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    Here are my just-for-fun names

    I'm not expecting, but my husband and I may try for our first in the next few months. The names below do NOT include our top three picks for either gender, just because we won't be sharing our actual names until the child is born, at all, with anyone! But here are other names on my long list that I still do like. It's a variety of styles, many of which couldn't possibly go together as siblings. Only a few of them include middle name options. I thought it would be fun to share and see what you think!

    Cilla Marie; Cilla Brielle
    SusannahSosie (or possibly just Sosie as an official first name)
    Meg Marjorie (but I hate that Meg is from Margaret, because I know a Margaret, and not a good one )
    Megara (MEG-uh-ruh)
    Eppie Elisabeth (Eppie is from Silas Marner)
    Eliza Jane
    Elissa (I would never use this one because it would always be mistakenly spelled "Alyssa")
    Elsie (why is this not popular yet??)
    Amy Augusta
    Cricket Azalea (okay, I would NEVER name a child this, but it's up here because tell me this isn't cute??!)
    Minna (if you can get past "minnow," this is just beautiful)
    Sally (Charlie Brown's sister from Peanuts made me love this)
    Garlyn (or Garland)
    Leighann, Leanne
    Darla (Little Rascals!)
    Minta, Aminta
    Dolly Ann (Dorothy?)
    Nellie Alicia; Nellie Kay
    Curry (meh...I liked this a long time ago)

    Arthur Locke
    Basil (still not sure if this is BACE-il or BAZE-il)
    Miles William (after Miles Coverdale and William Tyndale, who translated the Bible into English)
    Alistair (I wouldn't really do this to a child, but I love how the name looks spelled out)
    Elioenai (this would only ever be a middle name; Hebrew name meaning "I look to God")
    Granville (too much like a place, right?)
    Jeb (love this but my husband hates it!)

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    From your girls' list, I adore Amy Augusta - it has a really nice ring to it! Also love Susannah, but not that crazy for Sosie as a nickname. I actually went to high school with a sweet girl named Curry, so the name is really cool to me. Eliza Jane is quite nice. That's about it from your girls' list for me, I think our styles are pretty different there. Meg Marjorie sounds pretty dumb to me (no offense meant!) since BOTH names are forms of Margaret, not just Meg.

    Your boys' list, however, is AWESOME!! I adore Arthur, Basil, Miles William, Granville (that's actually the name of a town close to where I grew up, but it'd make a neat name too), Sterling and Ulysses. Elioenai is very interesting, I'm Jewish but I had never heard that name before. The only ones from your boys' list that I dislike are Grantham and Jeb.

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    I like Cilla since it makes me think of "Johnny Tremain"...I also like Briony, Susannah, Eliza Jane, Elsie, Minna and Briar. I like Araminta. From the boys' list, I like Miles William, Alistair, Moses and Solomon...I also rather like Ulysses and Jeb. I have to guess at the pronunciation of Elioenai, but I think I like it, and what a great meaning!
    You have so many cool choices here that I'd love to learn the names of your future children as they come along!
    Best wishes!
    "He telleth the number of the stars; He calleth them all by their names."
    Psalm 147:4

    Our little Bump is due Jan-Feb 2018! Contemplating:
    Tobias ~ Jedidiah ~ Ransom
    Elanor ~ Deliverance ~ Polly

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    Eppie- though I initially thought epi pen, I think Eppie is a rather cool name. I picture this to be a kicka$$ middlename.
    Elissa- I prefer Elissa over Alyssa. The "E" sound seems less harsh and more feminine. Very pretty name.
    Amy Augusta- Unique combination. I absolutely love it. I might steal it from you!
    Cricket Azalea- I love Azalea...
    Minna- Stunning name. Reminds me on Nina, but it is somehow better. Adding it to my list.
    Alicia- Very pretty. I like names ending the ever-soft :cia" sound. I also love Felicia.
    Dolly Ann (Dorothy?)- I love Dorothy, but Dolly Ann is so cute.
    Nellie Kay- Alright. Short and simple.

    Basil (BAZE-il)- not a fan... but that is how I would pronounce it.
    Miles William - Very classy. I love Miles.
    Granville - I automatically thought farmville haha, but I find it intriguing.

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