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    Timothy RhysTim” and Juliana RoseJules
    Married in 2012 in a small family ceremony in Virginia
    Honeymooned in Hawaii
    Once married, they settle in California

    Year 1 – Tim and Jules get a blue Abyssinian cat, which they name Walter

    Year 2 – Tim and Jules welcome twin girls, who they name Amaryllis June and Vivienne Willow

    Year 3 – Tim, Jules, the girls, and Walter move to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    Year 4 – The family gets a Golden Retriever, which they name Huck.

    Year 5 – Jules gives birth to a second set of twins—a boy and a girl. She and Tim name them Elliot Christopher and Phoebe Noelle

    Year 6 –Jules opens a bookstore called Turn the Page.

    Year 7 – The family welcomes a son, who Tim and Jules name Jonah Lazarus

    Year 8 – Jules is interviewed by the local magazine for an article on working mothers

    Year 9 – The family moves to Austin, Texas.

    Year 10 – Jules, who seems to have a natural inclination for producing twins, has twin boys, who she and Tim name Dashiell Henry and Silas Gideon

    Year 11 – The family gets a English Springer spaniel, which they name Zuzu

    Year 12 – Jules’ brother, Jamie, comes to stay with the family for a few months while he is doing an internship.

    Year 13 – Tim and Jules’ niece Ava gets married.

    Year 14 – Tim and Jules welcome a son, who they name Arlo Alexander

    Year 15 – The family gets a parakeet, who they name Sparkle

    Year 16 – The family takes in a stray beagle, who they name Ranger

    Year 17 – Tim and Jules welcome a daughter, who they name Winona Rae

    Year 18 – Jules is interviewed on a talk show after she writes her first novel

    Year 19 – Tim and Jules welcome a son, who they name Zaccheus ColtonZeke
    Year 20 – The who family does on a vacation to Australia

    Parents: Tim and Jules
    Kids: Amaryllis, Vivienne, Elliot, Phoebe, Jonah, Dashiell, Silas, Arlo, Winona, and Zaccheus
    Pets: Walter, Huck, Zuzu, Sparkle, and Ranger
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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    You, Milena Joy Flockhart, and your husband Marshall Timothy Flockhart where recently married in September 2012. Your wedding was small, with only close family and friends. After the wedding, you honeymooned in the French countryside. You buy a big house in Phoenix, Arizona with your savings and settle down to have a family. You have a job working as a journalist, and your husband Marshall works an advertising executive.

    YR #1 - 2013: Not long after you move to Phoenix, you find out you're pregnant with a little girl! Nine months later, little Nadia Marine is born on April 12th, 2013. You have to take a hiatus from work because of your little girl, but it's well worth it.

    YR #2 - 2014: Nadia is only one year old when you and Marshall decide you what to have more kids. You both decide you what to adopt. You adopt triplets - all boys! - from Cambodia. You name them Benedict Tate (Benny), Otis Dawson, & Rupert Fox. Their "Gotcha" Day is October 21, 2014.

    YR #3 - 2015: Nadia is two, and Benny, Otis, and Rupert one year old when find out you're pregnant again, with another baby girl! She arrives on December 19, 2015, just in time for Christmas. You name her Winter Snow.

    YR #4 - 2016: Nadia is three, Benny, Otis, and Rupert are two, and Winter is 10 months, when you decide you want to adopt again, this time, from Tanzania. You where only planning to adopt one child, but you find out that there are triplets living in the orphanage you planned to adopt from, and no one is willing to take them in. They are about Winter's age. Their names are Kato Odissan, Iniko Kwame (Nick), & Omri Abram. Their "Gotcha" Day is November 10th, 2016.

    YR #5 - 2017: Nadia has just started preschool when you decide to adopt twins from Cambodia again. Their names are Allegra Yvette (Allie) and Zacharias (Zach) Roman. Their "Gotcha" Day is February 26th, 2017.

    YR #6 - 2018: The sixth year of your marriage, you get a surprise! You're pregnant again, with another girl. Nine months later, you give birth to Miranda Belle (Miri) on August 1st, 2018.

    YR #7 - 2019: Your house is getting a little crowded, but you manage to adopt another baby, this time, from Brazil. His name is Rosario Cruz. He is Nadia's age and his "Gotcha" Day is May 15th, 2019. Nadia and Rosario start kindergarten that fall at Gordon Elementary.

    YR #8 - 2020: This year, you get a surprise: a baby girl! You name her Tatum Raleigh. Her birthday is July 10th, 2020.

    YR #9 - 2021: Your grandfather dies and leaves you his mansion in Albuquerque, New Mexico in his will and you move in. Nadia, Benny, Otis, Rupert, & Winter start school at Odyssey Classical Academy.

    YR #10 - 2022: A year after the move, you find out you're pregnant with triplets, two boys and a girl! Nine months later, they arrive on March 17th, 2022, St. Patrick's Day! You name them Russell Patrick, Ronan Gray, & Delaney Clover (Laney).

    YR #11 - 2023: You decide to adopt from Brazil again. This time, you adopt a little girl, age 4, named Esmeralda Jacinta. Her "Gotcha" Day is June 7th, 2023.

    YR #12 - 2024: You find out you're pregnant with twins! Nine months later, Orson James and Tessa Rosalie are born, July 1st, 2024.

    YR #13 - 2025: You get pregnant with a little girl. You name her Arella Genevieve, born January 28th, 2025.

    YR #14 - 2026: Surprise! You're pregnant with twins! Nine months later, they're born May 31st, 2026. You name them Marietta Grace (Etta) & Georgiana Lilac (Georgie).

    YR #15 - 2027: Just when you thought you where done having kids, you get pregnant with a baby girl. She is born February 13th, 2027, just in time for Valentine's Day. Her name is Scarlet Hart.

    YR #16 - 2028: You and Marshall have been having serious problems lately and separate. You are separated for 7 months, but your kids aren't to happy about it, and they pull a "parent trap" on you.

    YR #17 - 2029: You and Marshall are back together, and you decide to commemorate it by adopting twins from Cambodia! You name them Darwin Frankie & Timothy Lachlan. Their "Gotcha" Day is June 14th, 2029.

    YR #18 - 2030: You decide you and Marshall want to adopt twin girls from Sweden. Their names are Astrid Morwenna & Linnea Signe, and they are 4 years old. Their "Gotcha" Day is December 3rd, 2030.

    YR #19 - 2031: You get pregnant with boy/girl twins! They arrive September 10th, 2031. Their names are Millicent Emilia (Millie) & Claude Frederick.

    YR #20 - 2032: Your kids insist on getting a pet, so you adopt a little kitten, who the kids name Scout. She's quite a little rascal, but your kids love her!

    Milena & Marshall Flockhart
    Nadia Flockhart - 19
    Rosario Flockhart - 19 - Adopted from Brazil
    Benedict (Benny), Otis, & Rupert Flockhart - 18 - Adopted from Cambodia
    Winter Flockhart - 17
    Kato, Iniko (Nick), & Omri Flockhart - 17 - Adopted from Tanzania
    Allegra (Allie) & Zacharias (Zach) Flockhart - 15
    Miranda (Miri) Flockhart - 14
    Tatum Flockhart - 12
    Esmeralda Flockhart - 12 - Adopted from Brazil
    Russell, Ronan, & Delaney (Laney) Flockhart - 10
    Orson & Tessa Flockhart - 8
    Arella Flockhart - 7
    Marietta (Etta) & Georgiana (Georgie) Flockhart - 6
    Scarlet Flockhart - 5
    Darwin & Timothy Flockhart - 3
    Astrid & Linnea Flockhart - 2
    Millicent (Millie) & Claude Flockhart - 1
    Scout - Cat
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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    My name: Brianna Marie Foster
    DH's name: Nicholas "Nick" James Foster
    Married: December 6th, 2017 when I was 23 and just before Nick was 23.
    We had a small, intimate wedding with just our close friends and family where we live in Illinois. We took a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon.
    Once we got back we bought our first house. We knew we wanted a big family so we wanted our first place to be a decent size in case we decided to raise our children in it. We found a cute little 3 bed, 3 bath house that was perfect for us.

    (8 sided) 6. 2. Oh boy, we found out we were pregnant. (Big surprise. We wanted to wait 2 years before starting a family) We had a little girl who we named Jordyn Paige Foster.

    (8 sided) 7. 8. This marks my first year as a kindergarten teacher.

    (8 sided) 1. 1. We decide to get a dog. We get a boy beagle named Charlie. Picture:

    (6 sided) 4. 2. We get pregnant, like we wanted but to our surprise, we have triplets. We have two boys and a girl. We named them: Peyton Michael Foster, Wyatt Alexander Foster, and Scotlynn Rae Foster.

    (8 sided) 4. 4. My sister-in-law and I open a daycare center. We call it Sweet Peas.

    (8 sided) 8. 1. I almost die in a car accident. Nick then becomes very protective of me.

    (8 sided) 8. 2. Knowing we wanted to try for another baby next year, we decide to move into a bigger house. It's a 7 bed, 4 bath house, just right for our growing family.

    (6 sided) 2. 3. We were successful in our attempts to get pregnant. What we didn't expect was another set of multiples. Twin boys this time. We named them Cameron Drew Foster and Noah Patrick Foster.

    (8 sided) 6. 2. Another surprise pregnancy! We welcome baby girl Brylee Olivia Foster this year. Brylee is in honor of my father Bryan Lee.

    (8 sided) 2. 3. We decide to get a pet parrot. We get a male blue throated macaw who we named Cookie. Cookie has kind of been a thing between Nick and I since we were first dating. Picture:

    (8 sided) 7. 5. Another surprise pregnancy comes our way. Again, multiples. Twin girls this time. We name them Juliette Ann Foster and Arielle Grace Foster.

    (8 sided) 7. 4. Our family continues to grow. Another set of twins surprise us this year. One is a boy, one is a girl. We name them Sebastian Ryan Foster and Scarlett Rose Foster.

    (8 sided) 7. 6. Twins galore! This year we were surprised with another set of twin boys. Welcome to the world Elliot "Eli" Joseph Foster and Cooper "Coop" John Foster.

    (8 sided) 8. 4. Nick and I take in our friend's 10 year old daughter Tessa Mae Johnson. We end up adopting her and she becomes Tessa Mae Johnson-Foster and she actually prefers to use Foster more.

    (8 sided) 2. 1. We decide to move to Massachusetts. We find a house in Lancaster. We realize with 14 kids, and the possibility that we may have more, we need a big house so we spring for a mansion there. We find a 20 bed, 20.5 bath mansion that is perfect for our family. Picture:

    (8 sided) 1. 1. We decided with the bigger house, it was time for another dog. We got a male dalmatian who we named Parker. Picture:

    (8 sided) 5. 7. Instead of having more kids, we decide to get more pets. We get a cat and another dog. We get a grey female tabby cat who we name Butterfield in honor of the two cats I had growing up, Buttercup and Garfield. We get a female beagle this time who we name Daisy. Picture:

    (6 sided) 6. 4. We decided to try for one more child before we couldn't. We knew it was a slim chance and it was risky but we end up having 3 healthy babies. The triplets are 2 boys and a girl, like our last set. Leo Maxwell Foster, Thomas Bryan Foster, and Fiona Jade Foster.

    (8 sided) 6. 6. Nick's mom (my mother-in-law) gets sick. Since they are very close, he becomes very distant from me while trying to take care of her. We decide to move her in so it's easier to take care of her and so Nick can be there to help me with the kids, especially the triplets. It seems to help and our relationship goes back to normal.

    (8 sided) 5. 1. We go on vacation to try to reconnect as a family. We go to Italy and fall in love with a beautiful 2 year old girl named Viola. She was abandoned by her mother at the hospital and the nurses gave her the name 'Viola' so they could call her something. She never received a full name other than that. We like Viola and it's what she responds to so when we adopt her we decide to make her full name Viola Louise Foster.

    Our children: Jordyn, Peyton, Wyatt, Scotlynn, Tessa, Cameron, Noah, Brylee, Arielle, Juliette, Sebastian, Scarlett, Elliot "Eli", Cooper "Coop", Leo, Thomas, Fiona and Viola (LOL 18 kids! Hahaha wow. 9 of each gender.)
    Our pets: Charlie, Cookie, Parker, Butterfield, and Daisy

    As of 2037:
    Nick and I are 43. Picture (from our wedding 20 years ago):
    Jordyn's 19. Picture:
    Tessa's 16: Picture:
    Peyton, Wyatt, and Scotlynn are 16. Picture:
    Cameron and Noah are 12. Picture:
    Brylee's 11. Picture:
    Juliette and Arielle are 9. Picture:
    Sebastian and Scarlett are 8. Picture:
    Eli and Coop are 7:
    Leo, Fiona, and Thomas are 2. Picture:
    Viola is 2. Picture:

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    My name is Elena Scarlett Bates. My husband is Lucas Theodore Xavier. We were married June 30th 2022 in a botanical garden. We honeymooned for 2 weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii. We live in Portland, OR.

    2022: I am interviewed on Ellen! They tell my story of the organization I started in college that helps arts education for elementary school students. It is called ARTS USA.

    2023: Lucas gets a job offer in Berlin, Germany where his sister is also living. We decide to take it. I leave ARTS USA to my friend Claire to run. As an organization, we decide that my move ia the perfect oppertunity to become international. ARTS Germany(or ARTS Deutschland), and ARTS Canada(LETTRES Canada) are added this year.

    2024: Lucas' close cousin Quentin and his wife Laura die in a car accident, leaving their kids in our care. I was nervous about adopting the kids because I didn't have any of my own. But little Bennett Rhys(4)and Ivy Laura(2) are too sweet to ignore. We fly out and meet them in New York, then fly back with them to Germany.

    2025: Lucas and I think its about time to try for our first baby. We try for months but cannot get pregnant. We stop, and decide for adoption. Although we were planning on bringing home A baby, we brought hme TWO. Anneliese Adela and Arlo Henry are welcomed when they are 2 weeks old.

    2026: Although I have 4 young kids, I feel restless not being able to work. I open a small bookstore called "The Bookworm" or "Die Bucherwurm". I hire a few employees but I mainly run it myself. I let the kids play in the kids section where I can watch them at all times.

    2027: The kids are begging for a puppy. Lucas and I finally give in and decide to adopt 2. Two female dauchaunds are named Liesel and Lotte are welcomed to the family.

    2028: Lucas' sister Kirsten and I decide to open a daycare. It is next door to the bookstore, where I can still keep an eye on things. It is called Sunshine Daycare(or Sonnenschein Tag-Pflege)

    2029: Still unable to concieve, Lucas and I adopt a baby girl named Lorelei Adelaide.

    2030: Although we love Berlin, Lucas is offered a higher position in Massachusets. We had been missing the convienience of the US, and my partner Claire was pregnant, and ARTS USA needed me back. We leave the Bucherwurm and Sonnenschein to my sister-in-law's care. We move just outside of Boston in a colonial style house.

    2031: Just as we had settled down in Boston, Lucas was offered CEO of his company in England. I had always wanted to visit Britain, but never had the time while in Germany. I hated to uproot the kids again, but they didnt seem to have any problems(when they reacted by talking in Britiah accents.) We move to a suburb of London.

    2032: My close and widowed friend Skye dies from a heart attack. There is no immediate family to take her daughters in, so we offer to adopt them. Rose Elena(11) and Juliet Cora(8) are flown into London to live with us permanently.

    2034: Lucas and I decided that 7 kids was definately enough. But the tables were turned when I got pregnant! We were elates when I, myself, was going to have a baby. Little Maxwell Gray made child #8!

    2035: While I was out starting ARTS UK, the kids decide to play with matches. They caused a fire in the backyard which eventually made ita way to the house. We moved to my sister-in-law Kirsten's house for a 3 months. Most of our belongings were saved, but enough damage was done to the structual system We moved to a larger home stone house with a big backyard.

    2036: Lucas and I decide to get a family cat. It is a female munchkin cat named Ruby.

    2037: Kirsten, my sister-in-law has a baby girl! I help name her Charlotte Fiona.

    2038: My younger sister Gwendolyn moves in with us while studying abroad. She says for a semster. Gwen loves playing with the kids on the weekends and taking them to movies.

    2039: I am somehow, magically pregnant! Oliver Jude is welcomed the same year that Bennett heads off to college!

    2040: Lucas and I get another cat to keep Ruby company. She is another munchkin named Ellie.

    2041: With ARTS UK doing strong, I allow myself to own a new bookstore. It is called the Bookworm.

    2042: Turns out our cat Ellie was a boy all along! Renamed Elliott, he got poor old Ruby pregnant. We keep one of the kittens, named Matilda. Six others, Hattie, Petunia, Poppy, Louie, Henry and Eloise are given to new homes.
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    DH: Robert Duncan MacLean (25)
    DW: Bailey Elizabeth MacLean nee Lennox (25)

    Robert and Bailey were married June 13th, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts. After the wedding and a 2 week honeymoon in the U.K., they decided to stay in the area and set about fixing up their first home: a three bedroom brick house.

    2021: Robert and Bailey begin a charity for abused women and their children, called St. Monica’s, after the patron saint of wives and abuse victims. This charity is close to their heart as a friend of Bailey’s, as well as Robert’s cousin, were both in abusive relationships.

    2022: Bailey and Robert take in a foster child from the charity named Penelope Grace, who is three years old, after her mother returns to her abusive relationship and is declared an unfit mother. They adopt Penelope a few months later, when her mother signs the papers.

    2023: A year after adopting Penelope, Robert and Bailey discover that she’s pregnant! On June 17th (almost exactly a year to their three-year wedding anniversary), she delivers a little boy that they name Duncan Robert MacLean, in the tradition of Robert’s family of reversing the names Robert and Duncan with each generation. Penelope is thrilled to be a big sister, and loves taking care of her baby brother.

    2024: Bailey’s great-aunt, Maeve, dies and leaves them her huge house on the outskirts of Boston. They decide to move there, as the neighborhood and schools are both great. This is the house:

    2025: Bailey conceives again and on November 5th, delivers a little baby girl named Maeve Elizabeth MacLean, named after her great-great aunt and her maternal grandmother. Duncan and Penelope are both thrilled to have a new baby sister, who is affectionately nicknamed “Mae”.

    2026: Robert and Bailey are both interviewed on Barbara Walters about how it is with two demanding careers (he is a engineering manager, she is a famous historical author), three children and running a charity for abused women at the same time.

    2027: Two years after Maeve is born, Bailey and Robert discuss having another baby. A week later, they discover she’s already pregnant! On May 30th, she has boy and girl twins named Aileen Isabelle and Owen Lennox MacLean. Aileen is named for her paternal great-grandmother and her aunt, and Owen is named after his paternal great-grandfather and given his mother’s maiden name.

    2028: Robert and Bailey take the whole kids on a three month vacation to Scotland, since they both still have family living there, and because they want the kids to know their roots. The highlight of the trip for them is when Penelope proudly announces that she’s proud to be Scottish and a MacLean, since both of them have tried very hard to make her feel like she is a member of their family.

    2029: Robert and Bailey take another vacation, just themselves, to sunny Hawaii for two weeks as a second honeymoon. The kids stay with Robert’s parents for part of the time and with Bailey’s parents the rest of the time,making it a vacation for the whole family.

    2030: Bailey and her sister-in-law Isabelle open a daycare in addition with St. Monica’s, called St. Nicolas’, after the patron saint of children.The daycare is to watch the children of women re-entering the workforce or school after escaping abusive situations at home.

    2031: Its been three years since the twins were born, and Bailey misses having a baby. A few weeks after discussing this with Robert, she realizes she’s pregnant again! On August 9th, she delivers a little girl named Matilda Monica MacLean, after a famous English queen and her parents’ charity. She is affectionately nicknamed “Mattie” by her siblings.

    2032: The house burns down! Thankfully, the family isn’t home at the time. They stay with Robert’s parents for a few weeks (making it a very tight squeeze), while they look for a new home large enough for their family. Finally, they find a new house:

    2033: Bailey is interviewed on a radio talk show host about being an author, working towards her PH.D. in European history, and being a mother of six children, while helping run a charity. She gives advice and tells funny stories about her children, and everyone agrees the show is a wonderful success. Numerous donations pour into the charity afterwards.

    2034: Robert’s younger sister Katherine comes to stay with them for awhile, after graduating from medical school. She stays for six weeks before finding an apartment and moving out, although her apartment is nearby. She and Robert use the time to improve their relationship and they become closer.

    2035: Triplets are abandoned by their mother at St. Monica’s, since her new abusive boyfriend doesn’t want the trouble of raising kids. They are only three years old and Robert and Bailey willingly take them in and adopt them. Their names are Lucy Rose, Emma Anne and Noah James MacLean. They are willingly accepted by their siblings, and are especially close to Penelope.

    2036: Bailey and James agreed to try for one more child (after all, if they can handle nine, they can handle ten) and try IVF, since Bailey is now forty-one. It works a little too well and on October 27th, she delivers twin girls named: Kelsey Charlotte and Aubrey Katherine MacLean.

    2037: Robert’s great-uncle, William, dies and leaves all his money to Robert, who was his favorite out of all the children. His estate comes out to 5,000,00 dollars! Robert and Bailey put a good chunk of the money into college funds for the children, invest some of it, donate a good part of it to St. Monica’s and save the rest of it.

    2038: Driving home from school one day, Bailey and the kids discover a huge abandoned dog that is starving and sick. It turns out to be an Irish Wolfhound and they adopt it, and name him Duke. He’s a giant teddy bear when it comes to the kids and is fiercely protective of his family.

    2039: Robert’s cousin, Abigail, comes to stay with them for a few weeks while she gets out of an abusive relationship (she part of the reason that Bailey and Robert started St. Monica’s for). After a few weeks, she leaves and moves to Vermont to get away from her abusive ex. She continues to email the family pictures of her new life and thanks them with helping her get away.

    2040: Bailey has a ‘miracle’ pregnancy three years after the twins are born! On November 19th, she has a little boy named William Alexander MacLean, after his paternal great-great uncle and his maternal great-great uncle. He is affectionately known as Will by his siblings, and his brothers are overjoyed to finally have another boy in their female-dominated household.

    2041: Penelope, who is now twenty-two and finishing up a degree in biomedical engineering, comes home for Christmas with her boyfriend of eight years (they met their freshman year of high school), Daniel. They announce that they’re engaged!

    The end!

    The MacLeans-

    Robert & Bailey: PenelopePenny” (22), Duncan (18), MaeveMae” (16), AileenAllie” and Owen (14), MatildaMattie” (11), Lucy, Emma and Noah (9), Kelsey and Aubrey (5), and WilliamWill” (1).

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