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    Quote Originally Posted by crunchymama View Post
    I don't have any names with more than 2 Y's in mind, sorry! I just imagine it would make me angry.

    I agree with Ashley- I might not like or choose some names, but I don't get angry over them.

    Someone mentioned they have an aversion to "P" names- I think I have one to "V" names for some unknown reason!
    Funny, I love V-names, but I don't really like names beginning with B. Beatrice/Beatrix, as an example- perfectly fine names, but not for me Don't even get me started on ert- sounds, if there exists something like that- like Berta, Robert, Gertrude etc.

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    Misspellings are what get me irritated, and backwards names (Nevaeh). I also have an irrational dislike of all the different forms of Kayla & Layla. I don't mind either of those, but Shayla, Tayla, Jayla all really annoy me.

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    My sister-in-law has a student named La-a. Not just an urban legend.
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    I find Kayla positively intolerable. It's the ultimate Waffle House name to me. Mckayla is equally distasteful. I also found myself bristling recently when a very well-heeled friend named her child Braydyn. D:
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    I don't like boys names on girls, I think most kids have enough issues growing up without adding gender confusion to the mix.

    Pretty much all made up names and various silly spellings of established names too. Again you're just asking for trouble, a whole life of spelling and correcting people and trying to explain that your parents were being 'interesting' rather than stupid lol

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