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    Rebecca "Becca" Renee Collins (23) marries Gregory "Greg" Michael Donaldson (25) on October 25, 2003 at Bernheim Forest in Kentucky. The autumn colors are beautiful. Becca is wearing a pearl colored wedding gown, very vintage looking. She has 3 girls standing with her. Her older sister, Elizabeth Anne Collins (25) is her maid of honor. Her close friends, Whitney Faith Gray (23) and Holly Kay Foster (24) are her bridesmaids. They are all wearing raisin colored dresses and carrying beautiful autumn bouquets. Greg is wearing a traditional tux as is his Best Man and best friend Christopher "Chris" Wayne Anderson (26). His Groomsmen are close friends Zachary "Zack" Matthew Anderson (24) and Henry James Johnson (25). Becca and Greg honeymoon in the Caribbean, where they spend 12 wonderful days. They return home to Louisville, KY where they have a nice, 2 bedroom apartment.

    2004: By July, Becca and Greg are split up. Greg leaves because Becca has been spending a lot of time partying with her friends. He moves in with his best friend, Chris. Becca spends the summer "finding herself" and thinking that she may have jumped into marriage too soon. September rolls around and Becca finds herself missing Greg terribly. He moves back in mid-September and they work to fix their marriage. Becca swears that she remained faithful. In October, they celebrate their 1 year anniversary by flying to Florida for a week.

    2005: In October, Becca opens a small book store in a very locally eclectic part of town. She calls it, Becca's Book Nook. The store sells new and used books and has a very successful start.

    2006: In November, Becca gives birth to their first child. Ian Gregory Donaldson was born on November 22, 2006 at 8:28 pm. He weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 21 in. long. He was born at a local hospital, with the assistance of a midwife and doula.

    2007: In January, Greg is offered a new position with the company that he works for. The pay and benefits are great. The only issue is that he, Becca and Ian will have to move to Florida. After much consideration, they decide that the opportunity is too good to pass up. In May, they move to Vero Beach, FL. Becca's bookstore is bought by local book enthusiast and is renamed, Bardstown Book Nook.

    2008: In June, Becca's close friend Whitney, who is now married to Gabriel Aaron Gonzalez (30), gives birth to her first child. Amora Rose Gonzalez is born on June 2, 2008 in Louisville, KY. Becca is very happy for her friend and wishes she could be there to help welcome the new addition.

    2009: In November, Becca's older sister, Elizabeth gets married to Franklin David Gordon (33). They marry in Louisville, KY and Becca is her sister's Maid of Honor. Little Ian is a Ring Bearer. Becca, Greg and Ian are able to spend nearly 2 weeks in Louisville visiting with family and friends.

    2010: On October 10, Elizabeth gives birth to her first child. Sophia Grace Gordon is born in Louisville, KY. Becca and Ian fly to Louisville to visit for a week. Greg remains in Florida because of work.

    2011: On April 5, Whitney gives birth to her second child. Gabriel Aaron Gonzalez Jr. is born in Atlanta, GA. The Gonzalez Family moved to Atlanta about 18 months ago because of Gabriel's job.

    2012: On September 12, Becca gives birth to their 2nd child. Amber Rose Donaldson is born at 7:45 pm, at home with the assistance of a midwife. She weighs 8 lbs. 3 oz. and is 20 in. long. Ian is excited about having a little sister.

    2013: Greg's parents had moved down to Florida not long after Becca and Greg. Greg is their only child and they wanted to be close to him and his family. Unfortunately, Greg's father passed last summer, at the age of 67. He had a heart attack. Greg's mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of chemo, she needs a lot help. She moves in with Becca and Greg since they have plenty of room. They care for her and eventually hire a nurse to be there.

    2014: Becca and Greg get the kids a puppy for Christmas. It's a Black Lab and they name her Luna. She brings a lot of joy to the house.

    2015: Greg's best friend, Chris, dies in a car crash. He and his 2 daughters were living in Louisville. Chris was a single father because the girls' mother left when they were very young. Chris' younger brother, Zack, is not "father material", he makes a great uncle but not a father. Chris' mother died about 5 years ago and his father is not able to care for children because of his health. Therefore, the girls move down to Florida to The Donaldson Family. The girls are Sierra Jade Anderson (10) and Serenity Claire Anderson (8).

    2016: Becca decides to open another bookstore, this time in Vero Beach, right along the coast. She calls this one Beachside Cook Store. It's the same set up as her bookstore in Louisville. It's very successful.

    2017: While in Louisville on business, Greg runs into his ex girlfriend. Her name is Gwendolyn "Gwen" Faye Sexton (40). They had a somewhat serious relationship in high school. They see each other several times during the business trip. Once Greg goes back to Florida, he keeps in contact with Gwen. There are more "business trips" and they eventually become intimate. Becca becomes suspicious and finds out that Greg is having an affair and it's been going on for about 6 months. Greg swears that Becca is the one who he loves and works hard to save his marriage. Gwen becomes distraught and flies to Florida and a confrontation between the 3 takes place. It is then, that Becca sees that Greg is truly sorry and realizes he made a huge mistake. Gwen heads back to Louisville and Becca and Greg work on their marriage. The kids can tell that something isn't right but they never know exactly what happened.

    2018: While still trying to repair their marriage, Becca is in a terrible car accident in Florida. She has multiple injuries and nearly dies. This just makes Greg realize how much he really does love Becca and it causes him to work even harder to repair their marriage. Becca makes a slow but full recovery.

    2019: Becca and her good friend, Leslie Lee Harper (40), open a coffee shop together in Vero Beach. It's located right next to Becca's bookstore and they call it Beachside Coffee Shop. It's a huge success as is the bookstore.

    2020: Becca's good friend, Holly (40), gives birth to twin boys on January 14. Holly got married a bit later in life at age 35 and then had trouble getting pregnant. With help, she became pregnant with twins. He husband is Colin William Sloane (42). The twins are Abraham Joshua and Benjamin Joseph Sloane. They are born in Chicago, IL where Holly has lived since 2005.

    2021: Becca, her sister, Elizabeth and their mother, Marie (65) take a trip to Europe where they spend 2 weeks. They have a fabulous time!

    2022: Becca and Greg buy a lovely beachside home. It's big and beautiful and it's close to Becca's businesses.

    2023: Amber's love for animals causes her to bring a stray cat home. At first, Becca and Greg are not thrilled by the idea but they eventually give in, with the understanding that Amber will care for the cat. She names her Lola, she is a tabby cat. Becca is now 43, she runs 2 very successful local businesses and is feeling and looking great. Greg, now 45, is very successful and has been with the same company for over 20 years. He is now a Vice President in the company. Ian, now 17, is into skateboarding, surfing and is an average student. He will graduate high school next year and may study marine biology. Of course, that's subject to change. Amber, now 11, is a straight A student who loves school, animals and hanging out with friends. Sierra, now 18, just graduated high school and plans on attending FSU in the fall. She's not quite sure what she wants to do. She has a boyfriend named Tyson Leroy Jackson (19). They have been dating for about a year. He attends FSU and is a star football player. Serenity is 16 and she mostly keeps to herself, she is very shy and has 2 very close friends. She loves reading and writing. Overall, The Donaldson Family is doing well.

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    I am May Alexandra, I married my husband Franklin Samson in 1999 when I was 20 years old and he was 23. It was a quiet and peaceful wedding with a small mumber of family members and close friends; he took me on a surprise honeymoon to Sydney, Australia for two weeks, a place he knew I'd always wanted to do. After getting married Franky and I decided to move to the outskirts of Plymouth into a three bedroom house which was small but cosy.

    Yr1: Our first neighbourhood housed some quite poor families and very quickly we discovered that the young woman living in the flat above was struggling to cope with her twin boys who were 9 months old. After much discussion Franky and I decided to approach her, she was thankful for our help and after the twins first birthday the woman convided that she wanted us to adopt them. Shocked, we took on the responsibility of them happily, we kept their birth names: Carson Elijah and Roman Atticus

    Yr2: A tradgedy strikes our family! My brother's childhood friend, a man who was like a brother to me gowing up, suddenly dies in a car crash orphaning his two daughters. After the adoption of Carson and Roman, the process of taking in Jessa Victoria (4) and Livia Opal (17mo) doesn't take very long at all. Franky and I are content knowing that that is what my friend would have wanted.

    Yr3: Because I was just 22 years old and had four children in my care, Franky and I had agreed on not trying for biological children of our own until our youngest was settled in school. However nature had other plans and I wound up pregnant with a baby boy. Despite it being unexpected, Franky and I were thrilled, we named him Tobias Henry and he was a welcome addition to our brood.

    Yr4: Franky's great aunt Freida dies leaving us her large house and estate in rural Devon countryside, plus £2,000,000! The family is excited but we try to keep the children's feet on the ground. We're pleased to move as the house was becoming uncomfortably crowded with all five children.

    Yr5: With the bigger house and grounds the childreb begin begging for pets. It doesn't take long for Franky and I to give in, we adopt two young dogs from a local shelter and the children call them Bill and Bob - despite Bill being a female.

    Yr6: After the adoption of Bill and Bob the children push their luck for another, more unusual pet... Three months after they began asking, Franky brings home a baby turtle which we keep in a special warm conservatory of it's own. The children call him Squirt.

    Yr7: My little sister Ava, who is 23, gives birth to a baby girl. She is my first niece and I am very excited, Ava calls her Lisa Jane.

    Yr8: After the birth of my niece Lisa Jane, I am hit with baby fever, Tobias is nearly four years old so I approach Franky about trying for a second biological baby. To my shock and happiness he agrees, it doesn't take us long at all to get pregnant but we were in for the shock of our lives at the 12 wk scan. Triplets! Identical boy triplets!!! Eight months later my boys come and we call them: Sebastian Keith, Arthur Sydney and Jeremy Quinn.

    Yr9: My younger cousin Elizabeth, 19, gets married to her boyfriend of five years. It is a big and flamboyant affair but I am honoured to be picked as one of her bridesmaids.

    Yr10: Several bursts pipes force us from our home, scattering us across our various relatives. I take the triplets and move in with Ava and Lisa Jane while Franky, the rest of the children, Bill, Bob and Squirt invade on Franky's rich and single brother - who isn't too impressed with the sudden influx of noise on his peaceful abode. It takes three long, stressful, and uncomfortable months to fix the pipes and get the house back to the condition which is was.

    Yr11: A close friend when mine and Franky's first neighbourhood dies suddenly of unknown causes and leaves her three year old son in our care. We adopt him quickly and all of our children make him feel welcome. He is called Evan James.

    Yr12: I am interviewed on a talk show! It was all very exciting and my older children played it up to be much more than it was. I talked about adoption mainly but also the hardships and rewards of running such a large family.

    Yr13: Franky comes home with a parrot! Of course the children love him; I want to kill him. However the children have ow seen the bird and so we have to keep it. They call him Pauly after I told them that they could not call HIM Polly.

    Yr14: All of the children keep asking if they're going to get any more younger siblings, one night Franky brings this up and we "talk about it". One month later I find that I'm pregnant. With triplets. AGAIN!!! They're all boys. AGAIN!!! The trips are born healthily, we name them: Beckett Theodore, Phoenix Jacoby and Edmund Cooper. The other children are thrilled.

    Yr15: One day the older triplets rush into the house clutching a small squirming bundle. It was a puppy! A very badly injured puppy, the boys say they found her by the side of the road, I whisk her away to the vets and we all wait anxiously. The puppy, a little girl, miraculously pulls through and by now the whole family want to adopt her; when her original owners are not found I offer her a home. The little girl comes home with me and the children, obviously, call her Lucky. Bill and Bob take to her instantly and Bill especially takes her under her wing.

    Yr16: When one of his friend's mother's becomes ill and hospital-bound, Tobias takes it upon himself to bring his friend home and insist that he stay with us until his single mum can look after him. The boy is called Gregor Vincent and is twelve years old, at first he proves to be a little troublesome but he soon settles down. After 9 months it is time for him to go back to his mum's but he is reluctant to leave, after talks we her we decide to unofficially adopt Gregor who is happy to spend the week with us and go to his mum's on the weekend and in some holidays.

    Yr17: We adopt a new pet! As if we didn't have enough, but this one was actually my idea. Since Bill, Bob and Lucky grew to be quite big, and I can't exactly cuddle Squirt or Pauly, I am yearning for a lap cat. I find one at a local shelter who came from a family with dogs and fall in love with her. Since she is already three years old we keep her name: Bluey (because of her beautiful eyes).

    Yr18: Franky's dad becomes terribly sick, he moves in with him to take care of him but he lives 400 miles away, leaving me to take care of all of the children. This puts a massive strain on me, so much so that I plead for Ava to move in with Lisa Jane. My brother even pops in several nights a week to lend a hand.

    Yr19: After the younger triplets I was advised to no more children. So with that in mind Franky and I announce that we are going to have more children - we have already set our eyes on boy/girl twins that are eight years old - with the go ahead of our other children we set the wheels in motion. Six months later we bring Jensen Forrest and Amelia Willow home.

    Yr20!: When we're alone, after a brilliant and massive 40th Birthday Party for me, Franky gives me a tentative surprise present. It is the adoption forms for a group of teenagers who were badly abused and are in desperate need of a stable home. The two boys and a girl are triplets and are 15 years old. I don't even have to sleep on it, I give the go ahead. All of our children are excited to meet their new siblings; Lleyton Amadeus, Tennyson Weston, and Rebekah Belle.

    ~May (40) and Franky (43) with: Carson (21), Roman (21), Jess (21), Liv (18), Tobias (17), Seb (12), Art (12), Jem (12), Evan (12), Becker (6), Phoenix (6), Edmund (6), Gregor (17), Jensen (10), Mia (10), Lleyton (15), Tenny (15) and Bex (15).~
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Kelsey and Adam Randall
    1. A week after me and my husb. and are married my little brother Derrick marries his high school sweetheart Dolly
    2. We have a daughter who we name Charlotte Boquet
    3. When my little Charlotte ia just a few months old my brother announces the birth of his own daughter Lillia Renee
    4. My husband's job causes us to move all the way to Berlin Germany
    5. We decide to buy Charlotte a parrot which she names Birdie
    6. While on a vacation back to the states me and my sister in law decide to open a daycare
    7. We buy a new house in Florida for vacations and if we ever decide to move back to the states
    8. Next year my husband's job allows us to pack up and move into our Florida home
    9. Me and my husband are interviewed in the local newspaper about my daycare
    10. My brother's family comes to visit for a month and Charlotte and Lillia couldn't be happer
    11. I decide to open a bookstore
    12. My brother comes to stay with us again, this time on less happy terms. His wife is leaving him and Lillia for another man and he doesn't have anywhere else to go
    13. At the pressures of my daughter and niece I decide to dye my hair blonde
    14. My youngest cousin is married. We all go to the wedding and it's a beautiful occasio
    15 . The whole family takes a vacation to Israel for a stress-reliever and some spiritual guidance when we meet the most gorgeous 2-year-old girl at an orphanage. We adopt her immediately. We decide to keep her first name, Noa, but since she has no middle we give her the middle of my husband's mother-Katherine.
    16. My husband's job needs us to move back to Berlin, much to the dismay of Charlotte. We let Derrick and Lillia stay at the house
    17. Adam and I have been fighting a lot so me, Noa and Charlotte move back to Orlando.
    18. Birdie died unexpectedly while we were gone so on Charlottes birthday I buy her a new parrot, Polly
    19. Adam and I reconcile and after Charlotte finishes school Noa and I move back to Berlin
    20. With Charlotte away at college in the states and Noa now 7 we decide to take in a 6 year old foster child named Albert Benjamin
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    Kelsey Alanna Randall and Adam James Randall

    1. We have boy girl twins, Levi Jasper and Jane Lily
    2. I get a tattoo of the kids names
    3. We unexpectedly have another daughter, Renee Peppermint
    4. Me and my sister in law Rosie decide to open a daycare
    5. We take a vacation to Mexico and while at an orphanage we meet a beautiful little 2 year old girl named Esparanza Estrella
    6. Levi is begging for a brother so we take in a 6 year old foster son named Asher Lee
    7. The kids are begging for a dog so we buy a pit bull named Lucy
    8. Adams job takes us to Orlando
    9. I decide to open another daycare now that all the kids are in school
    10. We move again, this time South West to Hawaii to take care of my sick mother Charlotte
    11. My mother dies and we decide it would be best to move back to Florida
    12. Lucy ia getting older and the kids are asking for another puppy so we go out and buy a newborn pit bull, Roscoe
    13. With our youngest children now 10 we weren't even thinking about having more children but God has another plan and we are blessed with a little girl we name Charlotte Rose, after my mother and Adams mother
    14. We're interviewed in the newspaper about what it's like to be a family with adopted and biological children
    15. We move again, this time to New York to help out Adams mom and dad
    16. Adams job says we may have to move again within a couple years. The older kids say they've hated moving state four times already so we agree that if we have to move again we'll allow the kids to stay in New York
    17. We move again but this time just into a bigger house that's more accommodating for our larger family.
    18. We get the news that we have to move back to Florida. We agree to let Levi, Jane, and Asher stay to finish out their senior year but Renee, Esparanza, and Charlotte come back to Florida with us.
    19. A movie is being shot at Renee and Esparanza school and they get to be extras.
    20. Adams parents die in a car accident and give us the house since Levi, Jane, and Asher are already moved out and in college out of state. We agree to let Renee and Esparanza move in when they go to college in New York next year.

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    My name is Natalie Elizabeth Davidson and my husband's name is Aaron James Davidson. We were married in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2016. We were both 24. We honeymooned in New York City and decided to live in our hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.

    Year One:
    We have triplet boys!

    DS- Henry James
    DS-Jack Alexander
    DS- Peter Maxwell

    Year Two:
    The family Moves to Austin, Texas

    Year Three:
    My husband and I open a bookstore called “Pages”

    Year Four:
    We have a single baby boy!

    DS- Nathaniel "Nate" Silas

    Year Five:
    We are unexpectedly pregnant with our fifth baby boy!

    DS- Rory Thatcher

    Year Six:
    My husbands best friend from high school dies and leaves us his three year old.

    DS- Garrett Owen

    Year Seven:
    My husband gets a new job and we relocate to Boston, Massachusetts.

    Year Eight:
    My great grandmother dies and leaves us $5 million in their will. We give a lot of it to charity and put some away for your children’s college funds.

    Year Nine:
    One day Peter comes home from school and tells us that his friends don't have parents and are living in foster care. We talk it over and decide to adopt the twin brothers.

    DS- Darcy Samuel
    DS- Benjamin Isaac

    Year Ten:
    My husband and I are interviewed on The View for donating so much money to different charities.

    Year Eleven:
    Since our youngest are six, we miss having babies around the house. We soon have twin boys.

    DS- Gabriel "Gabe" Elijah
    DS- Leonardo "Leo" Jude

    Year Twelve:
    We decide to take a family vacation to New York City where we took our honeymoon. With this many small children it was quite the adventure.

    Year Thirteen:
    My best friend from high school suddenly dies and leaves her 3 year old son to us.

    DS- Elliott Chandler

    Year Fourteen:
    We unexpectedly become pregnant with another baby boy.

    DS- August "Gus" Jonah

    Year Fifteen:
    My younger brother and I go into business together to open up a vegan restaurant. Its a success!

    Year Sixteen:
    We decide that we really want a daughter after having so many sons. We quickly become pregnant and when we go in for the ultrasound, we not only get the daughter we hoped for but we get another son as well!

    DS- Levi Harris
    DD- Violet Elizabeth

    Year Seventeen:
    We really want little Violet to have a little sister so we try again and have not one, but two little girls.

    DD- Lily Caroline
    DD- Cleo Margaret

    Year Eighteen:
    I decide to dye my hair blonde from its natural dark brown but quickly decide that I hate it and change it back.

    Year Nineteen:
    My husband gets a promotion! After a little too much celebration we find out that we are pregnant with twin boys.

    DS- Charles "Charlie" Everett
    DS- Evan Wesley

    Year Twenty:
    We decide that one more baby will complete our huge family. When our triplets are nineteen years old, we welcome our final baby into the world; a little girl!

    DD- Avalon "Ava" Grace

    Natalie and Aaron Davidson [both 44 years old]

    Henry Davidson [19 years old]
    Jack Davidson [19 years old]
    Peter Davidson [19 years old]
    Darcy (Reed) Davidson [19 years old] -Adopted at age 8-
    Benjamin (Reed) Davidson [19 years old] -Adopted at age 8-
    Garrett (Martin) Davidson [17 years old] -Adopted at age 3-
    Nathaniel Davidson [16 years old]
    Rory Davidson [15 years old]
    Elliott (Sawyer) Davidson [10 years old] -Adopted at age 3-
    Gabe Davidson [9 years old]
    Leo Davidson [9 years old]
    Gus Davidson [6 years old]
    Levi Davidson [4 years old]
    Violet Davidson [4 years old]
    Lily Davidson [3 years old]
    Cleo Davidson [3 years old]
    Charlie Davidson [1 year old]
    Evan Davidson [1 year old]
    Ava Davidson [Newborn]
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