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    Lucienne- i've always liked this.
    Hollis- too masculine sounding for me. I love Holly, though.
    Indigo- somehow this name says to me "trying to be cool."
    True- I don't like this, at least for a first name. It doesn't quite sound like a name to me.
    Peridot- Nice idea, but I don't really like the sound of it.
    Zoie- I like it spelled Zoe, it's very popular no matter how you spell it, but still a great name. Zoe spelling just makes it easier.
    Zophie- kind of made up looking. I like a pp's suggestion of Zofia.

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    Lucienne- Love it.
    Hollis- Holly is cute, but Hollis feels too masculine.
    Indigo- I like it. Indie would be a cute nn.
    True- I like it as a mn.
    Peridot- NMS
    Zoie- If it's pronounced Zoe, it's still Zoe. The spelling might help differentiate from other kids on paper, but the teacher will still call out the same name. I do love the name, though. A lot!
    Zophie- Eh. I'm having the same dilemma, but Zophie just seems off. If it's the Sophie sound that you like, what about Seraphine? You could even nn her Sopiie. It's not that much of a stretch.
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