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    I knew a little girl name Truth Ann who went by the name True. I think it is an awesome name and when I met her for the first time I thought it was just so pretty and creative. I would definitely go for it!
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    Because true is such a commonly used word, it's a bit much as a name for me.
    I know of a boy named True, but spelled differently, and while it's spelled differently people would still make the same connections, and the like.

    It's not a bad name, but it's too "wordy" for my liking.
    I do love the sound for a boy though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lyricmom View Post
    I agree with this. Can you think of a single virtue name (besides True) which isn't a noun? Honestly, I think I'd prefer Truth.
    I third this. Sorry, I don't think it works at all.

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    I don't really like virtue names, but this one I like even less so. Another name I have similar feelings about is Fate (my cousin dated a guy with this name).

    I feel like virtue names - well really all word names - (I guess any name to some extent) bring existing connotations about the person and even their family before you even get to know them. But as is evident from many of the comments both in this post and others, as you get to know someone those old connotations are replaced by the person's own personality traits so the issue is short lived with each relationship.
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