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    Names that Make You Angry?

    Just wondering, what names do y'all hate so much you can't stand? Antoinette frustrates me. I think it sounds really pretentious and not pretty at all, and it seems like it's honoring Marie Antoinette. I just don't think it was meant to be a name, as awful as that sounds. I also really dislike Edward, Jennifer (so blah), Mike, Rita, and almost any names that starts with Cor-. I don't really know why. So what about y'all?
    Georgia Elizabeth
    Clara Penelope, Madeline Juliet, Lily Sailor, Annabelle Cosette, Bridget Dorothy, Charlotte Rose, Paige Virginia & Jude Gabriel, Henry Theodore, Rory Desmond, Luke Holden, Christian Alex, Aaron Quincy, Cody William

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