautiful ceremony held in a church and I am honoured to repay the favour of being maid of honour.

    Yr7: Two weddings in two years! My sister last year and now my oldest cousin this year, Ruth is only eighteen years old but seems determined to be committed in this short relationship.

    Yr8: Raffa's little half brother comes to stay with us for a short while because his mum can't cope. They have the same dad and didn't really grow up together that much because of the age difference (Gil is 16), he's a tearaway and Raffa really doesn't want him around the kids but I give him the benefit of the doubt and after a rocky start Gil proves his worth by helping out with his nieces and nephew. He stays for four months before deciding to apply for college with a view to join the army.

    Yr9: Mine and Raffa's second pregnancy again results in fraternal twin girls. My third and fourth girls are born naturally five days before their EDD. Willow Mary and Rose Eleanor both have wavy, dark brown hair, but Willow - the heavier twin at 6lb 3oz - has blue eyes, while Rose, weighing 5lb 11oz at birth, has hazel eyes.

    Yr10: We up and move the family to Silsbee, Texas, America for Raffa's work and to also see members of Raffa's family that he hasn't seen since childhood. The New House --

    Yr11: Raffa's nephew, aged 21, gets married in a big, glamorous affair that it seems everybody in Texas is invited to.

    Yr12: We move to a house the other side of Houston, in a place called Bay City. The New House --

    Yr13: We adopt eighteen month old triplets called Sebastian Phoenix, Caleb Sydney, and Georgina Adelaide. Seb and Caleb both have thick sandy hair and blue eyes, they are thought to have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, while their sister Georgie has light brown hair and blue eyes and severe speech delay.

    Yr14: We adopt a pet to give all of the children something positive to love and take care of together, he is a tiny miniature dapple dachshund we call Achilles -

    Yr15: We move the family back to England to be closer to my side of the family, we buy a large home in Surrey to house our children. --

    Yr16: I begin a charity foundation using some of my "fame" to help promote the worthy cause of Mental Health Awareness in Children and Young Adults.

    Yr17: Aware that my biological clock is ticking away, Raffa and I conceive for the third time and I give birth to my third set of fraternal twins, this time one of each sex. My only biological son we name Tobias Henry, he has very dark brown hair and dark hazel eyes, he's a plump little pudding at 6lb 9oz, while his twin sister, whom we name Bryony Barbara, weighs in at 4lb 12oz and has light brown hair and hazel eyes.

    Yr18: I'm interviewed on a tea-time chat show by one of my favourite comedians who has recently gotten his own show. We talk about everything from my success as an author to carrying, giving birth to and raising multiple sets of multiples, and also (of course) touch upon my charity work and adoption processes. The slot certainly boosts my fame and the public recognition of my work and what I stand for.

    Yr19: I do another interview on a more late-night chat show that has a longer running history. The interview goes deeper than all of the surface celebrity stuff, taking a look into my personal life and digging out answers to questions such as; why did I adopt? Why do I have so many children? Why pick mental health in young people as a charity cause? It feels good but unnerving to have my life laid to bear for the public eye.

    Yr20: We take a massive family holiday on a cruise around the Caribbean to celebrate Luna and Margot's 18 birthdays and also mine and Raffa's twenty years of marriage!

    Elsa (43) and Raffa (43) with: Luna & Margot (19), Isaac (17), Willow & Rose (12), Seb & Caleb & Georgie (10), Tobias & Bryony (4); and Achilles (7).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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