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    The only names that frustrate me are names that will affect the child. There's a girl who lives near my cousin who's named La-a. Yes, spelled like that, but pronounced La-dash-a. She's going to be correcting people on the prounciation her entire life (or the spelling, if they've only heard it sounded out.) It's not fair to her, and I feel really bad for the poor girl.

    Or names like Gertrude or Mortimer, that will get the kid teased for a good portion of their school years. Or names like Pixie or Pippi that won't do a young professional any favours. Or unpronounceable names. Or names that are common but spelled really oddly. Really, just names that will give a kid a hard time in general make me sad.
    Seriously, I thought dashes and other markings along with numbers aren't allowed in the naming process.... well I guess it depends where you live too.... why didn't they just spell it Ladasha? It's awful, but at least better than a -

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    Any name with more than two Y's -- LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by crunchymama View Post
    Any name with more than two Y's -- LOL
    Haha like what?
    Georgia Elizabeth
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    There are SO many. So I'll go with one I heard today: Shad. Any names that sound like maybe mommy's been watching a few too many soaps. Like I can't say Shad without wanting to give my best smoldery glare with it. Weird smooshes, ie: Skylan. For some reason they bug me even more when they're inflicted on a boy.
    If only I could make a living naming other people's children...

    Girl names I'm loving right now: Leonor, Jane, Daisy, Arabella, Francesca, Georgia, Violet, Flora, Raphaela, Beatrice, Kira, Winter, Zara, Sophie, Delia, Bronwen
    Boy names I love (after naming 5 of my own): Gideon, Watson, Magnus, August, Miles, Oliver, Callum, Felix, Rafe, Reuben, Bram, Cormac

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    Kaylee. I just don't understand how a parent expects a child to grow with this name.

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