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Thread: Knox or Miles

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    Knox or Miles

    We decided on Knox for a son though we have liked Miles for a long time. We originally ruled out Miles because we were going to go with the middle name David and didn't wants Miles Davis because it was too close to Miles Davis even though my husband is a big fan. We had later decided for the middle name to be Davidson or Davison if it is a boy and settled on
    Knox Davidson. Now I am wondering if Miles Davidson would work as I don't think it is too close to Miles Davis. So please please weigh in. I realize Miles is more popular than Knox but it isn't crazy popular so I am ok with that. Husband likes both names though we have been referring to baby as "Knox or ____" we are still working on a girl name - see my poll on Eden/Edie (baby #2's older sister). Oh, last name sounds like "Peatty - P.-T." Thanks!!

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    This is very difficult. I adore Miles, it in my own top 5, I would use the nickname Milo, but Miles feels very sophisticated.

    Knox is just so....neat, though. Miles is much more down to earth and has a wider appeal - but I think it would be so cool to meet a little Knox.

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    It is hard! I really like both!! I think both could work well with the middle name chosen. Whatever you choose will be right. I would probably go for Miles for my own if I was down to the two just because but my husband is more conservative with names, but Knox is so spunky, cool, hip that it'd be great to use that on too!

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    I really love both, but I liked the sound of Eden and Miles as siblings more, so that got my vote. But I do prefer Knox individually!

    Good luck!
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    I just can't get with Knox. I just don't care for the sound. It makes me think of Nitrous Oxide (Nox) and Noxema (imagine the jokes a pimply faced teenage Knox would get)

    I love Miles and Milo. I know one little Miles and he's as cool and laid-back as his name

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