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    Amy Jone Adler-Pierre and Andre Matin Pierre got married in 2015 on the
    beach in South Carolina when they were 24. They honeymooned in Alaska
    before moving to their new three bedroom home in the mountains of

    Year 1: We adopt a ragamuffin cat named cat named Muffin and a golden
    retriever puppy named Pal.

    Year 2: We are interviewed on a talk show because Andre's psychology
    novel has been published!

    Year 3: We have twin girls named Phoebe Rose and Pandora Rae.

    Year 4: We move to Juneau, Alaska, because we remember how much we liked
    it during our honeymoon.

    Year 5: We get another dog, a Yorkie named Cupcake.

    Year 6: We have triplets, one girl and two boys! We welcome Levi James,
    Lyle Jeffery, and Lexi Joy.

    Year 7: Andre's younger 21 year old sister, Arlene, moves in with us
    after she drops out of college. Our relationship is strained when she
    parties and drinks when she was supposed to be watching our kids. We
    force her to leave after she gets drunk when she is babysitting Levi,
    Lyle and Lexi.

    Year 8: We decide to adopt ANOTHER pet- a siamese cat named Sweets.

    Year 9: Andre and Arlene's mother is sick. This does not have a good
    affect on our marriage because we do not have much time together. But
    Mrs. Pierre gets better.

    Year 10: Andre's favorite cousin dies and leaves his three children to
    us. We welcome Josef Martin (9), Jacob Robert (7), and Jessica Mae
    (4) to our family.

    Year 11: One of Andre's younger cousins, Eric got married to a wonderful
    woman named Lydia. It was a small but nice wedding.

    Year 12: Arlene, now 26, has a baby girl named Serafina Violet. We
    are worried that Arlene is an unfit mother, but she has really changed.

    Year 13: We decide that after eight years, we should try again for one
    more baby... we are blessed with little Elijah "Eli" Axel!

    Year 14: Uh-oh... our house has been destroyed by an earthquake! Luckily
    we were okay, but we have to move in with my parents, Annie and James
    Adler, in Washington! Our kids (especially eleven-year-old Pandora and
    Phoebe) are upset they have to leave their friends. But by the end of
    the year, we have moved back to Alaska in a new house-but this time it
    is in the very small town of Sand Point!

    Year 15: One of my closest friends, Allison, has passed away in a fatal
    car accident and left her three-year-old son Tobias Alexander to me and

    Year 16: Two years after we moved to our new house, we move to Boston.

    Year 17: We are interviewed on a talk show again! But this time, we
    discuss how it's like to have ten kids!

    Year 18: After having some issues about feeling unsafe, we move to
    Austin, Texas.

    Year 19: We move AGAIN to Dallas, Texas.

    Year 20: Andre and I start a bookstore called Pierre's Page-Turners!
    It's very successful and fun to run!
    I have no kids, too young, but I love baby names!

    Girls: Anais, Anya, Annelise, Imogen, Zoe, Niamh, Ella, Marija, Grace, Jensen, Love, Electra, Xanthene, Poem, Agatha, Amoret, India

    Boys: George, Alexander, Peter, Mordecai, Sawyer, Isaac, Kai, Xavier, Julian, Everest

    Ella Grace
    George Alexander
    Niamh Grace
    Mordecai Peter
    Electra Love
    Anais Xanthene
    India Amoret
    Everest Kai

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    Wednesday Calla "Winnie" (22) and Holland James (25) Campbell
    Married March, 2011 in Washington and honeymooned at Walt Disney World Resort Florida
    Gold themed wedding:
    We moved into this home in Seattle, WA:
    Winnie works as an author and Holland is an army pilot

    Year 1: I get a tattoo of the quote “fall down seven times, stand up eight” in Japanese on my thigh
    Year 2: We have a single baby girl: Avril Marie
    Year 3: A close friend dies and leaves his 3-year-old son to us. What is the boy's name? Jude William
    Year 4: A family member dies and leaves us $5,000,000 in his will. What do you do with the money? We invest some of it, save some, and go on a vacation to Disney World in Paris
    Year 5: We adopt a baby boy: Wesley Gage "Wes"
    Year 6: Holland's younger brother, Tobias Michael, comes to stay with your family to go to college. He helps babysit Avril, Jude and Wes and becomes like an older brother to them.
    Year 7: We have G/G/B triplets: Keira Rose, Blair Evangeline and Levi Alexander
    Year 8: Tobias gets married to Alice Eve whom he met at college
    Year 9: We have twins: Daisy Mae and Evan Dean
    Year 10: I am interviewed on Ellen for my bestselling book series
    Year 11: Our family moves to this home in Phoenix, Arizona:
    Year 12: Our family adopts a new pet cat named Zelda:
    Year 13: Our family spends the summer in Italy
    Year 14: Holland and I begin a charity foundation for children with rare forms of cancer
    Year 15: Our family goes on vacation to Madrid, Spain
    Year 16: We adopt triplets, two girls and a boy: Cecelia GraceCece”, Fiona Giselle and Archer James
    Year 17: You are unexpectedly pregnant with boy/girl twins!: Nolan Gardner and Beatrice Florine
    Year 18: We adopt a corgi named Link:
    Year 19: Our family adopts a new Shar Pei named Den :
    Year 20: We vacation at Disney World Resort in Florida

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    Sapphire Gianna Thomson and Xander Reid Thomson
    Sapphire is 26 and Xander is 25
    Married in September 1993
    Living in Long Island, NY

    1994: Sapphire gives birth to a baby girl. Her name is Cassidy Erin.
    1995: Sapphire gives birth to a baby girl. Her name is Sydney Faith.
    1996: Sapphire gives birth to a baby boy. His name is Connor Julian.
    1997: Sapphire and Xander decide the kids need a pet. They get a female Golden Retriever named Dixie.
    1998: The Thomson family moves to Hollywood, Florida.
    1999: The Thomson family goes to Australia and brings back a two year old girl named Morgan Gabrielle.
    2000: Sapphire gives birth unexpectedly. She has a baby boy named Lukas Andrew.
    2001: Sapphire gives birth to a third son whose name is Henry William.
    2002: Sapphire's close friend Annette Dubois gives birth to a daughter named Sylvie Lynette.
    2003: The family adopts twin boys named Benji Aaron and Phineas Blake.
    2004: The family moves to Boston, Massachusetts
    2005: Sapphire gives birth to triplet girls. Their names are Jourdan Alivia, Dillon Aislynn, and Rowen Aria.
    2006: Xander and Sapphire's nephew Jackson gets married to his girlfriend Alisha. Morgan is the flower girl.
    2007: Xander's cousin Gideon passes away along with his wife. He leaves Xander his four year old triplets, Madeleine "Maddie" Grace, Bethany "Beth" Laura, and Katharine "Kate" June.
    2008: Sapphire's close friend Lexa Jeffries dies and leaves behind her two daughters Emma Blair (4), and Anna Chloe (2).
    2009: The family moves to Paris, Texas.
    2010: Xander's sister Alice Keegan has a daughter named Luna Reese.
    2011: Sapphire has boy/girl twins named Gideon Hope and Lexa Joy.
    2012: Xander and Sapphire begin a charity foundation called "Hope for Heather". It is based on Sapphire's sister Rachel's two year old daughter battling cancer.
    2013: The family buys a vacation house in Anaheim, California.

    Xander Thomson & Sapphire Thomson
    Cassidy - 19
    Sydney - 18
    Connor - 17
    Morgan - 16
    Lukas - 13
    Henry - 12
    Benji and Phineas - 10
    Maddie, Beth, and Kate - 10
    Jourdan, Dillon, and Rowen - 8
    Emma - 8
    Anna - 6
    Gideon and Lexa - 2

    Vote on my list!

    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    Hayden Mitchell and Miranda Jo McKinnon are married in Denver, Colorado on June 21, 2015. He is 25 and she is 23.

    Year 1: We purchase our first home, it's 4 bedrooms and located in Aurora, Colorado.

    Year 2: Hayden and I give birth to a baby girl they decide to call Johanna Piper McKinnon.

    Year 3: We decide to get a pet and adopt an Australian Shepard Mix called Ruby.

    Year 4: When Johanna is two years old, we make the decision to take foster children our home. Immediately four year old fraternal twins Arabella María & Dominic Carlos are place with us. After only 3 months you decide to make it permanent and adopt them. you keep their first names but change their middle names. They are now called Arabella Prue & Dominic North McKinnon.

    Year 5: Only 6 months after adopting the twins we find out we are expecting! Nine months later we welcome a son we decide to call Sterling Rye Mckinnon.

    Year 6: The house we're in starts to feel a bit cramped so we decide to remodel and add another bedroom.

    Year 7: After months of begging we finally give into the kids and adopt another dog, a corgi mix called Oz, and a black called they decide to call Jinx.

    Year 8: This year we get a huge surprise when we find out we are expecting identical triplet girls, we call them Rosalie Juniper, Eloise Clove & Daphne Ivy McKinnon.

    Year 9: Our oldest daughter, Belle, auditions for child modeling agency, to our surprise they love her! She's featured in several kids fashion ads throughout the year.

    Year 10: After being together for 10 years and having 7 children, we decide to fulfill our life long dream of moving to London, England when Hayden is offered a huge job opportunity there.

    Year 11: Not long after settling into our new 8 bedroom house Miranda finds out she's pregnant again! By sheer luck it's again multiples! This time identical twin boys we call Theo August & Asher Chord McKinnon.

    Year 12: Our family is adapting well to life in London, and are happier than ever. However we can't help missing our families back in America, so we decide to take a trip to visit them and spend the entire month of December in America.

    Year 13: After many long discussion Hayden and I decide to adopt again. This time we fall in love with a 6 month old little boy who has been living in an orphanage since birth because his biological mother died in childbirth. His birth name is Greyson Connor, but we decide to call him Wesley Grey McKinnon.

    Year 14: Hayden's baby sister, Mia, is getting married! She has asked for all of our children to be involved so we fly back to the US for the wedding.

    Year 15: Halfway through the year we get a call from the orphanage where we adopted Wes, asking if we would be interested in fostering or adopting again. Hayden and I talk it over and agree. We soon bring home a 1 year old little girl. Her birth name is Madison Rose, but we switch her full name to Madeleine Primrose McKinnon but keep her nickname Maddie.

    Year 16: Hayden is offered a promotion at his architectural firm and is now vice-president of the company.

    Year 17: Missing the joy of having a baby around we agree to adopt one more time. It takes a few months but soon we bring home a 9 month old little girl. Her birth name is Callie Marie. We decide to change her name to Calliope Wren McKinnon and keep Callie as her nickname.

    Year 18: Wanting our families to meet the new additions we fly Hayden's parents and my mother to London for a month.

    Year 19: The agency we adopted Callie from calls us to tell us that she has a biological 6 year old brother who is in need of a foster home. We don't take long to decide that we should bring him into our home. His name is Jude Michael.

    Year 20: Ready to complete our family, we file to adopt Jude. Six months later he is legally ours, we honor the occasion by letting him chose a new middle name. So happy to finally have a family he decides that he'd like him middle name to be Mitchell, after his new father. We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Jude Mitchell McKinnon into our family.

    20 years passes quickly, but the McKinnon family couldn't feel more blessed to be financially stable, living in the city of their dreams with 13 smart, healthy, beautiful children and have many more wonderful years ahead!

    The McKinnon Family:
    Hayden (45) & Miranda (43)
    Belle & Nico (20)
    Johanna (18)
    Sterling (15)
    Poesy, Lulu & Ivy (11)
    Theo & Asher (9)
    Wesley (8)
    Jude (7)
    Maddie (6)
    Callie (4)
    Ruby (Aussie Mix), Oz (Corgi Mix) & Jinx (Black Cat)
    ♣ Alexander (Alec) ♣ Britton (Brit) ♣ Camden ♣ Grant ♣ Jonathan (Jem) ♣ Theodor (Theo) ♣

    ♥ Cassandra/Cassia (Cass) ♥ Isabelle (Belle) ♥ Jessamine (Jessa) ♥ Marina ♥ Regina (Ren) ♥

    ♠ Archer ♠ Arrow ♠ August ♠ Branch ♠ Blue ♠ Everest ♠ Grey ♠ Nile ♠ North ♠ Quill ♠ Reef ♠ Ridge ♠ Rye ♠ Storm ♠ Thames ♠ West ♠
    ♦ Abbey ♦ Bay ♦ Claire ♦ Coral ♦ Cove ♦ Ireland ♦ Ivy ♦ June ♦ Olive ♦ Rome ♦ Story ♦ True ♦ Wren ♦

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blu

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    Lulie Jane Walker (24)
    Grant Elet Walker (25)
    Dated 7 years
    Married June 2014 in Charleston Sc
    Honeymooned in Maldives
    Decided to stay in Charleston Sc and moved into a three bedroom historic charmer

    Year 1: A few months after being married I start to not feel well. We go to the doctor and are shocked to learn that we are 1 month pregnant with twin girls ! We are over the moon happy! They come into this world healthy and beautiful in May 2015. We name them
    Indie Eloise Walker and Pip Magnolia Walker.

    Year 2: In the middle of August a hurricane hits Charleston,Sc. The town is devastated by disaster. Thankfully our house wasn't hit too bad and the family is safe. For the next 4 months. we move into my parents house while we fix the damage and add an addition onto the house so we can expand our family.

    Year 3: After living in our improved larger house for 5 months its starting to feel empty. We talk and decide to try for another baby. 9 months later we are thrilled to be blessed with with boy/girl twins born in February 2017. We name them Gideon Dune Walker and
    Scout Clementine Walker.

    Year 4: We are loving being a family of 6! Indie and Pip are now 3 so they start preschool. Grant quit his old job, which he hated, and opened up an old fashion Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Charleston,Sc. Business has been booming and it was the best decision he ever made!

    Year 5: Here it is, another surprise pregnancy! It's a beautiful baby boy born in April 2019. We name him Dempsey Reed Walker

    Year 6: One night we unexpectedly get a call from Grant's Aunt. His best friend/cousin, Beau, died unexpectedly from a sudden heart attack. Since the kids mother walked out on them. Beau states in his will that he would want us to raise his three children if anything ever happened to him . And so we do. We adopt Beau's three kids and finish raising them as our own. There is Lola(8), Royce(5),and Beatrice "Bea"(2)

    Year 7: Life is busy with 8 kids! 4 are in grade school, 3 in preschool and 1 that's still home with me. It sure is hectic, but worth it! They bring us so much fun and joy! The Ice Cream Parlor has really taken off and is gathering fans from all over. Even Rachel Ray invited us onto her talk show in nyc to discuss the shop and our lives! It was an amazing experience and really elevated the business!

    Year 8: In a turn of events Grant sells the Ice Cream Parlor for a great profit and takes a job offer in London,England. We buy a 5 bedroom townhouse with a quaint backyard. We love the area and living in the city!

    Year 9: We are really enjoying London life and are all settled in and decided to adopt an exotic shorthair kitten named Pansy.

    Year 10: With all the kids being in school, I decide to open up a bookstore in London. I call it "Lulie's Books". The response is overwhelmingly positive from customers , to my family members, It's been great! My favorite part about owning the store is that every Tuesday afternoon the kids from all around town come for story time! It's truly a magical place.

    Year 11: My dear friend, Elizabeth, who also works with me. Welcomes her first baby girl named Haddie Jade.

    Year 12: The kids are all doing great! Lola is in 9th grade. Indie,Pip and Royce are in 6th grade. Gideon and Scout are in 4th grade. Bea is in 3rd grade and Dempsey is in 2nd. They all are doing well in school and are enjoying their after school hobbies. Lola and Indie both do Ballet. Pip is in the theater group at school . Royce and Gideon play soccer. Scout loves to paint. Bea loves to garden with me and Dempsey is a bookworm. One day when we are walking home from school we spot two abandoned kittens. We take them home and the kids help me nurture them back to health. Our 3 year old cat Pansy steps in as their mother and we name them Flora and Dill.

    Year 13: Our neighbors the Kentens, Phoebe and Henry, welcome their first child a pretty baby girl name
    Amelia Rose Kenten. Lola loves to babysit and all the kids love when we are invited to go to the park to play with Amelia.

    Year 14: Sadly my grandmother passes on after living a fulfilled life. We are all deeply saddened to learn the news. I was very close to her and we loved going shopping together. In her will she leaves us 5,000 dollars. We are shocked to learn this. My grandmother always wanted to visit Australia. So we take that money and go on a dream vacation with the kids all around Australia. It's was a once in a lifetime experience!

    Year 15: Our closest friends die in a tragic helicopter accident. We can't get over the shock and grief! Left behind is their 3 year old son Ollie Jack. They have no other family members alive and chose us to be the legal guardians if anything ever happened. We welcome Ollie into our family and try to make the adjustment for him as easy as possible.

    Year 16: Lola is in her first year in college. She gets a full scholarship to the best local dance school here in London! We couldn't be more proud!! Indie, Pip and Royce are now in 10th grade. Gideon and Scout are now in 8th grade. Bea is in 7th grade and Dempsey is in 6th. Ollie is now 4 and is in preschool. Grant is thriving at his job and my book store is still doing great! Ollie loves the book store. Its really has helped him heal from the loss of his parents and he is now finally accepting us as his new family. At the end of the year we go off to a mission trip to Africa with our church. It was a life changing experience! I am so happy the kids got to experience that and make them realize how blessed they are and to distill in them the need to help others. At the end of our trip we visit an orphanage. Our heats break seeing these beautiful children without a loving home. So we decide to adopt two sisters who were so in need of help. Their is Zindzi "Zinny" who is 5 and Ada who is 1. They are beautiful and bond to us right away.

    Year 17: The girls are settling in nicely to London life, it's been a drastic change for them, but they love it! My sister ,Clara, is pregnant with her 4th child. She is having a rough pregnancy and has some complications. She delivers her baby boy Jude Theodore 4 weeks early. Thankfully although he is early, he is healthy and is doing fine. He does stay a little while in the hospital to be monitored to make sure he's doing good. When Jude is 8 months they come to visit us in England! The come and stay 2 months during the summer! It's wonderful having them here! The kids love having their cousins around and I love chatching up with my sister! It's been fantastic!

    Year 18: My sisters family absolutely loved being in London with us. So much so that they decided to move here! Clara's husband works online which means they can live anywhere. Im thrilled they choose to live here and even more thrilled when I hear they convinced my parents to come over too! I'm so exited to have my whole family living in one place again! My sister bought a cute cottage in the suburbs which is perfect for them and my parents found a charming little apartment just a couple blocks from where we live. It's been such a blessing having them here! My patents and sister love being apart of the kids lives! I couldn't be any more happy. It's perfect!

    Year 19: Lola is now in her 4th year of college while Indie and Royce are just heading out for their first year. Pip is delaying college for a few years because she's landed a main role in a famous London musical. We are so thrilled for her! Indie is studying journalism and Royce is studying law. We couldn't be more proud of all of them! They are all so driven and focused on their careers, it's amazing! With my oldest 4 out of the house I start to miss them and decide I need a change. So I dye my hair an auburn shade with no one knowing! It was a freeing and fun experience. Thankfully everyone likes the new color and I feel rejuvenated.

    Year 20: With Lola now out into the real world performing with the London Ballet Company and my littlest one in grade school I am starting to feel very old at the age of 43. But luckily I still have a full house of beautiful kids to come home too and to keep me company. Grant and I finally cave into getting a dog for the kids. We went to the local rescue and fell in love with a Great Dane named Honey and a Bulldog named Roo. We couldn't decide between the two of them. And since both were so bonded to each other. We came home with 2 dogs that day.

    What a 20 years it has been! Full of love, happiness, joy but also some hard times. Me and Grant are blessed to raise 11 fantastic children!

    Here's our family. Me+Grant= Lola, Indie, Pip, Royce, Gideon, Scout, Bea, Dempsey, Zinny, Ollie and Ada <3

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