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    I guess, you could say that I've had a very confusing and unusual life. My name is Charity Jada Williams and when I was 17 years old I welcomed twin boys into the world. I raised them all by myself and with the help from my family, I was still able to get my dream job of being a Midwife. A year into my job, aged 23, I met a lovely man called Frank Andrew Walker, we were together for a year before we married and then we were married for 8 years before we divorced. Together we welcomed 4 beautiful children, 2 girls and 2 boys. It took me 3 years to trust and fall in love again. His name was Harley Jacobson Williams. We were together for 2 years when we married, but sadly 5 years into our marriage, he died of cancer. It's only been a year, but I know that I will never fall in love again. Out of that marriage I welcomed 5 children, 2 singletons and 3 months after Harley's death; triplet boys.

    Total # children: 11
    Boys: 7
    Girls: 4

    Age order + Names:
    Vincent Ollie Hallett - 23
    Merrick Luca Hallett - 23

    Jack Williams Alexander Walker - 15
    Sarah Paisley Michelle Walker - 13
    Cherry Annabel Walker - 12
    Henri Patrick Walker - 9

    Francesca Eliza Williams - 5
    Lola Giovanna Williams - 3
    Sebastian Dalton Williams - nb
    Theodore Jacob Williams - nb
    Thaddeus Harley Williams - nb

    Vinny & Merrick have both moved out.
    Jack and Henri share a room:
    Sarah & Cherry share a room:
    Franny & Lola share a room:
    Sebby, Teddy & Thad share a room:
    Not a mummy just yet. Planning out our baby names for the future 😍

    Girl: Alba, Luna, Paisley, Macey, Royelle, Harper, Emersyn
    Boy: Dillon, Isaac, Beckett, Myles, Theodore, Maverick, Jaxon

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    My name is Leilani Norah Feathers. I am a single mother of 12 kids - 5 boys & 7 girls.

    When I was 18, I married my high school sweetheart, Malachi James Warren. A year later, I gave birth to our first bundle of joy - a boy named Parker Dean Warren. Finances were tight and Malachi couldn't find a stable job, so he joined the army. He was deployed not soon after. While he was deployed, I gave birth to our second child - a daughter named Alba Leigh Warren. Malachi came home when Alba was only 3 months old. He wasn't home for too long before he was called back. Right before he left, I found out I was pregnant with our third child. 6 months later, I gave birth to our third and final child - a boy named Levi Shane Warren. Fortunately, Malachi was able to stay home with me for about 6 months before being deployed again. A year and a half later, when Levi was 2, Alba was 3, and Parker was 4, Malachi was killed in action. As devastated as I was, I had to move along and be strong for my three young children.

    When Levi was 4, I met a man named Joshua Monroe Carter at a work party with some friends. On the exact day Levi turned 5, I gave birth to my first child with Joshua – a boy named Aeson Lysander Carter. A year later, I married Joshua, and 9 months after that, I gave birth to our second child – a girl named Violet Alora Carter. At this point, I had a house full of children ages 9, 8, 7, 2, and a baby. Fortunately, Joshua had a very well paying job and we were never left without anything we wanted. So Joshua bought this huge 6 bedroom house for us, as he wanted to expand our family. 2 years later, I gave birth to triplets – Tallulah Piper, Paxton Sebastian, & Mackenzie Aaliyah Carter. And only a year after the triplets were born, I surprisingly gave birth to our fifth child together – a girl named Brooklyn Victoria Carter. The once huge 6 bedroom house was feeling quite cramped, so Joshua & I began searching for a larger home. We discussed moving to a more rural area, but a few weeks later, Joshua’s health began to desperately decline. We found out that he had cancer, and not more than 5 months later, with all of us by his side, he took his last breath. Oh, how hard that was on all of us, especially our little Violet, for she was the biggest daddy’s girl you’d ever seen. She was only 5 when he sweet daddy passed away. We all mourned deeply.

    Parker, Alba, and Levi, who were teenagers at that point, had a very tough time coping with the death of the man that raised them on top of knowing their own father had died on them. That’s why they never trusted or grew to care for Dustin Cairo McDaniels – a man I met only months after Joshua died. The kids called him a rebound, and now I know he was, but at that time, I believed he was the only thing I could lean on and hold on to. Only a year after having met Dustin, I gave birth to twin girls – Amaya Philippa & Audrey Persephone McDaniels. And only a year after that came our son – Alastair Preston McDaniels. When Alastair was only a year old, Dustin left. We had been off and on our whole relationship, but that was the final straw, and I was strangely okay with it. I’d held onto him much longer than I should have and put my children through quite the number with it. It was then that I realized my life needed to focus on my kids. I didn’t need to work, for Joshua had left us quite the inheritance, so we stayed in the cramped 6 edroom house and made it all work out as a close-knit family.

    This little Carter family has made do quite well…
    Leilani Norah Warren-Carter
    DS: Parker Dean Warren – 18
    DD: Alba Leigh Warren – 17
    DS: Levi Shane Warren – 16
    DS: Aeson Lysander Carter – 11
    DD: Violet Alora Carter – 9
    DD: Tallulah Piper Carter – 6
    DS: Paxton Sebastian Carter – 6
    DD: Mackenzie Aaliyah Carter – 6
    DD: Brooklyn Victoria Carter – 5
    DD: Amaya Philippa McDaniels – 3
    DD: Audrey Persephone McDaniels – 3
    DS: Alastair Preston McDaniels – 2

    Room 1: Leilani
    Room 2: Parker & Levi
    Room 3: Alba & Violet
    Room 4: Tallulah, Mackenzie, & Brooklyn
    Room 5: Aeson & Paxton
    Room 6: Amaya, Audrey, & Alastair
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    Baby Haven will be joining us around April 11, 2017! What will her full name be???

    My favorite names!

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    I am Penelope Serene Waters, I was 17 when my
    longtime boyfriend, Evander James Beaumont,
    & I had our son:

    Percival Cornelius Beaumont "Percy"

    Evan and I split up right after Percy was born, so I was 17,
    still in high school & the single mother of a newborn
    baby boy with his father's flaming red hair & my dark
    brown eyes. Evan and I's split was mutual, but we both
    made it clear that he would regularly support his
    son & that the split was final. So, because both of
    our parents kicked us out, we lived together and
    finished high school & college together by coordinating
    our schedules to watch Percy.

    It wasn't til I was 24, and Percy was 7, that I got a steady
    boyfriend, Orion Nathaniel Black. Percy and Evan were
    both wary of him, but I loved him so, a year later, Rye & I

    The next 4 years were blissfull. Percy, identical to his father,
    except for my eyes. He liked Orion, but preferred to stay
    with his father when I moved out. Meanwhile, Rye & I welcomed:

    Twin boys - "Severus & Leo"
    Severus Amadeus & Leonidas Dexter Black

    Sev has his father's long, thick black hair & gray
    eyes, but my facial structure. Leo, oddly enough, has
    my dark brown eyes but light brown almost blonde hair.
    He looks nothing like our child and yet he fits right in.

    2 years later- "Nix"
    Phoenix Abraxas Black

    Nix is identical to Orion. Same long, thick black hair, gray
    eyes, and facial structure. He doesn't look anything like
    me, but his personality is similar to mine.

    Lastly, less than a year later-
    Astoria Bellatrix Black

    Tori's personality is a good combo of Me and Rye's
    personalities. She has his hair but light brown eyes
    and my facial structure. But, shortly after her birth
    Our relationship started collapsing. So, that leaves
    me here, 33 with-

    Percy (16)
    Severus (7)
    Leo (7)
    Nix (5)
    Astoria (4)

    Did I mentioned I'm divorced?

    Yeah... So, I live with Evan, who isn't in a
    relationship but had 2 more sons from
    previous relationships. They are August (age 12) & Soren (age 5)

    Evan and I (in twin beds)
    Percy+ August
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    Your a single mum: When I was 19 I got pregnant from a one night stand, a year later I married my first husband. He excepted my three boys as his own. Together we had five children, a son, a daughter, a daughter, and twin boys. When the twins where 1 year old my first husband died in Iraq, serving his country. When the twins where 2 I remarried, and had 5 more children with my 2nd husband, 2 daughters, a son, and twin boys. 6 months ago he died in a horrible car accident.

    Triplet boys: Declan Caleb, Colton Levi, Kaiden Simon, age 16

    Son: Kyle Thaddeus, age 14
    Daughter: Tianna Vivian, age 12
    Daughter: Violet Olivia, age 11
    Twin Boys: Owen Titus and Tyler James, age 9

    Twin Boys: Lucas Samuel and Silas Landon, age 7
    Son: Leo Andrew, age 5
    Daughter: Aaliyah Marie, age 3
    Daughter: Madeleine Lydia, age 8 months

    I have a bedroom house,
    Room 1: Myself, Allison Ann
    Room 2: Colton, and Kaiden 16 and 14
    Room 3: Declan and Kyle 16 and 16
    Room 4: Tianna and Violet 12 and 11
    Room 5: Owen, Tyler, Luke, Silas, and Leo 9, 9, 7, 7, 5
    Room 6: Aaliyah and Maddy 3 and 8 months

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