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    Nov 2010
    British Columbia
    DH: Brett Alexander Samson
    DW: Mary Margaret Hazel Valeur
    Married in 2019 (I was 25, he was 34) in a small garden wedding. Our honeymoon was in France. Our first home was a two bedroom apartment in downtown Vancouver.

    Yr 1: I am interviewed on a talk show for my part in the YCL
    Yr 2: I am interviewed for a newspaper for the same thing as before
    Yr 3: A pitbull and an elkhound, named Clover and Pax
    Yr 4: I fail to get pregnant, but Brett has to fly to Ontario to take care of his father after a heart attack. He is gone for three weeks and this strengthens our relationship
    Yr 5: I have triplets. Two girls and a boy. Mabel Allegra Lark, Veronica Cecily Lark and Theodore Atlas Jay. I call them Mae, Nico and Teddy.
    Yr 6: My youngest cousin, Owen, gets married and we all fly out to Hawaii for the ceremony
    Yr 7: I dye my hair dark brown
    Yr 8: My sister has her first child, a daughter she names Delilah Violet
    Yr 9: We try for another kid and get another set of triplets, two girls and a boy again. We name them Delaney Keziah Ruth, Cadence Amabel Freya and Leander Darcy Zen. I call them Laney, Leo, and Kay.
    Yr 10: We get a cat and name it Zion
    Yr 11: I run into my old friend Jay unexpectedly and we hit it off. We begin spending more time together and eventually begin an affair. I tell Brett about it after a couple months and he moves out for a month, eventually moving back in when I leave the kids with my parents and fly out to see him, convincing him to come home.
    Yr 12: We have a third set of triplets, two boys and one girl this time. Ronan Milo Abraham, Archer Harley Orion and Indigo Charity Louise. I call them Roan, Archie and Indy.
    Yr 13: Brett runs into his old crush Rachael and sleeps with her. He tells me the day after and I forgive him.
    Yr 14: Me and my friend begin and start to self publish a comic book together. It does well and I quit my job, allowing me to be home with the kids all day.
    Yr 15: We hire a nanny
    Yr 16: We get a new dog, as Clover and Pax are getting old. Nola is a beagle.
    Yr 17: We get a new cat, as Zion is lonely and Teddy wants a pet of his own. He names her Zahra.
    Yr 18: We move to Austin, Texas
    Yr 19: My sister separates from her husband and her and Lilah move in with us for a couple of months, until she finds her own place near us
    Yr 20: We move to Raunds

    Family is: Mary (45) and Brett (54); Mae, Nico and Teddy (15); Laney, Leo and Kay (11); Roan, Archie and Indy (8); as well as our two cats (Zion and Zahra) and our three dogs (Clover, Pax and Nola)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Natasha and Harry Blythe, married 2027 (wow!) I am 28 and so is he. We married in the English countryside at his aunt's estate, and honeymooned in the Caribbean, then settle down to life in London.
    2028: Harry gets a fantastic new job at a law firm in Central London.

    2029: We start trying for a baby, and are blessed within a few months with a pregnancy. Then the shock came- triplets! Marina Clementine, Isadora Genevieve and Milun Alexander

    2030: If life with one-year-old triplets isn't enough, I decided to open a bookstore, 'read away'. It's been a passion of mine for many years, and I'm lucky to have three wonderful ladies Georgina, Polly and Lucille, who help run it with me.

    2031: Unfortunately, on the triplets' second birthday we found out that Harry's mother had been in a car crash and is in intensive care in New York. He makes the trip over the Atlantic that night, and rings the next day to inform me that he will have to be out there for several weeks. The cost of this and the hospital fees will cost all the bookshop is making. Although I love my mother-in-law, I still feel that the funding should also come from his high-paying job that he works so hard at. This all culminates in a fight, and I tell him that I just cannot cope with three two-year-olds on my own for weeks like this. His sister tells him she'll fly out so he can come home- he has a young family after all.

    2032: We start the year trying for a new baby, before deciding that risking multiples again is too much for us right now. We apply for adoption, and find out that there's a little girl in France waiting for us. Upon arriving, we realise there's been a mix-up with papers- there's twin girls! Of course we cannot choose one, and end up taking our lovely newborn girls home, Beatrice Ophelia and Clara Elizabeth.

    2033: With Mari, Isa and Milun turning four, and Bea and Clara turning one I have my hands full whilst Harry is at work. Next to the bookshop, Polly and I open up "Mimi Daycare' for little ones- I can really identify with working parents, and my timetable is flexible as I own the shop!

    2034: Life is beginning to settle down, but I ended up at the doctor's for repeating sickness. Well, quite a shock- a pregnancy was not expected! Florence Amelia was born happy and healthy a week late. Harry and I feel complete with our six wonderful children.

    2035: Georgina (from the bookshop)'s sister dies suddenly two weeks after giving birth. Georgie approaches us and asks us if we would consider raising her nephews. Expecting older children, we say of course. Children are wonderful. Again we're surprised with twins! This time boys. But we can't turn our backs on them. So they join our wonderful family- Benjamin Tobias and Barnaby Lucas. Our mainly-female household has two new males!

    2036: We move towards the outskirts of London now- it's too much to stay in the centre, and the children have fantastic school choices.

    2037: Harry's sister rings up to ask if she could possible stay for a while with us before she starts her new job. We welcome Jenny with open arms- and she proves to be a huge help! The trips love their Aunt Jen and Benji and Barney are entranced by her long blonde hair! Having Jenny living with us makes childcare much easier- she helps out with our lot, and at the daycare centre, giving Harry and I some much needed time alone every now and then.

    2038: All that alone time seemed to have results- I found myself pregnant again! Genevieve Rose - another beautiful daughter. We are besotted. We knew Genevieve was Isa's middle name, but loved it too much and had to use it again!

    2039: Jen rings us again in the spring, and we find out that her boyfriend has terminal cancer. Unfortunately, it's fast-acting and we lose a bright soul by November. Together, Harry and I set up a charity with lots of help from Jenny and his other sister Molly- Crazy Chris has a Wish. We aim to raise awareness of this horrific and rare cancer Chris had, and to find a treatment as soon as possible.

    2040: The charity is kicking off, and Jenny seems to have found peace with our brood, who she treasures everyday. Lucky for her, I became pregnant again- what a shock! We had a bouncing baby boy Harvey August.

    2041: With the triplets starting high school I begin to feel a loss. My first babies have begun to fly! Somehow, someway Harry and I decide to adopt. Before we know it, we're on our way to India to pick up our wonderful little twin girls (again!) Maya Harriet and Sophia Margaret- who somehow become Mattie (Maya/Hattie) and Maggie, quite the mouthful.

    2042: Now at the age of 43, Harry and I think that maybe we should calm down on the children front and enjoy the wonderful little ladies and men we have. Of course, that doesn't go to plan. We take in a six-year-old foster child- Alice Marie for a year, before she's adopted by Jenny and her new partner. Both Jenny and David had lost a partner to cancer, and we are so happy that they have found each other.

    2043: Unfortunately, Harry's mother falls ill in America again. She is given months to live, so we ship the whole family out there for a month in the summer so they can spend important time with their Nanna. Naturally this costs a lot, but we know that she loves getting to know them well, especially the little ones who she hasn't met- Maya, Maggie, Harvey and Genevieve.

    2044: As if that wasn't enough- Harry gets a year of work in Germany. I know I cannot have him go, so for a year we move over there. The older ones stay in England with Jen and David to continue their studies, but all of us staying without Harry would have been too much and our marriage would have struggled.

    2045: Being a lawyer for so many years has paid off- those long hours mean that Harry has been able to take early retirement and help us all out in the bookshop!

    2046: time at home with Harry- oh my goodness! I fell pregnant again very soon, and delivered a healthy but tiny baby boy 4 weeks early, who came home after two weeks. We love our new bundle Jasper Timothy.

    2047: Our eldest turn 18, and each gets a place in a university. Mari is at Cambridge doing natural sciences, Isa is at Exeter doing Economics and Milun is at Warwick doing medicine. We are a pair of very proud parents. Jen and David are blessed with a baby boy Oliver Michael David.

    2048: I confess to Harry- I would really really really love just one more baby. We love our children so much, and he agrees. We are blessed with multiples again- Adelaide Katherine and Elora Jane. We are complete with our wonderful wonderful children.

    Marina Clementine/Isadora Genevieve/Milun Alexander (19)
    Beatrice Ophelia/Clara Elizabeth (17)
    Florence Amelia (15)
    Benjamin Tobias/Barnaby Lucas (14)
    Genevieve Rose (10)
    Harvey August (8)
    Maya Harriet/Sophia Margaret (7)
    Jasper Timothy (2)
    Adelaide Katherine/Elora Jane (newborn)

    Harry, Natasha, Mari, Isa, Milun, Bea, Clara, Flossie, Benji, Barney, Genevieve, Harvey, Maya aka Mattie, Sophia aka Maggie, Adelaide and Elora.
    name-obsessed british teenberry


    marina genevieve priya and theo alexander milun

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    Me- Elizabeth Jolie Wilder
    DH- Conor Sean Wilder

    After 3 years of dating and 10 years of being best friends, Conor finally proposed. We were both 25 when we were married in Alaska and honeymooned in Europe. We live in Florida on the river. Conor is a Pro Soccer player for the American Pro Soccer League. I am a Pharmaceutical Engineer.

    Year 1- We start off our journey of life by adopting a 2 year old girl from North Florida named Mallory Grace.
    DAD1- Mallory Grace Wilder
    Year 2- One of Conor's widowed teammates does in a horrible car crash. We take in his 5 and 9 year old daughters named Melanie Christine and Mackenzie Erin.
    DAD2- Melanie Christine Wilder "Mel"
    DAD3- Mackenzie Erin Wilder "Mack"

    Year 3- We are un expectantly pregnant with twin girls! Mallory, Mel, and Mack are ecstatic to have two new sisters on the way, and 7 months later Atlanta Kay "AK" and Eden Margo are born. After 3 months in the NICU, they come home healthy.
    DD4- Atlanta Kay Wilder "AK"
    DD5- Eden Margo Wilder

    Year 4-Conor gets an offer to play for Manchester United Soccer Club in England. This was his life's dream, so we pack up the 5 kids and move to England.

    Year 5- Unfortunatly, Conor hurts his leg and is unable to play soccer. We pack back up and move back to Florida where our friends and family are.

    Year 6- We adopt a chocolate lab puppy named George!
    Dog 1- George

    Year 7- We adopt 4 year old triplets from Ireland! Their names are Mattilyn Rae "Matti", Erina Adelaide, and Cedric Allen.
    DAD6- Mattilyn Rae Wilder "Matti"
    DAD7- Erina Adelaide Wilder
    DAS1- Cedric Allen Wilder
    Year 8- We are blessed to become the godparents of my sister's new baby girl, Abigail Hope.

    Year 9- Conor's cousin passes away and leaves us with his 3 boys ages 11, 14, and 16. Their names are Carter Gavin, Hudson Grey, and Jerome Parks.
    DAS2- Carter Gavin Wilder
    DAS3- Hudson Grey Wilder
    DAS4- Jerome Parks Wilder

    Year 10- After Conor's soccer injury, it's been hard for him to find work. This year, an exquisite modeling company offered Conor a job as an underwear model! This is great because it pays twice what his pro soccer job payed.
    Year 11- My sister passes away, and leaves her daughter, our god daughter, to us. Her name is Abigail Hope and is 3 years old.
    DAD7- Abigail Hope Wilder "Abi"

    Year 12- We adopt two more chocolate lab puppies named Harry and Logan
    Dog 2- Harry Wilder
    Dog 3- Logan Wilder

    Year 13- My mother passes away and leaves us with 10 million dollars. We put most of it away for the kid's college, buy a new larger house in our same neighborhood, and invest the rest.

    Year 14- Jerome (age 21)has a baby! He is married to Juno Calliope and their daughters name is Nikki Madlaina Wilder.
    DGD1- Nikki Madlaina Wilder

    Year 15- Jerome and Juno's daughter is asked to be in a baby food commercial! She is paid $2,000 to continue in a series of the commercials.

    Year 16- Our family adopts 2 more dogs! They are chocolate lab puppies named Alex and Evan
    Dog 4- Alex Wilder
    Dog 5- Evan Wilder

    Year 17- Our 23 year old daughter Mackenzie Erin marries Parker Tyler Kempfer. They decide to keep Wilder as their last name. All of the kids have roles in the wedding. Juno(22), Mallory(17), Mel(20), AK(14), Eden(14), Matti(13), and Erina(13) are bridesmaids. Abi(9) is a flower girl. Cedric(13), Jerome(24), Hudson(21), and Carter(18) are groomsmen.
    Jerome and Juno's daughter, Nikki(3) is the flower girl.

    Year 18- We adopt a 6 year old girl named Mara Evangeline.
    DAD8- Mara Evangeline Wilder

    Year 19- Mackenzie and Parker have a baby girl named Eleanor Scout.
    DGD2- Eleanor Scout Wilder "Ellie"

    Year 20-We take a 8 month family tour of the world. All of our kids and grand kids came with us.

    The Wilder Family:

    DH- Conor Sean (45)
    DW- Elizabeth Jolie (45)
    DAS1- Jerome Parks (27)
    ---DW- Juno Calliope (25)
    ----DGD1- Nikki Madlaina (6)
    DAD1- Mackenzie Erin (26)
    ---DH- Parker Tyler (26)
    ----Eleanor Scout (1)
    DAS2- Hudson Grey (24)
    DAD2- Melanie Christine (23)
    DAS3- Carter Gavin (21)
    DAD3- Mallory Grace (20)
    DD4- Atlanta Kay "AK" (17)
    DD5- Eden Margo (17)
    DAD6- Mattilyn Rae (16)
    DAD7- Erina Adelaide (16)
    DAS4- Cedric Allen (16)
    DAD8- Abigail Hope (12)
    DAD9- Mara Evangeline (8)

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    Nov 2013
    DW: Lily Claire Adams
    DH: Adam Henry Rosewell
    Location: San Francisco, California
    First home:

    DD: Poppy Michele [20]
    DD: Hazel Penelope [20]

    DD: Camille Lily [20]

    DD: Maeve Annabel [18]
    DS: Hugo Benjamin [18]

    DD: Bridget Alice [18]

    DS: Nathaniel Isaac [14]

    DD: Shea Evangeline [14]

    DS: Tobias Miles [12]

    DS: Milo Atticus [12]

    DD: Caroline Rose [9]

    DD: Olive Katharine [5]

    DS: Bennett Porter [5]
    DD: Sadie Isabelle [5]

    DD: Charlotte Elodie [4]

    DDog: Archer
    DCat: Bree

    1. 2014: (L.E. 7, 5) Just a year after getting married, we fell pregnant with twin girls. We were, of course, scared but so excited. In mid-Autumn we welcome Poppy Michele and Hazel Penelope.
    Poppy + Hazel:

    2. 2015: (L.E. 3, 3) After having the twins, we decided to move to Birmingham, England.
    Poppy + Hazel's Bedroom:
    Master Bedroom:

    3. 2016: (B. 5, 4) Although Poppy and Hazel were just two, we decided to try for another baby. We got twins again, but this wasn't surprising because they run in both Adam and my side of the family. Our little twins are Maeve Annabel and Hugo Benjamin.
    Maeve + Hugo:

    4. 2017: (L.E. 4, 5) My sister, Kate, got married in a beautiful ceremony on the beach back in San Francisco. We left the kids with Adam's best friend, Troy. I was the maid of honour and Adam was a groomsmen.
    Their wedding day:

    5. 2018: (L.E. 5, 7) We decided to adopt a dog and cat, after much begging from Poppy and Hazel. Our dog is called Archer and our cat is called Bree.

    6. 2019: (B. 1, 2) The twins were three and five when we decided to have another baby and ended up with just one, a baby boy. His name is Nathaniel Isaac, but we call him Nate.

    7. 2020: (L.E. 2, 5) I got a tattoo of a sailboat to remind me of growing up on the coast near the ocean. Poppy and Hazel were six, Maeve and Hugo were four and Nate was one.

    8. 2021: (L.E. 6, 3) Just as Maeve and Hugo started Kindergarten, Adam and I unexpectedly became pregnant with a baby boy. His name is Tobias Miles.

    9. 2022: (L.E. 2, 7) Adam's father died and left us quite a bit of money. Since his mother died years ago and Adam is the oldest son, Adam and I flew to Santa Barbara to sort out his affairs. We divided the money evenly between Adam and his sister Jade, and left the property to Adam's brother Markus. It's a beautiful cottage on the beach where we spent each summer. We used the 2.5 million dollars to purchase a bigger home in Birmingham and put aside some for the kids' education.
    Poppy + Hazel's Bedroom:
    Maeve + Hugo's Bedroom:
    Nate's Bedroom:
    Tobias' Bedroom:
    Master Bedroom:

    10. 2023: (L.E. 3, 4) We were interviewed by a magazine about having two sets of twins. It was a lot of fun and they did photo-shoots of all the kids.
    Poppy + Hazel:
    Maeve + Hugo:

    11. 2024: (B. 6, 5) We decided to adopt a baby girl. Although our family is enormous, there's nothing like having a baby around and the girls were begging for a little sister. Her name is Caroline Rose.

    12. 2025: (L.E. 2, 6) Adam's cousin, Jude and his wife Amber passed away in a car accident. Luckily, their three children were not in the car. Jude and Amber left their children, Camille Lily (12), Bridget Alice (10) and Shea Evangeline (6) to Adam and I.

    13. 2026: (L.E. 8, 2) With the recent additions to our family, Adam and I decided we should move into a bigger house. The kids were thrilled, of course.
    Poppy + Maeve's Room:
    Hazel + Camille's Room:
    Bridget, Caroline + Shea's Room:
    Nate, Hugo + Tobias' Room:
    Master Bedroom:

    14. 2027: (L.E. 4, 4) Adam's sister Jade and her husband Owen decided to move out to Birmingham to be closer to us. Their three kids, Wilson Henry (17), Gregory Owen (9) and Cameron Jade (5) and them move into a house a few blocks from us. Jade and I decide to open a daycare centre in town.

    15. 2028: (B. 1, 3) We weren't planning on adding to the family, but we ended up having a baby girl. Her name is Olive Katharine.

    16. 2029: (B. 1, 6) We decided to adopt a baby girl who was at the daycare for a few weeks before her mother put her up for adoption. Her name is Charlotte Elodie.

    17. 2030: (B. 3, 3) After the parents of two year old twins pass away in a boating accident, we decided to adopt their kids. Their names are Bennett Porter and Sadie Isabelle.

    18. 2031: (L.E. 6, 5) Jade's son, Wilson decided that it was time to marry his longtime girlfriend, Alexandra. The kids all play a part in their lovely outdoor wedding and it's absolutely wonderful.
    Wilson and Jade:

    19. 2032: (L.E. 8, 4) We took in Tobias' best friend whose mother was no longer available to care for him. He's eleven years old and his name is Milo Atticus.

    20. 2033: (L.E. 8, 3) After almost twenty years, we decided that it would be a good idea to go on a real vacation, just Adam and I. Poppy and Hazel come home from school for a few weeks to watch all the kids and Adam and I spent the time travelling around continental Europe.

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    Nov 2010
    British Columbia
    DW: Mary Margaret Hazel Valeur
    DH: Brett Alexander Samson

    Married in Langley, BC, honeymooned in France, and moved into our first home in downtown Vancouver (a two bedroom condo in Coal Harbour)

    Year 1: There is an argument with the landlord and we are forced to move back in with my parents, into their basement suite. We stay there for two months, until we are able to move into a different apartment downtown (another two bedroom apartment, this one further from the water)
    Year 2: We travel to Bolivia and adopt a two year old indigenous girl, named Emetaly Ichika "Emmy"
    Year 3: We move into a house in New Westminster
    Year 4: We have a single girl named Delaney Anastasia "Laney"
    Year 5: My great aunt in Raunds leaves me her house and we sell it.
    Year 6: I open a bookstore downtown and call it Mary's Books
    Year 7: We move to a townhouse in Vancouver
    Year 8: The townhouse burns down and we move back in with my parents. Eventually we move back into New West, in a different house closer to the schools.
    Year 9: We have a son named Theodore Finley "Teddy"
    Year 10: My youngest cousin Owen gets married in Hawaii and our family takes a trip there.
    Year 11: Brett's sister Maureen (41 at this point) moves in with us for six months, helping take care of Teddy and driving Laney and Emmy to school and activities
    Year 12: We adopt triplets we name Ronan Joseph "Roan", Archer Nathaniel "Archie" and Leander Noah "Leo"
    Year 13: We move to London, where I open another bookstore
    Year 14: I open another bookstore in Raunds, which is our third location.
    Year 15: We move to Jacksonville, Florida, opening a fourth store.
    Year 16: My sister has a baby girl she names Delilah Violet
    Year 17: I fall unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls, we name them Mabel Araminta "Mae" and Winifred Amadea "Winnie"
    Year 18: We get a pitbull we name Grove
    Year 19: I move to North Vancouver with the kids and the dog, managing the company from its original location. Brett sells the house in Florida and moves back in with me after two months. We tell the kids that we moved back to Van for business and Brett had to stay in Florida to cut ties with his job.
    Year 20: I fall unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls we name Juniper Cadence "Juno" and Rosalind Delphine "Ros"

    Family after twenty years:

    Mary (45) and Brett (54)

    Emmy (21), Laney (16), Teddy (11), Roan, Archie and Leo (8), Mae and Winnie (3), and Juno and Ros (newborn)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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