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Thread: Knox or Miles

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    Are there other names that Knox and Miles bring to mind for you? Wondering if I am missing anything. I want to feel like it is just right and can't believe my husband is doubting Miles. I wasn't set on changing it but if he was a go then I would be but he doesn't seem to be. I am wondering if there is a perfect name we are missing... any suggestions? Some other names we like/our style are: Harrison (I like more than husband), Graham (another family member used), Griffin, Cormac.

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    I feel that we have similar taste. I have Graham and Harrison on my list too! I don't have Miles because there is a Miles already in the family, though he is older. A name that I have been really liking lately is Truman. I wish I had more for you, but I have a problem coming up with boys names too.

    I just thought of a couple others. I have been thinking about Grant, and Hugh as well. Not together of course. That would be too strange. haha
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    onelove19 has your husband verbalised what it it about Miles that is holding him back? If you knew that you may be able to find a way of persuading him to choose it.

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    I much prefer Knox. I love the way it sounds AND looks!

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    Ahhh, cultural relativity! Who is Miles Davis?

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