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    I had a Brynna in my class and she pronounced it with a short E sound. I would probably pronounce Bryna with the short I sound. Just a little flustered why this makes sense with this name, but everyone wants to pronounce Alyna with a long I or long e. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
    My name is Bryna lol.
    The way I pronounce it is Bree-na. or Sabrina but just without the Sa. I get A LOT of people pronouncing it Br-eye-na like Bryan, I actually do a lot of correcting lol. When we get name calls, when those calling out names get a really long pause I know it's me because they're just thinking how the hell do I pronounce this name?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by r_j View Post
    I saw Brynna and thought "Brinna". That's how I pronounce Brynn, so I carried it over I guess.

    Bryna makes me think "Brine-ah."
    This exactly. With one 'n' it definitely makes the 'y' say 'eye' but with two 'n's' it says 'inn'. That's just English pronunciation. If you want it to say Brinna then that spelling or Brynna are your only options.

    There's a little boy in the book I'm writing whose name is Brinna

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    I prefer Brynna.

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