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    South Wales, UK
    Zakaria Stanley Long (24) and Jazmin Tara Long (née Metcalfe) (22)
    Married in Cardiff during July 2004. Honeymooned in Italy.
    Stayed in Cardiff and moved into a two bedroom detatched house in a small cul-de-sac.

    Year 1: Being a very family oriented couple, we decided to start a family, and are blessed with a beautiful baby girl who we name Molly Audrey.

    Year 2: with Molly being just 8 months old, I discover that I am pregnant with another baby girl. She is born in September, and named Danielle Tegan.

    Year 3: With Zakaria being promoted in his job, we have no time for any more babies as the family are relocated to Boston, Massachusetts.

    Year 4: After being settled in Boston for a year, we decide to concieve again. I later discover that I am expecting twins! When they are born, we name them Mitchell Calvin and Lyra Marina.

    Year 5: My niece Thalia Anastasia, gets married to her boyfriend of five years, Gareth Zayn. We are all invited to the wedding!

    Year 6: Zakaria's younger sister, Cady Emmelie comes to stay with us as her house was reposessed. She doesn't know when she will be able to find another home, and is very ungrateful for us letting her stay.

    Year 7: I am very surprised to find that I'm expecting twin boys! Romeo Blaise and Asher Milton arrive sooner than we expected.

    Year 8: We have another baby girl, Evelyn Alessia.

    Year 9: Our house is burnt down in a terrible fire. We (including Cady) move in with Cady's daughter Thalia, and her husband Gareth. Thalia isn't incredibly happy about the many new people in her home, especially all the children. The house is smaller than ours and we have a hard time fitting everyone in.

    Year 10: As we're bring Molly and Danielle home from school, we discover two stray kittens. We take them back to the house and adopt them, naming them Iggy and Cyrus.

    Year 11: Zakaria's cousin Sonny Malachi passes away and Zakaria is devistated as they were very close. He soon finds out that Sonny's three children have been left in the care of him. Damien Zack (15), Nicholas Adem (12), and Sadie Lillia (7) are forced to move in with us.

    Year 12: Its another shock when I find out I'm pregnant with twin boys again! There's barely any room for Scott Nathan and Declan Shayne in the little house we live in.

    Year 13: Cady comes home with a new dog, a shih tzu named Olly. Thalia is very annoyed with her.

    Year 14: We finally find a new home, in Austin, Texas. Cady stays living with Thalia and Gareth, and they keep Olly. Zakaria and I, along with the children, take the cats to Texas with us. The house is in a fairly quiet area and has five bedrooms, so there enough space for everyone.

    Year 15: We have another set of twins! Another son, Alistair Caleb, and a daughter, Rihanna Lois.

    Year 16: We have triplets! Clara Avery, Azalea Eve and Patrick Jackson.

    Year 17: Again, I am unexpectedly pregnant with twin boys! We name them Milo Rome and Fraser Heath.

    Year 18: I have a surprise when I'm told I'm pregnant with a baby girl. We call her Annalise Faith.

    Year 19: We hear the news that Thalia as a baby girl! They name her Tamsin Ava.

    Year 20: We decide not to concieve anymore but once again I find I'm expecting twin boys. We call them Finn Kiran and Rohan Oakley.

    Zakaria (44) and Jazmin (42):
    DD: Molly Audrey (19)
    DD: Danielle Tegan (18)
    DS/DD: Mitchell Calvin and Lyra Marina (16)
    DS/DS: Romeo Blaise and Asher Milton (13)
    DD: Evelyn Alessia (12)
    AS: Damien Zack (24)
    AS: Nicholas Adem (21)
    AD: Sadie Lillia (16)
    DS/DS: Scott Nathan and Declan Shayne (8)
    DS/DD: Alistair Caleb and Rihanna Lois (5)
    DD/DD/DS: Clara Avery, Azalea Eve and Patrick Jackson (4)
    DS/DS: Milo Rome and Fraser Heath (3)
    DD: Annalise Faith (2)
    DS/DS: Finn Kiran and Rohan Oakley (6 months)

    Zakaria's sister: Cady Emmelie
    Cady's DD: Thalia Anastasia
    Thalia and Gareth's DD: Tamsin Ava (1)
    Little Miss's
    ♥ Sienna ♥ Everly ♥ Clara ♥
    ♥ Annalise ♥ Kinsley ♥ Aria ♥ Eleni ♥ Hollie ♥
    ♥ Elowen ♥ Charlotte ♥ Lydia ♥ Emerson ♥ Athena ♥

    Little Mr's
    ♥ Ramsey ♥ Harrison ♥ Nolan ♥
    ♥ Lester ♥ Atlas ♥ Elwood ♥ Mason ♥ Miles ♥
    ♥ Reid ♥ Wilder ♥ Chester ♥ Finnegan ♥ Hudson♥

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    KC => SC
    Stacy Mae Mitchell (25) and Vincent Marcello Mitchell (25)
    Married in Long Island, NY in June
    Honeymooned in Greece
    Moved to a three-bedroom house in Myrtle Beach, SC

    Year 1: In August of that year, I find out I'm pregnant! Two weeks later, we discover it's triplets! Next March, I deliver triplets, 2 girls and a boy! Adalyn Faith "Addie", Lila Autumn, and Carter James

    Year 2: I am interviewed on a talk show! It's a local newscast asking about my life with three new babies

    Year 3: My sister-in-law and I start a daycare! It works out nicely but won't last forever because I need a real job.

    Year 4: I adopt a baby boy from a teen mom. His name is Jeremiah Bentley but I change it to Nolan Bentley.

    Year 5: Our home is destroyed in a hurricane! We move in with my parents for six months before returning to Myrtle Beach in a brand new, 5 bedroom home!

    Year 6: I get unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls! Brooklyn Ruth and Sadie Caroline

    Year 7: My husband's grandfather dies, leaving us with $5,000,000 in his will! We put it towards our mortgage and college funds for the little ones.

    Year 8: My best friend has a baby girl! She names her Alayra Mae

    Year 9: I fall pregnant again with multiples! B/G twins! Avery Laurel and Torin Hunter

    Year 10: My family decides it's time to see the world. We move to Limerick, Ireland for a couple years.

    Year 11: I fall unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy! Ryder Mathias

    Year 12: We finally decide to adopt a pet! It's a border Collie dog who we name Olaf

    Year 13: We move back to the U.S., this time to Phoenix, Arizona

    Year 14: My best friend falls pregnant with her second, a boy! She names him Landon Oliver

    Year 15: We have our last children, twin girls named Ryan Emmeline and Eliot Sophie "Elsie"

    Year 16: We adopt another dog! This time it's a chocolate lab named Sven

    Year 17: My husband and I start a charity fund to help children in foster care and orphanages around the world.

    Year 18: Our family goes on vacation to Brazil and there adopt a beautiful 2-year-old girl named Livia Mariana "Liv"

    Year 19: My husband's brother and wife with their three kids come and stay with us as they deal with financial problems. Our kids at home have so much fun playing with their cousins: Luke, Violet, and Piper

    Year 20: We decide to adopt wonderful B/G twins from Ireland. They are named Cieran Robert, who we change to Kieran for pronunciations issues in America, and Maebh Liliana, who we change to Maeve for the same reason. Kieran Robert and Maeve Liliana

    DW: Stacy Mae (45)
    DH: Vincent Marcello (45)
    DD: Adalyn Faith (20)
    DD: Lila Autumn (20)
    DS: Carter James (20)
    DAS: Nolan Bentley (17)
    DD: Sadie Caroline (15)
    DD: Brooklyn Ruth (15)
    DD: Avery Laurel (12)
    DS: Torin Hunter (12)
    DS: Ryder Mathias (10)
    DD: Ryan Emmeline (6)
    DD: Eliot Sophie "Elsie" (6)
    DAD: Livia Mariana "Liv" (5)
    DAS: Kieran Robert (4 months)
    DAD: Maeve Liliana (4 months)
    Ddog: Olaf
    Ddog: Sven
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    The Clarke's
    Kate Robin & Jackson Cedar were college sweethearts in a university not far from home. At graduation in 2014, the two moved back home together to start their careers. Kate works in food culture and farming. Jackson is an advocate for food culture reform and software programmer. The couple leased a tiny 2 BR house in a not so great part of town.

    That year Kate & Jackson give birth to a happy baby girl.

    Child 1| A girl | August 11th, 2014
    Naomi Cedar Clarke

    Kate's Great Aunt Mercy who always favored her passes away. She left $5,000,000 to the couple. They did three things.
    1. Kickstart Kate's organization and campaign to change food standards and eat and drink locally. Which takes off miraculously. They also make a charitable donation to American Farmers.
    2. Buy a bigger house in a nicer neighborhood. Jackson quits work for the year to raise Naomi and work on their home.
    3. Put it in savings!

    Still ecstatic from their winnings, the couple decides to take their daughter and travel the world, in part for Kate's work and in part to explore. The couple will leave for at least 1 year. They will visit all of Africa, China, Mongolia, South Korea, the Philippines, and vacation in Spain. That is where they met Adira Santana. At 17, She's a young beautiful woman, who works in organic farming in Spain. Kate & Adira become friends instantly.

    Still not ready to go home, Kate, Jackson & Naomi spend another year abroad. The couple fell in love with Spain, and have used the money from Aunt Mercy to purchase a vacation home there.

    2018| Towards the end of the year, the couple decides to return back to the States, as Naomi will be starting school soon. Shortly after arriving Jackson and Naomi bring home a puppy they found running near the highway. The rest was history. Naomi named her puppy Felipe.

    2019| Kate received a phone call from her dear friend Adira, who said that she was pregnant and did not feel mature enough to raise a child. She told Kate that her son would do well in America. Kate & Jackson brought her son back to the US at birth.

    Child 2 | A boy | June 2nd, 2019 | Adopted from Spain at birth
    Ivan Raphael Clarke "Van"

    2020| Still a stay at home father, Jackson has a new undertaking. He wants to open a bookstore. In the fall of 2020, Jackson opens a bookstore/coffee shop called Clarke's.

    2021| The shop is thriving, Kate's organization is growing into the restaurant community. Naomi, age 7, and Ivan, age 3 are very happy helping their parents develop their business ventures. Kate decides that she would love to have Adira, Ivan's mother work for her in the US, and be able to care for her son. She calls Adira right away, and Adira is easy to agree. 3 months later Adira moves in to their large home.

    2022| Jackson's mother Edith becomes very sick. She moves into the downstairs apartment, so still stay-at-home father, Jackson can care for her as well. Kate busy working, has asked Adira to take over the bookstore to try to continue working on her campaign. Rarely home during the day, Kate doesn't mind her mother in law being in the home.

    2023| Busy with life and their careers, a baby is the last thing Kate & Jackson expected. But alas, it was meant to be. This year Kate gave birth to a baby boy. They wanted to name him after Great Aunt Mercy, who made so much possible.

    Child 3| A boy | January 28th, 2023
    Mercer Robbin Clarke

    2024| A decade has passed! Kate's campaign is now a full functioning non-profit that provides resources and outreach for better access to better foods in school and homes. It's making national headlines and the aging members of One Direction, huge proponents and ambassadors of the concept, have condoned the organization for being progressive and necessary. Kate has been asked to make an appearance on the Today Show. Her episode airs May 18, 2024.

    2025| Adira, having made her self right at home in the States, has fallen madly in love with an architect in town. She's now 25, Ivan is 6. Adira marries Alexander Theron Cabot "Alex" who adopts Ivan. Adira announces she is pregnant with their second child.

    Child 4| A girl| September 29th, 2025
    Nina Maria Kate Cabot

    After Nina is born, Kate learns that she's also expecting again.

    2026| Kate & Jackson have their 3rd child!

    Child 5 | A girl | March 24th, 2026
    Edith Santana Clarke "Edie"

    2027| Adira & Alex get a parrot for Ivan, 8. Naomi, 13 and Mercer, 3, want a bird as well. Finally after almost a full year of begging, Naomi gets a parrot for her 14th Birthday. She names him Nico.

    2028| With Kate as the CEO of a major non-profit organization, she's very busy. Jackson has also gone back to work building software and computer platforms for Kate's non-profit. The couple and their children needed to relocate somewhere more metropolitan in order to reach wider audiences. So Jackson & Kate packed up and moved out west to the California coast. Based out of San Francisco, Kate now works with the pacific side of the globe. The couple bought a massive 5 bedroom in Oakland, CA.

    2029| Living in California has made Kate somewhat of a political celebrity. With her heartfelt and outspoken personality, she's captured the interest of television talk show hosts who admire her work. She first appears on Jimmy Fallon's aging talk show!

    2030| While vacationing in Spain one winter, Kate & Jackson were approached by a nun who asked about Adira. After telling the woman their story, she was so ecstatic. She told them that God sent her to spread the word of their calling to adopt another child. Not being particularly religious, Kate & Jackson reluctantly met the Nun at the orphanage the next afternoon. There they met a small girl of 2 years. She didn't speak, but was bright, vibrant and meant to be. Kate & Jackson became the parents to their fourth child.

    Child 6 | A girl | December 7th, 2028
    Althea Marguerite Clarke "Thea"

    2031| A huge earthquake shakes the pacific coast in 2031. The homes if not destroyed, and falling slowly. Those near the SF Bay are forced to evacuate and seek shelter inland. Kate & Jackson don't mess around with nature. They picked up there belongs, double checked the head count, Naomi (17), Mercer (7), Edie (5) & Thea (3), and rolled on back home. Because of their unexpected arrival, their home was still being leased. It would end in 3 months, but they needed somewhere to stay as the children would start school. The family stayed in Jackson's sister, Maggie's farmhouse. A beautiful oasis of animals to feed, vegetables to pick and grass to roll in. Kate fell in love.

    2032| Deciding to follow in Jackson's sisters footsteps, the couple buys 20 acres of land just outside their hometown. They commission a beautiful farmhouse designed by Adira's husband Alex. The home has 6 BR, 5 BA, 4 stables, 10 acres of cow pasture, and a beautiful pond. Despite their three other homes, this is where the family spends the most time.

    2033| Naomi has just left for college back in California. She missed her life there, so she went back to study Business Philosophy. That fall Kate & Jackson received word that their best friends from college, also a long time couple in love had an tragic accident while hiking in Switzerland. Lea & Mateo Loren passed away leaving behind their two daughters, Agnes Mattea Loren, 6 & Lelia Shepard Loren, 2 to their respective God parents, Kate & Jackson.

    Child 7| A girl | July 24th, 2027
    Agnes Mattea Loren, 6 "Molly"

    Child 8| A girl | April 16th, 2031
    Lelia Shepard Loren, 2 "Lily"

    2034| Vacation! Back home to Spain. The whole crazy train.
    Adira (35) & Alex (41) bring Ivan (15) Nina (9) & and the unexpected Grace Adira Claire Cabot (3 mos.)
    Maggie (37) & her husband, Taft (34) bring their children Anya (17), Blythe (17), Leon (13), Ciel (11) & Maya (8).
    And Kate (42) & Jackson (43) had to add on to their home to accommodate their crowd. They have Mercer (10), Edie (8), Molly (6), Thea (4) & Lily (2).
    Naomi (20) is bringing her boyfriend, Ted (22), to Spain for the Summer.


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    Genevieve Simone and Mitchell Parker Brooks married in a private ceremony on May 12, 2013 in Polignano a Mare, Italy. After finishing touring the Mediterranean, Gen and Mitchell settle down in the costal city of Brighton, UK

    Year 1: Mitchell’s younger sister Ana, who is beginning her first year at the University of Sussex comes to stay with Gen and Mitchell until she can find a place of her own.

    Year 2: Mitchell’s mother, who raised Mitchell and Ana mostly on her own, gets sick and moves in with the couple.

    Year 3: Gen’s twin brother Arthur gets married to Georgina. Gen and Mitchell travel to California, where Gen’s family is from, to go to the wedding. As Gen is a good friend of Georgina, she is one of the bridesmaids.

    Year 4: Gen and Mitchell welcome their first child. His name is Graham Matthew.

    Year 5: Mitchell’s good friend Thomas, who grew up next door, and his wife Tiffany die in a terrible accident. Gen and Mitchell take in their daughters, Clarissa Elise, age 3, and Morgan Elise, age 5.

    Year 6: Gen gets in a horrible accident and almost dies. She is bound to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

    Year 7: The family adopts a cat named Mickey.

    Year 8: Gen and the family are interviewed about the two accidents that drastically changed their lives and how they are making the best of it.

    Year 9: The family moves to Munich, Germany.

    Year 10: Cosette Delphine is born on September 14.

    Year 11: The family gets a parrot named Fredrick

    Year 12: Gen and her friend Katja open up a boutique. However, Gen soon sells her share to Katja as she finds she is too stressed and not spending enough time with her children.

    Year 13: Camila Marion is born on November 23.

    Year 14: Gen is invited on a talk show. She is speaks about how to have a full life in a wheelchair. She is called “an inspiration.”

    Year 15: The family adopts a dog. His name is Preston.

    Year 16: The family relocates to Boston, Massachusetts.

    Year 17: The family adopts another dog, Chase.

    Year 18: They buy a new house outside of Boston. It is colonial style and historic.

    Year 19: Mitchell’s sister Ana and her boyfriend have a daughter named Daphne Joy.

    Year 20: Gen becomes unexpectedly pregnant with twin boys. They are named Oliver James and Samuel Rupert.

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    London, England
    DW: Emma Florence
    DH: Isaac Daniel

    We marry young at age 23 in a big country wedding. After honeymooning in Disney World we settle down in Hartford, Connecticut

    Year 1: We adopt twin boys and name them Julian David & Emmett Benjamin

    Year 2: We adopt two dogs, springer spaniels, and name them Charlie and Maisy

    Year 3: We adopt triplet girls. We name them Ella Caroline, Annie Violet and Scarlett Nora

    Year 4: I get interviewed on a talk show. Ellen has me on her show to display my incredible dance skill

    Year 5: We have triplets, two girls and a boy. We name them Ava Eleanor, Lena Cecily and Jasper Leo

    Year 6: Me and DH take in a 6 year old foster child, a boy named Everett Hudson

    Year 7: We get a parrot. The kids name it Buttercup.

    Year 8: We have twins boys! We name them Noah Jack and Archie Levi

    Year 9: DH's favorite cousin dies and leaves his/her three children to you and DH. Mason James, Emerson Belle and Nolan Wade

    Year 10: Me and DH begin a charity based around adoption.

    Year 11: We buy a new house. It's a sprawling country house with lots of space for the kids to play.

    Year 12: We have triplets, two girls and a boy. We name them Eliza Grace, Georgia Ivy and Milo Rupert

    Year 13: We go on vacation to Disney World with the kids

    Year 14: We have twin girls. We name them Lilah Abigail and Emmy Hannah

    Year 15: We fall unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls. We name them Ada Kate and Hazel Adeline

    Year 16: We fall unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls (again) we name them Penelope 'Penny' Clara and Genevieve Naomi

    Year 17: We fall unexpectedly pregnant with boy/girl twins (someone's a fertile myrtle) We name them Walter 'Walt' Michael and Madeleine 'Maddie' Alice

    Year 18: I fall unexpectedly pregnant with twins girls (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) We name them Mia Catherine and Evangeline 'Evie' Allison

    Year 19: Me and DH need to buy another new house to fit all these accidental children in. It's an old converted hotel, Victorian and has a huge yard.

    Year 20: We go on a well needed vacation to Hawaii

    After 20 years we have 26 kids - 9 boys and 17 girls
    Julian, Emmett, Ella, Annie, Scarlett, Ava, Lena, Jasper, Noah, Archie, Mason, Emerson, Nolan, Eliza, Georgia, Milo, Lilah, Emmy, Ada, Hazel, Penny, Genevieve, Walt, Maddie, Mia & Evie

    Lorelai Violet - Louisa Mae - Clara Elizabeth - Verity Jane - Isla Genevieve

    Dashiell Emmett - Theo Lucian - Leo Benjamin - Finley Cassius - Eli Oliver


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