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Thread: Knox or Miles

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    Sep 2011
    @onelove the name has skyrocketed, it wasn't even in the top 1000 until after used it. Not trying to dissuade you but it popularity is an issue for you then you might want to reconsider it.

    Year Rank Percent Used
    2011 #434 0.031
    2010 #459 0.028
    2009 #703 0.016
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    no, I appreciate that and I did see it had increased to that # but can't see it getting as popular as Miles either (though Miles is a classic, handsome and laid-back name.)

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    Miles, for sure!
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    Miles, definitely. Love it! Classy and handsome.

    I don't think that what it sounds like with the middle name is nearly as important as what it sounds like with the surname. You hear the first and surnames said together much more often than the first + middle, KWIM? And I think Miles sounds smoother and less abrupt with your surname than Knox.

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    I chose Miles. Though I do like Knox,I think Miles is very classic and handsome. And as others have said,you have the very cute "Milo" nickname if you wanted to use it.

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