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    Melissa Anne and Daniel Roberto Lopez are married at just 18
    1. We have our first child, a son named Levi Jasper
    2. We're featured on a reality show about parents under 20.
    3. My friend calls and asks me to take in her thirteen year old daughter Elliott Grace because she can't afford her anymore. We agree without hesitation.
    4. We decide to adopt a baby, a little girl named Charlotte Rose
    5. Levi is begging for a cat and even gets Elliott in on it. We decide to adop two catss who the kids names Peanut and Jelly
    6. Elliott comes crying to me one night and reveals that she is pregnant with the child of a boy from school who wants nothing to do with the baby. She has a son who she names Benjamin Robert
    7. We try for another child and end up with three girls. We name them Elizabeth Mercy, Evangeline Faith, and Esparanza Hope
    8. We get a call that Elliotts birth mother has died and she left her three year old son to us. We take in Tennessee Port
    9. We take a vacation to Hawaii
    10. We adopt twin five year old boys, Ethan Felix and Evangeline Frost
    11. Elliott has another baby, this time with her boyfriend of three years Jake who adores both her and Benjamin. They have a daughter who they name Robin Scout
    12. I decide to get a tattoo of all the kids names
    13. We have another set of triplets, this time two boys and a girl. We name them Asher Valentine, Brielle Gardenia, and Caleb True
    14. My 18 year old younger sister, Leah comes to live with us because we need help with the kids
    15. Elliott and Jake are getting married in Washington and we all take a vacation for the wedding
    16. We decide to adopt another boy, this time a ten year old named Andre Jason
    17. I unexpectedly fall pregnant with a son who we name Moses Loyal
    18. We all agree our house is too small so we move into a big mansion.
    19. We try for one more baby and have a daughter who we name Caroline Lily
    20. I come home early one day and find Leah and Daniel having sex. They reveal to me that they've been having an affair since she moved in six years ago, and me and Daniel separate which eventually leads to a divorce.

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    Tobias Uriah Samuels and Olivia Molly Samuels.
    1. We take a lovely honeymoon to Israel and bask in the spiritual glory.
    2. We move to Orlando Florida where my husband gets a job at Disney as an Imagineer.
    3. Disney gives us the money to buy a big new house.
    4. I decide to get myself a job at Disney, where I work as Princess Rapunzel.
    5. We decideto adopt a dog , a pit bull puppy who we name Lola
    6. Toby's mom is very sick and moves in with with us for six months before finally going to be with the Lord. This puts a very big strain on our relationship.
    7. I decide anotherpuppy mi ght help to fix the strain so I adopt another pit bull, Roscoe.
    8. We decide to separate for a while to work out or problems because we want to make sure we're strong in our relationship before we have kids. We go to therapy at church and eventually fall more in love than ever before.
    9. My husband gets a great job offer to teach engineering at FSU so we kiss Mickey goodbye and move to Tallahassee.
    10. We decide to go visit some old friends back in Orlando and go to Disney while we're there.
    11. We want another pet but not another furry friend so instead we adopt a parrot named Birdie
    12. We miss Orlando to much and go crawling back to the Mouse
    13. There' a problem when testing a new roller coaster and Toby gets severely injured. He's in the hospital for six months which brings us closer to each other and to Jesus.
    14. Wegget a devastating phone call. My bestfr has died, and with her being a single mother, her three-year-old son is left an orphan. We agree wit houthesitation to take in Mason James.
    15. 20/20 does a segment on the people who play characters at Disney and may and all my fellow princesses are on the show.
    16. Toby reveals to me that he had a fling with another woman who works at the park. I kick him out of the house and tell him that I'm not sure therapy can work this time.
    17. With me and Toby still separated I run into an ex-boyfriend, Rider Eugene Finnegan while I'm taking Mason to the park on an off day. He's there with his daughter and we really hit it off, and we begin seeing each other.
    18. I find out my aunt died and left her house to me and Toby. I agree to let Toby move into our old house so he can see Mason more, while me, Rider, and Mason move into my aunt's.
    19. Me and Rider decide to open an online store selling Disney-themed items.
    20. With me and Toby having been separated for a few years already and Rider wanting to get married, me and Toby divorce, and Me, Rider, Mason, and Rider's daughter Charlotte all move to a new house in a different city a few hours away.

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    Caterina Marie and Logan Lee Vasquez
    1. We adopt a one year old girl, Elizabeth Rose.
    2. We appear on a reality show about adoption.
    3. We decide to open a daycare together. We call it Blessings
    4. We try for our own child now that Elizabeth is starting preschool and we end up with boy girl twins, Levi Jasper and Leah Journey.
    5. The adoption show we did a few years ago is having a follow up special and all of us are on it.
    6. Logan gets a great promotion.
    7. We decide to adopt again, this time triplets girls who are ten years old. Arielle Lily and Brielle Lilac are our new editions.
    8. We decide our house is a little to email for the six of us so we buy a big new house.
    9. I get pregnant unexpectedly, with twins again, this time both girls. We name them Evangeline Faith and Esparanza Hope.
    10. We leave the kids with my parents and go on vacation to Israel for a week.
    11. Logan gets an even bigger promotion and all of us move all the way to London
    12. The kids, especially the older ones all hate England so I reluctantly take them and move back to Florida, leaving Logan alone in England.
    13. Logan arranges to work in his old office for the same pay and he comes back to us.
    14. The kids are all begging for pets so we get a pit bull, Riley. And a black cat, Proctor
    15. Levi has been begging for a little brother so we agree to try for one last child, and end up with twin boys, who we name Malachi True and Mordecai Loyal
    16. For our anniversary Logan buys me a basset hound who I name Sussana
    17. We are interviewed on The Doctors about our strange effinity for having twins.
    18. Logan gets told he's gonna have to move back to England, and since Elizabeth, Arielle, and Brielle are all moved out already we decide to give it another shot.
    19. The kids and dogs are loving England but our cat Proctor is not so we decide to buy another black cat, Salem to play with her and she couldn't be more thrilled.
    20. We get calls from Elizabeth, Arielle, and Brielle all on the same day telling us they're all getting married. They decide to have a triple wedding and we all travel back to Orlando for the beautiful affair.

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    1. Adopt a 1 year old girl Caroline Maisie
    2. We have our own daughter, Renee Silhouette
    3. We have our first boy, Levi Jasper
    4 . We have twin girls, Arielle Zinnia and Brielle Chrysanthemum
    5. We adopt ten year old triplets, Annie Belle, Bishop Caleb, and Chloe Aria
    6. Wehave our own triplets, two girls and a boy, Josephine Grace, Jane Mercy, and Josiah True
    7. We have another boy, Moses Gray
    8. We have another boy, Hezekiah Loyal
    9. We have a miscarriage. We name our angel baby Rainbow Dove. We then unexpectedly have another daughter, Charlotte Boquet
    10. We have another son, who we name Gideon River
    11. For the first time in our marriage we don't welcome a need child this year. And perhaps it's not a good idea to stop anytime soon because our house burns down. We have to stay with relatives for six months but eventually get a big barn house with servants corners and enough room for all our kids and fifty more!
    12. We have another boy, Tobias Rider
    13. We have another miscarriage and name this angel boy Ranger Lee. My sister does welcome her first beautiful girl, Harley Quinn
    14. We adopt again, five year old triplet girls, Elizabeth Ray, Evangeline May, and Esparanza Day
    15. We find out the triplets have twin sisters so we immediately adopt three year old Dinah Lavender and Deborah Glory
    16. After much coxing from the kids I get second earring holes
    17. We adopt eight year old triplets boys, Jack Noah, Joel Sean, and Jude Ryan
    18. We stick with the multiples trend and adopt triplets again, this time seven year olds two boys and a girl- Isabella Dianne, Isaac Daniel, and Isaiah Donovan
    19. We decide maybe it's time to stop trying for another biological child with our third angel baby, Patience Charity. My husband gets a promotion and the whole family moves to a much bigger house all the way in Germany.
    20. We adopt one last time, a new baby boy who we name Theodore Deacon

    Biological Children:
    Arielle and Brielle-16
    Josephine, Jane, and Josiah- 14

    Adopted Children:
    Annie, Bishop, and Chloe-25
    Elizabeth, Evangeline, and Esparanza- 11
    Dinah and Deborah-9
    Jack, Joel, and Jude-11
    Isabella, Isaac, and Isaiah-9

    Angel Children:
    Rainbow- 11

    31 kids, 17 girls, 14 boys, 12 biological, 16 adopted, 3 angel, 6 biological girls, 6 biologicaly boys , 9 adopted girls, 7 adopted boys, 2 angel girls, 1 angel boy

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    Your name is Kate Elaine and you're married to Alexander Joseph, who goes by "Alex." You two married in 1990 when you were 19 and Alex was 21.

    You had a small backyard wedding with only close family and friends. Your father catered the event and Alex's parents flew in from New York.

    After the wedding, you went to Florida on your honeymoon for 3 days. After sunbathing, hiking, and ziplining, you two returned home ready to start life as man and wife.

    The two of you moved into a 2-bedroom house in a suburb of Chicago near your parents. Alex had the garden he always wanted and you had your long awaited bay window.

    Year 1: You decide to wait a while before having a baby. Nothing happens this year.

    Year 2: You and Alex decide it's time to expand your family. Suprisingly, you carry the gene that allows you to have multiples. You give birth to triplet girls: Emmalee Jade, Carolina Maeve & Gracelyn Rae. You call them "Emma, Cara & Grace."

    Year 3: You're exhausted by all the responsibilities of parenthood. The last thing on your mind is having another baby!

    Year 4: You decide that it's time to move to a bigger house now that the girls are learning to walk. Your parents, thankfully, find you a house across the street from them! It has 4-bedrooms with a beautiful porch and a double staircase.

    Year 5: Now that you're settled, you and Alex decide that it's time to add onto your family. Alex is really hoping for a boy, but you can't get pregnant. After a couple of months of failed attempts, you finally decide to adopt a baby boy at birth. You allow his birth mother to name him and she comes up with Lyle Evan. You and Alex fall in love with your little boy.

    Year 6: You can't really handle another baby right now, so you decide to take a break this year.

    Year 7: You try to have a baby this year, but you just can't seem to get pregnant. The year goes by and you are left childless.

    Year 8: After trying for a whole year, you decide enough is enough and get IVF treatments. You get pregnant on the first try. It's triplets! 2 boys and a baby girl: Oliver Mason, Ezra Colton & Romilly Elia.

    Year 9: You're so busy with the children you have that you can't even think of having another.

    Year 10: You have outgrown your current home, and you decide that it's time to move. This time, you're taking a big leap and moving from Chicago to New York. Your new house has 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and it's on an acre of land. The kids love their new home.

    Year 11: Now that you're settled in New York, you start to feel like something's missing. You feel like it's time to have another baby. However, you're not able to get pregnant naturally. You don't have a child this year.

    Year 12: You decide that the best thing would be another round of IVF. You become pregnant with 1 fetus, but miscarry at 3 months. You're devasted and decide to take a break from having children.

    Year 13: Alex insists that you try to concieve naturally. You put in the effort, but it's just not enough. You decide that you'll try one more round of IVF.

    Year 14: You're finally pregnant! You give birth to premature twins, both boys. Their names are Aiden Alexander & Sinjin Joseph.

    Year 15: You're so elated to be a mommy again that you have no other care in the world. Just enjoy your time with your kids!

    Year 16: Alex gets a job offer back home in Chicago. You don't want to leave your beautiful house, but you don't have much of a choice. You move into a 7 bedroom house in a gated community. Your house is beauitful and even has a sauna.

    Year 17: You're just getting used to Chicago, and you're starting to miss the feeling of having a little baby in the house. Knowing that you can't concieve naturally, you immediately start looking into IVF.

    Year 18: You're pregnant! Only one fetus is viable, and you give birth to a healthy baby boy. His name is Holden Tanner.

    Year 19: You enjoy your children and your husband, and you're happy to have such a beautiful family. You don't need anything more than what you already have.

    Year 20: It's a miracle--you're pregnant! And you did it all by yourself! You and Alex welcome baby Chloe Clementine and your family is now complete.

    Kate Elaine (Katie, 39)
    Alexander Joseph (Alex, 41)
    Emmalee Jade (Emma, 19, triplet)
    Carolina Maeve (Cara, 19, triplet)
    Gracelyn Rae (Grace, 19, triplet)
    Lyle Evan (15)
    Oliver Mason (12, Triplet)
    Ezra Colton (12, Triplet)
    Romilly Elia (12, Triplet)
    Aiden Alexander (6, Twin)
    Sinjin Joseph (6, Twin)
    Holden Tanner (2)
    Chloe Clementine (Newborn)

    Emma, Cara, Grace, Lyle, Oliver, Ezra, Romilly, Aiden, Sinjin, Holden & Chloe
    || Elif Merima Hatidža || Arabela Kada Fatima || Solomija Hadžira Rahima ||
    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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