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    Me: Lydia Phoebe Bess
    DH: Colin Michael Bess
    Year married: 2015, I am 25 and Colin is 29.
    We marry and live in Philadelphia in a three-bedroom brick home. Our honeymoon is in Turks and Cacaos.

    Year 1: My younger cousin, Wesley Ryland Jacobs, gets married to his girlfriend of four years, Ava Lee Rollins. Colin and I fly to Las Vegas for their destination wedding.

    Year 2: Shortly after our first wedding anniversary, one of Colin's students at university, Jaime Grace Whistler, confides in him that she's pregnant with twins. After some discussion we decide to adopt the babies and are approved. With Jaime's help we name them August Whistler Bess and Mabel Grace Bess. We have an open adoption and Jaime stays a big part of our lives.

    Year 3: With all the excitement of bringing Gus and Mae home, we forget to celebrate our second anniversary! Leaving the twins with Colin's parents for a few days we take a weekend trip to New York. A few weeks later, we find out I'm pregnant... with identical twin boys! Two sets of twins in under two years is hectic, but we are blessed to bring home Walter Jack Bess and Milo James Bess eight months later.

    Year 4: Gus and Mae are almost two and Walt and Milo are 7 months old when we get a call from Colin's younger sister, Caitlyn, who is 19. She'd been living in an apartment with her boyfriend, but left him when she caught him cheating. She doesn't want to go home, so we offer her a place to stay. Cate is a great houseguest - she pays rent and helps with the kids as collateral. She stays with us for the rest of the year until she gets accepted to college on scholarship.

    Year 5: With Cate in the house, Colin and I didn't get much alone time, but once she moves out everything goes back to normal. It isn't long before we're expecting again. Yet again... it's twins. We can't believe the odds, and neither can the doctors, but this time we have a set of identical twin girls which balances out all the testosterone in the house. Penelope Cate Bess and Clementine Anne Bess come home healthy after two weeks in the NICU.

    Year 6: My younger cousin Wes and his wife Ava welcome their first child this year after five years of marriage. They have a beautiful baby girl named Skylar Faith Jacobs, and name Colin and I as godparents.

    Year 7: Colin's job as a professor takes us to Boston, Massachusetts when he gets a tenured position as a professor at Harvard. We buy a beautiful six bedroom home in the suburbs outside of Boston.

    Year 8: After Polly and Clea were born, Colin and I decided we were scared to roll the dice on having twins again, so we applied for international adoption. This year, we are finally approved to adopt a 3 year old girl from Ethiopia. Ayodele Dembe Bess, called Aya, arrives home when Polly and Clea are two, Walt and Milo are 4, and Gus and Mae are 5.

    Year 9: My younger brother David Patrick Jacobs is hit by a drunk driver and passes away a few days later. We are able to prove malpractice on the doctor that was treating him and receive a $2.5 million dollar settlement. He wasn't married and had no children, but we take in his dog, a corgi named Roscoe.

    Year 10: Eight months after David passes away, we receive a phone call from the woman he'd been dating at the time, Laura Beth Harmon. She has just given birth to twins, and she claims David is the father. After a paternity test proves the twins are David's, she asks us if we would adopt them as she is unable to support them. We say yes. Archer David Bess and Harriet Patricia Bess come to stay with us a few weeks later.

    Year 11: At the suggestion of my seven year old daughter Mae, I get my nose pierced.

    Year 12: Late one night, we get a call from a hospital in Santa Monica. Colin's mother, who has Alzheimers, is no longer able to take care of her home on her own and her health is deteriorating. After some discussion, we decide the best thing to do is to move to California to be close to her while she is in a nursing home. It takes some convincing, but we buy her six bedroom estate and use some of the money from the lawsuit to renovate it and add three extra bedrooms. The whole family visits her a few times a week at the care facility and her health improves slightly.

    Year 13: Archie and Hattie are turning 3 this year, Polly and Clea are five, Aya is six, Walt and Milo are seven, and Gus and Mae are eight. As crazy as it is with nine kids running around, I can't help but miss having a little baby in the house. Colin agrees. By this time we're 38 and 42, so we turn to fertility treatments. They work... a little too well. Triplets Florence Avis Bess, Eugenia Dawn Bess, and Clarence Bram Bess are born six weeks early but stable. They come home after three weeks in the NICU.

    Year 14: Early this year, when the triplets are only five months old, Colin's mother passes away. Almost at the same time, I'm offered a higher paying job in Fort Worth, Texas. We sell the house and make a killing, enough to buy a ranch just outside Fort Worth. The ranch has old servants' quarters attached to the house, which we convert into extra bedrooms for the kids. They still have to share, but not three to a room like in our old house.

    Year 15: After moving in, we become unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy! This was a surprise to everyone as I turn 40 this year, but little Dexter Colin Bess is born happy and healthy. At this time the triplets are 2, Archie and Hattie are 5, Polly and Clea are 7, Aya is 8, Walt and Milo are 9, and Gus and Mae are 10.

    Year 16: My best friend, Rachel Marie Franck, passes away this year from breast cancer. She was a single parent to a three year old boy named Wilder Austin Franck. In her will, she lists Colin and I as the custodian of her son as she had no surviving family. Wilder Austin Franck-Bess becomes a part of the family quickly even though the adjustment of losing Rachel is hard. He and Clarence become the fastest of friends.

    Year 17: During the hot summer this year, Fort Worth becomes the site of devastating wildfires, one of which destroys our home. Insurance covers the cost of everything, however while we look for a new house we're forced to stay with relatives. We move in with my younger cousin Wesley, his wife Ava, and their 16 year old daughter Skylar for four months, as they own and live in an apartment building with two adjacent, empty apartments. Eventually we buy another home in Fort Worth, using the insurance money to purchase a huge twelve bedroom estate outside the city.

    Year 18: I'm invited to the Ellen show as a guest! After the fire and the purchase of our new home, which was once owned by Robert Downey Jr., she got wind of Colin and I and our large blended family and was fascinated. She invites us all to the set to be interviewed, and through the show I am offered a book contract with Simon and Schuster. Colin and I begin writing immediately.

    Year 19: This year, we get a frantic call from Wes who is furious that his eighteen year old daughter and my goddaughter, Skylar, is pregnant. He asks me to talk to her. She's ashamed that this happened the way it did but after discussing her options, decides to keep the baby. Her boyfriend Joshua Matthew Dawson, who is only eighteen himself, makes the right decision and asks her to marry him. They have a baby boy named Lukas Wesley Dawson "Luke", who is carried down the aisle by his mother at their wedding two months later. Although it's unorthodox, Skylar and Josh ask us to be Luke's godparents as well as Skylar's. We agree.

    Year 20: After meeting baby Luke, Colin confides to me that he'd love to have one more baby before we put our child-rearing years behind us for good. So, in our 20th year of marriage, we welcome another set of twin girls. Stella Vivian Bess and Leona Verity Bess are born on Colin's 49th birthday.

    Lydia and Colin:
    August, Mabel, Walter, Milo, Penelope, Clementine, Ayodele, Archer, Harriet, Florence, Eugenia, Clarence, Wilder, Stella, and Leona.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    My name is Jorrian Trass. My Husband Brian and I got married in 2020. Since he used to be in the Coast Guard he loves being around water so we get married on a Yacht in Oahu Hawaii. We settle down in Spokane, Washington with him as a police officer and myself as a Nurse Practitioner. We buy a nice two Victorian style mansion in hopes of lots of babies and grand babies one day.

    2021: We have Twin boys.
    Ethan Benjamin Trass
    Channing Owen Trass

    2022: I have a miscarriage.
    Brian and I take the kids on a vacation to Italy

    2023: We adopt a baby girl we fell in love with when we went to Italy
    Zoe Ivonne Trass

    2024: We adopt a baby boy from Ireland
    Boston Jacob Trass

    2025: We have a baby boy
    Caspian Everest Trass

    2026: We have Triplet Boys
    Aragon Elijah Trass
    Linden Noah Trass
    Elias Levi Trass

    2027: We have a baby girl.
    Madison Satine Trass

    2028: We have B/G/G Triplets
    Maverick William Trass
    Cheyenne Elodie Trass
    Vienna Grace Trass

    2029: Brian and I try but are unsuccessful. So to fill the gap we get a two puppies.
    They are Great Danes named Tiberius and Venetia

    2030: We have another miscarriage. And a few months later Brian's grandfather dies and he leaves us 5 million dollars. We donate 500,000 dollars to the Make a wish foundation and split the rest up and put it in a college fund for all 12 of our kids. Leaving them $41,666

    2031: We have Boy Girl Twins
    Jeremiah Anderson Trass
    Emily Elizabeth Trass

    2032: We adopt a baby boy from Taiwan
    Simon James Trass

    2033: Brian's baby sister and her son Gabriel Thomas come to live with us because her mother kicked her out. Bailey and Gabe live with us for two years.

    2034: We fall unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls.
    Caroline Isabelle Trass
    Evelyn Johanna Trass

    2035: We fall pregnant with a baby boy
    Denver Hollis Trass

    2036: Brian and I decide its time for a move.
    We move to a mansion in Florida

    2037: Ethan (Age 16) and His serious girlfriend of over a year have a baby boy
    Benjamin David Trass

    2038: Brian starts seeing his old girlfriend from high school Trisha. The affair goes on for about 6 months. I find out through a family friend. I kick him out for two months telling him that if at the end of the two months he feels like he can be true to me once again i would take him back. If not, we would get a divorce. At the end of the two months I find him on his knees on our porch begging me to take him back. I do. And we are closer than we have ever been.

    2039: My best friend is getting married to her second husband, who just so happens to be Brian's best friend. Brian is the Best Man while i am the maid of honor the Grooms men and the Brides maids consist of our kids and the Bride and Grooms siblings.

    2040: My best friend, who is practically my sister, and her husband, die in a car accident. They leave Brian and I their 10 year old twin girls in their will.
    Leah Danielle Cordelle
    Katie Victoria Cordelle

    2041: I surprisingly fall pregnant for the final time, with B/G/G/B/G Quintuplets
    Roan Alexander Trass
    Emery Savannah Trass
    Thalia Jocelyn Trass
    Hudson Zane Trass
    Journey Noelle Trass

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    Year 1: Tyler gets a wonderful job at the fire station downtown after volunteering there since his freshman year in high school, all through college. He starts out at the captain of a squad, because of his history with the station.

    Year 2: After Tyler is established in his career we decide we’re ready to start a family. Three months later we are surprised to find we are expecting triplets. At 7 ½ months our triplets, Declan Rhys, Bronson Wyatt, and Ivy Aurora are born.

    Year 3: When the triplets are nearly a year old we get a call from the hospital. Tyler’s cousin, his best friend, was in a tragic boating accident. He was a single father and left his three children to Tyler and I. Abigail Nora is 9, Austin Gregory is 7, and Alyssa Faith is 5.

    Year 4: Having 8 people in a two bedroom townhouse is very cramped, and because of sharing a room with the triplets Tyler and I begin to struggle in our relationship. We decide it is time to move to a bigger house, and after saving for a few months we find the perfect place, just outside of Seattle, in Kent. It is a 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on 3 acres of property.

    Year 5: Tyler and I are seriously struggling in our relationship, so much so that he decides to move in with a fire buddy for a few months, to give each other space. I struggle through 6 months of being a single parent to 6 children. We attend counseling together, and treat each other as we did when we where dating. One night while the kids are at my parents he takes me to the spot he proposed to me, begging to move back in, and apologizing for leaving in the first place. He moves back in, and the kids are ecstatic. Our relationship is stronger than it ever was.

    Year 6: Tyler and I decide it is time to try for another baby. 10 months later our beautiful twin daughters Ella Bethany and Emma Felicity are born.

    Year 7: Tyler and I decide to take a vacation, just the two of us. We head on a 10 day cruise in the Caribbean, leaving Ella and Emma with my mom, Cheri. Abby, Austin, and Lyssa stay with their paternal grandparents, Wes and Nora, and Declan, Bronson, and Ivy stay with my sister Aurora, and brother in law, Wyatt, and their three children.

    Year 8: My sister Aurora and I decide to open a children’s clothing store together. We call it Patterns and Patches, and open it in downtown Seattle. We hire our friend, Rachel, to work with us. The business thrives, and it’s the talk of many mommy groups.

    Year 9: Tyler turns 35 this year, and I turn 33. We are looking back out how blessed we have been since we got married ten years ago. We have a beautiful 15 year old daughter, a active 13 year old son, a artistic 11 year old daughter, creative triplets who are 6, and sweet twin girls who are three. Our older children are begging us to get pets, and they actually get the younger girls involved too. Tyler and I finally give in when looking at ads on Craigslist. Tyler surprises all 8 of our children when he comes home from work one day with three beagle puppies. The children name them Milo, Reid, and Kaya.

    Year 10: After sending our babies off to preschool Tyler and I are both aching to have another baby in the house, so we decide to start trying. After a few months, we are both surprised that we are not yet expecting, and decide to put in an application for adoption, thinking that the process will take a while. Not even two months later we get a call from our caseworker. We where looking to adopt between 2 and 5 children. A sibling group of three whose parents can’t take care of them had become wards of the state. Olivia Vivian is 14, Kaydance Lilly is 5, and Greyson Chance is 2.

    Year 11: Not long after the adoption of Olivia, Kaydance, and Greyson is finalized I discover I am unexpectedly pregnant, with twin boys. Tyler and I name them after their grandfathers. William James and Samuel Paul.

    Year 12: Increasing our family from 8 children to 13 children in two years is stressful, and Tyler decides that it is again time to move to a larger house. His uncle helps us buy a almost mansion house located in Kent, with 10 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, on a 4 acre lot.

    Year 13: Abigail has become quite reserved in the last couple of months. She has been attending the local community college, and has had a steady boyfriend for three years. Tyler and I decide that it would be a good idea for Abby and I to have a girls day. Not long after we leave the house, driving towards Seattle she finally speaks. “Mom, I’m pregnant,” is all she says, as she begins to sob. I pull over on the side of the road when it’s safe and turn off the car, turning to her. “Sweetie, Dad and I will support whatever decision you make. We love you, nothings going to change that,” I tell her. Her boyfriend, Benjamin, who is also 19, moves in with us, the two of them sharing a bedroom, and 7 months later Abigail and Ben’s daughter, Natasha Allison is born.

    Year 14: We gladly welcome Natasha into the family, it’s a little strange having a grandchild, and being a parent to three year old twins, but Tyler and I both embrace it. We decide to get the children a few more pets, getting two calico kittens that they name Tangerine and Pumpkin because of the orange they both have in their fur.

    Year 15: Abby and Ben announce they are going to get married. They have a beautiful ceremony in our yard, with all of the family. Ben asks Austin to be his best man, and Alyssa is Abby’s maid of honor. Their two-year-old daughter is the flower girl, and Will and Sam are the ring bearers.

    Year 16: We spend the year building a three bedroom house for Abby, Ben, and Tasha on the property after they decide they want to live close by.

    Year 17: Aurora and I decide to expand the store with the help of Abby, who has graduated with a degree in business. We add a maternity section, and Abby takes over managing the store.

    Year 18: Abby and Ben announce the birth of their second child, a little boy who they name Nathaniel Benjamin.

    Year 19: Tyler’s uncle, James, passes away from a stroke and leaves us 5,000,000 dollars in his will. We put the money in trust funds for each of the kids, to be given to each of them on their 18th birthdays.

    Year 20: Tyler and I decide to take the whole family on a vacation to Hawaii, where we spend a week at the Disney Spa, and two weeks traveling and doing all kinds of amazing things, such as flying in helicopters, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, and surfing.

    Tyler and Allison 46 and 44. (Allie)
    Abigail Nora 26 (Abby)
    Austin Gregory 24
    Olivia Vivian 24
    Alyssa Faith 22
    Declan Rhys, Bronson Wyatt and Ivy Aurora 18.
    Kaydence Lilly 15 (Katie)
    Ella Bethany and Emma Felicity 14
    Greyson Chance 12 (Grey)
    William James and Samuel Paul 9 (Liam and Sam)

    Abigail’s family:
    Abigail Nora 26 (Abby)
    Benjamin Jeremiah 26 (Ben)
    Natasha Allison 7 (Tasha)
    Nathaniel Benjamin 2 (Nate)

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    Year 1: My name is Molly Madigan my husband, Kellan, and I got married twenty years ago in a small ceremony in Boston Common. We lived in a loft apartment just off the campus at Northeastern, where we both work. We weren’t quite ready for a baby yet, but we wanted a little responsibility and maybe some practice, so we got a a little black, purple and white finch that my nerd of a husband named Darwin.
    Year 2: A year later we decide we’re ready for a baby and try to conceive, but have no luck so we quit trying and wait a little longer. It might of been a good thing because a few months after we stopped trying Kellan was offered a job at MIT as a genetics professor, so we have to relocate across the city.
    Year 3: The next year with Kellan and I both busy with work we decide it’s best to keep waiting for a baby. That year I was interviewed by the New York Times for a article on Northeastern’s progress in the University circuit in Boston, I still hold it over Kellan’s head that I was interviewed before him.
    Year 4: The next year was a sad one, but the cloud did come with a silver lining. My best friend growing up, Tamara McLeod, was killed in a car crash and her husband died in Afghanistan a few years earlier. She listed me as next of kin to her three year old son Finn Alistair McLeod and he came to live with us in Boston.
    Year 5: After a year with Finn, we decided we wanted kids and tried again to conceive and were successful! Three months in we find out we’ll be having twin boys, we we’re both completely thrilled and Finn was really excited to have brothers. In November, just a few days before my birthday our boys, Dalton Desmond and Henry William, were born.
    Year 6: When Dalton and Henry were a year old and Finn had just entered kindergarden, we were really exited to have a family and I fell pregnant again. When we found out we we’re having a girl Kellan was thrilled, he was sure she’d be a little daddy girl and our Cassandra Alice has never disappointed him.
    Year 7:The next year we had another set of twins, which I blame on Kellan for twins run in his family. The twins, Isaac Augustus & Vivienne Maria, were born premature and Vivienne had to have surgery on her heart when she was three days old, but after two weeks she was alright to come home and has yet to have any problems.
    Year 8: After what happened to Vivienne we decided to take a break from having kids and to make sure she gets into primary school safely. We enrolled Dalton and Henry in a local preschool, run by a rather hippie-ish couple, I think it’s great they teach art and music and cooking and get along really well with the kids, but Kellan thinks they’ll force his sons into becoming lefties. That year Kellan was interviewed by NPR radio for his work in genetics he swears up and down that this beats my New York Times article, it doesn’t.
    Year 9: The next year Kellan was offered a job in Pasadena at CIT as Professor of Genetics. It was a huge change, but the kids adjusted really well to the new location and Finn loved the new school and was already making friends. Though the kids were really upset when it didn’t snow that Christmas.
    Year 10: A year after we moved to Pasadena, right after Dalton and Henry entered kindergarden I started feeling nauseous, we hadn’t planned anything so I didn’t think I was pregnant, but I took a pregnancy test about a month in a it was positive. Eight months later we had our first California baby, Nolan Conall.
    Year 11: The next year, the November after Cassandra started Kindergarden, my brother Desmond and his wife Genevieve had their first baby, a little girl named Harriet Alice, everyone calls her Hattie.
    Year 12: When Nolan was two and all his siblings had left for primary school and the house was feeling lonely and we decided to try for another baby. This time still cursed by my husband’s ability for multiples we have triplets Sean James, Seamus John & Moira Elaine.
    Year 13: A year later I fell pregnant again and my family knowing that a happy Mum is a happy home prayed to whatever god they believed in for a singleton. Our prayers were answered with a little baby girl I let Kellan pick the first name, he decided he didn’t want to be the only one with the awkward Welsh name and I gave her hippie-hindi name just to push his buttons, it’s how we show affection, our daughter was named Arianwen Lakshmi.
    Year 14: The next year Finn graduates from middle school he had gotten all A’s and B’s all three years so we rewarded him with a trip to the pet store where he picked out a black collie and a beagle. He made his Literature Professor mother very proud by naming them Sherlock and Watson.
    Year 15:A year after we got the puppies and in Finn’s freshman year I fell pregnant for what I swore would be the last time with a single baby boy. A few months in I decide on a name with Finn and I prayed that Kellan would be okay with it. Stephen Mycroft came into the world a four in the morning, his father was so physically and emotionally drained he didn’t care about the middle name.
    Year 16: When Cassandra graduates from middle school with all A’s all three years, Kellan is bursting with pride. She asks for the same trip to the pet store and pick’s out a gray kitten which she, very much her father’s daughter, names Selenium.
    Year 17: A year later Kellan’s father died, they were never close, the man despised me, but Kellan was his only child so he was left with the politicians $5,000,000 fortune. Kellan treated it like drug money and wouldn’t dare spend it until Dalton suggested he donated it to the school. He was a sweetheart a donated to the literature department at Berkley where I work.
    Year 18: The January before Finn graduates from high school I fall pregnant for what I am certain will be the last time. We had one last little girl in the September Finn started at Berkley we named her Sophia Isabelle.
    Year 19: Last year Kellan and I both got raises and we decided to use the money to buy a bigger house. We ended up moving to San Fransisco and getting beautiful, pale blue victorian. All of the kids were so excited that they would finally get their own rooms.
    Year 20: With no college age kids who would need to stay in the same location Kellan was able to take up an old job request at the most highly rated school in the world, Cambridge University. This move was really hard since nearly half the kids weren’t coming with us, but Nolan (10), the triplets (8), Arianwen (7), Stephen (5) and Sophia (2) all love England, Sophia and Stephen are even starting to get lilts.

    Our Family: Finn (20), Dalton (16), Henry (16), Cassandra (15), Isaac (14), Vivienne (14), Nolan (10), Sean (8), Seamus (8), Moira (8), Arianwen (7), Stephen (5) & Sophie (2)
    Abhla | Alice | Audrey | Beatrice | Cecilia | Constance | Cordelia | Eilís | Genevieve | Gráinne | Harriet | Helena | Honora | Iris | Isolde | Ivy | Juno | Louise | Maud | Moira | Orla | Rosalind | Síomha | Tuathla | Veronica

    Alexander | Amargein | Bran | Ciaran | Cillian | Elias | Ephraim | Emmet | Everett | Fiachra | Fionn | Isaac | James | Joseph | Jude | Julian | Kellan | Lonan | Nolan | Oisín | Orson | Patrick | Ronan | Ruaidrí | Thomas

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    Lily Eve and Alexander James Cohen (25) - married in New York 2009, living in an apartment in New York

    2010: Alex's brother Thomas Lee Cohen gets married to Lily's best friend Morgan Juliet and you and Lily and Alex get to be the best man and bridesmaid.

    2011: They adopt a baby boy from Bolivia and call him Paxton Tate "Pax"

    2012: Lily gets a tatoo of a dove at the back of her neck

    2013: Miscarriage.
    Lily's younger sister Lavender Jane (14) comes to stay with your family for 2 months as a holiday. She has a lot of fun babysitting Pax.

    2014: tried to get pregnant but are unsuccessful.
    Alex loses his job and your family is forced to move in with Thomas and Morgan because they cant pay the rent. After a while Alex is baack to work but because they get on with Thomas really well they decide to buy a big house together to raise their families in. Thomas and Morgan got a baby son named Luka Rylan born this year

    2015: Since its not working out with becoming pregnant they decide to adopt triplet girls from Bulgaria.
    They name them Juniper Claire "June" , Rosalie Jane "Rosa" and Isla Blossom

    2016: The family buys a a dog. Its a Newfoundland and they call him Rudy

    2017: Alex and Lily begin a charity collecting money for orphans.

    2018: Trying to get pregnat didnt work out again.
    Lily gets You are interviewed on a talk show to advertise adoption and her charity.

    2019: Lily finally got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Darcy Pearl

    2020: Lily's Dad passes away and leaves you and DH their house in Dakota. The family parts with Tom's family (Tom, Morgan, Luka and newborn Benjamin George) and moves there after emotional good byes

    2021: The family spends most of the year renovating their new home in Bismarck

    2022: Lily gives birth to Theodore River "Teddy"

    2023: Thomas and Morgan have a baby girl and call her Ruby Rae

    2024: Alex's favorite cousin Felicity dies and leaves her three children to them. Their names are Brady Joel (7), Flynn Oscar (5) and Olive Zoe (4)

    2025: Lily and her sister Lavender who lives in Bismarck open a childcare centre for orphans together.

    2026: Lily gives birth to Jasper Leo

    2027: Lily gives birth to twin girls unexpectantly. They call them Mary Harper, Everly Chloe and Abigail Lucia

    2028: A close friend dies and leaves his 3-year-old son to Lily ans Alex. His name is Felix Jude

    2029: Thomas and Morgen have baby girl. They name her Molly Grace

    2030: Thomas and Morgan have another baby girl ans name her Amelia Serenity

    The families decide to live in their fathers house in Bismarck together.They become famous because of the size of their family

    Alex and Lily (45) and their children:
    Pax (19)
    June, Rosa & Isla (15)
    Brady (13)
    Darcy (11)
    Flynn (11)
    Olive (10)
    Teddy (8)
    Felix (5)
    Jasper (4)
    Mary, Ever & Gail (3)

    Alex's brother Tom and his wife Morgan (43) children:
    Luka (16)
    Ben (10)
    Ruby (7)
    Molly (1)
    Amelia (newborn)

    The house got 10 bedrooms:
    1) Alex and Lily
    2) Tom and Morgan
    3) Pax & Luca
    4) June, Rose & Isla
    5) Brady,Flynn & Ben
    6) Darcy & Olive
    7) Teddy & Ruby
    8) Felix & Jasper
    9) Mary, Ever & Gail
    10) Molly & Amelia
    - Lucy Marlowe - Abigail Darcy - Everly Eden - Bellamy Lux - Isla Pearl - Ophelia Jayne - Juniper Claire -Zoe Amadea - Aria Lysann

    - Theodore River - Paxton Elijah - Felix Raleigh - Logan Ambrose - Luis Raphael - Jonah Taddeo

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