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    Surnames as first names, your thoughts?

    I was talking with a few of my friends about this, I'm a little indifferent I think it work if you have a surname that is also a first name. What are your thoughts and what names would you use, using your last name.

    Here are a few examples that we came up with, i don't think any of us thought of using them. But I know a few people that have.
    Last name: Locker, Boy: Locke, Girl: Lucy
    LN: Hann, Boy: Hanns, Girl: Hannah/Hanna
    LN: Kelly, Boy: Kelan, Girl: Kelly
    LN: Philips, Boy: Philip, Girl Philis

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    One of my pet hates is surnames used as first names - though I'm sure there would be exceptions, and I do think some sound better than others. Being creative with the surnames in the ways you suggested is new to me and an interesting alternative, as long as you don't end up with a child called Philip Philips! Have never understood why someone would do that My own surname is a non-starter, but I am curiously attracted to names beginning with the same consonant cluster - strictly for pets only!
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    Kelly can also work as a boy's name (such as with me). With many of the patronymic surnames you can probably easily come up with ideas, especially when both a masculine and feminine form exist.

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    I love Surnames as first names. People seem to freak out over it but it's a trend. A good trend at that. I hope it sticks around
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    I don't like a lot of Surnames are first names, but I think it works depending on the surname your trying to use. Kelly works fine on a boy. My husband has an Uncle Kelly. I really really like Sumner so I would love that to be used. But some can't be used, like my friend whose last name is Haughenbury pronounced hog-en-berry. Wouldn't work.

    As for my surname:

    My married surname is Thomas so that works fine and my maiden name was Cash which also works fine as is ^_^
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