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    So I've asked what some berries have thought of the girl's name True, and some responses have said it might be better as a middle name. I would like to ask, why? I think there are many reasons why I think it is a name that fits in perfectly as a first name.

    #1- Short and sweet.
    Other names like this are Jane, May, Anne, Quinn, Tess, Maeve, Claire, Kate, Jade, Hope, Grace, Faith, Rose...

    #2- Virtuous.
    Other names like this are Hope, Grace, Faith, Mercy, Honor, Charity, Clemency, Verity, Amity, etc. and all variations.

    #3- Creative, but not weird.
    Other names like this (and this may be arguable) are Allegra, Cadence, Lyric, Story, Tessa, Isadora...

    So WDYT of the name True?
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    I like it!
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    I like True. I do think it sounds like a nickname though. I like Tru as a nickname for Truman (on a boy) so maybe that's why, but I do agree with you that it's short and sweet and virtuous like other names being used mainstream. I don't think it's like Isadora or Allegra but I do think it's like Story or Lyric (which I prefer as a middle name).

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    I like it but prefer Tru for girls and True for boys

    I first heard it on Forrest Whitaker's daughter, True Isabella Summer

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    Love it. Use it!

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