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    DW called Emma Faith Carroll (Nee: Jones) and DH called Benjamin Adam Carroll. Met aged 21 in college and married aged 24 in York, England. Honeymooned in Bali. Move to Chester, England to live.

    1. Have a baby boy called: Zachary Noel
    2. Have triplets, two boys and a girl called: Isaac Enzo, Oscar Gregory & Esmé Zara
    3. Have a baby boy called: Lucas Noah
    4. Have triplet boys called: Theodore Carter, Jacob Micah & Edward Alexander
    5. Have boy/girl twins called: Milo Zeke & Jasmine Ava
    6. Have triplet girls called: Chloe Emilie, Imogen Ebony & Eden Beth
    7. Adopt triplet boys called: Nathaniel Toby, Zane Maximilian & Mason Alfie
    8. Have a girl called: Sophia Freya
    9. Have a girl called: Isabel Farrah
    10. Adopt triplets, two boys and a girl called: Liam Rhys, Riley Felix & Eleanor Hannah
    11. Adopt triplets, two boys and a girl called: Ezra Joshua, Thackary Rupert & Madeline Taliah
    12. Adopt triplets, two boys and a girl called: Daniel Zachariah, Arlo Bradley & Charlotte Cara
    13. Adopt a girl called: Savannah Mollie
    14. Adopt triplet girls called: Amelia Rebekah, Lauren Hallie & Genevieve Erin
    15. Adopt a boy called: Ebenezer Dominic
    16. Have boy/girl twins called: Reuben Lemuel & Matilda Abigail
    17. Adopt triplet boys called: Harry Levi, Miles Abel & Finley Elias
    18. Adopt triplets, one boy and two girls called: Marcus Jonah, Jade Seren & Ella Lacey
    19. Have a girl called: Rosalie Noelle
    20. Have a boy called: Thomas Abel
    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    My name is Lily Grace James and my DH's name is Andrew Lewis James. I am 20 and Andrew is 25.
    We got married in 2010 It was a fairytale wedding in the English countryside it was a dream. We honeymooned in Sidney, Australia.
    Our first house together is a beautiful traditional English cottage.

    #1 Shortly after our wedding we adopt a pet. A beautiful King Charles Spaniel called Pippin.

    #2 A year later we decide that we want to start trying for a family and sure enough I fall pregnant.
    We go for the scan and everything is fine with the pregnancy, when looking at the heartbeat the sonographer discovers a second.... and a third.... we're having TRIPLETS!! They're a cheeky bunch and we don't find out the sex until they make their apperance when we find out we now have three daughters!!
    We name them Sophie, Harriet and Laila.

    #3 When the girls are one year old their Grandma ( Andrews mum ) gets sick so moves in with us for awhile, sadly a few weeks later she gently passes. This sends Andrew into a deep depression and he can't work for awhile meaning i have to go back to work sooner than planned.

    #4 We go to India on holiday and meet a family who's little girl needs things that her family can't provide we offer to look after her as her family are desperate and promise to make sure we visit them with her. She is two years old and Her name is Jahmani Louisa.

    #5 We decide to pack up our family of Sophie, Harriet and Laila aged three and Jahmani and three. We move to a lovely hose in Orlando, Florida.

    #6 We have a surprise when we discover that iI'm pregnant with twin girls!! We call them Poppy and Rosie.

    #7 We decide that for Sophie, Harriet and Lailas 5th birthday we would get them a kitten. We get them a sweet little ginger tabby cat who the decide to call Millie.

    #8 When Sophie, Harriet and Laila are six, Jahmani is six and Poppy and Rosie are two. We are surprised to discover that once again I am pregnant! This time with our first little boy. We call him George.

    #9 There is a horrific thunder storm one night followed by a tornado and our family home gets destroyed. Luckily, my brother, his wife and there three sons aged 5, 3 and 1 take my family of 8 in for 6 months whilst we get ourselfs back on our feet and find our new home.

    #10 My younger cousin Dylan gets married to a beautiful young girl called Lauren, they have a beautiful ceremony on the beach in California it reminds myself and Andrew of our own wedding and we decide to renew our own vows.

    #11 Andrews sister comes to stay with us for awhile whist she is at university it has a great impact on our family for the 9 months that she stays as all the children love her!

    #12 I am interviewed on Ellen degeneres show for being a family of eight and being left with nothing after our home was destroyed three years in the tornado storm. Sophie, Harriet and Laila are 10, Jahmani is 10, Poppy and Rosie are 6 and George is 4. They all come along and love meeting Ellen.

    #13 We decide that we want another baby and soon i fall pregnant with a single baby girl who we call Ivy.

    #14 We get the children a new pet. A westie called Flossy.

    #15 We rellocate to Greenfields, Massachusetts for Andrews new job.

    #16 After a year in Greenfields we move back to Orlando, Florida where family is and better schools for the kids who are now Fourteen, Ten, Eight and Three.

    #17 My brother and Sister in law have a new baby girl to add to there family. They already have three boys Luke, James and Sam who are Thirteen, Eleven and Nine. They call her Isabelle.

    #18 Unexpectedly I fall pregnant! This time with twin boys! Our children, Sophie, Harriet and Laila are Sixteen, Jahmani is Sixteen, Poppy and Rosie are Twelve, George is Ten and Ivy is Five. We call the new arrivals Thomas and Jake.

    #19 Andrew meets an old flame and has an affair which has been going on for 3 years now but so much has happened i haven't had time to realise. It was found out horribly when are eldest Sophie came home from School early to find her dad 'cuddled' up with the supposed maid. This has put a huge strain on Andrews relationship with myself and the children.

    #20 Andrew and I split and Myself and the children move to New York City.

    My family -

    Mum & Dad, Lily and Andrew ( split )

    Children -

    Sophie aged 18

    Harriet aged 18

    Laila aged 18

    Jahmani aged 18

    Poppy aged 14

    Rosie aged 14

    George aged 12

    Ivy aged 7

    Thomas aged 2

    Jake aged 2

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    My name is Jodie Louise Atkins and My DH is Matthew Luke James I call him Matty. I'm 18 and Matty is 26.
    We got married in 2013, we had a beautiful dream like wedding at Edingbrough Castle, Scotland. We take a beautiful honeymoon to Hawaii!
    Our house is perfect for us we are very happy in it
    We're living in Devon, England.

    Me and my best friend Faye decide to open a buisness from home together. The buisness is cake making in which people can view them online and we will deliver specially hand made cakes for people for any type of occasion.

    I decide to write some books about my cake buisness so I open my own bookstore to sell them in. I call it Frills.

    We are so delighted to find out I'm pregnant but sadly with all the stress from the two buisnesses and sadly i miscarriage!
    Unexpectdly not long after miscarrying I fall pregnant with twin boys!
    They're beautiful, we call them Cameron Luke and Dexter Matthew.

    We had a major fire, luckily none of us were hurt but we have to move in with my mum. Cameron and Dexter are only one year old and had got into a lovely routine so sadly thats now got messed up and Matty is so stressed out he has to go stay away with his mum for awhile splitting are family up for time. We soon get ourselves sorted mind and move into our new home.

    Matty bumps into an old flame and they have an affair which lasts a horrendous 11 months!! This takes a massive strain on our marriage and Mattys relationship with Cameron and Dexter. It takes such a long time to get our relationship back on track but I am determined for the sake of the boys.

    When Cameron and Dexter are Three years old we take them to Flamingo Land Theme Park. They both go on one of the Kiddie rides and they're is a huge fault. Cameron gets trapped underneath the ride and is there for 45 minutes before getting rescued! He is seriusly injured and is taken to hospital more less straight away! He undergoes two operation to try and stop his internal bleeding and we get told to spend the night with him as they don't think he'll make it through! Its the worst news a parent can ever hear. After spending 4 months in hospital Cameron pulls through and is allowed back home. The ride is now closed down permanantly!

    My friend Faye who I have the cake buisness with falls pregnant and has beautiful little girl called Lacie!

    We pack up our stuff and move to a beautiful house in Plymouth, South West England.

    We try to extend our family but sadly i fail to get pregnant.
    My younger cousing Ellissia gets married to her dream man!

    Once again we keep trying for a baby as the boys are now seven years old and once again we fail.
    We move again this time across the border to Lanesbrough, Massachusetts.

    Now we're settled in we try again for a baby and I fall pregnant with a baby girl!
    She's perfect and well worth the wait we call her Amelia Rose.

    Matty gets a job he's now working in the local hospital as a major trauma surgeon! Cameron and Dexter who are now nine years old really look up to their dad.

    We decide to move back England as we're missing our families too much. We move back to Devon where we both come from.

    Mattys favourite cousin Lucas sadly passes away and his wife died a few years ago so we take in his three children. All girls, Leah is 18, Molly is 16 and Grace is 14.

    My friend Faye gets married. I'm made of honour, Matty is best man, Leah, Molly, Grace and Amelia are all bridesmaids and Cameron and Dexter are ring bearers!

    We get a pet parrot after weekly begs from the kids shes called Kittie.

    We decide to put ourselves to good use and adopt newborn triplets, two boys and one girl! They're called Samuel Michael, Oliver Thomas and Polly Louise.

    We extend our family with a golden retriever dog called Maggie.

    I get a tattoo of all my children and adopted childrens names on my lower back. Cameron, Dexter and Amelia. Leah, Molly and Grace, and Samuel, Oliver and Polly.

    Unexpectedly I fall pregnant with twin boys! We call them Jacob Nicholas and Issac Adam.

    Our family.
    Mum & Dad -
    (Me) Jodie aged 37

    Matthew aged 45

    Biological children -

    Cameron aged 17

    Dexter aged 17

    Amelia aged 9

    Jacob aged newborn

    Issac aged newborn

    Adopted children -

    Samuel aged 3

    Oliver aged 3

    Polly aged 3

    Nieces living with us -

    Leah aged 24

    Molly aged 22

    Grace aged 20.

    Pets -

    Parrot, Kittie

    Dog, Maggie.

    Jodie, Matty, Cameron, Dexter, Mia, Jacob, Issac, Samuel, Oliver, Polly, Leah, Molly, Grace, Kittie and Maggie. <3

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    Evelyn Pearl Christensen and Liam Joseph Christensen. I am 23 and he is 28.
    We married got married in March, Salt Lake City. We love the mountains. We honeymooned in Europe.
    We currently live in Seattle, WA.
    Year 1 - We get two dogs - Nephi and Maggie

    Year 2 - We go on vacation to Australia

    Year 3 - We unexpectedly fall pregnant with a little baby boy. He is born on November 19th and we name his Jameson North Christensen (Jamie/Mason)
    Year 4 - Your DH get's a new job, his family pass him down the company they own in Seattle.

    Year 5 - Because the company is doing so well in the North West, he decides to open a new branch in the South West. That summer we move down to Utah and he starts the new branch.

    Year 6 - We become unexpectedly pregnant with Twin Boys!! They are born on September 14th and are fraternal. Their names are Finnegan Jude Christensen and Everett Stone Christensen (Finn)

    Year 7 - We go back to Seattle for the summer and spend some time with his family and have a reunion. It's great for us all to see each other again and we love Seattle and the Sound.

    Year 8 - DH's Sister and her son come to stay with us. She has always loved Utah, so she moves in with us until she can get herself sorted. They are with us for 4 months and she comes to work at the family business.

    Year 9 - Our niece gets married at the age of 18. They have dated for a couple of years now and marriage seems like the next step. The wedding is full of family and such a beautiful day.

    Year 10 - DH's dad decides he would like to move to Utah and run the business DH established and retire down here. We move back to Seattle to take over the bigger business.

    Year 11 - We get pregnant and it is another little boy!! His name is Brigham Reid Christensen. He is born on June 3rd.

    Year 12 - A dear friend of ours gets married and we all have roles in the wedding. I am maid of honor. Husband is Best man and the kids all play a role in being the ring bear/page boys and mini ushers.

    Year 13 - We decide to adopt a baby from Korea. We adopt an adorable little girl. er birthday is February 14th and we adopt her 6 weeks later. We decide to name her Eliza Caroline Christensen.
    Year 14 - We decide to get a cat. Her name is Lulu

    Year 15 - We spend the summer in Utah with family. It's brilliant to all be together and to enjoy time together. Our family is huge.

    Year 16 - We get unexpectedly pregnant with a little girl!! Her name is Everly Willow Christensen. She is born on July 13th.
    Year 17 - We are interviewed for a newspaper. We are interviewed about the success of our business.

    Year 18 - A relative passes away and leaves us their house. It's a lovely house in Cape Cod. We decided to keep it as a holiday home for the family to use!!

    Year 19 - We adopt another baby - This time a little girl from India. We name her India Pearl Christensen.
    Year 20 - We go on a family vacation to Cape Cod. Our family is complete!

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    Rider Fox Young and Silhouette Boquet Young get married when they are both just 18

    1. In just the first month of our marriage we get a devastating call that Rider's best friend has died and has left us with the custody of his 13 year old sister Evangeline Faith, who he had previously adopted after the death of his own mother.
    2. Another tragedy strikes when Rider's cousin who was like an older sister to him dies, leaving us with her three children, 15 year old Blake Remington, and 10 year old twins Axel Lee and Margot Imogen
    3. We're all interviewed in the local paper about what it's like adopting children.
    4. We make a big move up to New York City.
    5. Evangeline and Blake reveal to us that they've been seeing each other and Evangeline is pregnant. Since we did adopt them so late into their childhoods and they don't really feel like siblings we allow them to keep seeing eachother but first ground them from anything except school and work until their daughter Lila Elliott is born.
    6. We decide that we all need a break and take a vacation all the way to Israel to just marvel in the spiritual beauty of Jesus.
    7. Axel and Margot beg for a pet so we give in and buy a dog and a cat who they name Rascal and Rapunzel.
    8. Evangeline and Blake get married and we couldn't be more thrilled.
    9. We are thrilled when we find out we're expecting our first biological child after eight years of marriage, a beautiful little boy who we name Levi Jasper
    10. With Axel and Margot off to college we decide New York is just too busy and we move South West to New Mexico
    11. After eleven years of marriage me and Rider get matching tattoos that say each other's favorite Bible verse about marriage
    12. Three year old Levi ia begging for a pet of his own so we adopt a new dog and cat who he names Flopsy and Momo
    13. We're thrilled to find out we're pregnant with boy girl twins. We name them Dorothy Rae and Theodore Lee
    14. I run into my ex-boyfriend, James Daniel Phillips while on vacation with some friends while Rider and the kids are at home. We hit it off and start talking and we end up having an affair. I break it off after a few months feeling very guilty but I don't end up telling Rider until...
    15. All month after I break off the affair I find out I'm pregnant. I'm worried the child is James' so I confess my actions to Rider. He gets extremely angry and tells me if the child i James he wants a divorce. After Renee Peppermint is born we get a paternity test and I couldn't be more thrilled to find out Rider is the father.
    16. We decide we need a fresh start and we move all the way to Massachusetts.
    17. Evangeline and Blake reveal on Lila's twelfth birthday that they're pregnant with a son. Five months later Ranger Gray is born.
    18. Rider's mother is very sick and moves in with us. She helps with the kids so we couldn't be more thrilled.
    19. The younger kids decide they want their own pet so we go out and buy a dog, Missy.
    20. Evangeline and Blake reveal they're pregnant again, with another boy. They name him Forrest Knight.
    Silhouette (38) and Rider (38)
    Their kids
    Evangeline (32)
    Blake (33)
    Axel and Margot (28)
    Levi (11)
    Theodore and Dorothy (7)
    Renee (6)
    Evangeline and Blake kids:
    Lila (15), Ranger (3), Forrest (NB)

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