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    Gillian and Jack

    We have a 2 year old daughter, Gillian Margaret, and will have a baby boy born in September. My husband is heart set on naming our son after his grandfather Jack. We normal call our daughter Gilly (Jilly), Gigi or Gillian - rarely Jill. Am I being stupid worried about having a Jack and Jill?


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    I didn't even think about Jack and Jill until your brought it up. I think Gillian and Jack make a wonderful sibling set.

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    I thought of it right away. But I might expect it more cause I have an aunt & uncle (twins) named Jack & Jill & they were teased like crazy growing up. What about using John/Jonathan or something & nn Jack?Jack's too trendy these days anyway.
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    I thought of Jack and Jill but it is not the instant thought of everybody. Maybe you can call your daughter Gigi/Gilly, not Gill, especially if you do it rarely? Just don't nickname her Gill and will be safe. Or pick some longer name for your son - from Jasper to Jonathan. And do you love Jack too? It is not clear to me because you have mention only your husband.
    In general, Gillian and Jack would make a lovely sibset.

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    I like Jack (even though it is very popular). I am just worried about being those parents who named their kids Jack and Jill...

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