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    I had a Brynna in my class and she pronounced it with a short E sound. I would probably pronounce Bryna with the short I sound. Just a little flustered why this makes sense with this name, but everyone wants to pronounce Alyna with a long I or long e. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

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    I saw Brynna and thought "Brinna". That's how I pronounce Brynn, so I carried it over I guess.

    Bryna makes me think "Brine-ah."

    But I see everyone has a slightly different take.

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    I knew a girl named Bryna and she pronounced it Brinna.
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    I would say Brinna as well. My friend's daughter is Brynn (brinn) so I would automatically say it that way.

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    i would pronounce Brynna as Brinna (short i) because it has 2 n's.
    I would say Bryna could be either Bry-na (long I) or Bree-na (long e).
    I can't see how to get a short e as in Brenna out of either of them. (although I have heard, in some places pen and pin are pronounced the same, so maybe that's it).

    It's the same with Alyna as someone mentioned. That looks like Aleena (long e) or A-lie-na (long i) to me but not Alinna (short i). It needs 2 nn's to clearly look like Alinna (short i).

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