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    Write down your name and DH's name, and the year you were married, and how old you were. Also, describe your wedding, honeymoon, and first home in the city you decide to move to once you're married.
    DW: Liz Hagley
    DH: Ashton Edwards
    Year married: 2010
    Ages: 25 and 27
    Wedding: church in Boston
    Honeymoon: Bermuda
    First home: A townhouse in Philadelphia

    Year 1: We have twin boys named Sawyer James and Ian Micah

    Year 2: Our longtime family friend, Ashton's college roomate, died suddenly, leaving behind his two daughters. We legally adopt the girls, Addie Renee (4) and Charlotte Laura (1 1/2).

    Year 3: We relocate to Boston, Massachusetts due to my job being transferred.

    Year 4: We decide to adopt a set of triplets after learning about their parents dying in a recent natural disaster. Their names are Garrett Daniel, Maya Lorraine and Brooke Abigail. They are 8 months old.

    Year 5: I decide go into business with my old college roommate, Ella. We open up a clothing boutique on a busy street close to Boston University. It gets a lot of business from local high school teens and college students.

    Year 6: After a night out on the town for our anniversary, I tell Ashton that I'm expecting again. We decided to keep the gender a surprise and ended up having a girl! We named her Elody Caroline.

    Year 7: After Ashton's job gets transferred, we unfortunately have leave Boston and the boutique. We move to San Antonio,Texas.

    Year 8: We receive news that Ella has died in a horrific car accident along with her husband, leaving behind their 2 year old son, Eli Gregory. We decide to adopt the boy, as his grandparents were unable to take him in.

    Year 9: After a lot of pleading, Ashton's company agrees to transfer him back to Boston, so we move back and I take over ownership of the boutique again.

    Year 10: After months of trying, we find out that we are expecting, yet again. 9 months later we give birth to another set of twin boys. We name them Dylan Thomas and Eric Peter.

    Year 11: Despite deciding to wait a few years before trying for more children, we find out that I am pregnant again. We have twin girls and name them Thea Isobel and Whitney Jenna.

    Year 12: Ashton's younger brother Harry decides to take a year off before heading to college. He asks if he can stay with you in Boston for 2 months in between his trips to England and Australia. Of course you agree! He is a great help with keeping the children occupied during their summer vacation and they are very upset when he leaves.

    Year 13: A massive snowstorm hits Boston and causes plumbing problems in your house. Fortunately, your parents large farmhouse is located not far from the children's school so the family moves in with your parents for the week while the house is getting fixed. Although it is super hectic and crowded, the kids liked helping their Grandpa in the stables and their Grandma with the cooking so they are well behaved for the whole week.

    Year 14: As your youngest twins enter preschool, we begin thinking about having another child. After 2 months of trying, we find out we're expecting a boy! We name him Calum Michael.

    Year 15: After a couple years in Boston, we began to feel tired of the cold. We decide to move to Arizona to be close to Ashton's family.

    Year 16: Ashton's parents decide to watch the kids, letting us take a much needed vacation. We go to San Francisco for a long weekend in September.

    Year 17: After years of begging, we give in and decide to get the kids a pet. We get a cocker spaniel and name her Lola.

    Year 18: The entire family goes to Phoenix, Arizona for Harry's wedding in December.

    Year 19: In November, Ashton's father dies. He was the founder of a popular sports drinks member and leaves each of his children, including Ashton $5,000,000. We divide the money into college savings accounts for each of the kids an purchase a large trampoline for the backyard with the remaining money.

    Year 20: A movie is being shot in one of the local towns and a talent scout asks your twin boys, Dylan and Eric, to appear as twin classmates of one of the stars. They get to be on set for two days and the entire family goes to the movies together to watch the boys acting debut on the day the movie is released.

    Our Kids: Sawyer and Ian (20); Addie (24); Charlotte (22); Garrett, Maya and Brooke (16); Elody (14); Eli (14); Dylan and Eric (10); Thea and Whitney (9); Calum (6)

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    Grace Alaina and Rider Donovan King are married in a lovely Christian ceremony in Dallas, Texas.

    1. Grace and Rider decide not to wait for kids and they try for six months but are still unsuccessful. To cheer Grace up Rider buys her a parrot who they name Birdie.

    2. Grace and Rider again try for many months but are once again unsuccessful. Grace comes to terms with the fact that she probably won't be able to have kids of her own so instead her and Rider adopt one-year-old boy/girl twins from France who they change the first names of but keep their French firsts as their middles. Their names are Leah Belle and Levi Pascal.

    3. Grace and Rider decide to open a restaurant together. They call it King's.

    4. Grace and Rider decide to try one more time for a biological child and they end up with a little more than they bargained for: Triplet boys! They name the little blessings Jude River, Jack Loyal, and Joel Knight.

    5. Just five months after the boys are born Grace begins to feel very sick. She goes to the doctor to see what's going on and finds out she's pregnant again with twin boys. They name the surprise miracles Malachi Gray and Mordecai Blue.

    6. Grace wakes up in the middle of the night to a devastating phone call. Her brother, Daniel and sister-in-law, Molly have died in a car accident leaving their four children as orphans. Because Molly was an only child and Grace was Daniel's only sibling the children are left to her and Rider. Because they already have seven children they're a little nervous about taking in for more. But all their worry subsides when ten-year-old Lily Maria, eight-year-old Daniel Robert, and five-year-old b/g twins Jordan Lee and Aaliyah Molly come to stay.

    7. Rider gets a job offer that will move the whole family to a huge house in Boston. Because of the four new editions to their four-bedroom house, they don't hesitate to accept the offer.

    8. All the kids are begging for pets so Grace and Rider finally give in and adopt two rescued pit bulls from their local animal shelter. The little girl is named Royal and her brother is Jax.

    9. Rider gets a call that his mother has cancer. The whole family packs up and moves back to Dallas, and into Rider's parents giant guest house.

    10. Rider's mother dies after her year-long battle. The whole family is devastated, but none more than Rider's father. A few days after Rider's mother's death, Grace finds Rider's dad in his bedroom with a gun shot wound in his head. The family is mourning very much and they don't really know what to do. They decide to leave the guest house to Rider's brother and move into a big new house in Los Angeles.

    11. Rider's brother has a baby girl with his girlfriend. They name her Anastasia Rose, after Rider's mom.

    12. Now that all the kids are in school, Grace is itching for another baby. Her and Rider agree to try for just one more and are unsuccessful. They decide maybe adoption would be better and they adopt a little five-year-old girl named Isabella Marie.

    13. Grace gets a call that her mother is dying of cancer. She rushes to Dallas without even a warning to take care of her in her final days. Rider and the kids are frantic trying to find out where she is until morning of the day after she left when she calls to tell Rider her mother has passed. The whole family is devastated by another death and it's very hard for some of the younger kids to cope.

    14. Grace decides she wants to try again for just one more biological baby. Rider is hesitant but agrees after her constant begging. They try for a couple months and end up having boy/girl twins who they name Dorothy Violet and Theodore Ray, with the middles after Grace's mom and Rider's dad.

    15. Lily, now nineteen reveals to us that her and her long time boyfriend, Benjamin, are getting married. Everyone is so so happy for them, and all of them are in the wedding, with Grace and Rider giving her away, all the older girls and boys as bridesmaids and groomsmen, and little Dorothy and Theodore as the flower girl and ring-bearer.

    16. Lily and Benjamin have their first babies, boy girl twins named Daniel Rider and Molly Grace, after her biological parents and her adopted ones.

    17. Since Lily and Daniel are now moved out and a lot of the older kids are going to be going to college in the coming years, Grace and Rider decide it's time to get another house, and the one they end up getting is actually bigger than the one they already had. It has enough rooms for all of the kids to have their own rooms, and then a few guest rooms, and multiple bathrooms. Everyone is thrilled.

    18. Grace misses her period and thinks she's going through early menopause, but when she goes to the doctor she finds out she's pregnant. They're surprised even more when they find out it's twin girls. They name them Arielle Rain and Brielle Sky.

    19. Daniel reveals to the family that he and his girlfriend Missy are getting married. Everyone is thrilled and the wedding is a beautiful affair.

    20. Grace starts getting sick and just passes it off as getting a cold from one of the kids, but after she misses her period and starts gaining weight she knows what's going on and is shocked and thrilled to find out she's pregnant with twin boys. The cute surprises are named Evan Hawk and Ethan Wolf.

    Grace and Rider

    Lily, 24 (Adopted from Grace's brother)
    Daniel, 22 (Adopted from Grace's brother)
    Leah and Levi, 19 (Adopted from France)
    Jordan and Aaliyah, 19 (Adopted from Grace's brother)
    Jack, Joel, and Jude, 16 (Biological)
    Malachi and Mordecai, 15 (Biological)
    Isabella, 13 (Adopted in LA)
    Theodore and Dorothy, 6 (Biological)
    Arielle and Brielle, 2 (Biological)
    Ethan and Evan, NB (Biological)

    Daniel and Molly, 4 (Lily's kids)

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    Kelsey Alanna and Jordan Lee Taylor are married when she is 19 and he is 23. They live in a cute four bedroom house in Nashville right after they are married.

    1. I'm so eager to be a mom that we try right away. After two months of trying we decide to adopt instead. A baby boy we name Levi Jasper.
    2. I still want a biological child and a daughter even though we love Levi as if he came from my womb. We decide to try again and at my second ultrasound we find out I've had a miscarriage. I'm absolutely devastated, as anyone would be. We find out the baby was a girl and we name our little angel daughter Acacia Rainbow. Two months after the miscarriage Jordan gets a job offer in Texas. I decide maybe a fresh start would be a good thing right now and we sell our house for a huge ranch home in Austin.
    3. I'm terrified of having another miscarriage so after Jordan suggests we try again I absolutely refuse. A few months later Jordan's boss tells him we need to move to Dallas so we pack up our bags for the second time in a year and move into a five bedroom house, which is much more than we need.
    4. I'm still a little apprehensive about trying for another kid so we agree to wait. Later in the year Jordan runs into his ex-girlfriend Sara and the two begin feeling attracted to each other. I come home one day to find them tangled up together on the couch. I freak out and kick Jordan out of the house, and he moves into an apartment a couple blocks away. We agree to try and work it out, and he assures me that was the only time they ever did anything. I try to believe him but we remain separated.
    5. My mom gets sick and comes to live with me and Levi for a few months until she gets better. Jordan comes over all the time to help take care of her, and me and him grow close again. We end up having sex one night and he moves back in.
    6. I'm still nervous about trying for another kid, especially after Jordan's affair, so we don't try this year. Later in the year Jordan's sister Amy comes to stay with us for a month while on vacation. She tells us Levi needs a little sister to take care of which gives me the courage to think about trying again.
    7. Me and Jordan try for another child for the first time in five years. After five months of trying we come up empty handed. We decide that adopting again would be a great idea and we bring home a little baby girl, Mercy Pearl.
    8. We're thrilled with our family and I decide I want to try for another. I get pregnant again, and am on egg shells for all nine months. We have a great surprise in the middle of the pregnancy when we find out we're having triplets. We have two boys and a girl who we name Amos Gray, Boaz Ray, and Chapel Mae.
    9. I have baby fever and decide I want to try for just one more kid, even though Jordan is apprehensive. We try one more time and don't end up getting pregnant. I decide I want to adopt just one more time, and we bring home five-year-old boy girl twins from France, little Charlotte Belle and Pascal Amadeus.
    10. Now that we have seven kids Jordan feels like it's more than enough but I want just one more little girl to make it an even amount. He says we can try again once the triplets are a little older. I reluctantly agree and we don't try this year. Perhaps it's for the best because on Levi's ninth birthday we find out Jordan's job is moving him all the way to Massachusetts. We decide to get a bigger house while we're there and buy ourselves an old church turned house which gives us ten different bedrooms.
    11. Now that the triplets are three I beg Jordan to let me try for just one more kid. He agrees since we're both getting older and after five months we decide that it might be best if we stop. We instead adopt boy girl twins again, this time from his hometown of Nashville. On our other twins birthday little Theodore Joseph and Dorothy Ruth come to live with us.
    12. I've come to terms with the fact that Jordan and I probably won't have any more children and we're both so happy with the kids we have been blessed with. I start getting really sick towards the middle of the year and am worried when I start getting bad headaches. I go to the doctor and find out the sickness is a good thing and I'm pregnant with a little girl. I'm so excited for a tenth (and probably last) child and am so happy when our little Evangeline Marie is born.
    13. I decide I want some sort of job for myself, besides being a stay-at-home mom and me and Jordan open a cute little bakery that we call Acacia's Pastries after our little angel child and open it on what would be her birthday.
    14. On Evangeline's second birthday I start getting baby fever again but Jordan absolutely refuses to try for another child, especially now that I'm almost thirty-five and he's almost forty. He says we'll be happy if we are blessed with another child, but we shouldn't push it and be glad that we do have the ten kids that we have been blessed with. I agree and drop the subject. A few months later Jordan's boss asks us to move back to Texas and we're so blessed to be able to get the ranch house we had originally bought in Austin so many years ago.
    15. One day I go to surprise Jordan with some lunch at work but I'm the one getting the surprises when I see him and his old girlfriend Sara, who he had previously had an affair with, making out with each other. He tells me she jumped him and this was the first time he had even seen her since their affair so many years ago. I tell him to save it and we separate again. Only this time I don't think we'll be working it out.
    16. I find out that Jordan lied about only ever kissing Sara and that she ended up pregnant with his daughter. They name her Ava Madison. This little girl only drives me and Jordan further apart from working out the problem he started.
    17. I find out that Anderson Cooper's show is having an episode about married couples who try to work out affairs. Me and Jordan go on the show in the hopes it will help us work out everything, mostly just for the kids.
    18. I've restarted my bakery here in Austin and a guy named Adam starts coming in every day and flirting with me. I start giving into his advances and he's great with the kids so we end up getting together, despite me trying to work things out with Jordan.
    19. Levi gets married to his girlfriend Rosie. Both me and Jordan are at the wedding and the occasion brings us closer together. I end up going back to his hotel room where we have sex and get back together again, and I break things off with Adam.
    20. A few months after Levi's wedding I realize that I'm gaining weight. I go to the doctor on my thirty ninth birthday and find out that I'm four months pregnant. I freak out and call Jordan to tell him the good news. Five months later the third set of boy/girl twins comes into our family, little Gideon True and Glory Tallulah. The babies bring us closer together than ever before and we're so happy for the future of our marriage.

    Kelsey, 39 & Jordan, 43

    Levi (19, adopted)
    Acacia (18, angel baby)
    Mercy (13, adopted)
    Amos, Boaz, and Chapel (12, biological)
    Charlotte and Pascal (16, adopted)
    Theodore and Dorothy (9, adopted)
    Evangeline (8, biological)
    Gideon and Glory (NB, biological)

    Ava (4, Jordan's from an affair)

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    Me: Rachel Caitlin Augustine 22 Husband: Jerome Thomas Augustine 24
    We got Married September 18th 2018 in Long Beach, California in a small chapel near the beach. Then we honeymooned in Tampa Bay. Our 1st home was in Berkeley, California. 2 beds 1½ Baths.

    2019: We have 1 child.
    Name: Halle Marsia Augustine
    2020: We adopt a boy and a girl from a family in poverty in Chicago.
    Names: Zoe Elizabeth Esterett-Augustine and Jesse Xavier Esterett-Augustine
    2021: Halle breaks her arm and she needs a cast.
    2022: We have boy/girl twins!
    Names: Miles Parker Augustine and Heather Brianna Augustine
    2023: We relocate to a larger house with 8 bedrooms in Trenton, NJ.
    2024: Our long-time family friend Justin Sparx dies and leaves behind his two daughters Daenerys Eleanor Sparxs age 4 and Sybill Angelina Sparx age 7. Jerome and I take the girls in.
    2025: My friend LisaAnn Rayliegh dies and leaves her 3-year-old son to Us. His name is George Brandon Rayliegh-Augustine.
    2027: Our family goes on vacation to Jamacia and brings back a two-year-old girl.
    Name: Octivia Shakeia Allen-Augustine

    2028: I was pregnant but it was a terribly sad misscarrige. So my sister-in-law Judy Kate Harvey and I opened a daycare center. Called Cradle to Crayons Childcare Center.

    2029: Jerome and I take in my friend Alliona's preteen daughter Because her husband left her and she got in a fatal car accident. Her name is Carly Alisha Moore and she is 10.

    2030: We move to a house with 13 bedrooms in Frankfort, Kentucky.
    2031: Sybill and Zoe get interviewed for Gurly magazine because they saved two cats and a dog from an abusive owner. We kept the cats and dog. The cats names are Glimmer and Jogger. The dogs name is Gracey
    2032: Our family adopts a dog and a cat. We got a Manx Cat, that Jesse named Digit and a Daschund that Carly named Cinna, after her cinnamon color and her favorite Character from The Hunger Games.

    2033: We were happy to add Lucas Finnely Augustine to our family.

    2034: When the kids are 18, 16, 16, 15, 14, 14, 13, 12, 12, 7 and 1 Jerome’s Aunt Kelly died. It was devastating, she left her money to her only niece, Jerome’s sister Judy, she used some of the money to help us open a new childcare center Pancake Playschool in Oxnard, California. Which happens to be the city where Aunt Kelly lived and she left us her mansion. Its 8,212 sqft and has 17 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, an infinity pool, a screening room, 3 offices, and a Conservetory. Every was so excited to move in, and now instead of to squished to add a bookshelf, now we are looking forward to new additions in the future.
    2035: We were very excited to welcome Josiah Camreon Augustine to the world.
    2036: Some of the kids are out of the house by now and I fall pregnant the last time. I have B/B/G/G/ Triplets. Their names are:
    Agatha (Aggy) Integrity Augustine
    Aaron Christofel Augustine
    Andrew Vincent Augustine
    Arabella Judith Augustine
    (The all A’s was a total accident I just liked the names)

    Sybill Angelina
    Halle Marsia
    Carly Alisha
    Zoe Elizabeth
    Jesse Xavier
    Daenerys Eleanor
    George Brandon
    Octivia Shakeia
    Lucas Finnely
    Josiah Camreon
    Agatha Integrity
    Aaron Christofel
    Andrew Vincent
    Arabella Judith
    Forget glass slippers, this princess wears soccer cleats...
    I'm an 11 year old name nerd and i <3 BNGS!
    Fave Gurl Names: Rosalie, Theodora, Angellica, Lorelei, Tiffany, Amity, Venus, Charolette, and Josaphine
    Fave Boi Names: Isaiah, Mac, Lennon, Ryker, Russell, Henley, Henirix, Zayden, Zane, and Brennan

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    DW: Lily Claire Montgomery [40]
    DH: Henry Connor Harris [40]
    [married 1992, married in Central Park, honeymooned in Italy, moved to Chicago afterwards]

    DD/DD: Lucy Alice/Charlotte Luna "Charlie" [19]
    DAD: Taylor Paige [19]
    DD: Natalie Rose "Nat" [18]
    DAD: Olivia Haley [18]
    DS: Finley Isaac "Finn" [16]
    DS/DS: Oliver Nicholas/Riley Thomas [15]
    DAD: Katherine Elise "Kate" [15]
    DD/DS: Christine Isabel/Micah Henry [14]
    DAD/DAS: Camilla Jennifer "Mila"/Liam Gray [9]
    DAD: Antonia Quinn [5]
    DD/DD/DD: Elizabeth Grace "Beth"/Anna Lily/Abigail Elle "Abby" [4]

    Year #1, 1993: We decide to move to England, and settle in Weymouth, in Dorset.
    Year #2, 1994: We adopt one-year-old twin girls! Their names are Lucy and Charlie.
    Year #3, 1995: We have a baby girl! Her name is Nat.
    Year #4, 1996: We have a baby boy! His name is Finn.
    Year #5, 1997: We get a cat. He's grey and named Doc.
    Year #6, 1998: We unexpectedly have twins, a boy and a girl! Their names are Micah and Christine.
    Year #7, 1999: We adopt two-year-old twin boys! Their names are Oliver and Riley.
    Year #8, 2000: Henry gets a new job, working in town as a lawyer.
    Year #9, 2001: My little sister, Abby, comes to stay with us. She brings her young daughter, Noelle, who is the same age as Lucy and Charlie.
    Year #10, 2002: We take a family vacation to Chicago, bringing eight year olds, Lucy, Charlie and Noelle, seven-year-old, Nat, leaving six-year-olds Finn, Oliver and Riley, and four-year-olds, Micah and Christine with Abby.
    Year #11, 2003: The kids go to camp for the summer, all except five-year-olds, Micah and Christine. Lucy and Nat go to horse camp, Charlie and Finn to art camp, Noelle, Oliver and Riley to sports camp.
    Year #12, 2004: I dye my hair a funky, bright red. Also, we allow Lucy to get her ears pierced, something she'd been asking for for a while.
    Year #13, 2005: A long time friend of Henry's, James, dies and leaves us his two daughters, Kate, age six (the same as Oliver and Riley) and Olivia, age nine (the same age as Nat).
    Year #14, 2006: Abby moves out to her own house in the same town and has a baby boy, Nate.
    Year #15, 2007: We decide to take in Charlie's best friend in foster care, Taylor. She's thirteen.
    Year #16, 2008: We have triplet girls, Beth, Anna and Abby.
    Year #17, 2009: We adopt a two-year-old girl from Italy while on our second honeymoon. Her name is Antonia.
    Year #18, 2010: Abby has another baby girl, whom she names Prim.
    Year #19, 2011: We adopt eight-year-old twins, Liam and Mila.
    Year #20, 2012: We move into a beautiful house fit for our seventeen kids, twelve of whom live at home. It has nine bedrooms. One for Henry and I, two for Finn, three for Oliver and Riley, four for Kate, five for Christine, six for Micah and Liam, seven for Mila and Antonia, eight for Beth and Anna and nine for Abby.

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