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    The only one I can think of is Beth, though it doesn't really make me angry. Irritable, yes, but not angry. I don't even know why I dislike the name so much.
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    I have to agree with thetxbelle about Marie Antoinette and Napoleon. Neither of them were too bad... I mean, Elizabeth Bathory and Maximilien Robespierre were way worse.

    Corey is my probably the name that makes me most angry, but that's probably just a personal association thing. Also, names that are very clearly from one culture with a last name that's very clearly from another culture. I'm a bit of a hypocrite there, we do have some that are clearly Irish or Czech and Kevin's last name is very, very Italian sounding, but it usually annoys me. Names that are clearly made up, like they just reached into a bag of Scrabble tiles. Even though there's no way to know this when you choose the name, it drives me crazy when someone's name suits a a personality exactly opposite theirs.

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    Not sure about Angry- but Jaxun. I mean seriously? Did people fail spelling at school?
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    Quote Originally Posted by erinlw View Post
    The only names that frustrate me are names that will affect the child. There's a girl who lives near my cousin who's named La-a. Yes, spelled like that, but pronounced La-dash-a. She's going to be correcting people on the prounciation her entire life (or the spelling, if they've only heard it sounded out.) It's not fair to her, and I feel really bad for the poor girl.
    There is no such person. This is an urban legend. Laura Wattenberg (Baby Name Wizard) has a post about it:

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    V names like Vivienne, Vivi- I have no idea why, they just make me think of some pretentious little snot. Usually, when people post about these names, I just go away because I know my feedback will be horrible for some reason that I can't even comprehend. They're nice names anyway.
    Ivanna. I hate it, again for an unknown reason.
    Oh, and Leigh. I love Lee, love it, but I absolutely abhor Leigh. I don't know anybody with this name nor have I even heard of someone with this name, so I don't know what my deal is.
    And the last one I can think of right now is Anne/Ann. It's just such a filler name to me, I don't understand why someone would name their little girl Anne when they could give them a much prettier, longer name- something with actual character.
    I'm sorry to anyone with these names, honestly. It's like taste buds, everybody likes different things, sometimes for reasons we don't even know or have any control over.
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