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    Lightbulb Newbie Short Name List

    Alyanna Kendra Rae Marie - My Boyfriend's brother (and one of my best friends from the age of 4!) is called Alastair, My maternal grandfather was Kenneth, my Best Friend is called Raylene, and my paternal grandmother was Mary [AKA May].

    Billie Sophia Ava Locklyn - My favourite uncle is Billy and my favourite cousin is Sophie.

    Teah Georgiana Tabitha Lorelei - Pronounced TEE - AH not TAY - AH!

    Meadow Aurora Briar Rose - I have loved Meadow since I was about 10!, way before I ever watch the sopranos!

    I have a lot more, but this will do as a taster. What do you think?

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    catloverd Guest
    I like this one the best: Alyanna Kendra Rae Marie
    I would like this one: Meadow Aurora Briar Rose, but Aurora Briar Rose = Sleeping Beauty, it's one thing to just have Aurora or Briar Rose, but to have both? Extremely obvious it's from Sleeping Beauty.

    I don't like Billie on a girl, it's all boy to me. I like Sophia, maybe Sophia Billie Ava Locklyn instead? Not a fan of Locklyn though.

    I just don't like Teah Georgianna Tabitha Lorelei.

    All of these are such LONG names, so I personally wouldn't go with any of them, if you want to do 3 middles, I would try and keep them short otherwise it just sounds like their name never ends!

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    yeah I agree it might be a short list but those are some mouthfuls.

    I like Billie I think it's cute but I would cut one of those middles Alyanna is ok it's just sort of meh

    Teah is cute

    Meadow is ok I might combine a couple
    Billie Meadow is cute
    and Teah Alyanna is great too

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    flick Guest
    Alyanna Kendra Rae Marie - This seems like a lot of honoring in ONE name, I would split it up, otherwise things just sound thrown together. Alaina, maybe? Alyanna looks super trendy and made-up. I would totally just use Mary over Marie - Marie is very filler, Mary has more spunk these days. Alaina Mary Rae? Alaina Kendra Marie? 4 names is a lot and that's coming from someone whose kids all have two middle names. What about Rhea for Rae? Rae seems very filler and kind of boring, Rhea would be stunning. Rhea Mary would be lovely.

    Billie Sophia Ava Locklyn - Billie is not cute. I work with elderly people and my one client was Billie and it's not cute, she even hated it. What about something like Willow / Willa (Similar to William, which Billy comes from). Willow Sophia Ava would be so cute and you could still call her Billie. Locklyn is a hot mess - very, very masculine and the Y is not attractive. Plus, the 4 names are WAY too many.

    Teah Georgiana Tabitha Lorelei - Teah seems insubstantial and made-up. Georgiana Tabitha Lorelei is beautiful! Drop Teah and go with that.

    Meadow Aurora Briar Rose - The middle names are way too much. Meadow is sweet, but all the other nature-inspired names paired with it makes it seem a little......juvenile? What about something like Meadow Aurelia Briar?

    I think you have some really great names up there, but you need to shorten them, look at the flow and consider which names fit together best, this is a great start, though.

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    Hey, I know 4 is alot! lol! I like SO many names that I thought given them 4 names was easier than doing a Duggar to fit them all in! haha! Meadow was originally Meadow Aurora Rose, so I've always had it as a "nature" name.
    I know some of you don't like boys names as girls names, but I do, so Billie will be one of my daughters names, there is no ifs buts or maybes about it! haha! I also like Elliott, Emmett and Dylan for a girl, though my partner's daughter is called Ellie.
    I wouldn't use Rhea because my name is VictoRIA. I don't like Mary, I think it's old and boring. I do like Mariella and Marianna though.

    Other names I like: Izabella, Ivy, Rain, Leela, Abra, Thea, Atarah, Sapphire, Indigo, Shaye, Aaryanna, Ryana.

    I need to get my list together and type it up so you can see the huge extent of the girls names list! You will laugh yourself silly at some of them. There's about 350 individual names on it. The boy's list only has about 80 individual names on it.

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