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    Lucienne - interesting, but it's always sounded too close to Lucian/Lucien to me. I like Luciana or just Lucia so much more. I prefer Lulu or just Lou to Lucy.

    Hollis - too masculine for me, but I think Holly and Holland are cute.

    Indigo - eh, I've never really seen the appeal. Indie is a cute nn, but I don't love it.

    True - love True! I read a story about a Tabitha Ruth, nn Truth, once, and I thought Truth was so cool. I think True is even cooler--more streamlined, without the old-lady vibes of Ruth.

    Peridot - interesting! I like the idea and the sound, but like most gem names (excluding Ruby, Pearl, Jasper, and Opal), Peridot takes on a bit of a stripper feeling to me, sorry! Halfway it doesn't, and I think it'd be a REALLY cool choice with an amazing sound to it, but the other half sees the stripper thing right away. I feel the same way about Emerald and Amethyst--I want to like them, but they just feel too stripper-like for me. I think Peridot is definitely more usable, though!

    Zoie - I actually LOVE this spelling of Zoie. It's borderline embarrassing to even admit, because I don't think Zoie ages well at all, with that spelling, anyway, and it's so trendy, and nowhere near as timeless as Zoe (which, for the record, I would only ever use Zoe, even though I like Zoie so much more)... but it just seems so much happier and sprightlier and I really love how it looks. It's one of the few misspellings I truly love.

    Zophie - hmm. I'm a sucker for "Z" names and I love Sophia variants, but I'm not sure about this. What about the Czech Zofia? I think Zofia would still face some confusion, but at least it's a legitimate variant, and you could still call her Zofi/Zofie/Zophie... I much prefer Zofia or just plain old Sophie... Zophie doesn't sound right to my ear, for some reason.

    Good luck!
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    i love peridot. i would call her perry all the time. or maybe pd.

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    Hollis nn Holly is currently one of my favorites; I think it's a great name with a cute nickname.
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    Lucienne- Cute! But I will admit that I prefer good old Lucy.
    Hollis- I really like Holly, but Hollis is alright. It has a cool sound, but I'm not in love with the way it looks typed out.
    Indigo- I prefer Indiana, but I love how you can get Indy out of it!
    True- THB, I think this would make a better middle name.
    Peridot- I don't like the sound; Dottie is cute though.
    Zoie- Zoey is such an energy-filled name! I like it! But only spelled as "Zoey".
    Zophie- Sorry, this looks a bit made up to me. I prefer Sophia "Sophie". The only other "Sophie" name I can think of is Sophronia.
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    Lucienne- I prefer just Lucy but Lucienne is quite cute!

    Hollis- Holly is cute but Hollis seems a little too masculine for my taste

    Indigo- This is a huge GP for me! I think it is just adorable but I don't know that I am brave enough to use it

    True- I like but I think Truly is better and a little more substantial

    Peridot- NMS

    Zoie- A different spelling will not take away the popularity of the name! Just because there is an extra i in there will not stop her from being mistaken for one of the million Zoe's out there. It is setting her up for a lifetime of having her name misspelled.

    Zophie- Again is is the same as Zoe a different spelling is not going to change anything.

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