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    Quote Originally Posted by erinlw View Post
    The only names that frustrate me are names that will affect the child.
    I agree 100 percent!
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    Well I don't think any names make me angry, really, just annoyed.

    I agree with a previous poster - it bothers me that names can go from boy to girl but not back again. So I'm not a fan of boys names on girls but I love seeing some of those names reclaimed for boys!

    And whereas I absolutely agree with most of you that dislike names like Kaylie, Brinly, etc., I do think that those sorts of names won't sound all that young as this upcoming generation ages. After all, some of our parents names may not have sounded "adult" enough to our grandparents (Linda, Jody, Lisa, etc.) but they seem middle aged or musty now (Will they seem new and fresh in another 20 years?).
    I don't relish the thought of Grandmas named McKinly and Kenzie, but the fact is unless there is a massive movement of name changing, it will be the norm in the next generation.
    What can you do?

    Oh my absolute pet peeve name is the Aiden/Jaden/Caden/Braden/Zayden monster. It's just so overused I can hardly handle it.
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    Madison. Bella. Emma. All these names just make me go "ugh" when I hear them - really, you couldn't come up with anything else? Also overly boyish names on girls, Riley being my prime example. I know its' supposedly unisex but all I can think of is the hundred thousand hyperactive little boys I've met with this name, and I know if I was a girl named Riley I'd be in line for a name change on my 18th birthday. I'd say Nevaeh, but I've not actually ever met one.

    On boys, anything that rhymes with Aiden, yooneek spellings of Jackson (Jaxxon, Jaxzon, et c.), and Alex. I cannot even tell you how many little boys named Alex I have met. Just so tired of hearing it.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    I really hate boy names on girls, particularly "son"names. Especially when people try to feminise the ending with "syn". It just makes them look badly educated.
    So no to Madison/Madisyn, Emerson/Emersyn etc to girls.
    I also dislike the standard ridiculous backward spelling names already mentioned.
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    No offence to anyone with these names:

    This is just a few-I will probably be back with more

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