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    Question your thoughts

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    Murren/Mauren Kate- fn sounds masculine but i like the mn
    Kairi Nicole- it's cute but it may not age well
    Henrietta Margaret- yes! i adore old fashioned names
    Lavinia Beatrice- yay for traditional!
    Ayelet Pearl- fn nms, love the mn!
    Sylvia Arwen- like the fn but i prefer Arden over Arwen
    Viviette Frances- prefer Vivienne over Viviette, mn nms
    Peri Olivia- yes!
    Christiana Lorraine- don't like fn, okay with mn
    Bronwyn Olivia- don't like fn, mn is one of my favorites
    Maeve Aisling- nms
    Ophelia Carys- yes!
    Thessaly Paige- only like mn, fn can be Theodora
    Mava Nicolette- love the mn, is the fn pronounced mah-vuh or may-vuh? i prefer mah-vuh

    Arlo James- flows very well
    Solomon Henri- nms
    Waylon Zechariah-nms
    Jensen Mordecai- perfect! unique but familiar~
    Claudius Lleyton- love fn because it's latin, mn nms
    Zoltan Oliver- fn makes me think of electricity, this whole name is great!
    Leland Thomas- fn nms, okay mn
    Moses Alexander- fn nms, love mn
    Auden Wallace- yes!
    Brighton Charles- has a nice regal feel
    Caedmon Michael- fn nms, love mn

    Overall, I love your taste in names!

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    Murren/Mauren Kate - No. Mauren looks like you can't spell Lauren, and I dislike Kate.
    Kairi Nicole - Carrie- yes. Cary- ok. Kairi - NO. Nicole - eh. Dated.
    Henrietta Margaret - Ok. Hattie is a cute nn and the full name flows well with Margaret.
    Lavinia Beatrice - Pretty vintage flair to both.
    Ayelet Pearl - No. To both names.
    Sylvia Arwen - Odd. Sylvia is very old-school. Arwen is very epic fantasy. They don't go well together.
    Viviette Frances - eh.... Viviette is ok. Prefer Vivienne. Not a fan of Frances.
    Peri Olivia - Peri is very cute for a nn. I'd prefer a longer, more formal fn if she ever decides not to go by Peri. Sick to death of Olivia and if I never hear that name again I can die content.
    Christiana Lorraine - Dislike Christine and all its variations. Lorraine is very pretty.
    Bronwyn Olivia - Dislike all around.
    Maeve Aisling - Love Maeve. Don't love Aisling.
    Ophelia Carys - Unusual. It grows as you say it. Pretty.
    Thessaly Paige - Ok. Thessaly has always reminded me of "thistle". Not a bad thing, but it's an odd association. Love love love Paige.
    Mava Nicolette - Dislike.

    Arlo James - Nice.
    Solomon Henri - Ok. I'd only use Henri with the "i" if I had a significant connection to the French culture, but it's a classy variation regardless.
    Waylon Zechariah - This one made me laugh. Fun.
    Jensen Mordecai - Not a fan. Jensen is too modern and Mordecai has too many negative associations for me.
    Claudius Lleyton - Interesting mix of cultures and linguistics. Ok.
    Zoltan Oliver - Zoltan? The fortune-telling machine from Big? No. Oliver is great.
    Leland Thomas - Very nice.
    Moses Alexander - Ok. Might pair Moses with something a little more obviously Biblical (Alexander has been very westernized and turned mainstream eons ago.) Maybe Aaron, Zekariah, or Simeon.
    Auden Wallace - Very nice. Unusual but not made-up.
    Brighton Charles - Charles is ok. Not a fan of Brighton.
    Caedmon Michael - Eh. NMS.
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