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    My name is Carly and my husband's name is Ryan. We were married in the year 2021. I was 20 years old and Ryan was 27.

    We were married in Columbus, Ohio. We honeymooned in Disney World and we moved to a small apartment in downtown Columbus afterwards.

    2021- We immediately decided to try for a child. We found out we were pregnant with twin boys during hockey season (Ryan's occupation) immediately we were surprised buthappy. On January 14th during Ryan's hockey game. I delivered two healthy boys, Leonardo Ryan Murray and Lucas Jeffry Murray.

    2022- When the boys were only 1 our apartment was shut down due to the owner not wanting it. We were forced to move in with my brother for two months which was hectic and we had our troubles but eventually we found our own home close to Ryan's hockey arena. It is a 3 bedroom home, one for each of the boys and then one for us and is nice and cozy.

    2023- Ryan was traded to the Dallas Stars so we packed up and moved the whole family down to Dallas, Texas. We moved into a small 3 bedroom apartment close by to the arena, due to the rushed move. Leo and Luke are 2 years old and bubbly.

    2024- Lucky that we only rented a small apartment because Ryan is traded again to the Phoenix Coyotes which is in the southwest part of the USA. We went there and bought a small cottage with three bedrooms. Leo and Luke are 3 year old boys just being boys.

    2025- Ryan and I make a descision to open a bookstore in Phoenix called "Carly's books and stuff" and is an immediate hit. Espicially because we had a play area where our 4 year old twins could play, along with other children.

    2026- Ryan and I are thrilled with our twin boys. So when we found out we were pregnant with twin girls we couldn't be more thrilled. We had Elliot Sarah and Luna Mae on October 4th and they are a beautiful sight.

    2027- We move back to Columbus where Ryan gets a coaching job. I'm with two 6 year olds and two 1 year olds so sometimes life is hectic. But we make it all work.

    2028- During summer we decide to rent a place in Massachussets for fun. The 7 year old boys and two year old girls LOVE it.

    2029- I have a boy lol o k bye

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    Nov 2013
    DW: Savannah Kaylin
    DH: Brayden Evan
    Married in Maine in 2007 he was 27 and she was 25
    Honeymooned in Paris
    Moved to Boston and got a home in Brookline
    2008: DD/DD/DS: Addison Grace/Lilliana Rose/Tristan Hunter
    2009: DS/DS: Aiden James/Tyler Chase
    2010: DS: Owen Trevor
    2011: ADS: Kyle Liam
    2012: DD: Sienna Brooklyn
    2013: DD/DD/DD: Hallie Jade/Audrey Camilla/Ella Charlotte
    2014: ADS/ADS/ADD: Lucas Nathaniel/Rowan Isaac/Cameryn Sophia
    2015: DD/DD/DD: Makenna Reese/Harleigh Veda/Kira Delaney
    2016: ADD: Summer Adelaide
    2017: DD/DD/DS: Dariella May/Ainsley Corinne/Connor Julian
    2018: DS/DS/DD: Logan Daniel/Dylan Alexander/Hadley Brielle
    2019: DD: Avery Leigh
    2020: ADS/ADS: Declan Ryder/Caden Matthew
    2021: ADD/ADD: Talia Madelyn/Sadie Alexis
    2022: DD/DD: Larissa June/Karina Rae
    2023: ADS/ADS/ADS: Carter Noah/Jackson Isaiah/Devin Wyatt
    2024: ADS/ADS/ADS: Jayden Derek/Mason Parker/Keegan Brody
    2025: ADS/ADD: Kieran William/Makenzie Nicole
    2026: DD/DD: Hayden Arianna/Bria Harlow
    2027: ADD/ADD/ADS: Chloe Isabella/Emma Katharine/Cooper Benjamin

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    Nov 2013
    DH: Luke Thomas Nettings
    DW: Kaylee Harlow Nettings

    Luke and Kaylee get married September 9, 2023.
    2023: Kaylee and her sister-in-law, Elizabeth, open up a daycare center called Bright Sunshine Academy.
    2024: Kaylee gets pregnant in November of 2023, and have twin girls on August 3, 2024. They name them Madison Rose Nettings and Miriam Jade Nettings.
    2025: Kaylee and Luke pack up Madi, Miriam, and all their things, and move to a town in the Southwest, Mesa, Arizona.
    2026: They then move again, this time to Anaheim, California.
    2027: Their daughters are now 3. Luke's grandmother dies and leaves us 5 million dollars. They put much of it in a savings account towards the girl's schooling and just in case, and use some of it to buy a bigger house in Anaheim.
    2028: On a trip to visit family in Pennsylvania, they find out about triplet baby girls who need to be adopted. Luke and Kaylee adopt them, and name them Emmylou Grace, Mary Lynn, and Cecelia Joyce.
    2029: They get interviewed on a local talk show on how to adopt children and how to introduce new children in the home.
    2030: Madi and Miriam start Kindergarten. Luke's brother, Michael, comes to visit. He convinces Kaylee and Luke to send them to private school.
    2031: Triplets show up on an orphanage doorstep the night of Fourth of July. Emmy, Mary, and Celia are 3, and it's time to bring new children into the house. Luke and Kaylee adopt them, and name them Desiree Siena, Paulina Alanis, and Luke Thomas Jr.
    2032: Kaylee is pregnant, and she has a single baby boy on September 29. Already having a Luke Thomas Jr, they name him after Kaylee's father, Jonathan Francis Jr.
    2033: Emmy, Mary, and Celia start kindergarten. The whole family thinks it's time for a vacation, so Kaylee, Luke, Madi, Miriam, Emmy, Mary, Celia, Desiree, Paulina, Luke, and John go to Walt Disney World in Florida.
    2034: Kaylee and Luke miss Arizona, and move back to Mesa, Arizona. Emmy, Celia, and Mary start kindergarten there.
    2035: Madi and Miriam start middle school, and we decide to get a pet parrot, naming it Pascal.
    2036: Kaylee has another baby boy, naming him Keegan Riker.
    2037: Desiree, Paulina, and Luke Jr. start Kindergarten. Kaylee is pregnant again, but unfortunately, has a miscarriage. Michael comes and visits again, this time getting Madi and Miriam interested in rap music.
    2038: John starts kindergarten, and he gets to tell all his new friends that his mommy is pregnant with twin girls. Madi and Miriam start highschool, Maeve Callista and Brie Mackenzie are born.
    2039: At a doctor's appointment after dropping Emmy, Mary, and Celia to middle school, Kaylee finds out she's 7 months pregnant again with a little boy. Beau Ryland Nettings is brought into the world.
    2040: Guess who's having another baby? Kaylee is again, unexpectedly pregnant, with another little girl. Rhiannon Lee is a beautiful little girl.
    2041: Kaylee, getting sick of the hot, humid, Arizona air, decides to move the family back up to Northeastern USA, Worchester, Massachusetts.
    2042: Miriam, decides to skip college and get married right after graduating. Her twin sister and best friend, Madi, is the maid of honor. Desiree, Paulina, and Luke Jr. start middle school, Keegan Riker starts kindergarten, and Emmy, Mary, and Celia start highschool.
    2043 (20th year): Kaylee's best friend, Danita, dies, and leaves us her 3 year old son, Dante Christian, with us.

    Kaylee and Luke-
    Madison Rose "Madi" Nettings
    Miriam Jade Nettings-Taylor
    Emmylou Grace "Emmy" Nettings
    Mary Lynn Nettings
    Cecelia Joyce "Celia" Nettings
    Desiree Siena Nettings
    Paulina Alanis Nettings
    Luke Thomas Nettings Jr.
    Jonathan Francis Nettings Jr.
    Keegan Riker Nettings
    Maeve Callista Nettings
    Brie Mackenzie Nettings
    Beau Ryland Nettings
    Rhiannon Lee Nettings "Rhia"
    Dante Christian Bacon-Nettings
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    It accidently deleated so crap but I had 4 years Ill write a summary.
    Ryan, an NHL player and I got married.

    We adopted twins from the phillipines in 2021 2yo grace and alvin
    We moved to Tampa Bay in 2022
    Our daughter almost dies due to a heart condition 2023
    Hannah, Ryans bestfirends wife and I open up a daycare 2024

    2025:The twins have just turned 6 and life couldn't be any better. When me and Ryan get an email from the adoption agency saying that a massive fire has ripped through a hospital, killing both parents of newborn triplets. They do not have a name yet, there are two boys and one girl. We name one of the boys after his father, Victor, and the other after there last name, Romeo, and then the girl after her mother, Juliet. (Yes her name was Juliet and her last name was Romeo)

    2026: Grace's heart condition springs up again and we rushed her to the emergency room, with 7 year old Al, and 1 year old Romeo, Victor, and Juliet in tow. It turns out she will spend the next year of her life back and forth from the hospital and our new home we moved closer to the hospital. It's a tough year for our baby but she is strong and manages to get through it.

    2027: My cousin, Mackenzie, who is 1 year younger then me get's married. She is a big part of my life and my kids so we are all excited for her. Espcially the news at the wedding that she is pregnant. Grace is now 8 years old and very healthy. And the triplets couldn't be any more crazy! And Al is our baby boy with perfect ness.

    2028: Ryan is now 34 so he can not play hockey to the best of his ability anymore. He decides to get a job as a coach. So we move to New York where he gets a job with the Buffalo Sabres.

    2029: Grace and Al are now 10 years old and just starting the 4th grade. Romeo, Victor and Juliet are 4 and just starting preschool so life couldn't be better. Ryan and I are not planning on any more kids for a long while! But unexpectatly I get pregnant with twin boys. We name them Leonardo and Lucas. The rest of the family is so thrilled and I couldn't be more thrilled either.

    2030: Having 7 kids is not an easy job. So Ryan's single sister, Rosie, moves in with us, she is 19 at the time and is soon beginning online college, so she can help with the babies. She actually helps us greatly.

    2031: Our whole family relocates to Massachussets because Ryan begins a coaching job with the Bruins. Sadly that means Rosie is not coming with. But luckily Grace and Al are great helps since they turned 12 and Romeo, Victor, and Juliet are 6 and in school all day. So basically it's just me and Leo and Luke who are 2.

    2032: Mackenzie has a 5 year old daughter named Saige and now just had another baby girl named Lucy. We are so happy for her.

    2033: Rosie moves to Boston and is pregnant. We are so happy for her and together we decide to open a daycare. Grace and Al are 14 years old, Romeo Victor, and Juliet are 8, and Leo and Luke are 4. Our daycare stays strong and we make lots of money off of it and have a great time doing it. Rosie delivers her baby boy and names him George.

    2034: Ryan and I would like to have one last baby, after trying for 3 months to get pregnant we are unsuccessful. Due to our Youtube channel we are VERY popular. We are interviewed on a talk show. Grace and Al aren't to happy about that in fact are kind of embarresed since they are now 15 years old. Juliet, Romeo, and Victor are 9 and fine with it. And Leo and Luke whoa re 5 could care less.

    2035: Since we are unsuccessful last year trying for a baby we decide one last try would be ok. And to my complete and utter surprise we have a baby girl we name Elliot. Grace and Al are a little freaked out since they are 16 but they rest of the kids are so excited.

    2036: Rosie is having trouble with her boyfriend and briefly moves in with us for two weeks with her 3 year old son, George. It makes Ryan a little mad but I coaxe him into letting her stay.

    2037: The big time has come and our oldest babies move out. Goodbye Grace and Alvin we love you! Meanwhile Juliet, Romeo and Victor are only 12 already! Leo and Luke are 8, and Elliot is 2. Ryan's father actually gets very sick this year, we end up visiting him in the hospital non stop and it really affects Ryan's usually bubbly happy smile. But I try to cheer him up especially since our oldest are in a new part of their beautiful lives.

    2038: Grace has been dating her boyfriend, James, for 5 years and we are happy with their relationship so when she gets married to him we are all so excited for her to embark this new journey.

    2039: Ryan finally retires and our relationship is at its peak.

    2040: Life is perfect.
    We love our 8 beautiful kids.
    Our marriage.
    Hakuna Matata

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    My name: Emily Anne
    Husband: Hayden Cole (my friend/sort of boyfriend...I can dream!)

    Married June of 2020 at the ages of (barely) 26 and 24 after being close friends since high school. Our wedding is outdoors, fairly small and very very special. We use traditional vows, and wash each other's feet as part of the ceremony, as a symbol to faithfully serve and respect each other, and to humble ourselves before each other and the Lord. We dance like fools. He's a little shy and awkward and smiles at the way I jump around like a loon with my sister and friends. For our honeymoon, we go to one of my favorite cities, Philadelphia and his childhood vacation spot, Hilton Head, NC, ironically where my parents spent part of their honeymoon. We spent a week eating, shopping (especially in bookstores!), laying on the beach, and loving each other. Our first house is in the midwest to stay near our families while we're still young. I want to create my dream house, but we're young and super broke, so he convinces me to wait for the perfect dream house. He does consent to painting the house a sweet buttercup yellow, since he knows it's my favorite.

    We choose not to have kids right away under we're both further in our writing careers and have some money.

    Year 1: 7, then a 4: You are unexpectedly pregnant with boy/girl twins!
    Oops!! We make the best of it, and are overwhelmingly thrilled at the blessing of a baby. We agree that he can name the boy and I can name the girl. I name our daughter Ruby Claire (after my great-grandmother) and he names our son Ira Cole Christopher (after a good family friend, and his father). I tell him I really just want to call him Cole and after some dispute, he agrees. Ruby Claire and Ira Cole Christopher (Cole) are born happy and healthy!

    Year 2: 7, then a 1: You and DH have been having serious problems lately and separate. How do your kids take it? How long are you separated for? How do you get back together?
    The stress of two little babies is apparently too much for us (even though both of us are triplets!!) and after a solid year and a half of arguing, he moves out and lives on a friend's couch, coming and going as I care for 2 1 year olds. 1 month later, he comes back to find me frazzled and exhausted. He feels incredible guilty and we get back together.

    Year 3: 3, then a 2: Your family moves to a city in Texas. Where do you move to?
    Relocation! We say goodbye to the midwest and move to a suburb of Austin Texas. I love the heat but Hayden hates it!

    Year 4:1, then a 4: Your family moves to a city in upstate New York. Where to you move to?
    The twins start preschool in Albany NY, the town of their mother's birth! It's so cold!!

    Year 5: 1, then a 1: You have a single baby, gender is your choice.
    We decide it's time to have another child!! Our daughter Lucy Rachel (after my sister who passed away) is born a year after our move. The twins love her!!

    Year 6:6, then a 7: One of your children (if old enough at this point, at least 16) has a baby. Gender is your choice. If not one of your kids, then a niece, nephew, younger cousin, godchild, or family friend.
    My little cousin has her first son Liam Braydon!

    Year 7: 5, then a 6: You dye your hair and/or pierce something! What color hair or what piercing did you get?
    I get a piercing in the cartilage of my right ear. I also let both of my daughters (Ruby, almost 6, and Lucy, 2) get their ears pierced. Hayden struggles with his girls growing up. Cole thinks they're cool.

    Year 8: 2, then a 1: 2, then a 1: Your family relocates to a city in Massachusetts. Where do you move to?
    Hayden Cole, I swear this is our last move!! We move to a suburb of Cape Cod.

    Year 9:4, then a 7: A friend or family member has a baby boy. What do they name him?
    Hayden's triplet brother Conner names his son Maximilian Malcolm. Congrats guys!

    Year 10: 4, then another 4: You and your sister-in-law open a daycare center. What do you call it?
    This is my dream job!! Hayden's sister Kelsey and I open a daycare out of my home and call it Play and Pray in Home Childcare. We have lots of success. So fun!! In addition to the 6 other kids we care for, we also have my daughter Lucy, 5, and her son Anthony Lance Christopher, 3, in our care. The business is a huge success and it gives me a sense of purpose, as well as some additional income until my best-selling book comes out.

    Year 11: 8, then a 6: Your family adopts a new pet. What kind is it? What is its name?
    After the kids beg and beg, we get a Golden Retriever puppy named Cleo

    Year 12: 4, then a 5: A friend or family member gets married and you and/or your husband and kids have roles in the wedding. What happens on that day?
    A good friend of mine from college marries. I am a bridesmaid, though I feel far too old for it. Lucy, 7, is the flower girl. Cole, 11, is part of the junior bride and groom. Ruby, 11, acts as an usher.

    Year 13: 1, then a 3: Your family gets a cat. What kind of cat and what do you name it?
    We get a fat yellow tabby who Cole promptly names Garfield.
    Within about a month however, it's evident that Garfield has to go. Hayden and Lucy are super allergic. He's cute but it's not worth it!! It's a sad day for our family (except Hayden), but Garfield goes to the kids' babysitter so they still sees Garfield regularly.

    Year 14: 3, then an 8: Make up your own.
    The year our twins are teenagers, after decades of hard work, dreaming and writing through class, I publish my first book, a young adult novel. It's not an instant bestseller, but does well and even gains a small fanbase. I throw a book party to thank everyone, including inviting my creative writing mentors from high school and college. I return to my hometown specifically to show the book off to all of my old teachers who pushed me along the way. After some rough times, this is a HUGE confidence booster and accomplishment for Emily. (And by the way, YES the daycare business is still going strong)

    Year 15: 8, then 5: Your family goes on vacation. Where do you go to?
    Time to celebrate with a trip to England and France, the kids' first time out of the country!! Lucy, 10, and Ruby and Cole, 14, have a great time and so do we.

    Year 16: 2, then another 2: You open a bookstore. What do you call it?
    Another dream come true! Hayden actually opens and runs the bookstore, since I'm still busy with another book and the daycare (Kelsey has left the daycare by now). After much deliberation, he names it Pickwick Place, after his favorite author Charles Dickens, who Em shares a birthday with. It's a very exciting time in their lives!!

    Year 17:4, then a 6: You and DH take in a six-year-old foster child. Gender and name are your choice.
    After much deliberation, we decide to take in a foster child, a sweet, abandoned, hyper 6 year old boy named Teddy. The other kids are 12 and 16, so it's been a while since we've had a 6 year old, but Teddy is really good for our family. After 8 months, he must tearfully leave our family to live with his birth father in Oklahoma.

    Year 18:2, then a 4: You or one of your family members has a scene in a movie or TV show! What movie/show and what is your role?
    Lucy gets to be part of a group of kids in a dance sequence in a movie featuring a young ballerina. It's not her call to fame or anything, but it is lots of fun!

    Year 19: 5, then a 7: Your family adopts a dog and a cat. What breeds are they and what are their names?
    After having to say goodbye to our beloved Cleo, we adopt a Beagle named Molly. We get a cat too, but no worries for our allergic family--she's a hypoallergenic Bengal named Opera!

    Year 20: 8, then a 4: You and DH take in a friend's preteen son/daughter. Gender is your choice. Age must be between 10-13.
    We take in my cousin's son Brayden, 13, as his parents are getting divorced and he needs a place to crash away from the drama. The twins are in college by now, so we have the room.

    That was so fun!! (Hopefully some of it comes true! :P)
    18 year old writer, triplet, dreamer, future teacher, and name enthusiast.

    Names I'm saving for children: Lucy Juliet, Ruby Claire, Adelaide Rachel, Noah James, and Caleb Elijah.

    Also loving Liliana, Caroline, Cora, Kathryn, Julia, Elisabetta, Molly, Aurora, Lydia, and Alice and Emmett, Jack, Eli, Nicholas, and Oliver

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