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    Susannah Marie Hollingsworth (21) & Hugo Nicholas Ferrand (24)

    -Susannah and Hugo were married in a quiet chapel with blue-stained glass windows in a town outside of Berlin, Germany, in July 2019.
    They honeymooned for two months in a coastal town in Italy called Risotto, living in a brightly painted red casa. After it became evident that Susannah had to return to work as a photographer, the two moved back home to a modest brown stone house in suburban Maryland.

    2020: Susannah and Hugo, who weren't planning on having children for at least a few more years, have twin girls! The first has gentle gray eyes and a pointed nose, whom Susannah names Sloane Michaela Ferrand. Sloane's twin sister has gentle brown eyes and pointed ears, and Hugo calls her Adelaide Isobel Ferrand. Sloane's and Adelaide's birthdays are on June 5th, 2020.

    2021: Hugo's seventeen-year-old sister, Alice Nicole Ferrand, finds out that she has lymphoma. She looks up very much to Hugo, and wanted to be close by him while she was doing her chemotherapy. Alice lived with Susannah and Hugo when she wasn't at the hospital, and was overall very grateful and kind the entire time she stayed. The few negativities included the extra money used to help her and sometimes the late hours at the hospital, but Alice's cheery and optimistic personality was a lovely addition to their family. Her lymphoma completely destroyed, Alice went back home to San Francisco after Christmas.

    2022: Hugo, who had lived in Germany for a few years as a child, is aching to move back. When his engineering company transfers him to Munich, he and Susannah happily pack their things in a few dozen boxes and relocate to Germany. Their new house is painted light yellow with some brown decoration and has intricate woodwork on and around the porch, windows, and roof.

    2023: Susannah hears one morning on the news of newborn twins left at an Oktoberfest celebration. When nobody steps forward as their parents, Hugo and Susannah decide to try and adopt them. The first twin is a boy, who is quite big for his age, and is to be called David Alexander. His twin sister, who has curiously big, clear blue eyes, is to be named Margo Natalie. The twins are legally adopted by Hugo and Susannah on November 19th, 2023, when they're roughly three weeks old.

    2024: Susannah's sister Hope Elinor Hollingsworth has her and her husband John Henry Collins' first baby on January 4th, 2024. Hope and John Henry call their baby girl Madison Sophie Collins.

    2025: After a few years in Germany, Sloane and Adelaide are now old enough to be starting kindergarten. The German school Hugo and Susannah would like them to go to is good, but about twenty minutes away driving, which they deem to be too much of a hassle for kindergarteners. The American school Hugo and Susannah also liked is good, but too expensive. So, Hugo and Susannah say good-bye to their yellow house in Munich and move to a neighborhood right outside the city of Austin, Texas, where the school system is esteemed and the houses are fairly priced. Their new house has a flat green lawn, is painted dark, powdery blue, and has stark white shutters.

    2026: Susannah and Hugo try to have another son so that David has a brother to play with. Susannah becomes pregnant, and then has boy-girl twins nine months later on July 13th, 2026. The boy, who has soft brown fuzz for his hair, is called Nicholas Hugo Ferrand. His sister, who is completely bald and full of personality, is called Josephine Mary Alice Ferrand.

    2027: Susannah decides that she wants to move closer to her brothers and sisters, as she sees them very little and is very close with them. Hugo and Susannah move north to her hometown, Boston, and move into a slim gray townhouse with a rolling backyard full of trees.

    2028: Hugo and Susannah find out they'll be having twin boys! This was completely unexpected, considering that they had just gotten settled in Boston about a month ago. The twins are born two weeks early, on March 4th, 2028, and both are fairly healthy and have only a few complications. The first twin is named Arlo Sebastian Ferrand and the second is called Matthew Phineas Ferrand.

    2029: Susannah, who has always liked art, thinks that a muse of hers could possibly be the Southwestern desert of the USA. The family moves to Phoenix, Arizona, into a cream white stucco house with curved windows, a red roof, and a bright, glassy blue swimming pool.

    2030: Hugo and Susannah have a set of triplets on October 9th, 2030! The two daughters born are identical twins with dark brown eyes and light blonde hair, and they are called Ivy Anne Ferrand and Maisie Virginia Ferrand. Their brother, who has light blue eyes and dark brown hair, is named Elias Mitchell.

    2031: Susannah's little cousin, Viktoria Nicole Smith, is getting married to her boyfriend Andre Michael Pintzopoulos. They have their wedding in the Plaza Hotel in New York, and have their reception in the ballroom. Viktoria wore a fluffy, Cinderella-type dress and the colors of the venue were light purple and violet.

    2032: Hugo and Susannah have a set of fraternal twin girls on May 2nd, 2032. Hugo wanted to give them German names, and Susannah wanted to give them names that sounded distinctly American, so the two compromised by each naming one twin. Hugo calls the first daughter, a very small baby with speckled hazel eyes, Beatrix Annelies Ferrand. Susannah calls the second daughter, a fairly large baby with dark blue eyes, Alexis Nicole Ferrand.

    2033: Susannah, after a few years of painting scenes from around Arizona, decides that Phoenix isn't her muse. The family picks up and moves back to Boston, in the same, slim gray townhouse where they had lived for a few years.

    2034: The children of the family would really like a pet. All around the house, there are pictures and letters of persuasion trying to tell Susannah and Hugo that a pet will be good. Finally giving in, Hugo and Susannah help the kids save up for two puppies and supplies. The first puppy, a papillion called Scout, is quite rambunctious and loves to play. The second, a Maltese called Halo, is lazy and likes to cuddle.

    2035: The entire family gets interviewed on a talk show because Susannah has recently started a blog and it has grown very popular among other mothers. The show goes well and everyone is quite excited to have been on TV.

    2036: Hugo and Susannah were pretty sure that 13 children were enough, but God had other plans. On April 5th of 2036, Susannah has twin girls! They are identical twins and have thick, curly black hair and glittery blue eyes. The first twin is called Coralie Jeanette and the second is called Emmeline Rosette.

    2037: For her 17th birthday, Sloane asks for a Persian cat, as she's always found them funny looking and sweet. When her birthday comes around, the biggest present she gets is a fat, fluffy, gray Persian cat. Sloane calls him Weasley, and he turns out to be a finicky, miserable cat who only loves Sloane.

    2038: 15 children, 2 dogs, and 1 miserable cat seemed to be enough for one small townhouse. But in December, Hugo and Susannah unexpectedly have twin girls! The first sister, a baby with a fuzz of brown hair, Rebecca Plum Ferrand, is born just fine without any complications. The second sister, Avril Elyse Ferrand, is born with a hearing impairment that will eventually make her deaf. The family isn't too discouraged by this, and they attend American sign language classes every night with Avril for months. Avril turns out to be a normal, sweet, spunky toddler with thick brown pigtails and rosy cheeks. She doesn't seem to mind that she is deaf, and no one else minds either.

    2039: One of Susannah's best friends from high school, Cecily Joan Carlton, dies from pneumonia during the fall. In Cecily's will, she left Hugo and Susannah her 3-year-old son. The son's dad isn't anywhere to be found, and Cecily's family insists that the Ferrands take in the boy. His name is Luc Langston Hughes Carlton-Ferrand.

    2040: Susannah decides she is fed up with the public school system, so with the money earned from the talk show, she funds her friend Isabeau Christine Page's preschool-12 charter school. The school has been started after twenty years of Isabeau's educational research. The school, Page Preparatory Charter School, soon grows to be very well-known, very prestigious, and very respected. Kids from all over the country and world want to attend it for the wonderful education, and all of the Ferrand kids are excited to be old enough to attend. Additionally, Hugo and Susannah move out of their now cramped townhouse. They buy a falling-apart Victorian on the edge of town, which they fix up with electricity, air-conditioning, and a new paint job. Soon, their house is filled up with happy children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews.

    Sloane (20) Adelaide (20)
    David (17) Margo (17)
    Nicholas (14) Josephine (14)
    Arlo (12) Matthew (12)
    Ivy (10) Maisie (10) Elias (10)
    Bea (8) Alexis (8)
    Coralie (4) Emmeline (4) Luc (4)
    Rebecca (2) Avril (2)
    Halo - Maltese; Scout - Papillon; Weasley - Persian cat
    -- Lottie --

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    depends on the day and the book...
    My name is India Louisa and my husband's name is Roman Maxwell.
    We are married in 2020 at the age of 23. We move to Atlanta, Georgia.

    2021: Our close friend, Savannah Juliette Parker, passes away suddenly and leaves her 3-year-old son in our care. His name is Leo Nathaniel.

    2022: We move to a small suburban town in Nevada.

    2023: Our home is destroyed in an electrical fire, but thankfully no one was in the home and we managed to spare most valuables. We have to move in with Roman's brother, Isaac and his family nearby until we can find a new home. Finally we find a beautiful new home that we can afford after staying with Isaac's family for about five months. We manage to get moved in and comfortable in time for Christmas.

    2024: Now that Leo is pre-school age I decide to get a job to bring in more money. I start working at a local bakery as a cake decorator.

    2025: Now that Leo is nearly 7 years old, we decide it's a good time to start trying for a baby. We had some trouble at first, but ended up having a baby boy. His name is Felix Seth.

    2026: With Leo 8 years old and Felix nearly a year old, we are surprised to find out that we are expecting again. We are even more surprised to find out that we are expecting triplets, two girls and a boy. Their names are Petra Quinn, Phoebe Charlotte and Price Gardiner.

    2027: My brother, Luke and his wife, Caroline have their first child, a baby girl. They name her Maisie Annabel.

    2028: Roman and I begin a charity foundation to help neglected children.

    2029: With Leo now 11, Felix 4 and the triplets nearly 3, Roman and I adopt triplets from Asia, two boys and a girl. Their names are Stellan Piers, Casper Monroe and Libby Beth.

    2030: We adopt two dogs, one golden retriever and one husky. Their names are Reese and Rufus.

    2031: I'm interviewed on a talkshow for Mine and Roman's charity foundation, The Hope Foundation.

    2032: We move to Hamburg, Germany.

    2033: We adopt a baby boy from a local orphanage in Hamburg. His name is Simon Reece.

    2034: Leo is nearly 16; Felix is 9; Petra, Phoebe & Price are 8; Stellan, Casper & Libby are 5 and Simon is nearly 1 when we find out that we are expecting twin girls. Their names are Kitty Margaret and Lucy Kate.

    2035: We think that we're done having children, at least for now, when we find out unexpectedly that we are pregnant with boy/girl twins. Their names are Beau Quentin and Beatrix Louise (Trixie).

    2036: We move back to the States, this time back to Atlanta.

    2037: We once again have a surprise bun in the oven. This time it's a baby boy. His name is Henry Charles (Harry).

    2038: We take the whole family... That's right, the whole entire family... On vacation to Ireland.

    2039: We decide that we want to try for one more child before we get too old. We have a healthy baby girl. Her name is Bridget Marcella.

    2040: Now Leo is 22; Felix is 15; Petra, Phoebe & Price are 14; Stellan, Casper & Libby are 11; Simon is 7; Kitty & Lucy are 6; Beau and Beatrix are 5; Henry is 3 and Bridget is 1. We know for sure we're done trying for children but I am unexpectedly pregnant with boy/girl twins, yet again. Their names are Milo Sebastian and Merida Fallon.

    India and Roman with
    Leo, Felix, Petra, Phoebe, Price, Stellan, Casper, Libby, Simon, Kitty, Lucy, Beau, Trixie, Harry, Bridget, Milo and Merida
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. Eulalia. Florence. Mae. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Gideon. Tobias. Quincey.

    {crushing on Zephyrine "Zephie" & Leon}

    mommy to feline furbaby Beatrice Evangeline Rose and her babies Claudia & Cordelia =^.^=

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    Married in 2012 at the age of 24
    DW: Lily Elizabeth
    DH: Vincent Gabriel

    1. 2013: adopt a male Manx cat named Gus.
    2. 2014: open a daycare center with sister-in-law Margaret Alice called First Steps.
    3. 2015: adopt a baby boy named Tobias Arthur.
    4. 2016: have a baby girl named Matilda Mae.
    5. 2017: go on a talk show to promote new children’s book titled What Toby Hears.
    6. 2018: a relative passes away and leaves them a house in Wilmington, NC.
    7. 2019: unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls: Rosalind Greta & Gwendolen Hazel.
    8. 2020: open a bookstore named Appendices.
    9. 2021: inherit $5,000,000. Remodel the house and save for college.
    10. 2022: adopt twin girls: Harriet Frances & Olive Caroline.
    11. 2023: adopt a female Corgi named Minerva.
    12. 2024: vacation in Ireland.
    13. 2025: adopt a Sugar Glider named Rupert.
    14. 2026: have a baby girl named Beatrice Clara.
    15. 2027: have twin boys named Eldridge Roland & David Ezra.
    16. 2028: start a charity called NC Beginnings for free adoption in North Carolina.
    17. 2029: adopt a mixed cat and mutt dog named Schuyler and Fiona.
    18. 2030: have a baby boy named Alphonse Dominic.
    19. 2031: vacation in Japan.
    20. 2032: unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl: Penelope Vera.

    Lily (44) and Vincent (44) with
    Tobias (18) [adopted], Matilda (17), Rosalind and Gwendolen (14), Harriet and Olive (11) [adopted], Beatrice (7), Eldridge and David (6), Alphonse (3), and Penelope (1)
    Cats: Gus and Schuyler
    Dogs: Minerva and Fiona
    Sugar Glider: Rupert

    11 children, 3 adopted, 6 pregnancies, 4 boys, 7 girls, 3 sets of twins

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    My name is Emma Michele Wallace (nee Callaghan) and my husband’s name is James Christopher Wallace. We had known each other since high school but didn’t begin dating until our sophomore year of college when we were reintroduced by some mutual friends. Two years later, at age 22, we decided to take the next step and tie the knot. The ceremony was a small ceremony in James’ uncle’s massive backyard, only close family and friends were invited. Our honeymoon was 2 weeks long and spent in beautiful Australia. Once we return to the States we begin searching for a place to live. We finally find the perfect home for us, a three bedroom-two bath town home in Seattle, Washington. It’s a pretty far away from where we were raised in DC but we love it none the less.

    Year 1: My older sister, Alexandra Marie, has a baby girl! I’m so excited for her. They decide to name her Lianna Snow Martinez.

    Year 2: Seeing my sister so happy with baby Lianna really makes me and James start thinking about having children of our own. So we begin to try for a baby. We are thrilled to have a bouncing baby boy join the family a few months later. We decide to name him AugustusGusJames Wallace.

    Year 3: Being so far away from our home is really beginning to take its toll on me and James. So when James gets offered a job in Boston we immediately accept the offer and move out there to a 3 bedroom home in the suburbs. It is extremely nice to be less than a day’s drive away from our families.

    Year 4: My family adopts a Dwelf cat and an Australian Sheppard dog. The cat we name Baldwin and the dog we name Precious. They make two perfect additions to the family.

    Year 5: Now that baby Gus is 3 years old me and James begin talking about having more kids. To our surprise we find out we are having identical twin girls. We decided to name them Ireland Grace & Holland Mae Wallace. Their names come from both me and my husband’s love of travel and other countries.

    Year 6: My sister has another addition to the family, a baby girl! They decide to name her Emely Katelyn Martinez.

    Year 7: My husband’s job is going great! With a higher income, we decide to move into a mansion! It’s Victorian style with a huge backyard for the kids to play in and a great heated pool.

    Year 8: With all the extra space we have in our new home and the twins getting older, we decide it’s time to try for another baby. It’s a girl! We name her Willa Michele Wallace.

    Year 9: Despite the fact that we weren’t trying to get pregnant, we unexpectedly get pregnant with twin boys! Although they were a surprise, we are still thrilled. We decide to name them Milo Benjamin & Hugo Thomas Wallace.

    Year 10: James’ work is going great but now they want him to relocate all the way to Texas. It was a difficult choice, but we finally decide to move to an even bigger mansion in the suburbs of Dallas.

    Year 11: My little brother, William Isaiah Callaghan, is currently going through a brutal divorce and has no place to go. He is only 29 and the divorce is extremely hard on him so we offer him the spare bedroom in our place. He lives with us for 11 months before he is finally able to get his own flat. Surprisingly, throughout his stay he is actually a huge help. He helps with the chores around the house and even watches the kids, all 6 of them, so James and I can go on date nights. Plus, the kids absolutely adore him.

    Year 12: My family gets another dog! She is a rat terrier we decide to name her Hattie.

    Year 13: James and I are shocked when we discover that we are unexpectedly pregnant with a boy AND a girl. We weren’t planning on having any more kids but are ecstatic none the less. We decide to name them Valerie Sparrow & Vaughn Pierce Wallace.

    Year 14: My little brother, William, gets his short term girlfriend pregnant. It’s a surprise but they both step up to the plate and help raise the little girl. They decide to name her Ellery Maria Callaghan.

    Year 15: I decide to follow my dream of opening my very own bookstore. I decide to name is The Rainy Day Nook. It is small and cozy and everything I’ve ever wanted for my store.

    Year 16: James’ father gets extremely sick and he is forced to head back to DC to help care for him. He is gone for a few months and it is increasingly difficult to be so far away from him. However, when we are reunited we are happier than ever to be back together.

    Year 17: James starts his own charity foundation. It is to help fund research for prostate cancer, the cause of his father’s death last year.

    Year 18: The twins Valerie and Vaughn are now 5 and me and James are itching for just one more baby so we begin looking into adoption. However, when the opportunity arises to adopt 1 year old triplets we jump at the offer. They are 2 girls and 1 boy. We name them Calista Anne, Eden Jane, and Flynn Christopher.

    Year 19: News breaks out about James and I raising a whooping 11 children. A major newspaper decides to interview us for parenting advice. It is a crazy but great experience.

    Year 20: James and I begin to have serious problems. The stress of the large family is getting to the both of us and he begins going out every night. We fight almost night. After months we decide to finally separate. However, after being apart for 8 months he shows up at my doorstep with a bouquet of flowers and whisks me off to a tropical escape. We fall in love all over again and live happily ever after with our family of 13.

    The Family:
    Emma Michele Wallace (nee Callaghan) – 42
    James Christopher Wallace – 43
    AugustusGusJames Wallace – 19
    Ireland Grace Wallace – 16
    Holland "Holly" Mae Wallace – 16
    Willa Michele Wallace – 13
    Milo Benjamin Wallace – 12
    Hugo Thomas Wallace – 12
    Valerie Sparrow Wallace – 8
    Vaughn Pierce Wallace – 8
    Calista "Callie" Anne Wallace – 3
    Eden Jane Wallace – 3
    Flynn Christopher Wallace – 3

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    Matthew Derek (who goes by Derek) and Laura Beth are married May 25, 2013 at age 22.

    Year 1: We move to Abilene, TX to begin graduate school

    Year 2: My brother-in-law Tyler gets married and our dog Theodore (Teddy) serves as ring-bearer, while Derek is a groomsman.

    Year 3: We move to South Bend, IN, where I begin a doctoral program at Notre Dame.

    Year 4: While on vacation in Orlando, I get a small role in an episode of Modern Family. I play a Disney cast member (specifically, one of the princesses). Cam has a diva attack and is more excited about meeting the princesses than Lily, all while claiming that the trip is for his daughter, not them.

    Year 5: Brother-in-law Tyler has a baby girl. Because they aren't "enlightened" nameberries, they choose an overused name like Emily Grace.

    Year 6: We get a cat. Sort of. Derek is allergic, so it's more like I smuggle a stray cat into my garage. Because she's a cat, I get away with naming her something outlandish: Hermione.

    Year 7: Since we've finally finished grad school, we decide to have our first child. It's a boy, and we name him Gabriel Brooks, calling him Gabe for short

    Year 8: We get a sweet gig working in Aachen, Germany as the study abroad coordinators for the university where we are employed.

    Year 9: After working in Germany for a year, we decide to move back to the states and settle down in small town Tennessee

    Year 10: Because Gabe is so well behaved, we decide to have another baby. To our surprise, we get not one, but two! We name them Ivy Adele and Lila Jane.

    Year 11: My cousin Emma gets married. She must love the bad boys, because his name is Rebel Cash.

    Year 12: My sister has a baby boy. At our suggestion she names him Miles David, two family names.

    Year 13: I have a mini mid-life crisis and decide to get a tattoo. After passing out in the tattoo shop, I realize that I'm not cut out for such things and change my mind.

    Year 14: After the passing of dear Teddy, we decide to get a new dog. Because I'm a sucker for animals, we end up with two. I choose the name Felix for one, while my outlandish hubby insists on Ignatius for the other. We compromise with Calvin.

    Year 15: To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Derek and I tour take the trip we've always dreamed of - a trip to some of our favorite ancient sites - Cairo, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Rome.

    Year 16: Our aunt dies and leaves us her house. She's a certified hoarder, and it's hard to navigate everything. Rather than mess with it, we sell the house, contents and all, at auction.

    Year 17: After a highly contested and nasty small town local election, I'm part of a spoof interview for the Colbert Report.

    Year 18: My brother-in-law has another equally boringly named child, Aiden Matthew.

    Year 19: Far too old to be having children, we find ourselves pregnant AGAIN! Little Coralie Marguerite keeps us on our toes.

    Year 20: Our family receives an unexpected windfall of $5,000,000! After paying off the mortgage and putting money aside for the children's college funds, we begin a scholarship foundation supporting graduate students in ancient/eastern religious studies.

    Laura & Derek
    TTC 2017

    Adela | Althea | Eleanor | Evangeline
    Everett | Gabriel | Julian | Miles

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