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    McKenna Paulette and Brendan Michael Williamson,
    Married in 2010 at 23 years old in New York.
    We honeymooned in Australia and settled into a home in our lovely small town in New York.

    1: Suprising most of our family, we decide to make a spontaneous move together to Wokingham, Berkshire, a "unique blend of countryside and town," very close in proximity to London.
    2: After a wonderful year in England, we agree that we are just too far from our family and move to Boston, Massachusetts, where Brendan lands a job as a Case Manager and I teach as a long-term sub for an inner-city school.
    3: We receive fabulous news! My sister, Shae, and her husband, Nathan, had a baby girl! We travel to New York to meet baby Aleta Kate.
    4: Brendan and I decide to adopt two rescue dogs. Both of us are big time dog lovers and are very excited to bring them home. We rescue and adopt two male black lab/bernese mountain dog mix puppies from the same litter and name them Louie and Leroy.
    5: Brendan and I have our first baby girl, Evie Michaela. We are so in love with her and our little family!
    6: Brendan and I begin a charity foundation for rescued animals. We love our Louie and Leroy so much and want to share the great feelings we receive from rescuing and seeing other families rescue.
    7: I am interviewed on Ellen for the success of our charity foundation.
    8: A great friend we met in England whom we talked to and visited very frequently passed away this year. He worked very hard for his two daughters, Maisy Sophia (11) and Freya Violet (14), and gave them a great adolescent life. Unfortunately, he did not have much family in England and had made arrangements before his progressive but expected death, for Brendan and I to take them in with so much love and support!
    9: In memory of our dear friend, Freya and Maisy's father, Henry, we rescued another dog. Maximus is a german shephard rescue dog and will be trained as Brendan's kanine unit.
    10: Brendan's job allowed us to move back home to upstate New York. We were extremely lucky that I was able to find a teaching job in a wonderful, small, k-12 school in a community right near our own. Our family Brendan, Evie, Freya, Maisy, Louie, Leroy and Maximus move back home to small town New York to be with our family.
    11: Evie is now 6 years old, Maisy is 14, and Freya is 17. We decide that it is a great time to try for another baby. We were successful and had our first boy, Mac Brennan.
    12: My brother in law, Daniel, and his fiance Lorraine, got married. Our entire family was a part of the ceremony. My daughter Evie (7) and neice Aleta (10) were adorable flower girls. Maisy (15) and Freya (18) walked Mr. Ring Bearer, my son Mac (1) down the aisle! Brendan and I were in the wedding party as a bridesmaid and a groomsman.
    13: My family has grown into something I could have never imagined! I decide to get a tattoo representing how much they mean to me.
    14: Our family was blessed with triplets! Two boys and one girl: Hudson Lee, Archer Paul, and Mia Caroline.
    15: Make up your own - Freya (21) graduated from college! Her hard work and dedication has lead her to earning a B.S. in Sociology with a minor in Criminology. She has always been very interested in Brendan's work and we are very proud of her and her father would be, too!
    16: Freya has moved back home and so has her boyfriend, Luke. Luke and Freya have dated for about 4 years and he has been having a rough family situation. Our small lake house has become very crowded, so we are extremely lucky for Brendan's job promotion. He is moving up in his building, so we do not have to move but are financially able to build a house of our own designed to perfectly suit our large, unique family. Along with bedrooms for each kid, we have attached two mini apartments to our house that we will rent out to close family and friends. We allowed Freya and Ryan to rent our first one. Maisy is attending a local community college and working part time at a restaurant, so we decided to rent the other apartment to Maisy and a friend of hers attending the same college.
    17: Freya (23) and Luke got married! We had a back yard wedding at our newly built house and it was beautiful. Maisy (20) was her maid of honor, Evie (12) and her best friend Sutton were her bridesmaids. Brendan walked her down the aisle and danced with her for the father-daughter dance as a tribute to her father Henry and the pleasure it has been being Freya and Maisy's guardians. Mac (7), Hudson, and Archer (4) were the ring bearers and Mia (4) was the cutest little flower girl.
    18: Brendan and I go on a vacation. We do not have it in us to leave all our babies so far away, so we rent a lake house only 45 minutes away from the house. Freya and Maisy are watching all the kids for a week. We had a lovely time relaxing on the boat, but missed everyone at home.
    19: Freya and Luke became pregnant and had her first baby this year! They welcomed their first son, Henry William (after her father, Henry, and our family, the Wiliamson's).
    20. Make up your own -- Everyone lives happily ever after!

    Brendan Michael, McKenna Paulette, Freya Violet, Maisy Sophia, Evie Michaela, Mac Brennan, Hudson Lee, Archer Paul, and Mia Caroline,
    Louie, Leroy & Maximus
    "Nearly everybody gets twitterpatted in the springtime. You get weak in the knees. Your head starts to whirl. Before you know it, you're knocked for a loop." -Bambi

    Our precious 1 year old Evie Michaela
    11/11/11 <3

    Current favorites:
    Mia Caroline, Sutton Amelia, Aria Marlowe
    Hudson Lee, Archer Paul, Mac Everett

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    DH: Alexander Finn O'Neill
    DW: Clara Juliet [Dylan] O'Neill
    Married in 2013 aged 26. Went to Rome for honeymoon. Lived in a 3 bedroom house in London, England.

    2014: Clara and Alex have a baby girl name Marnie Pearl.

    2015: The O'Neills decide to adopt triplet girls called Hazel Matilda, Olive Adelaide and Rosa Penelope. It is a struggle with 4 young children but they love their family life.

    2016: Because of Alex's job, the family moved to Manchester, England.

    2017: Yet another relocation! The O'Neills decide to move to Austin, Texas.

    2018: The family went on holiday to India and brought back a 2 year old girl named Priya Lalita.

    2019: Clara and Alex welcome their first son! They name him Caspar Henry. His five big sisters are delighted to have a brother!

    2020: The family adopt 2 springer spaniels named Rusty and Billy.

    2021: Clara has twins! They were unplanned but the family are really happy. They are called Saskia Wren and Beatrice Anya.

    2022: Alex's brother Will gets married in London. Alex is the best man, Caspar is the page boy and the girls are flower girls and bridesmaids.

    2023: The family went on holiday to Hawaii. They had a great time.

    2024: Alex and Clara welcome twins! A boy named Hector Lyle and a girl named Ivy Cecelia.

    2025: The family adopt a baby girl named Aphra Thisbe.

    2026: Clara's aunt passes away and leaves her house in Devon, England to Clara. They decide to rent it out as a holiday home.

    2027: The O'Neills welcome a baby boy named Winston Isaac.

    2028: The family move to Berlin in Germany.

    2029: Clara and her sister Eva open a daycare centre for British children in Berlin called Little Stars.

    2030: Alex and Clara's good friend Alice passes away. The couple decide to take in her two daughters Romy Nell and Betsy Fleur, aged 12 and 8.

    2031: The family get a cat named Coco.

    2032: Clara is interviewed for a BBC documentary about British families living in Berlin.

    2033: Alex and Clara's oldest daughter, Marnie, has a baby girl! She names her Luna Xanthe. The baby's father is not around but she has support from her family.

    2034: Alex was in a car crash and almost died. Luckily the emergency services were on the scene quickly and Alex made a slow but good recovery in hospital.

    The family
    DH: Alexander Finn O'Neill (46)
    DW: Clara Juliet [Dylan] O'Neill (46)

    DD: Marnie Pearl O'Neill (20)
    -DD: Luna Xanthe O'Neill (1)
    DD/DD/DD: Hazel Matilda O'Neill, Olive Adelaide O'Neill and Rosa Penelope O'Neill (19)
    ADD: Priya Lalita O'Neill (18)
    DS: Caspar Henry O'Neill (15)
    DD/DD: Saskia Wren O'Neill and Beatrice Anya O'Neill (13)
    ADD: Romy Nell Rutherford (12)
    DS/DD: Hector Lyle O'Neill and Ivy Cecelia O'Neill (10)
    ADD: Aphra Thisbe O'Neill (9)
    ADD: Betsy Fleur Rutherford (8)
    DS: Winston Isaac O'Neill (7)
    Dogs: Rusty and Billy
    Cat: Cleo

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    Jillian Elizabeth, age 24, marries Jeremy Malcolm Danvers, 30, on April 12th, 2017, in Richmond, Virginia, at a hotel Jeremy's grandmother owns. They have a two-week honeymoon in Scotland before they move into a condo in Richmond.

    2018: Jillian and Jeremy begin a charity called Starving for Hope, an organization devoted to battling eating disorders in young women, inspired by Jillian's long-time struggle with her own wait problems.

    2019: When Jillian's great-aunt Mae dies, she leaves her house in Middlebury, Vermont to Jillian and Jeremy. Eager to start a family soon and trying to decides where they would want to raise their children, the couple decide to move to Vermont. They move into Mae's old house:

    2020: Jillian and Jeremy decide to finally try for a baby. After over three months of trying, they become pregnant with a single baby girl. On January 9th, 2020, Azalea Clara Danvers is born.

    2021: Jillian is interviewed in Seventeen Magazine for her popular bestselling teen-fairy YA book series.

    2022: Jillian adds reddish highlights to her hair.

    2023: After several unsuccessful tries at getting pregnant a second time, Jillian and Jeremy, realizing there are many unwanted kids in the world, decide to adopt. They end up with three one-year-old triplets, two boys and a girl, who were born on May 21st, 2022. They name the babies William Owen Danvers, Arden Noah Danvers, and Lena Joy Danvers.

    2024: For Christmas, Jeremy's parents give the children a male German Shepard puppy as a present. They name him Theo.

    2025: Jillian, Jeremy, and the kids are featured in a documentary on the daily lives of different popular authors.

    2026: With plenty of room still left in the house, Jillian and Jeremy decide to try for one last time at having a biological child. They get pregnant with a single baby boy, born on November 1st, 2026. His name is Foster Pierce Danvers.

    2027: The family gets another dog; this one a female pug. They name her Beanie.

    2028: At the request of eight-year-old Azalea, the Danvers get another pet. This time, a blue parrot named Sapphire.

    2029: Jillian gets a tattoo on her back with her husband's and all her children's initials, as well as birthdays.

    2030: Jillian falls unexpectedly pregnant with twin boys! Abram Reid Danvers and Emerson Porter Danvers are born on March 29th, 2030.

    2031: With more money and kids, Jillian and Jeremy decide to relocate their family to a new, larger house in Montpelier, Vermont. Their new home looks like this:

    2032: Jeremy's cousin, Matthew and Matthew's wife Victoria are killed in car accident. They leave their three children--twelve-year-old Jayden Michael Danvers, nine-year-old Hadley Addison Danvers, and six-year-old Heath Kane Danvers--with Jillian and Jeremy.

    2033: The Danvers family spends a year in London, England, while Jeremy is on sabbatical and Jillian does research for a new novel. The kids quickly love Europe.

    2034: Fourteen-year-old Azalea adopts a female Yorkie and names her London.

    2035: Jillian opens a bookstore in downtown Montpelier called Mountains of Books.

    2036: Fourteen-year-old Lena adopts two cats: a female Ragdoll named Posey and a male Persian cat named Silver.

    2037: Jillian takes seventeen-year-old Azalea along with her on her book tour for her bestselling werewolf book series.

    2038: When a long-time friend dies, Jillian and Jeremy take in her six-year-old daughter, Kinsley Hazel Worth, as their foster child.

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    (I didn't giveanyone middles because I was being lazy)
    Husband: Adam

    1.We try to conceive but fail, and instead take in a 6 year old foster girl named Daisy
    2. We again try and fail to conceive so we move to Boston for a fresh start
    3. After two and a half years of trying to conceive we are blessed with twin girls Arielle and Brielle
    4. We have another little girl, Renee
    5. We adopt a cat after Daisy keeps asking, a Persian named Molly
    6. We finally have a boy, little Levi
    7. We try for another little boy, but instead getthe surp of tripltriplet girls, Elizabeth, Evangeline, and Esparanza
    8. After Daisy turns fourteen we decide it's time to officially make her our daughter and we adopt her
    9. Another big surprise after trying for just one. Triplet boys! Joel, Jude, and Jack
    10. We have an unexpected boy we didn't even try for. We name the little bundle of joy Moses.
    11. A lot of the kids are getting older and keep asking for a new brother or sister. We're shocked to find out we have triplets again, two girls and a boy this time, Annie, Beatrix, and Caleb
    12. Our fourth set of triplets comes along, this time it's girls again. Ruth, Rebekah, and Rachel.
    13. We decide to adopt another child now that Daisy's off to college. This time a boy, Gideon.
    14. We adopt again, this time triplets. Two more boys, Samuel and Simeon. And another little girl, Shiloh.
    15. Now that our youngest child is almost three weeks decide to try for another. This time we get another little boy, Hezekiah.
    16. We feel called to adopt again, and then another set of triplets, Charlotte, Caroline, and Corban come into our lives.
    17. Our older children are going into high school and Daisy has finished college, which causes us to want another baby. We get another girl, Isabella.
    18. The house feels a little girl heavy and so we try for one more boy, but instead get two. A new set of twins, Malachi and Mordecai.
    19. With a total of 29 kids it felt like we should be done, but we decided to try for just one more to make it an even thirty. Instead we got three more boys. Theodore, Timothy, and Tobias.
    20. With 32 kids, and 16 of each gender we decided the house was only missing one thing. We adopt two pit bull puppies. A brother and sister. We name them Riley and Rosie.

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    DW: Juliette Rose
    DH: Rhys Langston
    Married May, 2013 in Los Angeles
    Honeymooned in Greece

    Year 1 – Rhys and Juliette decide they don’t want to wait to have children. They conceive and discover they are having triplet boys. Names: Elliot Christopher, Silas Gabriel, and Henry Dashiell

    Year 2 – Juliette has a cameo role in a new Marvel superhero film. She plays a bystander interviewed by the press after the climactic fight.

    Year 3 – Rhys and Juliette adopt a German shepherd puppy. Name: Otto

    Year 4 – Now that the boys are three, Rhys and Juliette decide it’s time for another child and soon have a single girl. Name: Evie Josephine

    Year 5 – Juliette and her husband decide to open a bookstore for secondhand books. They call it Another Look.

    Year 6 – The family moves from Los Angeles to Boston, Massachusetts.

    Year 7 – Rhys and Juliette decide it’s time for another baby. They are surprised to find out they’re having a set of twins, a boy and a girl. Names: Colton Alexander and Rosalie June

    Year 8 – Apparently not satisfied in Massachusetts, the family moves to Dallas, Texas.

    Year 9 – One of Juliette’s nieces gets married. The family heads off to the wedding, which is back in Los Angeles.

    Year 10 – The family adopts a second dog—a boxer. Name: Jim

    Year 11 – Rhys and Juliette welcome twin girls. Names: Tabitha Rae and Sophie Noelle

    Year 12 – The family decides to adopt a ginger tabby cat. Name: Roscoe

    Year 13 – Rhys and Juliette go on a nice vacation and come back unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls. Names: Maeve Scarlett and Willow Vivienne

    Year 14 – The family moves to Key West, Florida.

    Year 15 – The family moves again, this time back to Los Angeles.

    Year 16 – The family moves AGAIN to back to Boston.

    Year 17 – Rhys and Juliette have a son Beau Malachi.

    Year 18 – Juliette’s niece has a baby girl. They name her Elizabeth Paige.

    Year 19 – The family buys a new boat.

    Year 20 – The family adopts an abandoned puppy. They name her Poppy.

    The parents: Rhys and Juliette
    The kids: Elliot (19), Silas (19), Henry (19), Evie (16), Colton (13), Rosalie (13), Tabitha (9), Sophie (9), Maeve (7), Willow (7), and Beau (3)
    The pets: Otto, Jim, Roscoe, and Poppy
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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