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    Okay that was a blast I'm doing it again!

    2025: Colton Zachary (22) marries Violet Hope (23) in a beautiful outdoor ceremony with a great crowd of friends and family, including Colton's 2 brothers and 2 sisters and Violet's 4 sisters and 2 brothers!!

    2026: Colton, a nurse (still in school) and Violet, an artist, both come from large families and want to start their family right away! They have their first daughter, Ivy Jordyn, and rejoice!

    2027: Colton's former roommate and best friend, who is a single dad because is wife is in prison for drug-dealing, passes away after a brief battle with leukemia, and the young family temporarily cares for his 10 year old daughter Caroline until her aunt and uncle can get all the arrangements made to take her in. During the month she lives in their guest room, Caroline plays with Ivy and bonds with Violet . The couple grows close to Caroline during this difficult time, and even after she moves out of state to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousins, she continues to exchange letters with her "Aunt" Violet and "Uncle" Colton

    2028: Inspired by their experience of caring for Caroline, the couple fosters and then adopts 6-month-old twins, Naomi Alice and Charlotte Grace. The girls fit in great with two year old Ivy and their family is rapidly, wonderfully growing!!

    2029: Violet's 17 year old sister, Savannah, begins attending college in their town and moves in with them. She loves being with her family and babysits when not in class or doing homework. She moves out at the end of that summer and into a dorm, but remains a big part of their lives, and the lives of the girls.

    2030: The same year Colton changes jobs from an ER nurse to a pediatric ICU nurse and Savannah is enjoying living on campus, Violet discovers she is pregnant again. With twins!! The boys, Brennan Micah and Nicholas Finn are born in the fall!! What a wonderful addition to their lovely family!! The girls (2, 2, and 4) are thrilled to have brothers!

    2031: As the boys begin to crawl and babble, a devastating fire destroys the family's home! Many belongings are lost, but thankfully no one is hurt. Two busy baby boys, two active 3 year old girls, and a precious, talkative 5 year old move in with Colton's parents and grandmother. His parents, who have recently become empty nesters, are thrilled to have the kids around, but it's tiring for Colton's elderly grandmother. 6 months later, they find a rental home and are able to move back. The rental is too small for their family and not ideal, but a good compromise as a temporary home.

    2032: Violet officially begins homeschooling 6 year old Ivy. A lot of people assume Colton and Violet were homeschooled because they're from large families, but they weren't. They've chosen to homeschool Ivy in order to provide her with a unique, personal, complete education, and to spend as much time with her as possible. What a wonderful, exciting bonding experience and milestone for the whole family! The other kids enjoy coloring, crawling around and playing with playdough while their Mom reads to and with Ivy.

    2033: This year, Colton's youngest sister gets married! Brennan and Nicholas are the ring bearers, Ivy is a junior bride, and Naomi and Charlotte are flower girls! The kids have a great time and Colton is so proud of his sister and new brother-in-law!

    2034: The family relocates to a beautiful farmhouse with lots of land in Longmeadow, MA. Once they get all settled, Ivy , Naomi and Charlotte begin piano lessons.

    2035: Caroline, now 18 and heading off to college, pays the family a visit and expresses her undying thanks for all of their support during the time after her Dad died and as she was bounced between family members. She says the continued contact with their family was the only constant in her difficult life. Inspired, Colton and Violet begin a pen-pal and care package program
    for children who are orphaned, in foster care, or have a parent who is imprisoned.

    2036: Good Morning America hears about Violet and Colton's charity "Caroline's Cards", and brings the whole family (Brennan and Nicholas , 6, Naomi and Charlotte , 8, and Ivy, 10) to New York City to interview them about it. They mostly talk to Colton and Violet about the charity, of course, but the kids are cute and get asked some questions. The two sets of twins things also comes up!

    2037: Much to their surprise, Violet discovers she is pregnant this year! Their third son, Lucas Benjamin, joins the family at the end of the summer.

    2038: In March of this year, 8 year old Nicholas develops pneumonia and spends 2 weeks out of action without the energy to do anything at all. After the pneumonia, he develops asthma which proves very difficult to take care of. Despite a new baby and a sick child, their foundation "Caroline's Cards" continues to thrive.

    2039: A good friend of Violet and Colton's is suddenly killed in an accident and, to their shock, she gave them custody of their 3-year-old son, Ollie (Oliver Jason). The year is one of intense transition for the entire family, as their brood now numbers 7 kids. Ollie is anxious, withdrawn, aggressive and has nightmares. The transition is so hard for them, but one that brings them closer as a family. The kids are now Lucas , 2; Ollie , 3; Nicholas 9; Brennan 9; Charlotte 11; Naomi , 11; and Ivy 13.

    2040: The family agrees to do a reality show!! They are pinned as "unusual" because of the number of kids, the multiple sets of twins, the unique ways their kids came to them, and their charity. It's a very fun experience for them because sometimes they go places or do different things just so the camera has something to film! It doesn't get picked up for a second season, sadly, but the family had such a great time!

    2041: The family gets a tan and white guinea pig named Harry.

    2042: Violet's sister Savannah , now 31 and married with a 18 month old son, Emmett Michael, has her first daughter Sage Linnea. Ironically, she is born on Lucas's 5th birthday.

    2043: Similar to what they first did for Caroline so many years earlier, the family takes in a foster child, 11-year-old Ty. She lives with the crazy, large family because of serious family issues. Even though it's crazy, the other kids take to her well and she fits right in.

    2044: Ty's mother has her parental rights terminated and the family begins the process of adopting her!! It's horribly sad in some ways, but very exciting as well. She says this is the first time in her life she's ever felt like she had a real family, even though she lived with her mom and various sets of step-siblings. Sadly, Ivy moves out and goes to college shortly after they find out they are Ty's forever family.

    2045: Coming full circle, 19 year old Ivy get married to a wonderful guy. She's not pregnant, they just didn't want to wait!! Her husband is a loving, strong, handsome young firefighter who she's known for about a year. She manages to include her entire family in the wedding party, including making Ty her maid of honor!

    Love from our family: Colton's , Violet , Ivy,19, Charlotte ,17, Naomi ,17,Nicholas ,15, Brennan ,15, Ty, 13, Ollie ,10, and Lucas , 9.
    18 year old writer, triplet, dreamer, future teacher, and name enthusiast.

    Names I'm saving for children: Lucy Juliet, Ruby Claire, Adelaide Rachel, Noah James, and Caleb Elijah.

    Also loving Liliana, Caroline, Cora, Kathryn, Julia, Elisabetta, Molly, Aurora, Lydia, and Alice and Emmett, Jack, Eli, Nicholas, and Oliver

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    Lucy Maya [21] and Andrew Leo [27] get married in the year of 2018 becoming Mr and Mrs Walt.
    They met 3 years before at one of Lucy's brothers, Jason's, party's and had great fun dancing the night away!
    They honeymoon in Hawaii at the four seasons resort for a week and have a fabulous time.
    When they return they move into their new home in York, England, its a 3 bedroom Victorian town house in the heart of the City.

    They decide not to have any children just yet and work on their relationship together and their Careers, Lucy's as a Dancer and Andy's as a Doctor.

    Year One.
    Lucy has always wanted a dog herself but her parents were allergic so once she gets settled into her new home she gets a puppy. A beautiful bull dog called, Wren. Andrew really likes him too.

    Year Two.
    Lucy decides that she's not happy with just Wren so she wants to get another puppy, Andy's not too sure about this but Lucy goes ahead with it anyway and gets another bull dog puppy. This ones name is, Lola.

    Year Three.
    Lucy and Andrew have not stopped arguing lately with the stress of Money and keeping up with their relationship and their careers at the same time has all become too much so Andrew calls it quits! They are both devastated and never wanted it to come to this but both of them are far too stubborn to admit that they're sorry.
    A few months later Andrew rings Lucy and apologizes and asks to give it a shot again, which they do. Thankfully!!

    Year Four.
    They decide that they'd like to start a real family now, not just the two of them and the dogs but a baby too so start trying straight away. 3 positive tests later and a missed period they find out that Lucy is pregnant and are over the moon!
    In December Lucy gives birth to their first Son, he is perfect. They name him, Ethan Andrew Walt. (Lucy's favourite name and after his Dad).

    Year Five.
    Andrew gets offered a Job as a Doctor over in Houston, Texas so that's where they move to with baby Ethan [1]. Its a 4 bedroom house with a big garden out back that they move into.

    Year Six.
    Andrew's best-friend Nathan sadly dies in a tragic car accident, his wife also died in the car meaning his two daughters, Imogen [6] and Isabelle [4], are left as orphans. They had put us down to take care of them if something ever happened to both of the so Andrew flies back over to England to sign custody papers and to get the girls whilst Lucy waits in Texas.
    For the first few weeks theirs lots of tears and talks and then within a few months they settled down and we adopt them and give them a joint surname like Nathan wanted us to so they're Imogen and Isabelle Smith-Walt.

    Year Seven.
    Things are difficult enough as it is with Imogen [7], Isabelle [5] and Ethan [3] but when Lucy finds out that Andrew is having an affair its the end of the line! The affair had been going on for a year without Lucy knowing and she is heartbroken and the Kids pick up on this and their behaviour is affected by that.
    They spend some time apart but then patch it up again and Andrew swears never to do it again but 'Once a cheater, always a cheater!'

    Year Eight.
    Andrew is getting relocated for his job which means we're moving to Boston, Massachusetts which is difficult for the kids Imogen [8], Isabelle [6] and Ethan [4]. The kids love our new home though this is it:

    Year Nine.
    They try for a baby this year but are unsuccessful!
    Lucy's brother Jason is getting married to his long term girlfriend Savannah and asks Lucy, Imogen [9] and Isabelle [7] to all be bridesmaids and for Ethan [5] to be a ring bearer and Andrew is best man. Its a beautiful day.

    Year Ten.
    They decide to try for a baby again this year now that things have settled down with them again and they're delighted when Lucy falls pregnant!
    In August, Lucy has a baby girl. She's amazing and they name her, Lilah Maya Walt.(After Lucy's mum)

    Year Eleven.
    Andrew's niece Rebecca gets married to her sweetheart John Kiani at just 19 this year.

    Year Twelve.
    Andrew and Lucy get a surprise when Lucy finds out that She is pregnant again when Lilah turns 2.
    They're expecting twins.. even bigger surprise!!
    In May, Lucy gives birth to identical twin boys called, Zachary Andrew and George Nathan Walt(after their daddy and his best friend)

    Year Thirteen.
    Andrew loses his job after a bust up with a patient so we decide to move back to our hometown of York, England with our 6 kids, Imogen [13], Isabelle [11], Ethan [9], Lilah [3] and Zachary and George [1]. They move into a 7 bedroomed house near to Lucy's parents.

    Year Fourteen.
    Lucy's career of a Dancer ended after she had Ethan 10 years ago she she decides to make a name for herself again and opens her own bookstore in the city centre and calls it Read all about it. It doesn't do too well at first but soon picks up.

    Year Fifteen.
    Sadly, their first two dogs Wren and Lola passed away 2 years ago and last year.
    They decide they'd like to get another dog and the kids are very excited about this idea, they get a Newfoundland puppy called, Rowan.

    Year Sixteen.
    There was no plan for anymore children with them already having six ( Imogen [16], Isabelle [14], Ethan [12], Lilah [6] and Zachary and George [4]) but they have a surprise when Lucy finds out that she's pregnant with another set of twins to add to their already big brood.
    In November, she gives birth to fraternal twin boys called, Archie Ryan and Noah James Walt (Both after their great-granddads).

    Year Seventeen.
    Lucy's sister, Paige, comes to stay with her 2 year old daughter, Lily, after a messy and violent divorce from her husband and she needs a place to stay. She stays with them for about 6 weeks before she finds her own apartment and moves in there. It was very difficult with space having her stay but was worth it knowing she was safe.

    Year Eighteen.
    Andrew's niece Rebecca and her husband, John have a baby girl called Isla.

    Year Nineteen.
    They decide that they loved their life back in Texas and with their eldest being 19 and youngest being 3 they go for it and move back to Houston, Texas. Promising it will be the last time they move.

    Year Twenty.
    Andrew and Lucy get an influx of money from Lucy's parents which means they are able to buy a house to fit them all which is a previous Hotel with 12 bedrooms, perfect for them!

    The Walt Family:
    Lucy [41] and Andrew [47].
    AD: Imogen [20]
    AD: Isabelle [18]
    DS: Ethan [16]
    DD: Lilah [10]
    DS: Zachary [8]
    DS: George [8]
    DS: Archie [4]
    DS: Noah [4]
    Pet/s: Dog, Rowan.

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    year 1. Alice Marie Campbell married Daniel Alexander Campbell in May. They had a small outdoor wedding on Daniel's family farm. They honeymooned in Cancun Mexico. They moved to the Chicago suburbs. They bought a three bedroom townhouse.

    year 2. Alice is 26 and Daniel is 28, they have triplets. Beatrix (Trixie) Emilia, Aeden Ross, and Maeson Benjamin are born two weeks early. Daniel gets a big holiday bonus.

    year 3. Because of Daniel's big holiday bonus from last year they decide to TTC again. 9 months later Alice has twins. Alec and Maddox Edward.

    year 4. Daniel's hard work has paid off and they adopt triplets from Ethiopia. They name them Grace Ann, Hope Rose, and Faith Kay.

    year 5. Their 3 bedroom townhouse is bursting at the seams with eight children. They decide that with houses being so expensive in the Chicago area Daniel quits his job and they move the family to a small farm outside of Springfield. Later that year Alice is on Facebook when a friend sends her a link showing three little girls in the Ukraine. Two are HIV positive so their mom dumped them in an orphanage. Daniel doesn't think they can afford any more children, much less three. Alice convinces him that they need to go. They name the girls Ivy Pandita, Violet Paulina, and Daisy Paloma.

    year 6. Daniels new job relocates them to Boston Massachusetts. With so many children its very hard to find a good apartment. They have to settle on a small three bedroom apartment. The seven girls have to share a closet sized room while the four boys have share an even smaller room. With Alice homeschooling all eleven children kids on the balcony and in the living room the whole family is super stressed out all the time.

    year 7. Aeden stars in a new Sci-fi movie. He's a six year old boy that saves the world from aliens.

    year 8. Alice and Daniel decide that homeschooling all the children in one tiny little apartment is too hard. Alice enrolls them in public school. They start saving up for a bigger apartment.

    year 9. With Daniel being the only source of income for a family of thirteen they decide that Alice should open a bookstore. She calls it Alice's Budget Books.

    year 10. Alice accidentally gets pregnant but ends up having a miscarriage. Later that year Daniel's younger sister Dana has to move in when she becomes pregnant. She has to sleep on the pullout couch and when the baby comes, the apartment once again becomes filled with diapers and wails.

    year 11. Finally Alice and Daniel have saved up enough money for a new place. They move to the suburbs of Boston. They get a dated five bedroom house with a basement apartment. Dana stays in the basement with her one year old son. The boys stay in the attic and completely take it over with Lego's and superheros. Trixie and Grace move into the smallest bedroom on the main floor right next to the family bathroom. Hope and Faith share a medium size bedroom right across from the master. Violet, Daisy, and Ivy share the biggest room in the back of the house with no air conditioning. With the bigger house Alice sells the bookstore and opens up a daycare with Dana. They call it A+Ds Daycare.

    year 12. For Maddox and Alec's eleventh birthday Daniel gets them a mutt from the local no-kill shelter. Maddox names her Zelulah,

    year 13. Daniel gets another new job as a doctor. With the new job comes with more money. He updates the house a little bit and adds air conditioning to the rear of the house.

    year 14. A+Ds daycare gets a TON of new business when a large family moves next door. Daniel takes her on vacation with the extra money. They drive to New York and stay for three days.

    year 15. Maeson gets his first real girlfriend and takes her to the school dance. He's fourteen this year and has his first kiss. Alec becomes shy and starts hanging out in his room all the time.

    year 16. Dana marries an older man named Tyler and moves out of the house. Alice and Daniel start renting the basement apartment out to an elderly lady that soon becomes the children's adopted grandma.

    year 17. Alice is now the sole runner of A+Ds daycare and the business is becoming so lucrative that an online talk show interviews her on entrepreneurial skill set, and finds out how she raised eleven kids.

    year 18. This year Aeden, Maeson, and Trixie get their driver's license. They all get jobs and save up for a car. Alice makes them take all the other kids to school.

    year 19. Trixie is seventeen years old when she finds out that shes pregnant! When she tells the family Daniel gets really mad and they get into a huge blowout. Trixie leaves the next day and moves into her boyfriends family's house. She has a daughter and names her Rhea. Daniel apologizes, but Trixie's determined to live on her own.

    year 20. Dana has a girl with Tyler and the name her Olivia.

    THE END!!

    The family: Alice, 46; Daniel 48; Aeden, Maeson, and Trixie, 19; Alec and Maddox, 18; Grace, Hope, and Faith, 17; Violet, Daisy, and Ivy, 16.
    Rose Elizabeth
    Lila June|Eve Malena|Stella Rose
    Finn Johan|Asher Martin|Luka Sven

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    Sebastian Alexander (45) & Pippa Eleanor (45) Sims

    Year 1: The Sims get a parrot, Arlo.
    Year 2: The Sims relocate to Nashville, TN.
    Year 3: The Sims adopt newborn triplets. Welcome, Vera Grace (17), Nina Violet (17), & Ryan Oliver (17).
    Year 4: The Sims adopt a cocker spaniel, Harvey.
    Year 5: The Sims move to Yorba Linda, CA.
    Year 6: Sebastian's cousin and his wife die and leave behind their three children, Greta Harper (20), Hugh Frederick (16), & Elsa Adelaide (14). The Sims take them in.
    Year 7: The Sims adopt a cat, Trixie.
    Year 8: The Sims open a bookstore, Wise.
    Year 9: Pippa becomes pregnant. Welcome, Johanna Elizabeth (11).
    Year 10: The Sims adopt a cat, Sky.
    Year 11: Pippa unexpectedly becomes pregnant. Welcome, Grant William (9).
    Year 12: Pippa's sister has a baby girl, Willa Penelope.
    Year 13: The Sims move to Thames, England.
    Year 14: The Sims adopt newborn twin boys. Welcome, Ross Wesley (6) & Reid Charles (6).
    Year 15: Pippa and Sebastian's sister open a daycare, Kid's Korner.
    Year 16: The Sims adopt a cat, Blaze.
    Year 17: The Sims begin a charity for an orphanage.
    Year 18: Pippa becomes pregnant with twins. Welcome, Neil Russell (2) & Graham Forrest (2).
    Year 19: The Sims' long time family friends die and leave behind their two daughters, Iris Margaret (19) & Laura Catherine (16).
    Year 20: The family takes a vacation in the United States and adopt a two-year-old girl. Welcome, Sarah Amelia (2).

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    Year0 = My name is Luna Abigail Trenton, I am a primary school teacher and met my husband at the age of 23 when I started working at a more local school, his name is Riley Bennett Jenson and aged 27, was working as a year six teacher at the time. We dated for two years before marrying in a luscious, though low-key affair, at a countryside manor in late spring. We had around 200 guests in total made up of our family and close friends. After the wedding we enjoyed a two week break to Ireland, then came home to lovely surprise that Riley's parents had put down a deposit on a house in the town where we worked.

    Year1 = My little cousin Courtney, who is 22, gets married to her teenage sweetheart Radmir. I'd honoured to be a bridesmaid and am so proud of her.

    Year2 = Riley and I file to adopt twin boys after reading about them in the newspaper. The process takes a long time, we foster them for six months before finally being able to officially adopt them when they are eleven months old. Their names are: Asher George and Archer James.

    Year3 = The family up and move across the Atlantic to Daingerfield, Texas!

    Year4 = Courtney has a baby girl, we can't afford to go back to England to see them but we use webcams to keep in touch. She names her Mary-Grace Louisa.

    Year5 = Riley and I naturally conceive a child. We keep their gender a surprise until the birth and... Bring home a baby SISTER for Ash and Archer - who are thrilled to be big brothers. We name our daughter Rose Eleanor.

    Year6 = Less than six months after the birth of Rose, I discover that I am accidently pregnant. We know that it will be hard, but Riley and I are excited at the prospect of another baby... Or TWO babies, as it turns out that I'm carrying a boy and a girl. When they're born we name them Tobias Henry and Alexandra Mary.

    Year7 = A friend and I decide to go into a babysitting business, offering our services on weekends and in the school holidays for parents struggling with childcare. It's a slow start, but actually goes really well.

    Year8 = This contraception thing just isn't working. I discover that I am three months pregnant when my twins aren't even two yet! And I'm having MORE twins! Two healthy girls are born, we name them Roberta Lucille and Ramona Louise.

    Year9 = We adopt a cat! He's already house trained, and a rescue from a local shelter. His name is Badger because of his markings, and he is thought to be around 3 years old.

    Year10 = My rich Uncle Peter dies leaving me a large sum of money. It is enough for me to give up my job permanently and become a full time mum to my seven children. Riley and I agree to put most of it into saving for our children, but we also put some aside to take them to Disneyland, Florida.

    Year11 = Just when I was maybe thinking about another baby - thinking, NOT doing! - Bam! I'm pregnant again with twin girls. Before they are born we decide to name them Lillian Ember and Arianna Edith.

    Year12 = The family move to Spencerville, Oklahoma.

    Year13 = Another move. This time way way north, to Gloucester, Massachusetts.

    Year14 = Rose gets a role in a movie being shot on the coast nearby our house. Talent scouts spotted her in one of the many productions she has done with the drama company she's belonged to for years. Her part is speaking, playing the seven year old niece of the main antagonist. We are all very excited for and proud of her.

    Year15 = Another unexpected pregnancy leads to more twins, this time boys who we name Sebastian Edmund and Jeremy Beckett.

    Year16 = Riley's cousin, Marshall - who has been more like his brother - dies tragically in a car accident four years after his wife passed away from cancer. This tragedy leaves three children orphaned and we agree to take them in. Roman Riley is 15 years old, Rachel Victoria is 12 and the youngest, Rebekah Carlee is 9.

    Year17 = Riley and I decide to informally adopt our neighbour's son after we discover that she is having problems with drugs and is struggling to look after him appropriately. He is 12 years old and called Phoenix Herbert.

    Year18 = Our little movie star Rose is offered a role in the sequel to the film she starred in four years ago. She is to play the same character, who is this time older and therefore has a much bigger role. She is terrified but thrilled at the same time.

    Year19 = When filming finishes we move back to England, an idea that had been going round our head for several years. We take Phoenix with us - his mother had badly fallen off the wagon and there was no way we could leave him with her or put him into care. All of the children are excited to see long-lost family members.

    Year20 = Our family home is flooded! Forcing us to spread across various family members for four, horrific, uncomfortable months! Me, Seb, Jem, Bo and Mona impose on Courtney, her husband and Mary-Grace. Riley takes Tobias and stays with his sister, husband, and their five children. Rachel and Bekah go to stay with their grandma (Riley's Auntie Sheila). Lilly, Annie, Allie, and Rose are welcomed by my mum. Asher, Archer, Roman and Phoenix enjoy spending time with Riley's single brother (though I'm not sure if he enjoys their company so much). Phew. It's safe to say we're happy when our house dries out.


    Luna (44) and Riley (48) with: Asher & Archer (19), Roman (19), Rachel (16), Rose (15), Phoenix (15), Tobias & Allie (14), Bekah (13), Bo & Mona (12), Lilly & Annie (9), Seb & Jem (5).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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