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    Tessa does not need a longer name..

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I've heard of Esther nn Tess, so maybe Esther nn Tessa? I also have considered Quintessa nn Tess(a).
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    Hm, I can't really think of any. I guess you could make some up. Theresiana, Tessanne, Tessette, Tessiana. I really don't know.
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    Ok so I haven't heard it as an actual name yet, but im reading The Hunger Games and in the book, there is something called tesserae. Characters in the book can opt to take tesserae (grain and oil) in exchange for putting their name into the Hunger Games an extra time.
    I understand it might not be the best word, but i always liked it because 'tesserae' meant life for some people in the brink of starvation.

    I would honestly consider it for a child if my name wasn't Tressa.
    Ps. I believe you could pronounce it either TEZZ-er-ay or TESS-eh-ray.
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    I've recently been loving Tessa but I'm also not sure about using it on its own. I'd considered Thessaly, Esther, and Quintessa. Any new thoughts?
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