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    Amelia Eleanor Tucker (23) and Kieran Sean Mason (26)
    Married 21 May, 2019, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and then honeymooned in Paris
    After we married we moved to San Francisco after Kieran had a job offer, we got a two bedroom apartment in the city.

    2020: On our one year anniversary we go to London for week, we know we want to have a bunch of kids so we just take time to enjoy our childless lives for a while.

    2021: The next year my cousin, Charles Anthony Tucker, marries his long term boyfriend, Dorian James Lennon, Kieran and I fly back to Massachusetts for their wedding in Boston.

    2022: Three years after we were married we decided we were ready for a baby and after only a few weeks of trying we found out I was pregnant, but six months in I miscarried. It was horrible for both of us, but especially Kieran he had been so excited, we decided to name the child anyway we found out it was a girl and called her Elizabeth Tessa Mason. I had to stay in hospital for about a week afterwards, but when I was released we went away for a month back to Paris where we had had our honeymoon, it was exactly what we both needed.

    2023: The trip worked better than either of us had thought and when we got back we found out I was pregnant again, we were both reasonably scared, but nine months we are joined by triplets, two girls and a boy. We name them Alice Genevieve, Audrey Eleanor & William Thomas.

    2024: The next year we find out that I'm pregnant again, it's a little sooner than we would have liked after the triplets but it's still a blessing. We are joined by twin girls, Ivy Arabella & Deirdre Violet.

    2025: At this point a two bedroom apartment was definitely too small and we get a lovely Ivory Victorian, still in San Francisco with a room for each of the children.

    2026: We had planned for this to be a quiet year, but that didn't exactly go as plan our sixth child Elias Christian was born that winter.

    2027: We aren't really good at quiet years and the year after Elias was born we have another little surprise, another boy, Isaac Augustus.

    2028: The year our firstborns went to kindergarden we have another set of triplets two girls and a boy, Miranda Yvaine, Georgiana Adele and Malcolm James.

    2029: The year after Miri, Georgie & Malcolm were born, Kieran was involved in an awful car crash. He was rushed to the hospital, with several broken ribs, a broken arm and wrist and a fractured collarbone. Thankfully none of the children were with him and they were all slightly to young to understand what had happened, but I spend every moment I had with him.

    2030: We moved all the way to England for a job, we ended up settling in a quiet town in Oxfordshire, in a huge house with enough room for all of the children.

    2031: The year after we moved to England we have twin boys, Vincent Theo and Henry Maxwell.

    2032: Our second year in England I become pregnant with triplet girls, Lorena Guinevere, Charlotte Beatrice & Vivienne Paloma

    2033: After our own triplets are born we travel to France and fall in love with three orphaned triplets, the same age as ours. We keep their French names, Alexandre Jules, Victor Matteo & Louise Juliette.

    2034: After only a few years in England we are forced to move back to Boston, the city where Kieran and I had first met.

    2035: The year after we move to Boston I help my sister, Stella, open a bookshop which she calls Austen's.

    2036: By the next year Austen's has really taken off and Stella and I are interviewed on a talk show about the shop.

    2037: The next year we decided to adopt again, this time two year olds from England, Harvey Daniel & Erin Sophie.

    2038: The year after we adopt the twins we decide to have one last child of our own , but singletons aren't exactly our forte, we have another set of triplets, Susanna Esther, Isla Margaret & Samuel Benedict.

    2039: After the triplets were born we had to move into an even larger house, still in Boston.

    2040: After twenty years we get our first family pets, two cats Hamish and Irene.

    Kieran Sean Mason m. Amelia Eleanor Tucker
    -Elizabeth Tessa Mason - Would have been 19
    -Alice Genevieve Mason - 18
    -Audrey Eleanor Mason - 18
    -William Thomas Mason - 18
    -Ivy Arabella Mason - 17
    -Deirdre Violet Mason - 17
    -Elias Christian Mason - 15
    -Isaac Augustus Mason - 14
    -Miranda Yvaine Mason - 13
    -Georgiana Adele Mason - 13
    -Malcolm James Mason - 13
    -Vincent Theo Mason - 10
    -Henry Maxwell Mason - 10
    -Lorena Guinevere Mason - 9
    -Charlotte Beatrice Mason - 9
    -Vivienne Paloma Mason - 9
    -Alexandre Jules Mason - 9
    -Victor Matteo Mason - 9
    -Louise Juliette Mason - 9
    -Harvey Daniel Mason - 5
    -Erin Sophie Mason - 5
    -Susanna Esther Mason - 3
    -Isla Margaret Mason - 3
    -Samuel Benedict Mason - 3
    Abhla | Alice | Audrey | Beatrice | Cecilia | Constance | Cordelia | Eilís | Genevieve | Gráinne | Harriet | Helena | Honora | Iris | Isolde | Ivy | Juno | Louise | Maud | Moira | Orla | Rosalind | Síomha | Tuathla | Veronica

    Alexander | Amargein | Bran | Ciaran | Cillian | Elias | Ephraim | Emmet | Everett | Fiachra | Fionn | Isaac | James | Joseph | Jude | Julian | Kellan | Lonan | Nolan | Oisín | Orson | Patrick | Ronan | Ruaidrí | Thomas

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    West Midlands, UK
    Edith Mirabelle and Weston Maximilian

    {Year0: Edie and West met in Uni where they became the class couple, they married soon after graduation and are now 26 and 25 respectively.}

    Yr1: A baby boy is born - Tobias Henry.
    Yr2: Paul the Blue-Headed Pionus Parrott joins the family -
    Yr3: Triplets are adopted - Rose Nicola, Luna Eleanor, and Atticus Max aged 6months.
    Yr4: Move to Marshfield, Massachusetts.
    Yr5: Edie is interviewed on CNN about adopted multiples and caring for them.
    Yr6: Edie and West's college friend died suddenly. Her son, Rudy Bennett, joins the family (3).
    Yr7: Edie opens a bookshop called Wings.
    Yr8: Edie and West foster six year old Amber Louise.
    Yr9: Holiday to Canada.
    Yr10: A baby girl is born - Alexandra Mary.
    Yr11: West's younger brother Merrick (29) comes to stay, he's a very tidy and quiet individual, and a great influence on the kids.
    Yr12: Move to Bay City, Texas.
    Yr13: Edie's sister has her fifth daughter - Kacey Harriet.
    Yr14: Triplet boys are born - Phoenix Jack, Devon George, and Sydney Dane.
    Yr15: Edie and West's sister, Kodi, open a daycare, calling it Shooting Stars.
    Yr16: Move to Lewes, Delaware.
    Yr17: Kodi has her first child - Georgiana Angelica.
    Yr18: Unexpected twin boys are born - Jeremy James and Arthur Andrew.
    Yr19: Move to Brighton, England.
    Yr20: Aged 17.5, Rose has a baby girl - Lillian Edith.

    H: West {44}
    W: Edie {45}

    S: Tobias {19}
    AD: Amber {18}
    AD/AD/AS: Rose & Luna & Atti {17.5}
    -Rose'sD: Lilly {nb}
    AS: Rudy {17}
    D: Allie {10}
    S/S/S: Phoenix & Devon & Sydney {6}
    S/S: Jem & Arthur {2}
    Parrot: Paul {20}
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    West Midlands, UK
    Katie Holiday and Owen Rhys marry when they are just 18 years old.

    Yr1: Katie's youngest cousin who is only six months her junior, also marries aged 18 - the day after her birthday actually.
    Yr2: Katie and her best friend Ellie start a cupcake business.
    Yr3: Owen's older cousin, Brett - an only child - dies suddenly in a car crash with his girlfriend. In their will they had stated Owen as next carer of their three children. Three year old Summer Francesca joins Katie and Owen along with her nine month old twin brothers, Carson Xavier and Cooper William.
    Yr4: The family move to Midland, Texas, to be closer to Owen's Auntie Toni and Uncle Graham.
    Yr5: Katie is interviewed on CNN for her opinion on young couples marrying and adopting.
    Yr6: A tornado destroys the family home and forced Katie, Owen, Summer, Carson, and Cooper to all move in with Owen's Auntie Toni and Uncle Graham - who are the children's paternal grandparents. 5months later Katie and Owen find a new home:
    Yr7: The family welcome twin babies; Tobias Henry and Rose Eleanor; everyone is thrilled even though they only had four months to prepare for the birth!
    Yr8: Another unexpected pregnancy! And more twins! This time two girls are born; Alexandra Mary and Arianna Nicki.
    Yr9: Katie puts electric blue streaks in her dark brown hair and gets her second earlobe piercing.
    Yr10: Katie's youngest cousin has a baby girl - her first daughter, fourth child - calling her Hollie Margaret.
    Yr11: Owen's brother has his first baby girl after five sons, naming her Evie Mae.
    Yr12: More twin girls enter the family, again staying a surprise for three months - Bryony Vivienne and Caroline Barbara.
    Yr13: Family move to Spring Hill, Florida.
    Yr14: Hating Spring Hill and missing Auntie Toni and Uncle Graham, Katie and Owen decide to move the family to Odessa, Texas (which is near Midland)
    Yr15: Everyone (Auntie Toni and Uncle Graham included) move to Nederland, Texas, to be near the coast.
    Yr16: Twin girls make themselves five weeks before their due date. Hastily the names Lillian Luna and Matilda Margot are chosen.
    Yr17: A childhood friend of Katie's dies, orphaning her 3 year old son Phoenix Herbert. Katie and Owen adopt the child.
    Yr18: The family move to the other side of Houston to Lake Jackson.
    Yr19: Katie and Owen have been having serious problems lately and separate. The kids are devastated; Katie and Owen won't event speak, and this stalemate continues for four months until 12 year old twins Rose and Tobias go missing from school one day. Katie and Owen realise they've been selfish and talk, they get back together soon after that.
    Yr20: The family adopt a springer spaniel puppy called Moz.


    H: Owen [38]
    W: Katie [38]

    AD: Summer [20]
    AS/AS: Carson and Cooper [18]
    S/D: Tobias and Rose [13]
    D/D: Allie and Annie [12]
    D/D: Bryony and Cally [8]
    AS: Phoenix [6]
    D/D: Lilly and Mattie [4]
    Dog: Moz (4mo)
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    DW: Emma Victoria Langdon, journalist
    DH: Logan Matthew Hale, architect

    We met in college through mutual friends and got engaged at our last year. We married in the fall, in Hawaii, where Logan is from, and bought an apartment in Boston, once we both found jobs there.

    2014: I got interviewed in a talk show, once I found a major fiscal fraud during the course of a research for an article. It was a really busy year.

    2015: My husband's uncle died and left us 5 000 000 dollars in his will. We buy a bigger apartment and help a organization that raises funds to experiments on Huntington's disease. It's a very dear subject to me, once my aunt died with this disease.

    2016: I got pregnant and just by the end of the year we welcome our little Aislinn Winter to the world.

    2017: My very best friend, Marissa, dies in a car crash and leaves her little 3 year old boy, Mason Scott with us.

    2018: We adopt a dog from the shelter. It's a really big dog and we name him Sky.

    2019: I got pregnant again and we found out we were having triplets, all boys. It was a great shock, but we welcomed happily our three little boys, Gale Lawrence, Finn Landon and Rhys Lincoln to our family by the end of July.

    2020: Me and Logan begin a charity foundation to help improve literacy in Gana.

    2021: We adopt twin boys from Gana that we met at one of our foundation travels to there. We name them Ezra Manu and Theo Kwezi.

    2022: I found myself unexpectadly pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. We named them Poesy Catherine and Porter Alexander.

    2023: We move to Hawaii, to be closer to Logan's family.

    2024: Me and my mother-in-law, Nani, open a bookstore/caffe together, and it is a success.

    2025: My little sister, Caroline, gets a big role on a movie and she's even nominated for a golden globe for her truly astonishing performance at it.

    2026: Logan gets a new job as an ilustrator for a big publisher.

    2027: We have a baby girl, Eva Rosamund.

    2028: I published a novel, "East of the Wall", and it turned to a bestseller.

    2029: My sister Caroline has a baby boy named Asher John.

    2030: My mother-in-law dies and leaves us their big family house. It is a very sad year, we lost a mother, a friend, a precious helper and a kind soul.

    2031: I get pregnant for what I decide to be my last time, with twins Blair Nani and [name_u]Darcy[/name_f] Caroline.

    2032: We adopt two cats, Matias and Eros.

    2033: We have all a wonderful vacation in Ireland, where my family is from.

    After 20 years we have 12 kids, 5 girls and 7 boys
    DD (18): Aislinn Winter
    DAS (20): Mason Scott
    DS/DS/DS (15): Gale Lawrence / Finn Landon/ Rhys Lincoln
    DAS/DAS (13): Ezra Manu/ Theo Kwezi
    DD/DS (12): Poesy Catherine / Porter Alexander
    DD (7): Eva Rosamund
    DD/DD (3): Blair Nani / [name_u]Darcy[/name_f] Caroline
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    Far North Queensland
    Elizabeth Pearl Harrison (24) and George Oliver West (24)
    Married October 13th 2019, married in Brisbane
    Honeymooned in London

    Year 1: We have triplets; Henry Michael, Edmund Louis and Genevieve Adelisa
    Year 2: We have an unexpected baby boy! Caspian Alexander
    Year 3: We relocate to Aspendale Gardens, Melbourne. Our new house looks like this:
    Year 4: We have an unexpected baby girl! Oriana Primrose
    Year 5: We have unexpected twins! Matthew William and Victoria Emmeline
    Year 6: Our home is completely destroyed in a fire so we have to move in with my older sister Beatrice and her husband Gregory and the two children; Addison Nevaeh and Preston Jack
    Year 7: George's father dies and leaves us $5,000,000 in his will. We use the money to buy a new house. It looks like this:
    Year 8: We have unexpected twins! Remus Oliver and Neville James
    Year 9: We have unexpected twin girls! Luna Molly and Hermione Angelina
    Year 10: I dye my hair bright pink and get my nose pierced
    Year 11: We relocate to Westminster, London England.
    Year 12: We get a Dalmatian puppy! Genevieve
    Year 13: We adopt a 2 year old girl from Africa! Merewen Lilou
    Year 14: We adopt a Siamese cat! Oswin
    Year 15: Henry and Oriana appear in an episode of Doctor Who!
    Year 16: We move to Bristol.
    Year 17: My sister Beatrice has baby boy! River Ellington
    Year 18: My close friend Amelia dies and leaves her three year old son Rory Arthur to us in her will
    Year 19: We have twin girls! Adelaide Pearl and Delphine Alexandra
    Year 20: George and I start a charity foundation; Children of Africa, to help children from infants to the age of 18 have access to healthcare and education.
    22. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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