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    DW: Willow
    DH: Simon

    DS: Felix Oliver Silas
    DS/DS: Harry Jethro Walter & Jesse Leopold Hugo
    DS: Beckham "Beck" Roan
    DD/DD/DD/DS: Mara Sloan, Larkin "Lark" Delaney, Rooney Quinn, and Flynn Maguire

    Willow and Simon have 5 sons and 3 daughters: Felix, Harry, Jesse, Beck, Mara, Lark, Rooney, and Flynn.
    Emmett Samuel Lloyd, Graham Wilder, Finlay Gordon Jude,
    Rowan Asher, Isaac William, Thomas Dashiell

    Juno Philippa, Arya Sophie Diana, Freya Isabel Charlotte,
    Rosamund "Rose" Laelia Edith, Emilia Caroline, Rory

    {my listography}

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